Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fear of World Gone Mad; Sixth Great Extinction


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The successful candidate will have a valid US passport and be available for travel (both domestic and international).This position will involve irregular hours and close personal contact on a regular basis with an internationally recognized author/journalist in a variety of settings. The right chemistry is essential for a successful relationship. It will be the ultimate fly-on-the-wall position for someone dedicated to promoting the goals of the Lifeboat Movement as a facilitator. The position will involve regular interfacing with a wide variety of business, political, and VIPs with the express purpose of loyally and accurately implementing and following through on the directions of the CEO. Salary, compensation and benefits to be determined at hiring.

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From Jenna Orkin

Fear of a world gone mad
Further evidence of the Sixth Great Extinction
"Species are vanishing quicker than at any point in the last 65 million years."
Could Millions Die From Gulf OIL SPILL?
Is North Korea Actually On The Verge Of Collapse?
Drug gang 'was on payroll of Jamaican Prime Minister'

Oil Disaster
New Satellite Analysis Reveals: The Oil Spill Is Now 29,000 Square Miles
Offshore Drilling Insurance Premiums Soar 15 To 50 Percent
Gulf spill could spur consolidation: bankers
Gulf oil plume darker; not good news: expert - from Elizabeth Miller

Global Banks May Need $1.5 Trillion in Capital, Study Says
The real cost of US debt - from Rice Farmer
"At least $8.3 trillion of the national debt is missing from the government’s books."
Euro-Area Countries Failed Fiscal Goals 57% of Time, Data Show
FHA Volume Sign of ‘Very Sick System’; Fannie, Freddie, FHA Account for 90% of Mortgage Market
Insanity Down Under: ING Says Thanks to Capital Appreciation, Paying Principal on Mortgage Loans is Unnecessary
Commercial Foreclosures Pick up Speed
The Next Round Of Global Rate Cuts Begins Any Moment Now
M.T.A.’s Budget Ills Are Worse Than Accounts of Spitting
The MTA is like Greece: broke.
A prediction: The employees of the US Federal Reserve will ask to be paid in gold before the crisis is over.
Anthony Weiner: Glenn Beck's Goldline ...
Five years ago gold was the province of "conspiracy nuts..."

N Korea severs ties with Seoul
N.Korea threatens to cut last link
The Next Stage Of Brinkmanship: North Korea Threatens To Destroy Loudspeakers Aimed At The DMZ
Kim’s Insult-Bot Has Words for You ‘Black-Hearted Dwarves’

Covert U.S. operations authorized in secret order
U.S. Is a Top Villain in Pakistan’s Conspiracy Talk
U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade
Spate of suicides engulfs Chinese iPad maker
Don't Mean To Be Rude, But Suicide Rate At Apple's iPad-Maker Foxconn Is Lower Than All 50 U.S. States
In Former Free-Fire Zone, Marines Now Cut Taliban Loose
New Flu Vaccines Could Protect Against All Strains
Extreme Medicine Gets Pentagon Push; Human Trials Rushed
Obama's Nominee to Run Medicare

China's refining capacity may rise 50%, Sinopec says

Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom acknowledges peak oil and downplays ...
Shale Gas Costing 2/3 Less Than OPEC Oil Converges With U.S. Water Concern
Turning all cars electric in Britain needs boost in power supply

World Gone Mad 101


Lamb said...

Kudos to you and all your loyal assistants there in the wilderness...I cannot pass a day without reading your blog. The information presented is well researched and appropriately sorted, the stories contain important information all should read.

Thank you for your wonderful blog! I can't wait to see Collapsenet take form and grow! (Yes, I check there almost every day!)

kakster said...

Can anyone recommend a "weekly news summary" in video format? The summary should cover similar topics on this blog.

I think this would also be a useful feature to add to CollapseNet.


businessman said...

When I was filling up my car with gas at the ARCO gas station yesterday, I saw a sticker on the pump that said, "A Division of BP".

I didn't realize that ARCO was a division of BP, and I have to believe that they're not too proud of it at this exact moment, either.

sunrnr said...

Glimpse of the future ... ok, this is scary.

Scientists implanted a chip in the hand of a volunteer which contained malicious code to see what would happen when external systems read the chip.

Man Injects Himself With Computer Virus

On the surface, the intent of the experiment was to see what kind of problems could come up with infected RFID chips, the kind widely used for tracking animals (humans?), inventory control and tracking ((WalMart).

Ok,are these really tests on the human chip program? Scary enough, but what if they somehow acted like the "kill switch" capabilities in some newer vehicles via OnStar (or some other medium).

Inject a few billion people under the guise of enabling quick medical attention or some such lie and then "hit the switch".

How's that song go "...Paranoia, it will destroy ya ...".


v said...

First human 'infected with computer virus'



OregonSurvivor said...

Bob Chapman: "They want a Collapse"! and "Only Gold and Silver will be left standing".

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

A Momentary Lapse of Reason...these last two centuries.

RPN web site launch.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Simmons talking on MSNBC about the oil spill disaster (approx. 6 minutes into the video).

businessman said...

Haitians Organize to Burn 475 Tons of Monsanto Hybrid Seeds

Arthur said...

Just watched Collapse!
Totally rockin'!
Just right on in every way.
I'm grateful to live in Fairfield IA.
We're living the future and we are a whole community of early adopters!

Could it be that the "100th monkey theory" is actually just "fractional reserve thinking"? ;-)

Just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your commitment to the truth. Hang in there because people are waking up and they need leaders who know and understand and can help shine the light on the dark areas. You are hospicing the death of the old paradigm and midwifing the birth of the new. It's gonna be messy but that's just life. The creative life IS messy!

Rock on my brotha from anotha motha!

-Arthur Lee Land

Simon said...

to all of you who have just watched Clark and Dawes in world gone mad 101, I have been watching John Clarke since I was in short pants. The man is a legend and can rip the date out of anything. When the olympics were held in Sydney he had a series called "the games " that was along the same lines as WGM101, but with more players. The IOC hated it. His original non de plume was "Fred Dag", in the guise of an NZ farmer.

Anonymous said...

OregonSurvivor: I would take anything Bob Asslesschaps says with a bucket of salt. The guy is well over 70 and I think he's becoming senile. Also his timing is very bad.

Ali said...

I've hear doomsday scenarios since end of the 1990´s. But it didn´t happen. People have feared doomsday since humanity was created, but all that we got was some periods of war and poverty. The humanity's hope and optimism is a driving force that makes doomsday scenarios impossible.

Im convinced Mike Rupperts analysis of the peak oil scenario is correct, but I also believe that the implications of peak oil is widely exhaturated. Many people will of course get a simple living quality but we will still live on.

The only thing that can stop humanity is a widespread virus.

Elmo said...

"If the current political system attracts, for the most part, nothing but scumbags, then we need to look at what is wrong with the system, not so much with what is wrong with the individuals who are attracted to it."

We all have our dark side, to say the least
And dealing in death is the nature of the beast

Elmo said...

"humanity's hope and optimism is a driving force that makes doomsday scenarios impossible."

Really? Hmmm... And I was under the impression that the only thing holding back doomsday up to this point was that there was still somewhere for people to run to, and not enough technology to finish the job. Thanks for enlightening me!

Michael Sloan said...

file under Peak Oil mainstream:

something tells me the newest Arcade Fire album, "The Suburbs" is even more directly about Peak Oil than previous ones. Check their titular first single:

some of the lyrics:

"under the overpass, in the parking lot we're still waiting, it's already past, so move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass"

"so can you understand why I want a daughter while I'm still young, I want to hold her hand and show her some beauty before the damage is done"

Weaseldog said...

""humanity's hope and optimism is a driving force that makes doomsday scenarios impossible."

And that's why the Roman Empire still rules the planet today! Further, it explains why Pompeii was never defeated by that nasty volcano! Oh wait, doomsday did come for them.

Ali, your logic is:
Some people in the past were wrong, so all people are wrong all of the time.

Consider that people predicted that Pompeii could be appeased, and they were wrong. For them doomsday did come. So you must be wrong, right?

But leaving false logic aside, what is your definition of doomsday anyway? A market downturn? A plague or famine? Total extinction?

Twelve years ago, when I finally understood the big picture as to why human civilization must experience a 'correction', folks were telling me that human ingenuity would prevent an oil peak. Human ingenuity would prevent market crashes. Over the years, human ingenuity was advertised to prevent a lot of things that have come to pass.

Now some people believe that there is something magic about human ingenuity. Like I could wish a gold bar into existence it would just appear on my desk. But in the real world, I would have to do things, to acquire one. They just don't appear out of thin air. There are physical processes that I would have to set in motion, get one. And none of those processes can violate the laws of nature.

Likewise, human ingenuity must work within the laws of nature. And the king of those laws, the Laws of Thermodynamics, set strict constraints on what we can and cannot do. For instance it prevents gold bars from spontaneously appearing from nothing.

It's out knowledge that our energy sources and other resources are limited, while our consumption keeps growing exponentially, that allows us to make predictions that there will be a correction.

And in every endeavor of resource extraction, we're into overshoot. the only thing holding it all up right now is that fact that we still have an enormous production capacity for really cheap energy.

Cheap energy is the pillar of our civilization. And when it collapses, all of the rest will come down with it.

The human species will likely survive. So the opening doomsday event is likely to be the loss of 9-5 jobs and 24 hours cable. Later, the world population will go on a diet until it's well under two billion people.

Look at the collapsing world economy and the increasing joblessness, all predicted many years ago by we, the peak oil doomsday nuts.

Why weren't these prevented by human ingenuity. It seems to me, that human ingenuity isn't up to the task of violating the laws of nature.

businessman said...

Thanks for the link to that interview with Matt Simmons, Nihil Matters. It was interesting to hear him say that the best approach to try and stop the oil from gushing may be to drop a bomb down the well bore, hoping that would then cause everything to cave in and stop all the spilling. He mentioned that in the absence of doing something like this, that we may be looking at the spill continuing for more than 9,000 days.

Weaseldog said...

I find it worrisome that Matt Simmons thinks there's a bigger leak that BP hasn't found yet.

Top Kill is working, says BP.,0,5782115.story

Anonymous said...

What ARE these new plumes being found? What is causing them?

Anonymous said...

As if we didn't have enough to worry about already.

2nd Iceland volcano issues warning:

Anonymous said...

Brzezinski acknowledges ability to manipulate weather for nefarious purposes?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, weather warfare and flooding in Poland

Interesting he, of all people, should be right in the thick of the funeral preparations. Makes you wonder.

F.Kamilov said...

Pakistan will now, anytime, begin facing its own (mini?) Doomsday - when the natural lake dammed up in its north, on its major river - breaks, and all hell is let loose...destruction by water here, it seems...(by the way the USGS reported a quake, and tsunami warning, for the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and the Pacaya volcano has begun "letting loose" suddenly, 25 miles from Guatemala City - both yesterday: threats of destruction by quakes and water again, and also by fire again, [Iceland being the first such warning a few weeks ago - soon to be forgotten])...).

It has often occurred to me that the Pakistanis' "indifference" and ease at allowing the lake to build up has been deliberate and intended - the creeping breakdown that was set to occur in their society due to their corruption will now be triggered - and blamed on the flood, which will wash away all incrimination against them...

Below is a link to an article on this theme, beautifully rendered by a senior Pakistani diplomat - which amply highlights their attitudes. I urge you all - whether you be Bible punching Hell-and-Damnation preachers, or simply "conventional" geostrategists, or survivalist gardeners whose main interest in life is innovating new ways of growing "organic" zucchinis in plant-pots on your window-sills - to read it, as it gives an object lesson to all of the depths to which human nature has now fallen, and how and why, in "weaseldog's" words to a certain Ali above - a "correction" is so sorely needed:

Paradise being lost?

F.Kamilov said...

As a postscript to my submission above, there will be many, I suspect, who will think that I am exaggerating somewhat the magnitude of corruption in Pakistani society - just because it seems so would pay for such doubters to glimpse just a single day's edition of a major Pakistani paper, and see what content they come across. I present the links to the news items and articles culled below from just two days, in the name of sheer interest only, to highlight what I am pointing out, and nothing else:

Diploma scam

NUML rector awarded himself a PhD degree

Peeling the onion

Battle for rule of law has just begun: CJ

SC directs Tariq Khosa to probe BoP loan scam; CJ apprehends embezzlement in trillions

Ex-BoP chairman jumps in with solid evidence

And here are two more "tidbits" to complete the picture of doom:

1,200 web pages remain blocked

Deeper darkness

VAT battles