Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama: Prepare for NKorea; Beekeepers Lose One in Six Hives


(Immediate) --Chief Financial OfficerCollapseNet has an immediate opening for a Chief Financial Officer to assume immediate management of all financial and accounting operations for a closely held California “C” corporation, including processing of payments, merchant accounts payroll, banking and required regulatory and tax filings. The successful candidate will currently reside in the greater Los Angeles area and be able to start work immediately.

Salary, other compensation and benefits are negotiable after interview. CollapseNet is an equal opportunity employer expecting to launch almost immediately, with a solid business plan and expectations of substantial income at launch.

The successful candidate will be familiar with the works of Michael C. Ruppert and the documentary film “Collapse”

(Approximately one week after launch) -- Personal Assistant to Michael C. Ruppert, CEO

Must reside in the greater Los Angeles area and be ready to begin work immediately. The successful candidate will have proven familiarity with the works of Michael Ruppert and a proven commitment to the goals of the Lifeboat Movement. Basic familiarity with accounting procedures, record keeping, networking, scheduling are required. Foreign language skills preferred, as well as exceptional interpersonal/public relations ability and personal appearance.
The successful candidate will have a valid US passport and be available for travel (both domestic and international).

This position will involve irregular hours and close personal contact on a regular basis with an internationally recognized author/journalist in a variety of settings. The right chemistry is essential for a successful relationship. It will be the ultimate fly-on-the-wall position for someone dedicated to promoting the goals of the Lifeboat Movement as a facilitator. The position will involve regular interfacing with a wide variety of business, political, and VIPs with the express purpose of loyally and accurately implementing and following through on the directions of the CEO. Salary, compensation and benefits to be determined at hiring.

Send resume and contact information in confidence to:

From Jenna Orkin

Obama: Prepare for North Korea
Jamaica declares State of Emergency in War with drug lord
Beekeepers lose one sixth of hives
Defaults on Apartment Building Mortgages Held by U.S. Banks Rise to Record
Next phase of crisis may be hardest
Blood in the Streets for Citigroup, BofA, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan
Britain Bans Doctor Who Linked Autism to Vaccine

Oil Disaster/Environment/Food
BP slashes oil capture estimates
BP Prepares 'Top Kill' to Halt Oil Leak as Costs Accelerate
"The so-called "top kill" operation involves "significant uncertainties" and isn’t guaranteed to succeed, the London- based oil company said today in a statement."
Obama: Drilling permitted if no spills
Ahh! At last, a solution. Proceed with "Drill Baby, drill."
Louisiana Fishermen Contemplating Suicide - from Elizabeth Miller
The Plastic Panic
Ask the Author: Join a live chat with Jerome Groopman about chemicals on Thursday, May 27th, at 2 P.M. E.T.
Four from Elizabeth Miller:
The Food Movement Rising
Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front by Joel Salatin
All You Can Eat: How Hungry Is America?
Terra Madre: Forging a New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities by Carlo Petrini, with a foreword by Alice Waters

Why The Chinese Market Is Looking More And More Like The Japanese Bubble
More Spain bank bailouts loom, but news not all bad
Irish 'Roubini' Says Ireland Is Worse Off Than Greece And Faces Insolvency
Governor's Study Shows Oregon Faces Decade of Budget Deficits
New Tax On Wall Street To Pay For $123 Billion Jobs Bill

In Former Free-Fire Zone, Marines Now Cut Taliban Loose
Israel denies report on nuclear arms sale offer
'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' Controversy Still Raging Worldwide
"Saudi Arabia banned Facebook's EDMD page. Indian Muslims are demanding that India do the same. Pakistan lodged protests with the UN and US. Sweden closed its embassy there. Now the World Cup is threatened. UPDATE: India has blocked Facebook's EDMD page."
Pentagon to Troop-Killing Superbugs: Resistance is Futile
Radiation from airport scanners may increase cancer risk

From the World Trade Center Community-Labor Coalition:


The 9/11 Health and Compensation Act (H.R. 847) will be voted on by the full House Energy and Commerce Committee in a "markup" session that will be held on Tuesday, May 25th. We all need the bill to emerge from this vote INTACT!

It is critical that the members of the Energy and Commerce Committee HEAR FROM THEIR CONSTITUENTS, the people who live in their districts, urging them to support for HR 847, the 9/11 health bill, and the bill's provisions that provide specialized health care to survivors of 9/11 as well as to responders, for 9/11-related illnesses.

We need you to reach out to any family and friends you may have who reside in the districts of these Representatives. Ask them to please make a call on MONDAY MAY 24 to urge their Representative to do the right thing when HR847 is considered by the Energy and Commerce Committee -- to pass the legislation intact with a guarantee of care for both affected community members and responders, and ensure that the Survivor Program -- which treats residents, area workers and students affected by 9/11 -- is not harmed by hostile amendments that could result in damaging cuts.

Please see the attached speadsheet containing the names of all of the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, along with the key cities/counties in their districts (to help people identify folks who live in these districts), as well as their Washington DC office phone numbers. Since time is short, you may want to just phone your friends/family/contacts and tell them to make the calls, but we also provide a “Dear Friends” letter below you can paste into an email, along with a brief sample message for your contacts to use when they call their Representative.

Here is the “Dear Friends” letter:

Dear (name of your friend or relative in one of these districts) I am writing to you to ask for your help in ensuring passage of an important bill in Congress that will protect the health of tens of thousands of people affected by the worst act of terror in our nation's history.

As you know, 9/11 was an attack on our nation that killed nearly 3000. What you may not know is that thousands of people are now sick as a result of the World Trade Center attacks from breathing in toxic fumes and dust that resulted from the collapse and burning of the Twin Towers. Some of those people were the brave responders who engaged in rescue and recovery operations and some were people who lived, worked or attended school in the densely populated area around the World Trade Center -- the civilians who were targeted by the terrorists, and who then courageously rebuilt their communities and their lives in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in US history.

This Tuesday, May 25th, H.R. 847, the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act will come up for a vote in the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives. If your Representative is included in the attached spreadsheet, I am appealing to you to please call him/her at his/her Washington DC office and urge their full support of the bill and its passage without any damaging amendments. Thank you for your much-needed help. If you want to call me for further details I can be reached at _____.


And here is a sample message for your contact(s) to use in calling their Representative:

Hello, I’m (your name). I live at (give your address, city, state and zip code) I am calling to urge Representative ____ to give his/her full support to HR 847, the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act which will be acted on by the Energy and Commerce Committee shortly. This bill will provide ten years of treatment for 9/11 related illnesses to survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- downtown Manhattan residents, students and local workers -- as well as to the brave responders who came to their rescue.

I urge you to oppose any amendments that would eliminate, diminish or otherwise harm any element of the bill, but especially the Survivor Program. 9/11 was an attack on our nation that targeted civilians. Those who were directly harmed as a result of the 9/11 attack deserve the right kind of medical help, help that this bill will provide.

Thank you!


gamedog said...

Long-Term Unemployment: No Help For The 99ers

Some people over here in the UK live their whole lives on welfare/benefits, our system may have gone a bit too far in the social security department, but at least there are benefit payments of some sort when long term unemployment strikes.

What options do US folks have when their unemployment benefits stop? Begging? Charity? Crime?

Ex Pluribus Unum said...

Is there anything meaningful here?

Elmo said...

Empire Collapses <<< ? >>> 9/11 Bill Passes

tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

Tantive said...

Watch this guy on youtube, if you want to see the economics and stock markets from front row perspective, from a man who actually knows his shit.

sunrnr said...

Ex Pluribus Unum - Hard to follow, but the what I believe the fellow is trying to identify is a possible total blowout of the well casing below the surface of the sea floor.

The fear is the well casing being eroded by the oil/gas velocity and the entrained dirt, mud, hydrates, etc. The result would be a real oil volcano.

Hydrates themselves have been know to cause massive explosions when they become unstable.

Bottomline, if the well casing is compromised below the surface there is no way to stop the flow. It becomes a spring with oil gas coming up through the sea floor in a widening area.

That is what appears to be happening based on the blogger's description of explosions, debris, etc. I believe.

BP is lying through their teeth. They (and the government it seems) are trying to keep the lid on the real story.

Their arrogance, ignorance and greed have gone way beyond criminal.

The other story not being told is the huge health disaster for not only all the flora and fauna, but the workers trying to clean up this mess and all the populace in the Gulf states.


Margaret said...

When unemployment runs out, yeah - people then apply for welfare and food stamps in the US. The other options you mentioned are probably viable, too :-)

gamedog said...

Need some inspiration?

Weaseldog said...

Pentagon to Troop-Killing Superbugs: Resistance is Futile

There's a cheaper way to end this epidemic.

Bring our troops home.

Weaseldog said...

Ex Pluribus Unum, yeah it's meaningful.

It's also predictable. With all of that sand spilling out at high speed and high pressure, day after day, there is no way the pipes could hold up.

If this happened on dry land, BP would create a giant holding pond and suck the oil out.

At a mile down, it's probably going to have to just tire itself out. It may spew for a few years.

Every day that this goes on, the hole will widen. Odds have just dropped, in my non-expert opinion that a relief well can plug it.

Weaseldog said...

The Live Cam of leak shows a crater today.

Paul said...


"need some inspiration!"

Thank you man, had us in tears!


gamedog said...

Tks Margaret, I knew there must be a reason NY wasn't looking more like New Deli these days :)

RanD said...


Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your continuous feed of good stuff.