Friday, May 14, 2010

Oil Leak "May Be 12 Times BP Estimate;" WSJ Defends Gold Standard

From Jenna Orkin

Oil leak 'may be 12 times BP estimate'
Even the mainstream media are reporting that it's five times as much as originally reported. Then yesterday the figure "ten" was broached. Now we're up to twelve. When the reservoir's depleted, it won't matter how fast it happened.
Obama Sends Bomb Inventor, Mars Expert to Fix BP Oil Spill in Mexican Gulf
Seven Corporations Doing Business in Iran Energy Sector Also Receive US Government Payments
Iran Trying to Start Israel/Syria War
Medvedev: ME Tensions Could Spark Disaster
"Secret" Telecom Anti-Net Neutrality Document

Fannie and Freddie Make the US Look a Lot Like Greece
Backdoor Bank Bailout? Fannie And Freddie May be "Losing Money as a Matter of Policy" Huge, Ongoing Wall Street Subsidy Allows Banks to Coin Money Every Day at Savers' Expense Wall Street Banks Investigated Over Links to Ratings Agencies
US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England
Schwarzenegger's revised budget plan is expected to eliminate health programs - from Rice Farmer
Volcker Sees Euro ‘Disintegration’ Risk From Greece
Bank Of England Chief: The US Faces The Same Issues As Greece, And Europe Has Only Kicked The Can Down The Road
Europe's Fascist Bailout Means Britain's About To Bail-OUT Of Europe
British banks face break-up
Portugal imposes new taxes
Morgan Stanley: Australia Will Kill The Aussie Dollar With Its New Mining Tax
Wall Street Journal Defends Gold Standard
Nurseries close as recession-hit parents struggle
US police raid homes over bomb plot

Kyrgyz government seeks to regain control in restive south
Renegade Thai general shot in the head
Troops face 'most important' Afghan battle yet
Uproar over decision to include caste in census
USSR planned nuclear attack on China in 1969

Oil Catastrophe/Environment/Science
BP chief reveals $10m daily clean-up bill
Underwater Footage of Leak
Leak? How about "eruption?"
Satellite Images from SkyTruth
Turning the Oil into Asphalt and Gelatin
Senators want offshore drilling on West Coast banned forever - from Rice Farmer
Elena Kagan: Toward a Pro-GM Supreme Court - from Vantage Point
Lizards facing extinction because of climate change
Student discovers cosmic phenomenon during finals project

Bill Clinton offers himself as lottery prize


Margaret said...

I really appreciate this community of thoughtful, intelligent posters (for the most part :-)

I have no problem paying $10/mo for CollapseNet. I find this forum not just informative, but psychologically necessary in these crazy times. It's good to know there are people out there who give a shit about what's coming down.

On another note, it's been colder than normal where I live for the last few weeks, and I've had to start getting creative about how I'm going to put my tomatoes in the ground. They're 2-3 feet tall in their pots. I grew them from seed. It made me ponder how I'd be feeling if I had to RELY on my home-grown food for survival. I'd be stressing out big-time right now, worrying if the weather will be warm enough this summer for certain crops.

This is what people 200 years ago had to deal with, too. When there was crop failure, there was starvation. If my garden fails, there's always the grocery store...

I have a safeguard in that I joined a CSA, too.

Anyway, I came up with a creative solution on how to get those tomatoes in next week, despite night-time temps not reaching 50 yet. I'll put wire cages around them, then wrap the cage in plastic (clear garden kind) to keep the plants warmer. Damn, imagine how creative I'd be if it meant the difference between life and death!

mr drei said...

Help!!! Can someone, please, explain to me how comes the US is paying for the Israeli defense shield with all the budget cuts and deficit sky rocking back home??? Especially knowing pretty damn well that Israel is in a lot better economic situation then the US!!!!!
People, what's happening in this world??? !! UNBELIEVABLE !!

US to fund installation of Israeli rocket defence system (

businessman said...

BP Oil Spill Rate May Be 3 Million Gallons a Day

Loveandlight said...

According to another estimate, it may be fourteen times as much.

Anonymous said...

The stock market plunge last week? Oh, that was just Dorothy in Kansas.

Waddell is mystery trader in market plunge.

gamedog said...

Latoc Mike Ruppert Live updated with missing footage

Ain't technology great! I missed the live show, maybe others here did too.

toner deeski said...

Yesterday was "Bike to Work Day" in the Bay Area, and there was a street party in Oakland at 5pm where I saw this cool pedal-powered carnival, and thought I'd share.

Jeff said...

This may have been answered in previous blogs and is probably not the correct place to ask, but I have not been able to find an answer on my own. When will "Collapse" be available on DvD? I purchased your book Crossing the Rubicon and would be very interested in seeing your Documentary.

Margaret said...

I hear Collapse will be available on DVD mid-June. If you have Netflix, you can see the exact date when you do a search on that title.

businessman said...

Jeff...the movie "Collapse" is available for download in iTunes right now, and it will be available on DVD on June 15th.

Click here for the information on ordering the DVD on

OregonSurvivor said...

Here's a fix for the Backdoor Bailout article link:

Backdoor Bailout

I noticed my Chemtrails comment did not get posted, despite the fact that it comes from Catherine Austin Fitts' website Has she fallen out of favor, or is this topic too far afield?

OregonSurvivor said...

Now Rupert Murdoch's WSJ is charging for access. Thanks for posting the headline, but no way am I going to subscribe!

Buckazoid said...

How do I donate to Mike Ruppert via paypal?

Former FTW Subscriber.

Gustav said...


just in time as I was slowly loosing faith in this community, and myself, you responded to my plea and turned me around 180 degrees.

I am not kidding - I have a smile on my lips since reading your posts :)

My hearfelt gratitude to:
Sebastian Ernst Ronin

For what is worth - you are making a true believer out of me... A believer in fellow men...




Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Well, can no one answer mr. drei?

RanD said...


Your having recently quoted Jay Hanson's observation that "Our problem isn't so much a shortage of resources as a longage of people" suggests to perspicacious minds (such as shown by yours and others' here at FTW) that it might be worthwhile looking into 'why & how' this "problem" of "a longage of people" came into existence in the first place.

We (R & D/RanD) are keenly aware of how resistant many (if not most) people prove themselves to be (another issue that begs for resolution) when it comes to solving "problems" by examining them through the mechanics of cause & effect, which mechanism we see as being the only means (other than historically interminable trial & error) whereby our species can free itself from the otherwise virtually interminable cycle of ascendancies to empire which culminate in collapse.

We would be pleased to read your thoughts on this matter.

1_Crazy_Canuck said...

BP Whistleblower Speaks Out on Falsified Safety Tests

Mike Mason is a 27 year oil-industry veteran who worked on oil rigs at BP facilities on the North Slope of Alaska. On January 21, 2005, Corporate Crime Reporter ran an article detailing Mason’s allegations of BP falsifying the results of blowout preventer tests. At the time, Mason was working for Nabors Alaska Drilling Inc. – a BP contractor

1_Crazy_Canuck said...

Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

...Critics say Nalco, a joint partnership with Exxon Chemical that was spun off in the 1990s, boasts oil-industry insiders on its board of directors and among its executives, including an 11-year board member at BP and a top Exxon executive who spent 43 years with the oil giant.

"It's a chemical that the oil industry makes to sell to itself, basically," said Richard Charter, a senior policy adviser for Defenders of Wildlife.

The older of the two Corexit products that BP has used in the Gulf spill, Corexit 9527, was also sprayed in 1989 on the 11-million-gallon slick created by the Exxon Valdez grounding in Alaska's Prince William Sound.

Cleanup workers suffered health problems afterward, including blood in their urine and assorted kidney and liver disorders. Some health problems were blamed on the chemical 2-butoxyethanol, an ingredient discontinued in the latest version of Corexit, Corexit 9500, whose production Nalco officials say has been ramped up in response to the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Jenna Orkin said...


Hopefully4bestpreparing4worst said...


Thank you for posting that session with MR. That was a great opportunity to get an update on how he sees current events.

Thanks for that!

dalex said...

Mr. drei (at Sebastian's prodding):

When it comes to aid for Israel, there are basically no rules or logic. AIPAC has long been one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, and Israel has been the top recipient of U.S. aid for what seems like forever. For many years, aid to Israel and Egypt made up two thirds of all U.S. foreign aid -- with Israel getting the Lion's share, of course.

I would guess that our military sees some kind of strategic benefit from having missiles in Israeli hands, but as with most government decisions, the value to U.S. citizens is questionable, at best.

There is an interesting (though somewhat dated) overview of U.S. aid expenditures here:

Just for a laugh, you should be aware that the U.S. does sometimes give aid to the Palestinians, too. "On December 8, 2004, President Bush approved $20 million in
direct assistance to the PA (Palestinian Authority) -- to pay off overdue Palestinian utility bills to Israeli companies."

So we gave them money, but only so they could pay the Israelis...

"UNBELIEVABLE" would indeed be a good description of the situation, Mr. Drei -- but these days nothing coming out of our government is truly surprising...

toner deeski said...

stoner mike is funnier than crackcop mike.

gamedog said...

re: "a longage of people"

If you look at Natures systems, any organism under stress sets more seed. The number of children per woman, in different places around the world, has been generally consistent with this.

The CIA factbook plots a graph of Total Fertility Rates vs. GDP per capita of the corresponding country,see wikipedia

This explains the Malthusian/UN policy of "redistribution of wealth" IMO.

RanD said...

"Well, can no one answer mr. drei?" My, such drollery.

Here's how only RanD types answer such questions:

1. How about to control oil and implement every strategy conceivable to do it?
2. How about to implement every strategy conceivable to control the direction of Judaean-Christian prophecy while you're at it?
3. How about having nothing better to do than the above?

What do you think?

Michiel said...

My post is in two parts.

When CollapseNet will be live soon, and this blog will be frozen; what other ways do some people have to keep in touch with each other?

I have taken the liberty to create a FTW Act2 Alumni group here:

It should serve initialy as a directory for some of the people here who don't want to lose sight of each other, or facilitate further discussion.

MCR stated in his video on USTREAM.TV that we should have options rather than solutions, so in that spirit this group could at the very least create more redudancy.

(Disclaimer: From where I stand -Amsterdam, The Netherlands- I see little chance of me joining CollapseNet.)

In the recent video on USTREAM.TV, MCR gets very excited when he hears that a WIFI router can be repurposed to function as a FM-transceiver. I investigated the claim but couldn't find a clear cut solution. It almost cetainly isn't something mundane to do (it involves reprogramming/flashing the Router's software and possibly replacing parts).

However, when looking for solutions I got very inspired by alternative technological solutions that arose which are feasible in Urban or Sub-Urban areas.

It involves, again, the WIFI Routers. Domesticaly they work as the single distributor of a uplink (your wire to the ISP). It is however possible to configure them to work in a network of Routers. So while you first only have a single 'bubble' of connection, these 'bubbles' now interlock and messages can be routed in between. I won't go into the technicalities of how we should set up services (Email, websites, etc.) in such an Intranet right now, but its something I wish to look into.

Your ISP, message board provider etc. may all variably experience problems, go out of bussiness and what have you. Again, options is the mantra here and since the people you will want to talk to when the time is there are likely to be locals, this option should not be overlooked.

Daniel said...

Just read another article on the Gulf Oil Spill and the next atempt by BP to 'cap' the main leak.

Last weeks 'dome' clogged up with ice (effectively) so they made a new one, this time it's called 'top hat'. It has really important technology that will prevent the ice problem!

Yet it still hides the truth that BP are not concerned about plugging the hole; they are concerned about the oil they are losing...

If you don't believe me, then ask yourself why they aren't sealing the well-head, but rather 'capping' the broken end of the drill/extraction pipe?

Elmo said...

"Well, can no one answer mr. drei?"

Well, as I understand it, we [U.S.] are required to support Israel's actions as part of some pre-existing commitment we made to them after WWII.

Reality, on the other hand, dictates that you Follow The Money.

Personally, I think our [U.S.] leaders are trying to transcribe the Revelation into the history books. It's the only rational explanation I can come up with for just about anything they do.

drei said...

dalex, RanD, Sebastian, I'm kind of used to seeing this kind of MO between US and Israeli military; it isn't much of a surprise to me.

However, I am amazed to see that nobody back in the US (that I heard of) is questioning this kind of decision.

As for the aid to Palestinians in 2004 hahaha, it looks to me as a disguised aid to Israel... (not sure the Palestinians would have paid their debt)

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Michiel, good call re the creation of the back-up. You now have a second member. I have duplicated your effort with the creation of the "FTW Act2 Alumni" Facebook group. If one is good, two is better.

Re mr drei's concerns and to those who responded, I shall get back to you.

RanD said...


To not see anybody in the US questioning the geopoliticoeconomic-existential interactions between the US and Israel speaks volumes of both nation's government's success in overwhelming their respective citizenry's ability to function in a truly democratic manner, which moves all of us to yield to their/our common master by default. And what is their/our common master?


•▬●๋•ηáv€€ń●๋•▬• •▬●๋•کнαяmá●๋•▬• said...
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jerry said...

this is eazy,bp caused this disaster so everyone should boycott their products. Whats does it mean going to another gas station down the street. show these people that we the people do matter.