Friday, April 30, 2010

"Threats of Civil War" - Greece

From Jenna Orkin

N. Korea Adopts New War Invasion Strategy
"Threats of Civil War" - Greece
Active Army Unit Given Dedicated Assignment to Northcom
"May be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control."
Iranian Plane Buzzes U.S. Carrier in Middle East - from Rice Farmer
Obama Vows to Act Against Israel or Palestinians If Either Undermines Peace Talks
Clinton: Syria's Provocations May Plunge Mideast Into War
Financial Reform Provision Would Break Up Nine Biggest Banks and Affect All Primary Dealers
TARP Insider Trading; New York Fed Implicated
Military may join fight to contain Gulf oil slick
Bill would let Puerto Rico vote on status with U.S.
Puerto Rice Statehood Bill 2499 Passes House

German private sector to help Greece
Greek Mayor Starts Hunger Strike To Protest Austerity Measures
Spanish Unemployment Rate Tops 20%, Borrowing Costs Rise; Debt Rollover Risk Mounts Portugal to enforce stricter unemployment benefits
Revenge of the Rating Agencies
"Many observers assign a large part of the blame for the 2008 financial crisis to the "big three" credit rating agencies, which gave their AAA seal of approval to worthless investments. Now those same agencies are helping to bring the euro zone to its knees -- and no one is trying to stop them."
Most Americans Think the Stimulus Didn't Help
Goldman Criminal Probe

The Next Empire - China in Africa
Pakistan agents believe Taliban's Mehsud is alive
Hezbollah leader won't confirm or deny Scud claims
Serbian boy, 12, getting death threats for his blog
What Cuba Can Teach Us About Health Care

Illegals, the New Terrorists
Latest disinfo.
Biometric Scanners in France
Press freedom falls around the world - from Rice Farmer
CIA analysts getting more overseas assignments
Judge Asks Feds to Prove Militia Did More Than Talk
New Analysis of Audiotape Might Settle Kent State Mystery

Eco-friendly products are not as green as they appear
Decontamination of CBRN
Military Cancels Nuclear Attack Test - Washington Times

More Americans Give Up Citizenship


Elmo said...

Greece: "Threats of civil war ... the irresistible force meeting the immovable object."

Ya gotta love how people can always find it in their hearts to stand up and demand their money; especially from a government that doesn't have any!

This is gonna be great! Pass the popcorn!

redrosebeader said...

Quote: Compared to past generations, it is amazing how little protest is being seen given the amount of funny business going on.
There ARE more protests going on than we know about. One has to go on many city sites to see what protests are happening. The mass media doesn't report most protests, so it seems many aren't happening. My siblings in California don't hear about everything that happens in the Northwest, for example.
All the reasons stated by other bloggers is also true...

gamedog said...

No that anyone here thought any different, but the much hyped Emperor in the Gulf of Mexico seems to have lost his clothes.

BP's Thunder Horse to Under-Perform

Elmo said...

Iranian Plane Buzzes U.S. Carrier in Middle East

"This just in: Today, in the middle of an unknown ocean, an undisclosed observer reported that an unremarkable incident did not take place, resulting in no apparent damage, or loss of life."

Elmo said...


""Perhaps climate change is a mask for peak oil" ... I still consider it a minority view."

Yes, but they've been hiding that for the past ten years (probably a lot longer). They don't make any money off of hiding the fact; although, I think all the recent Wall Street robberies were a move to grab what they could, and get out. So, my question is: "what next move are they hoping to distract us from this time?"

F.Kamilov said...

There will be more than just civil war(s) when things start unraveling in the late great New World Global Order...

Elmo said...

Oil Spill Makes Landfall

agape wins said...


I also was left out, I decided that winning was the only Goal
& I did not want to play that game! SO I wondered off and did
MY own thing(You also?), my head games were more enjoyable than their one up shit, they would even cheat at Marbles!

Those glass beads had value, & they wanted them all-at 7 yr. old!

Wal-Mart is just the temple, it's the Bankers AND their Marbles.
Do you envision things being different in Haiti, Chile, or Greece?

When the Temple comes down the Sheeple will flock to the
Marble game in the rubble wherever.

I/We Owe no one(except for floating debit connected to our vendors), We could depart/Escape at any time; yet we are tied into the "System", with a dependency on Government, & the "BANKS"!
It's part of Amae, the conditions for Japan's surrender were vastly
different than on the Western Front, Cooperation/Conflict took on a whole new dimension. Was all this "planned For" back in 1905?
I may be deceiving my self about Amae, but think about what a
Japanese war camp guard(outside Nagasaki) said when he saw the
Bomb Cloud over Nagasaki, "We are now brothers", & he started sharing
his meager rations with "His" Prisoners. He was reputed to be the nastiest/strictest guard, also the only one who showed compassion.
Was he just currying favor--Or was he one of the remnant, who was aware of what the future held, a thinker, not just a Sheeple??

In consideration of the above, & in connection with the following,
what can a "remnant"/"Minority" do except adapt to your situation,
as Elmo seems to be doing!

Anything worthwhile is going to be ignored, Think!

eyeballs said...

Disempower money.

8:33 PM
Blogger Soggy Bottom said...

Eyeballs I agree.


Any suggestions?


11:32 PM gamedog said...

Eric "Perhaps climate change is a mask for peak oil"

Exactly, I raised this point some months ago prior to "climategate".

I can count the other people who have expressed this view on one hand, so I still consider it a minority view.

11:31 AM


"e Brutto" said...

My take on the Arizona law is as a counter intelligence ploy of the manipulated mass media i.e. look business as usual.
From my blog:
'Arizona immigration law:
Gives police in Arizona the right to ask anyone to prove who they are - why you may ask.
Are they a bunch of gun toting red necks looking for any opportunity to roust the wet backs out of town when not required for 'Senorita' or farm hand duty.

As The Guardian puts it:
'Pro-immigration groups across the US expressed despair today after Arizona passed the toughest bills in the country which they say are aimed at forcing out hundreds of thousands of Latinos living illegally in the state.'

The reality is that society in the West is collapsing any country or state that has a war (see the quote below) going on on its border has a duty of care to prevent the war coming home.
Business as usual is the mantra of the 'recovery' so we are seeing less and less of the real news as it get worse;¬)

"The violence is unprecedented. Never in the history of Mexico has the government lost such capacity to govern. So far this year, the homicide rate in the Juárez Valley is about 1,260 per 100,000 inhabitants," says Chihuahua state human rights representative and attorney Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson. "This murder rate is only found on the battlefields of open warfare and could qualify as genocide."
Quoted here:'

OregonSurvivor said...

Obama repeats Katrina Oil Spill Myth:
File under "Oops..."

Click Here

RanD said...


What counts at this juncture (from our perspective) is your having successfully made it clear to us that we are beginning to see things in synch, rather than continue merely jabbering at each other on the way to setting up common ground.

Here's an alternative window to consider looking through:

1. "Some of us might actually [want to and so WILL] live to do it all over again." Why not? It'll beat the hell out of experiencing what we already know. (Think that one through and tell us what you do & don't see.)
2. GOD's "Mind" (i.e., "The Father") is the only workable authority. (Precisely: GOD's Mind is male; GOD -- as an absolute genuine singularity -- is actually essentially/necessarily female. Just a couple of surprises for neophytic minds headed for cosmic consciousness.)
3. Merely "believing" was never meant to do the job beyond 'the (developmental) interim'; and, "knowing" such things is rapidly becoming essential for the living. (Got that?)
4. The ONLY incorruptible "institution of higher learning" is the "Mind" of GOD. And the only "failure" that can occur is to know 'that' and to then NOT DO what GOD'S Mind wants GOD's children to do about 'that'. In other words, it becomes an incumbency once one KNOWS what's REALLY going on to spread 'the word' as best one can (such as knowing that everything that's been taking place over the past roughly 2000 yrs up till now is 'the interim', for instance).
5. Don't let yourself be deceived/defeated by all the ugly/beautiful/distractive things out there. Such things are essential to showing those minds who will see it The Truth, and thereby free them from that which is NOT The Truth. (You and most others here at FTW either are or are becoming masters at that one.)
6. Empathize with your fellows, whether wize or not wize. Let others be who they are and allow yourself to be who you are. Patience is divine, allows all to be what it is, and removes all fear, grief, misgivings & hatreds from those who know about such things.


Elmo said...

RanD, I'm well-versed on the phenomenon of 'ridicule by association'. So don't waste your time on me.

RanD said...

Elmo, We accept where you're coming from with zeal. Props by which to convey logic to those who don't understand such things (yet) are fundamental to people finding their way(s) out of the dark. You are a prop; RanD is a prop; without props reality would not exist. In no way does RanD waste time on anything; only assholes do that.