Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fed Raid On........Amish Farm?

RobotTrainMaker - Chief Communication Technologies Officer (CCTO) – CollapseNet

We have an immediate opening for a Video Engineer. This is a volunteer position. Strong performers are always anticipated to move into paid CollapseNet positions. Our current need is for someone with strong encoding experience to take source footage, quick edit, encode, and deploy to CollapseNet video communication systems. Also required that you’ve seen Collapse and read the book. Bonus points if you’ve read Rubicon or were an FTW subscriber. This candidate could also work on editing, production, post production, and help out on our Live Video Streaming system if they desired. We’ll have a wide array of Communication Technologies to work on, from Internet to Radio Communications, so for a solid performer interested in delivering the best, most cutting edge solutions; we have the place to grow. If interested, contact me at RobotTrainMaker at, with a resume or portfolio, and tell me how you would encode an HD WMV to MP4 or to On2 VP6 codec.
From Jenna Orkin

Senate approves Paraguayan President's 30-day state of emergency
The Next crisis Is Already Unfolding (Jim Rogers)
The rich world runs out of wiggle room
The globe's advanced economies have used up most of their crisis-fighting tools, leaving them highly exposed to new shocks.
Curb Your Enthusiasm [for the "Recovery"]
With China's yuan, think "BBC"
China appears on the verge of abandoning its controversial dollar peg and it may look to Singapore's obscure system to do it.
Greece Asks for Loans from the EU and IMF
Millennials Are The Brokest Generation Ever
Survey: Brits owe £55 bn in hidden debts
A survey has revealed that people in the United Kingdom owe £55 billion in hidden debts, and almost a third hide the true extent of their debt from family members.
Senate Releases Tons Of Goldman Emails, Says Goldman Helped Trigger The Crisis

Bill Gates and Friends Make Case for Energy R&D
Windy Nights in Germany Bring Cash for Consumers Who Use More Electricity
A Contrarian Is Betting Hard Natural Gas Prices Will Explode And Shale Technology Will Go Down In Flames

Feds Invade Farm for 5 AM Inspection
Attaboys. Show those Amish terrorists.
Hyperfast Missile to Hit Anywhere In an Hour
Officials Lose Contact With Hypersonic Glider Testbed
Iranian Nuclear Scientist Seeks Asylum in Israel
Does humanitarian aid prolong wars?
Launch of New Secret Space Ship Masks Even More Secret Launch of New Weapon
Ex-Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case

USDA Trashes Organic: Pasture Not Required for Cows' Last Four Months
Dinosaurs died from the cold


F.Kamilov said...

*Washington Think Tank Predicts New Mideast War;

*North Korea threatens the South with war;

"And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars..."(Matthew 24:6-7)

v said...

Hollywood battles Wall Street before Congress
The fight is on as the MPAA and entertainment industry try to stop market manipulation attempts by Wall Street

Best Goldman Sachs Fraud Metaphors slideshow



gamedog said...
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hawlkeye said...

Lest anyone think this raid is novelty silliness, I can assure this is as ominous a thread as any here.

Neighbors feeding neighbors is simply how eating gets done, aside from our little historical blip of an oil-soaked psycho-grocery bubble. If you could have shown Thomas Jefferson the warehouses of obesity that would feed his America after 200 years passed, he would have passed out.

Now neighbors feeding neighbors is a felony offense, to a degree that would be absurd if not appallingly true. Joel Salatin's "Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal" sits on my shelf next to Rubicon, and details the insanity of how the best examples of humanity, family farmers, the Feeders of Everyone, have been made into criminals awaiting their appointed raid. No softer target than the fricken Amish to work out the kinks to be battle-ready for the rest of us...

I know that could sound as paranoid and shrill as any chicken little tale these daze. But imagine a scenario where camo-commandos drop from helicopters in an olive-drab invasion to bust up your household, rip out your gardens and shoot your dog while your kids hide in terror.

We've lived through this already. Vietnam? No. Northern California in the eighties.

You want to eat after a while, you'd best be befriending a farmer. And if you want to be a farmer, better start thinking like a pot-grower.

And I don't mean the wimpy hippies with their modern Monopoly Get Out of Jail Medical card. Sure, it grants a certain measure of immunity today, but some of us old dogs wonder if all that can't turn into big red pins on the sheriff's topo map tomorrow...

Better paranoid than parolled.

eyeballs said...


Great observation. Anything that empowers the people is going to be illegal, because the ones making the laws need disempowered, confused masses dependent on their "leadership". What could be more empowering than food independence?

As long as it looks like a few neighbors digging in their backyards (instead of waving pistols in the air and threatening politicians and business leaders), the elite won't mind. But if it looks like a large group of folks don't need FEMA anymore, don't care about the nationals economy because they're "off the grid", we'll get commando raids and black ops. This should point to an obvious strategy: lay low, and work under radar.

Some call it the myceleum approach: a leaderless, centerless movement tied together by various forms of communication and cooperation, rising up to be visible only when that is needed, and only for the time that it is needed.
Jeff Vail
calls it the rhizome approach. Like dope growing, it is best done without fanfare.

Nice one, Hawlkeye!

hawlkeye said...

Thanks, we see eye to eye!

Yes, I like the mycelium approach. Sometimes I feel like a mushroom already, working in the dark surrounded by bullshit...

This is about as far as I poke my head up.