Monday, April 19, 2010

"It May Be Too Late to Stop Iran Getting Bomb;" Hezbollah's 50K Rockets; Barrel Bombs on Israel's Shores

From Jenna Orkin


Israel Distributes Gas Masks Nationwide

Assad: Israel Leading Middle East to War

Barrel Bombs on Israel's Shores

War Simulation Starts May 31 (2009)

Hezbollah's 50K Rockets
Russia says Iran reactor on track for August launch

‘It may be too late to stop Iran getting bomb’

South Korea President Vows Revenge For Naval Disaster, But Still Won't Mention North Korea

Barack Obama's New World Order: TIME

Obama Predicts Tough Time for Dems in November


Iceland's volcanic eruption threatens nation's agriculture

Volcanic ash cloud hits North American coast
Volcanic ash cloud now affecting flights in Canada
New Ash Cloud Looms as Europe Resumes Some Air Travel
Another Iceland Volcano Under Watch
Silver Lining Department: European Jet Fuel Demand 'Evaporates,' Prices Drop on Volcano
International Volcanic Health Hazard Network
Cleric blames women for earthquakes
Damn. He snuffed us out.


Bob McDonald: '.01 percent of world's water available to drink'
15 Drill-Crazy Countries That Are Rapidly Running Out Of Oil

Iraq's oil exports dip in March by 11 percent, bad weather is blamed

What was it this time - earthquake? Volcano?

Food supply chains at risk in changing south-east Asian climate

Would You Like Enzymes With That?

Rewiring Plants Could Supersize Crops

Frogs 'can't cope' with warming

'Tiny' climate changes may trigger quakes

Fringe Military Medicine: Seeing-Eye Tongue, Transplanted Hand, Spray-On Skin


The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme: IMF Increases Its Fire-Fighting Fund 11-Fold - from Rice Farmer

"The IMF’s eleven-fold increase in its fire-fighting fund, announced earlier this week, is a sign that the endgame for the global debt markets is approaching."
Deja Vu Department: IMF Says Rising Government-Debt Levels Pose Biggest Risk to Global Economy

Greece's Borrowing Costs More Than Double on Concern Nation Will Default
Soros: Even With A Bailout, Greece Could Create A European Death Circle

500-Euro Bill Raises Risk of Crime, Terror, Tax Fraud, Bank of Italy Says

Two New York City's-Worth Of Hotels Are Being Built In China Right Now
For Cash-Strapped States, Sin is Sure Lucrative
Carl Levin: Another "big shoe" to drop at Goldman
Did the SEC Bait Goldman Sachs? Sam Antar, Criminal CFO of Crazy Eddie Makes the Case
Bottom Line: Goldman Says ACA And IKB Should Have Known Better, But They're Going To Settle

Did Goldman Commit Fraud? - Janet Tavakoli

Paulson to Buy 13% Stake in American Capital

Cassandra, the Ignored Prophet of Doom, Is a Woman for Our Times


Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System


ecosutra said...

Jenna, Israel is not starting a war with Hezbollah, rather its the other way around. Who is amassing 25 thousand troops and arming them with sophisticated weapons. Syria and Iran. They are the trouble makers. They are the ones moving into positions of war. Why you seem to neglect this makes me wonder about your motives.

Israel is great! Leading the way in green energy!

Zionism.- the Permaculture network and intellectual design by the Jewish people. hahahaha, (moon shot)

Israel is great! Israel is great! wooo hooo!!!!!!

toner deeski said...

Hey all you conspiracy theorists, HAARP does not cause earthquakes, extramarital sex does.

Attractive women who dress inappropriately cause youth to go astray and "incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes", a hardline Iranian cleric has said.

mr drei said...

By the way Jenna, the 'War Simulation Starts May 31' happened in 2009 (see article date)

Always a pleasure reading your posts!

Jenna Orkin said...

thanks andrei
duly amended

F.Kamilov said...

Zeitgeist Volcano?

Never has there been - in Europe's modern, Post-WW2,
history of unmitigated linear prosperity and development - an incident like this that has totally disrupted the high tech airline industry and reduced it to a helpless laughing stock and breached the popular illusion that human science would conquer everything eventually, including nature.

Weaseldog said...

Evolution might have stumbled on this solution, but Mother Nature also had to worry about pests, nutrients, water and other factors that modern farmers have under control.

“When you’re working in modern agriculture, what you’re trying to optimize is different from what nature is trying to optimize,” said Milo. “We’re trying to get the most food.”

Yup, Mother Nature has been completely conquered. Except for the exceptions...

A peon said...

Growing concern in the water

Alarmed by latest research,the Obama administration is conducting a broad review of toxic weed killer atrazine that could lead to tighter restrictions

businessman said...

I'm happy to say that as of today even Netflix is now showing that the movie "Collapse" will be released in June for their customers.

Anonymous said...

Are we being pre-set for more earthquake action?

I feel a receptive mind, wherever I find it, is an opportunity. If I'm out in public, say at Home Depot, and the guy in the lighting department starts talking about power outages, that's my cue to move in with the collapse stuff. I've met so many more strangers who are open to talk about getting ready than friends for some reason. Gardening topics work well connected to the recent bad weather news. Don't need to get too political. Bought a bunch of sweet potato slips from some online merchant and am going around looking for folks to pass them out to. My right wing office mate has agreed to take some as long as I help her learn how to grow them. Now I've got my foot in the door. Maybe we're revealing too much for the average mind to deal with all at once. Maybe small doses of reality would work better.

rjs said...

Ahmadinejad aint the first to come up with that, jenna...catholics have believed since the middle ages that earthquakes were god's punishment for nuns masterbating...

eyeballs said...

RE: Rewiring Plants Could Supersize Crops

If the plants get 3 times bigger, doesn't that deplete the soil three times faster?

Technology keeps coming up with tricky ways to fool the system. While paving over farmland in China, poisoning most of the world's soil and much of its water with Green Revolution chemi, dumping pesticides on the food, genetically modifying it, the cry is always to increase output per acre. What if we grew more food with less rocket science, closer to the consumers, and processed it less? What if we wasted less of the food we produce? What if more crops went to people and fewer to cars and animals (16 pounds of grain protein - and tons of water - to produce one pound of hamburger)?

What if we actually stopped trying to increase the birthrate in Taiwan and Japan, and gave third world people some other way to survive into old age, besides making kids?

But no, leave it to the scientists. We can all live like the Jetsons in just a few more years. I want a robot that plays the cello, and who serves giant tomatoes with specially engineered protein sauce. What do YOU want?

eyeballs said...

Toner - It only causes earthquakes if you really get it right.

hawlkeye said...

"Now I've got my foot in the door."

cj, I think you're onto it! When things get really crazy, it'll be all about the food, so no better place to start right now. Your right wing office mate is not threatened but honored by your gift; she can be who she is with you, and see what grows out of it.

Everyone hates an "I-told-you-so" and they can all see us coming from a mile away! Must be all the clashing stripes we wear...

I think it's sometimes easier to talk with strangers than loved ones like you do about our predicament, because they are far less invested in maintaining their identities with us. We're momentary and thus safer to sample the fringe with...

And really, if they're at all entertaining the same types of thoughts you are, then THEIR loved ones aren't giving them a decent reflection, and by talking with you, they can flesh out this new identity for themselves, too. This is the courage it takes to build community; taking the risk to act on your truth in effective ways, and be who you really are.

Forget about the polly-tics and pedophiles, trigger subjects for knee-jerk blindness from Konsumer Klones. The only way to really get your foot in their door is to religiously AVOID the reactive topics and stick with something warm and delicious.

In fact, forget about getting your foot in the door at all; instead of whomping them on the head with the whole menu, work on getting just a morsel into their MOUTHS!(Real meat, and not just metaphor.)

If you see yourself as an activist, you'll be seen as a proselytizer. If you see yourself as a realist, you'll be seen as a doomer. In other words, the whole game's so dadburned polarized, no-one knows who they would be without it.

So Who are you? Know Thyself. A receptive mind is a seed-bed! We are seeds, and all we can do is prepare the ground and sow the seeds and not concern ourselves with the sprouting.

Back in the FTW archives you might find an article I wrote about this subject called Yellow Stars and Red Flags.

Feed One Another...

Scott Allen McGuire

Elmo said...

"What if we grew more food ...? What if we wasted less...? What if more crops went to people...and fewer to cars...? What if we stopped trying to increase the birthrate...?"

Then the corporations wouldn't make any money... Then the corporations wouldn't make any money... Then the corporations wouldn't make any money... Then the corporations wouldn't make any money...

I know, I know... "Take your medication, and SHUT UP, Elmo!"