Thursday, April 22, 2010

Source of Explosion in Israel Unknown; Option of Strking Iran Never Off Table: Pentagon; Reckless New Regime Poised to Take Over in N. Korea?

From Jenna Orkin

Source of Explosion in Israel Unknown
Option of Striking Iran Never Off Table - Pentagon
Netanyahu: Less Time to Act on Iran With Each Passing Day
Special Army Unit Ready To Be Deployed on US Soil Before Nov. Elections
Air Force to Launch X-37 Space Plane - Precursor to War in Orbit?
North Korea May Have Used Human Torpedoes To Sink The Cheonan
North Korea accused of sending assassins across border to kill defector
Analysts fear plot is sign that reckless new regime is poised to take over from Kim Jong-il.
US says 'All options' open if Syria arms Hezbollah - from Rice Farmer
Iran Boosts Qods Shock Troops in Venezuela (Washington Times)
Belgium at war as Flemish hit out at French speakers
President is trying to kill me, says Chechen clan leader
The Kremlin Just Cut A Killer Pipeline Deal With Ukraine
Experts Warn of Impending Phosphorus Crisis

Brace Yourself, China Is Finally Removing Its Stimulus
Closed-door meeting discusses the obvious: “Greece no longer able to borrow from the markets nor from the banks”
Credit Default Swaps on Greece Hit Record High; IMF Calls Greece Crisis a “Wake-Up Call” on Sovereign-Debt Risks
Greek Budget Deficit Revised to 13.6%, May Top 14%
What Is The Difference Between Greece And Rest Of The OECD? Only That It Is Small Enough To Be Bailed Out
US Dollar Money Supply Underreported
Falling US Money Supply Creates Downturn
Treasury to Sell $120 Billion in Notes Next Week
10 US Cities in Freefall
How Wall Street turned into a giant casino
Bill Black's must-see denouncement of the Fed
No Shit Department: Goldman Sachs Was Top Obama Donor
"Goldman Sachs contributions to the Obama campaign were more than four times larger than the $230,095 in donations to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign... Since the 2008 election, FEC reports indicate that Goldman Sachs has contributed generously to Senate Banking Committee and House Financial Services Committee members. The two panels are responsible for oversight of the industry."
Leaked: John Paulson’s Letter to Investors Discussing Role in Goldman CDO Fund
Energy and banking shares lift Wall Street
Gold and hung Parliaments

Ahmadinejad to visit Uganda for nuclear talks
Chavez: US Oil Firms Pay $3 Billion A Year In Royalties To Venezuela
Iceland reports record 34 percent inflation - from Rice Farmer
Saudi youth unemployment over 40 pct - from Rice Farmer
Hydropower Solution in Central Asia: Yes But...

Google 'not interested' in privacy, say information tsars
Google Government Request Tool
Google gets 1,200 data requests from UK authorities
From Secrecy News:


The Senate Intelligence Committee has posted a collection of its biennial public reports on the Committee's activities, from the first report in 1976 to the latest in 2009, Privacy Impact of Internet Security Is Classified, NSA Says "How could the Internet be designed differently to provide much greater inherent security?" the Senate Armed Services Committee asked Lt. General Keith Alexander, who has been nominated to lead the new U.S. Cyber Command.
"The design of the Internet is - and will continue to evolve - based on technological advancements. These new technologies will enhance mobility and, if properly implemented, security," replied Gen. Alexander in his written answers (pdf) in advance of an April 15 Committee hearing.

'War' warning over Brazil dam deal
Geologists Drill into Antarctica and Find Troubling Signs for Ice Sheets
Time, Water Running Out for Ogilalla Aquifer
Organic farming proves viable for Africa
Governments accused of panicking over swine flu
Empty skies proved that airports cause pollution, say researchers
Planning for the next eruption: Iceland's big volcano Katla
Reykjav - History shows that when Eyjafjallajokull erupts - like now and previously in 1821- what follows in an eruption of its bigger sister, known as Katla. In all likelihood, this will happen this year or in the beginning of 2011.

Male Spiders Have Safer Sex With Siblings


businessman said...

It's interesting to observe how the mainstream media is learning how to handle news that people have been reading on the Internet. It used to be that this news would be ignored and not even discussed within the mainstream media, but now I see a transition going on. I think the mainstream media is realizing that in some situations, they should acknowledge what people are reading on the Internet, and then dismiss the information as being false and ridiculous. This, I believe, if done in a convincing manner, will have many more people still following and believing the mainstream media.

When the mainstream media doesn't discuss stories that build in momentum on the Internet, it makes it seem more obvious to people that there's a cover up going on. They wouldn't even acknowledge what millions of people were saying when having their suspicions around 9/11, but today I think they'd handle an event like that one differently. I think they'd get out in front of all the Internet discussion, have their own "experts" on TV, and one-by-one refute all the accusations on the subject that they can refute, dismissing them as complete conspiracy theories. But they'll stay completely clear of any accusations that they can't refute, and most people won't even recognize that this is going on.

And in the end, the majority of the people will still go on believing the mainstream media.

toner deeski said...

A second 8+ earthquake in 3 months.

Statisticians, feel free to continue telling us that there has not been an increase in seismic activity based on only looking at 7.0s and above.

Elmo said...

"And in the end, the majority of the people will still go on believing the mainstream media."

I don't think the vast majority today pays attention to anything more than sports and weather. On all other issues, they're perfectly willing to believe whatever the talking heads tell them to. Most of my neighbors agree that Al-Qaeda is the cause all of the world's suffering. They are properly conditioned.

Anonymous said...

Would really love to read the Goldman Sachs dead link. Thanks!

v said...

Computerized Front Running and Financial Fraud How a Computer Program Designed to Save the Free Market Turned Into a Monster

PROMIS software?



Simon said...

"Most of my neighbors agree that Al-Qaeda is the cause all of the world's suffering. They are properly conditioned."

Most of my neighbours think the world is going to hell in a handcart, and that Al-Ciaduh is a construct designed to enable the wholesale rorting of public monies by private industries.

That difference will see my survival come at far less cost and effort than Elmo's.

I get that Elmo has no expectation of survival, but I do, and am actively planing and acting toward that result.

"e Brutto" said...

Some of the documented effects on Scottish weather of past Icelandic volcanism.
Interesting and timely - as Katla has historically erupted with 6 months of Eyjafjallajökull.

Weaseldog said...

Tner Deeski said... "Statisticians, feel free to continue telling us that there has not been an increase in seismic activity based on only looking at 7.0s and above."

Is it permissible to use timescales that doesn't assume that the earth is only 6,000 years old?

Weaseldog said...

Simon said... "I get that Elmo has no expectation of survival, but I do, and am actively planing and acting toward that result."

Do you have a definition of 'survival'?

One might consider the case of a castaway. That person might concentrate on just staying alive until rescued.

But a person that is experiencing a declining quality of life until the end of their days isn't 'surviving' in the same sense are they? They are actually living life.

Perhaps you mean 'surviving' to mean, 'staying alive as long as possible'?

I think most of us are going to try to 'survive' in that sense. I don't think most of us expect to become immortals.

Unless we're hit by a nuclear holocaust or a prolonged civil war with lot's of massacres like we've seen in Africa, I expect that our civilization will just wind down and life will change and become a little harder, day by day.

In this view, an isolated cabin, hidden from society won't be safe as people will still find you. And it's not like you could stock supplies to live on for half a century or so, assuming you're young.

As this decline continues, we'll still have friends, relatives and neighbors to interact with. We'll still produce, trade and consume.

So I think I'll just concentrate on living, rather than surviving.

Do you have a different outlook?

Margaret said...

I don't how to feel about all this news regarding increased earthquake activity and its various causes. Some experts says it's not increasing, and some, like on CNN this morning (headline middle story) claim that climate change is causing it due to the alleviation of massive weight off earth's crust in the form of glacial melting.

But if it is increasing, what can we do to prepare? not much, except be as mobile and un-obstructed by "stuff" as possible if one hits our city. And if more volcanoes erupt - i.e. the super volcano in Yellowstone, well, CARPE DIEM. That's all I have to say about that.

I just wish I didn't feel so hopeless about things right now... Maybe I need to stay away from this website for a while :-)

Elmo said...

"I get that Elmo has no expectation of survival, but I do, and am actively planing and acting toward that result."

Don't delude yourself. Nobody gets out of life alive.

As to the impending future of man, I've already said what I believe it to be... A handful of the world's "richest" elite, orbiting above a burned-out earth in their little space station, fighting over the last TV dinner. Anyone who thinks it will end any differently puts too much faith in their fellow man. I don't feel I need to argue the point; history will bear me out.

In the meantime, I intend to go frolicking across the face of the earth with my little sign that says: "Repent! The End Is Near!" And don't think for one second that I don't enjoy doing it! :-)

Simon said...

Elmo, there is a book by Ben Elton that posits exactly your end game scenario. I cannnot remember the title, but it was a good read with a nice twist at the very end, as I remember. I do like the frolic bit, but repent?, hell no, I have had too much fun for that.

Weasledog, no, my view is very similar to yours. My point was that in my choice of locality and neighbours I have increased the likelyhood that the impacts of collapse will be less severe for me. Most of us are already practising a fair degree of self sufficiency.