Friday, April 23, 2010


RobotTrainMaker - Chief Communication Technologies Officer (CCTO) – CollapseNet

We have an immediate opening for a Video Engineer. This is a volunteer position. Strong performers are always anticipated to move into paid CollapseNet positions. Our current need is for someone with strong encoding experience to take source footage, quick edit, encode, and deploy to CollapseNet video communication systems. Also required that you’ve seen Collapse and read the book. Bonus points if you’ve read Rubicon or were an FTW subscriber. This candidate could also work on editing, production, post production, and help out on our Live Video Streaming system if they desired. We’ll have a wide array of Communication Technologies to work on, from Internet to Radio Communications, so for a solid performer interested in delivering the best, most cutting edge solutions; we have the place to grow. If interested, contact me at RobotTrainMaker at, with a resume or portfolio, and tell me how you would encode an HD WMV to MP4 or to On2 VP6 codec.


Elmo said...

I finally figured it out!

I had been racking my brain trying to figure out WHY you guys keep letting my posts go through, even though I'm obviously laughing hysterically at your plans to capitalize on the failure of capitalism; when it occurred to me... I'M good advertisement!

Yep... You guys don't believe for one second that this civilization is going to collapse any time soon; and your plan is to cash in on the centuries old fear of Armageddon. You must figure people will pay good money to not have to listen to maniacs like me!

LOL!! And here I thought you guys were just being liberal!

v said...

The Secret Of Free Energy
Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor presentation at the Delft University in the Netherlands



darthjasonn said...


There are a million ways to make money in this country. You could be a pet psychologist, or a mime! And both of those professions most likely bring in more money than the average "fear mongerer". There isn't much money to be made from telling the truth. Unless you're Alex Jones, that is.

I really hope your comment is satire. If not, you're really giving yourself too much credit.

Elmo said...

"Unless you're Alex Jones, that is. "

Alex Jones doesn't 'tell the truth'. He takes a few headlines and blows them up bigger-than-life. Then he takes calls from his loyal fans (usually Willie Nelson and Jesse Ventura), who are more than willing to help him promote his anti-globalist sales-pitch. If his preferred method of mocking reality didn't go over well with TPTB, he wouldn't have been able to get away with it for so long.

On the other hand, I trust by my own understanding of the world that Mike Ruppert is, indeed, telling the truth (or, at the very least, what he believes to be the truth). The question I have is this: if he feels that getting the truth out there is so damned important, then why does he want to sell it to us? It seems to me that something of such grave import would be free at any price!

And don't talk to me about "paying the rent"! As you've just pointed out: "There are lots of better ways to make money".

So... If CollapseNet's primary function is NOT to make money; and it's NOT a front for an FBI sting operation; then the only other purpose I can imagine is its being a way to exclude those of us who are not willing to worship at Mike's feet!

No, I don't do satire.

And, yes, I question which god he serves... יהוה or manna. Quoting from scriptures you don't otherwise believe doesn't go over well with the former.

Simon said...

Hi Elmo,
I've not communicated with you on here before but I have a line I'd like you to hear.. that if you don't come to the table with a solution then you're part of the problem.

You seem to have a big ego and I celebrate that, but as none of us know what is going to happen round the corner I would ask you to be more respectful to me, who has to read your posts.



Anonymous said...

Wait a second... I'm supposed to submit a resume or portfolio so that I can work for you for free?!!

I'm supposed to jump through the childish and degrading hoop of explaining to you how I'd do a simple transcode, just so I can work for you for free?

You guys really take the cake. Trying to make this volunteer/slave position out to be some kind of smart career-growth move.

I actually agree with this Elmo character on this. You guys are pulling the same lame exploitation move that the big corporations are pulling with their internship crap.

You folks really need to build a layer between your serious work and your silly work. I've been following Mike Ruppert for years, and its always a drag when Mike's ridiculous side pops out between the lines of his serious side.

gamedog said...

CJ's link

Polish Leader's Twin Sets Stage for a Run

pstajk said...

Very cool, I hope you guys find somebody expert, which will happen soon as the universe conspires to help us all.

Toto said...

Seriously, you must be joking!!!
I understand you can't pay the fellow although you expect him/her to work full-time (!) but to claim that eventually this will become a paid gig is ludicrous!
How do you expect to make money on this new site when large circulation magazines & newspapers can't make money from online subscription ?!!
I always thought that MCR says some true stuff and some wacko stuff but lately I see only the later!
And please MCR stop making those predictions how "by summer the industrialized covilization will collapse-you made this one 2 years in a row" etc., it eats whaever credibility you have left...

Jenna Orkin said...


ftw paid its staff. nothing ridiculous in this projection.

darthjasonn said...

Elmo, I was poking fun at Alex Jones. I know he's full of shit. Also: You're going by the reasoning that you for some reason have to be broke as shit to be a legitimate truth teller. That kind of thinking is put out there by TPTB. If a truth teller makes a little cash, great! All the easier for them to spread the word. It doesn't make their words any less true.

Elmo said...

Well darth... Truth is cash is the problem! Until people as a whole learn to live with the earth, and without trying to make a buck off of every single thing they do, the end will always be near!

And, Simon, I'm sorry that you think I'm being disrespectful; but that's the only help I have to offer. It's been said a million different ways over countless generations, and nobody has ever wanted to hear it... BUT IT'S THE FUCKING TRUTH! If you want gardening tips, go to:

Elmo said...

And for what it's worth (which is nothing, apparently); I can easily do everything this video engineer position requires (I've even read most of the books). I just don't see any point in doing it. Getting The WORD" out has already been done a billion different ways. Most people already know it. Nobody is in any position to do anything about it. Not even the men in the silk ties!

elite-proxy said...

@Elmo: completely agree with everything you've said. Everyone is always trying to make a dollar off of something in this world. I guess it is in part due to the way the world works.