Monday, April 19, 2010

Ice Cap Thaw May Awaken Icelandic Volcanoes; Abdullah: Summertime War Possible

From Jenna Orkin

Abdullah: Summertime War Possible
Joint Chiefs Chair: No, No, No. Don't Attack Iran.
Al-Qaeda's Two Top Leaders in Iraq Are Killed During Raid, Al-Maliki Says

Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes: Scientific American
The Possible Impact of the Icelandic Volcanoes on Energy Production
Experts consider second Icelandic eruption possible
Google Hiring Private Jets To Fly Marooned Staff Home From Europe

Governments Worried about Peak Oil
When the U.S. energy secretary spoke of "peak oil"
China Lends Venezuela $20 Billion, Secures Oil Supply
One of World's Biggest Oil Producers Going Bust
Tema refinery shuts due to oil shortage
Why Intel Wants to Get into Energy
The coming famine: risks and solutions for global food security

Greece Credit-Default Swaps at Record as Icelandic Ash Smothers Aid Talks
Meet Nick Clegg, The Man Who Holds Britain And The Pound In The Palm Of His Hands Morgan Stanley: 'Bridge Painting' Stimulus Is Over, Now Come The Real Industrial Projects
Welcome To Main Street: Truly The Most Depressing Commercial Real Estate Project We've Ever Seen
Biggest State Budget Woes
Top 1% Control 42% of Wealth in US
Hirschhorn: Is the Market Rigged?
On average, traders' winning percentage is 45 to 50 percent. Think about that.
Blame Ratings Agencies, Not Goldman: Ratings Exec
German government considers suing Goldman
Introducing the "fabulous Fab" Fabrice Tourre

Why is FEMA Trying to Cover Up NLE 10
Army Tests Flying Robo-Sniper
Israeli Journalists Urge Shin Bet: Don't Press Charges Against Uri Blau
Google Backs Yahoo in Privacy Fight with DOJ

From Secrecy News:

The law does not authorize the Department of Homeland Security to regulate or penalize the publication of sensitive transportation security-related information on private websites, the Department advised Congress (pdf) recently.

"What Went Wrong: Torture and the Office of Legal Counsel in the Bush Administration," May 13, 2009.
"The Proposed U.S.-UAE Agreement on Civilian Nuclear Cooperation,"
Senate Foreign Relations Committee, October 7, 2009 (published March 2010).
"The Impact of U.S. Export Controls on National Security, Science and Technological Leadership,"
House Foreign Affairs Committee, January 15, 2010 (published March 2010).

Locust-infested town puts them on pizza
Five minute recipes from St. John the Baptist.


wanda said...

Not commenting on this - but am just reading Mike's "Collapse," which is excellent,when I got this article that Swedish researchers have a way to increase output of oil from other sources.

Science News
Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find

agape wins said...

I repeat it over and over, ask the
right Questions!
I made money on the stock market,
BUT I never invested a cent, until I Had a good knowledge, & tested myself by quizzing a broker, in fact 3 brokers!
Metal does not interest me, I am not your Father!
MCR, Jenna, or anyone else stressing "BUY GOLD", please state your background, & where you gained
your education, otherwise you are
just confusing everyone!
Knowing too much never hurt anyone!

The customer of mine who was offered 45 and then 29 dollars
for what I estimated at 100 to
120 finally sold for $100 cash!

It's a lot like Buying a Car,
take your new pride & joy back to
the dealer, tell them you lost your job and discover what you
really bought!

Patrick said...

This is kind of an off topic question but perhaps you or other readers may have some input...

I’m 24 and have been following peak oil since I was 16, around 2001, so these daily developments are not shocking to me. However, an overwhelming majority of people (even more profound in my age group) are in denial, disinterested, uninformed, or skeptical of the notion of peak oil. I exhausted a fair amount of patience attempting to demonstrate that peak oil is not some illogical leap of faith and furthermore, that the repercussions of such a realization would have profound impacts on every aspect of civilized life years ago. However, I think the more recent developments in 2010 and to some extent, the 2008 spike, galvanized me. Yet, the public by and large is still unreceptive to energy scarcity in the face of a precipice. I’m not interested in fear-mongering; to the contrary, I am interested in being informed and prepared, yet the idea of advocacy, and educating yourself about such a topic, is a socially unacceptable and sensitive topic. I think that the consequences of such unawareness are dire on multiple levels ranging from inhibiting energy conservation and alternative energy adoption, to a zombie-like eruption of social chaos induced by abrupt (acute/chronic) fuel shortages.

So here's my question: What can I do to convince people, specifically my age group with notoriously short attention spans, that A: this is a real thing, B: this is going to define our generation, and C: that as scary as reading and educating yourself about this stuff is, burying your head in the sand and pulling it out at the last minute only to realize everyone else’s ears and the ear’s of those who are supposed to protect you, are also full of sand amidst fuel, water, and food shortages is far more terrifying.

In short, sensationalism aside: is there a factual and succinct piece of literature that summarizes what this blog espouses that I can send my friends to pique their interest?


eyeballs said...

Wow, Patrick, good question. Here's my answer, and maybe others will have better ones.

First, go here: (Peak Oil Primer) (Take the Crash Course and check out the links page!)

(Actually, I've had trouble getting Life After the Oil Crash to load. Anyone else? The front page is a good intro to the crisis, though.)

Elmo said...

Patrick, all you can do is keep talking. You can have all the links in the world; but if your people are anything like mine, they're not going to read them; and even if they do, they're not going to care. It took me 6 years to convince my girlfriend it was even a real issue, and she still won't take it seriously. Her thing is: "Well, I'll just deal with it when it happens." She'll be singing a different song when the supermarket shelves are empty. With my luck it will probably be: "Why didn't you tell me this would happen?" AAAAAARGH!!!!

For now, the only thing I can do is just to tolerate her calling me a wacko for ripping up our yard and installing turnips.

businessman said...

Patrick...Your frustration is shared by many of us in here. But I think what may be the best approach is to help educate the people who will listen to your initial message, and who are interested in learning more from you on the subject.

As long as the people you're trying to educate think that if all of these ramifications around Peak Oil were really true, we'd be hearing about it big time in the mainstream media, you've got an uphill battle on your hands.

Many of the people in this Blog have a much deeper understanding of how the world really works, what's really going on behind the scenes, and how the mainstream media really operates. But oftentimes there aren't many people in our lives we can talk to about this...because most of them will just think we're crazy.

I've been President of three different companies, and I deal with very conservative business people in my industry ...suit and tie people, who are convinced that they are very intelligent people. And yet they have no idea about Peak Oil, and what's really going on in the world behind the scenes. I've written articles for my industry on Peak Oil, in an attempt to open people's minds to it, but only a relatively small amount of people seem to have followed-up on the resources I've given them, and have thanked me for beginning to educate them on the subject.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to educate those who I feel will listen, and just let the others go on with their lives...while I'm watching what's going on and determining what I need to do to get better prepared myself.

In addition to the resources that eyeballs gave you, which are solid resources, you may want to have your people read MCR's book "Collapse", and watch his movie "Collapse", too. Since the people you want to reach don't seem that interested in the subject anyway, getting them to take the time to read the book may be tough, so having them watch the movie may work better for them. You might even consider inviting a number of them over to watch the movie along with you.

MCR's movie "Collapse" is now available for download on iTunes, and it will be released on DVD on June 15th.

Elmo said...

I love how America (us) recognizes the need to deal with the "Iran problem" of [them] being a bunch of paranoid extremists in search of a nuclear device; while the rest of the world fails to recognize the "America problem" of [us] being a bunch of paranoid extremists already in possession of many nuclear devices. I am SO GLAD I live in the wise nation!

Soggy Bottom said...


They won't listen. We have all had the same experience.
But I feel for your sense of frustration. Suggestions:

1. Buy as many copies of Collapse as you can and hand them out to your family and friends.

2. Have a barbecue and show collapse to everyone.

3. Become devious. Instead of trying to talk to them, show them, by what you do yourself to prepare.

4. Prepare yourself in ways that will enable you to assist them after TSHTF.

Or are you, like so many of us, feeling isolated, knowing what you know, knowing how bad it's going to be and yet having no one to talk to or plan with?

My partner thinks it's all bulldust but does not try to discourage me from preparing, even works the kitchen garden and orchard. Even agreed to live in the back of beyond. Even agreed to move 13,000 miles to the back of beyond.

But I can't TALK about collapse.

So I figure, if someone I am really close to, who I admire enormously for their intellect and breadth of knowledge will not see,then I have fat chance of persuading anyone else.
Strangely, I do know people who agree that collapse is imminent, but who are doing nothing to prepare for it. Not even learning to grow food for themselves. Is there some psychological reason I wonder. Or are they, in the end, too attached to their present way of life. Are they hoping for a miracle that will make the nagging voice of reason go away.

gamedog said...

Hi Patrick, Great links from eyeballs, I can't recommend better. re waking the sheeple: I find the level of denial I encounter really demoralising, to the point where I rarely bother raising the subject. You are much better off throwing your energy into your survival plan IMO (you do have a plan?).

Worse still I come across people who are supposedly peak aware, environmentalists, permaculturists, who seem to have been brainwashed by AGW propaganda into denial of the impending PO crisis, it's almost complete bait and switch IMO.

Denial takes many forms.

Take todays headline (

What twist of logic is required to think global warming causes volcanoes?

5 mins on wikipedia will show volcanoes are more active during solar minima. The extended minima we're now experiencing has caused an upswing in seismic activity visibly obvious on graphs (specially 6+ quakes). It seems obvious from data that when the sun is covered in sun spots (maxima) there is low seismic activity, as the tectonic plates expand there is more friction effecting slippage. When the sun has low sunspots (minima) the tectonic plates shrink lowering friction between plates.

luminescence is clearly a poor indicator of the energy exchange between the Sun & Earth, it must be, because the IPCC assures us it's constant!

Volcanoes Cause Climate Change

Volcanoes and Water

We're asked to believe the Sun is constant, the bitter winter was only weather not climate, and increased seismic activity after a harsh winter is now caused by global warming too!

Does it really take so much of a leap of imagination to realise low sun activity = colder spells & more seismic activity, and high sun activity causes warming?

I'm in denial too, I keep telling myself Jenna uses these convoluted headlines for sarcastic effect! I'm deluded and I know it ;¬)

Simon said...

Be warned, you are about to loose a number of your friends. Try to introduce the subject softly and if they show interest, hit them with the detail. More importantly, from a Darwinian perspective, expend the majority of your energy on getting yourself to a place physically, mentally and logistically where survival and prosperity are possible.Others will observe and perhaps emulate your actions, or not. Failing to prepare yourself because you are attempting to educate the less observant is not a roadmap to a happy future. Where are you based?

gamedog said...

The lone wolf nuke meme rolls on.

Obama calls nuke terrorism the top threat to US

Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA

Why is FEMA trying to cover up NLE 10?

Blackjack - A slide show story (an example of blatant predictive programming?)

RanD said...

Patrick, any way you approach it, getting people to see what they don't want to see has always been and is always going to be a tough slow go. Patience & diligence are key. As the conditions you're interested in having others become as aware of as you are evolve toward consummation, successful "spreading of the word" will happen.

Good luck to us all; the bumpy ride were heading for has scarcely started..

hawlkeye said...

From The Coming Famine:

Most of this article is an excellent review of the psycho-techno-chem-ag FUBAR that currently feeds us all; treadmills running on eggshells, more and more to get less and less with increasing fragility.

But at least these two lines are skewed:

"This is the great difference from the global food scarcity of the 1960s. Then the constraints were around skills and technology – and the generous sharing of modern agricultural knowledge and technology in the Green Revolution was able to overcome them."

The “Green Revolution” is exactly what began this whole mess; chemicals and hybrids and Earl Butz’ USDA saying “get big or get out”. The Green Revolution overcame nothing except the “generous sharing” of corporate dependency on a toxic food supply. Pedal to the overpopulation metal.

And another:

"Farmers, and the scientists who serve them, are today the most important human beings alive."

Science has not served “farmers” for many decades. The money to fund “ag-biz” research all comes from the massive corporate food factory CEOs, none of whom have the time, resources nor inclination to pull a rabbit from our asses this time. Science will not save us.

The most important people today are indeed farmers, but not the people who run the corporate ag-machine; they are not farmers but pimps.

The most important people today are the people who will BECOME farmers, and a farmer will be anyone who can feed you.

Crops grow on plant-time. Research is done on fiscal time. Now, which clock do we obey? Do we really have a choice?

Money is worthless. Topsoil is precious. Do the math.

rjs said...

Climate forcing of geological and geomorphological hazards

OrwellianUK said...


The problem with this 'Abiotic' oil argument is that when you look closely at the data, there is no commercially or energetically viable oil there. It is likely that oil and gas are partially chemical and partially fossil in origin - there are many types of oil.

However for it to be any use, it has to exist in sizeable amounts, it has to be technically extractable and at a cost and energy input that is realistic. Above a certain cost it is simply unaffordable. More importantly, the Net Energy ratio has to be high enough to give a worthwhile return.

Already, the oil industry is drilling for smaller deposits at greater depths. The high cost and low net energy of these fields is not only driving the price up, but discouraging investment for obvious reasons.

This short FTW article should help. There is also a very comprehensive refutation article in 3 parts on FTW. The short version though, is that it doesn't matter whether oil is abiotic in origin or not.

peakoildude said...

Hey Patrick, I'm 26. My experience is our age group is too busy dealing with getting jobs, making money, buying food, paying rent to spend time making the connection. Whether they understand why it's hard to get ahead or not, may not matter. I've found the large majority of people who know about this stuff, are retirees that enjoy talking about their hybrid cars. And what can I do that is much different? Plant garden, drive fuel efficient vehicle, bike more? In the city our options are limited. All I can do is try and network with down to earth people who get it and not waste time elsewhere.

Margaret said...

Hey Patrick,
You may try to join a Transition Town movement near where you live, if one exists. Try checking out to see a list of participating cities.

You'll come in contact with many people who believe in PO and are DOING something about it. I initiated a Transition Town where I live (in the suburbs) and one year later, we have dozens of members and have started TWO community gardens in our suburb.

May I add that we have members ranging in age from 20s to 60s. College students, working moms, professionals, retirees, entrepreneurs. We're all concerned, we all want to do what we can.

Good luck, and may you be the fastest camper.

LeoBro said...

Patrick, I second Margaret's advice about working with Transition Towns. I used to experience exactly what you're experiencing - couldn't get the message across with my friends or neighbors anywhere. Now I'm giving talks to rooms of people and they all get it.

My theory is that, no matter how well you present your case, most people will go into denial if they don't have a framework in which to respond positively. Transition offers a Permaculture-based framework that doesn't sugar-coat the crisis but does frame it as an challenge that can let us (possibly) create a world that works better with greatly reduced industrial resources.