Friday, April 23, 2010

Belgian Government Collpase; Is Thailand on Brink of Civil War?

From Jenna Orkin

Belgian government collapses
Is Thailand on brink of civil war?
Policeman killed, 60 wounded in Thai south
Grenade blasts kill 1, wound 75 in Bangkok
China paper: Property bubble must end
China Military Paper Spells Out Nuclear Arms Stance
North Korea torpedoed South's navy ship: report
Israel: Netanyahu defies Obama's demands
Berlusconi Says Wants to See Israel in EU (February)
Rebellion in the Fed! Board members plot to overthrow inflation-loving Bernanke
Bernanke Admits Creating $1.3 Billion Out of Thin Air

Hickey: If We Continue Down This Path, The Outlook Is General Impoverishment for This Country
Greece asks for $60.5 billion aid
BREAKING: Greece Prime Minister Says He'll Ask The IMF For Help
Greece... Deficit Worse Than Feared
Greece Budget Gap Worse Than Feared; Bonds Approach Pakistan Levels; Greek Bond Crash In Pictures
Moody's Cuts Greece, May Do So Again; Yields Spike
Marshall Auerbach: Euro to Fail?
UK's record deficit
Budget deficit at a record as election debate intensifies.
U.K. Economic Growth Slip Blamed On Bad Weather
Japan faces debt 'shock'
Durable Goods Orders Crash Below Expectations
Main Investor in Goldman Deal May Have Caused Losses
Testimony May Hurt SEC Case
SEC Staff Watch Porn as Economy Crashes
Was There Really Any Fraud?
Democrats happy to keep Goldman contributions
Lawmaker questions timing of SEC’s Goldman case
Buffett Has `Great Confidence' in Goldman Sachs, Berkshire's Murphy Says
Banks May Not Be Lending But They Are Buying Treasuries
Los Angelenos freak as broke city shuts courtrooms down

South African Party ANC Planning Land Invasions After World Cup
Air Force Launches Secretive Spy Plane: 'We Don't Know When It's Coming Back'
Opinion: Military accused of making false diagnoses to save billions
Why the US Is Not Prepared for a Cyberwar
NYC firefighters, Marines to hold terror drill - from Rice Farmer
"Lights Out" Could Save City Millions, Cause Crime - from Rice Farmer
UK: Leicestershire to dim street lights - from Rice Farmer
Ticker: Cheney has big announcement
Why were CIA tapes destroyed?

Solar Industry Fights to Save Subsidies (Germany)
Potentially deadly fungus spreading in U.S. and Canada
Legalizing pot may kill buzz in California enclave
U.S. doctors, minorities still wary of shots: official - from Rice Farmer

Burglars break into prison to rob absent inmates


businessman said...

Quote of the day from the author of the article from the link titled, "Bernanke Admits Creating $1.3 Trillion Out of Thin Air":

"What is even more shocking is I could not find a single mainstream news agency that covered this revelation."

Regarding the article, "Legalizing Pot May Kill Buzz in California Enclave", the old adage "Follow the money" comes into play once again. Who would have ever thought we'd see people voting against the legalization of marijuana, because they feel they can make more money growing and selling it when it's still illegal?

robmac58 said...

"Legalizing pot may kill buzz in California enclave"
This article really understated the economic importance of the pot industry in Northern California. I spend a lot of time up there and everyone says the same thing. The economic engines of Mendocino and Humboldt Counties run on Marijuana cultivation. Without it, they're back in the stone age.
Kinda like the Wall Street Banks and the laundering of narcotics money.

Tantive said...

Alright, no intelligent comments...but I have to say, reading todays headlines, the first words to escape my mouth are.'Holy shit!'

businessman said...

I was watching Michael Moore's movie "Capitalism: A Love Story" last night. In the movie he interviews a Congresswoman from Ohio, and she tells him she's convinced that the financial collapse was all orchestrated in September of 2008, to force the politicians to approve of all the bailouts just weeks before they'd be facing reelection in November. This forced them to become afraid of what further collapse could happen if they didn't vote for all the bailouts, and how this would affect their constituents back home in the voting booth just weeks later in November.

The term "financial coup d'etat" was utilized in describing this and was also acknowledged by another member of Congress in the movie, too.

Elmo said...

Burglars break into prison to rob absent inmates

They robbed a halfway-house! SHEESH! That kind of thing happens all the time! And here, I was expecting a good high-tech break-in full of glamor and intrigue!

mrs p said...

Hello all. Not sure if this subject is of concern to anyone, (Polish plane crash site just after crash) or even if this Russian shot video from Brasscheck TV is credible.

I do believe the two people filming are speaking in Russian. Brasscheck claims the photographer is now dead. We just received it via email and don't know what to make of it. You can't really see anything but you can hear plenty. mrsp

eyeballs said...

Mrs. P,

How weird. It would be hard but not impossible to fake the whole scene, but fairly easy to add the shots and voices. That the filmmaker is dead we must take on faith.

There was a guy walking around fairly boldly in a black coat, who didn't mess with the filmmaker. It also seems weird that a rescue crew would let a filmmaker, who could have reached out and touched the wreckage, anywhere near the site. Also, the site did not look all that fresh or catastrophic. Other airline crashes I've seen had big bits of burning plane. That looked more like a smaller plane and was not on fire. If the initial "rescue team" were actually assasins, working with relative impunity in the early moments, why would they not have killed the filmmaker?

Proves nothing but that is one weird bit of vid there.

businessman said...

mrs p...Assuming that is legitimate footage taken immediately after the plane crashed carrying the Polish President and his's extremely interesting footage. I mean...why are we hearing gunshots going on?

I mentioned in here a week ago that what could have happened is that the plane was sent a guidance signal that was an inaccurate one...designed to have it miss the runway in the fog.

The wrecked plane is right in the middle of a forest, and I don't see any signs of a runway.

toner deeski said...

Not as concerned about tobacco companies growing weed as I am about them and Monsanto owning all the seed patents...

And btw, the bay area is producing indoor stuff that rivals anything coming out of Mendocino and Humboldt.

dkoerner said...

September 2008 was the financial coup d'etat, the culmination of the Supreme Court's coup d'etat that installed Bush as the Neocon's illegal president, and the bookend to the September 2001 military coup d'etat.

Basically we're living in a post-coup America, or LIEPAC - Life in Empire Post American Coup.

Peak Oil, 911, and the Anthrax Attacks are the Iron Triangle Third Rail Taboo of contemporary American culture and politics. Subjects that none in MSM dare touch.

Paul said...

Polish Plane Crash Video from Jane Burgermeister

Jane Burgermeister did a great job of exposing the Swine Flu scam, and the dangers in the vaccine. Here she turns her attention to inconsistencies in the reports about the recent crash of the Polish plane in Russia which was (allegedly) carrying so many high ranking Polish leaders.


gamedog said...

RE: Bernanke Admits Creating $1.3 Billion Out of Thin Air

Did the Fed loan it to the Gov to dish out, or was it dished out directly by the fed, and did anyone ask what the interest rate was on that $1.3T?

RE:Legalizing pot may kill buzz in California enclave

The comments section seem to be mostly for legalisation, I had to agree with this one....

"I see this as a very small battle lost, for the huge war that will be won"

MrsP, covered this in little bits since the "crash", there were some eyebrow raising snippets from readers emails from Poland, which put the whole thing into a different perspective.

OrwellianUK said...

Anthrax numbers don't add up

Elmo said...

businessman said: "This [2008 collapse] forced them to become afraid of what further collapse could happen if they didn't vote for all the bailouts, and how this would affect their constituents back home in the voting booth just weeks later in November."

Nothing like an outright admission that American politics is pure vanity! This is why nothing good ever comes out of Washington. And never will!

Jenna Orkin said...

discussion of facts or insights relating to the polish plane crash are fine; moratorium on speculation, however.

Jenna Orkin said...


if u resubmit your post, please rewrite so that no one is put in any kind of jeopardy. (ps: i'm not sure it's possible.)

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Jenna, I am re-thinking. Please see your email.

Anonymous said...

part 2

“I think he will run. I worked with him for a few dozen years,” said Ludwik Dorn, often referred to as the third twin because of his closeness to the Kaczynski brothers, although he in recent years fell out with Jaroslaw. Mr. Dorn said the shock of the plane crash had created a new sense of dignity and seriousness in Polish politics. Much of what follows will depend on whether the “legend” built up around Lech Kaczynski and the crash is taken as a national one, or appropriated by one side, said Mr. Dorn. “Everything points to the latter, worse option,” he added, meaning a “brutal” election campaign to come.

Opinion polls taken since the Apr. 10 crash paint a confusing picture, with some suggesting a statistically insignificant swing toward Law and Justice, and others a swing of as much as 20 percentage points. Most analysts, however, say they believe Jaroslaw Kaczynski, or any other PiS candidate, will have an uphill battle to beat Bronislaw Komorowski, the candidate of Civic Platform.

One reason for that, economists and political analysts say, is that Poles are generally happy with the state of the economy, which has survived the financial crisis well compared with neighbors in Eastern and Western Europe. Poland’s economy avoided recession last year, growing by 1.8%, and is forecast by the International Monetary Fund to grow by 2.7% this year.

Poles also have been impressed by the way the country and its armed forces continued to function smoothly after the disaster, in which senior politicians and the entire command of the Polish armed forces were killed, these people say. “I feel that Poles, more than at any time in their history, are feeling sure of themselves,” said Mr. Smolar. “Something has changed.”


Let's hope they keep him well-guarded.

Jenna Orkin said...


we can't copy a whole article. send info for link plz

toner deeski said...

Boobquake planned for Monday

Anonymous said...


What happened to part 1? That was where the meat was. I got the article from Jane Burgemeister's temporary website. Since all articles are on the same page, you have to scroll down to the third one to find the one about Kaczinski's twin brother running for president of Poland. Sorry about the length. If there was a link for just that article, I would have sent it.

businessman said...

I now better recognize how someone could have easily taken footage of an airplane crash and created their own audio track to just play over it. It just amazes me that people even want to spend their time doing things like this, but I guess some people really do.

In looking at the video, they keep trying to sell us on what's going on as being both dramatic and suspicious, with written words on the screen. But we can't see anything that looks like people shooting others, along with the sound of the gunfire that we're hearing.

But we definitely do see jet engines on the plane.

It could all have been a hoax...very easily.