Friday, April 02, 2010

Russia to Sell Air Defense Systems to China, Nukes to Venezuela

From Jenna Orkin

White House warns of bumpy road ahead on jobs
Gov't Will Sell Citi Stock, Reap Bailout Profits
The Greece Bailout Is Bunk, There's A Loophole That Let's [sic] Countries Back Out

EU Intelligence Agency
"Economic Government of the EU"
China buys air defense systems from Russia
Putin will help us get nuclear power, says Chávez - from Rice Farmer
Aircraft Maker Pushing Exports of Spy Drones
Israeli planes and helicopters mount Gaza attacks
US Voices Concerns Over Australia Internet Filter
NYC: Anti-Terror Subway War Games
JO comment: This article, sent in by Rice Farmer, contains the nugget, "Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that yesterday's drill was preplanned, yet it came only days after suicide bombings at two Moscow metro stations killed at least 39 people." For a trip down memory lane, see Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon on Tripod II.
Pyongyang Slams US-S. Korea War Games
War Game Shows How Attacking Iran Could Backfire
Restoring Constitutional Governance - Fox News
Uganda: Petrol Scarcity Paralyses Country
Hank Johnson: US Congressman claims Guam 'will capsize from military influx'
Dutch Court Upholds UN Immunity Over Srebrenica
The UN is effectively above the law.
Our New Airport Security System: A Politically Correct Version Of Racial Screening
Grandmother Tagged Selling Goldfish
Raleigh Police License Plate Readers Spark Privacy Concern

How Much Swine Flu Vaccine Will Go To Waste?

Spike in Atlanta, Georgia Deaths Raises Pandemic Concern
Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy
"August Review- Global Elite Research Center"
Obama Puts Pesticide Pusher in Charge of Agriculture...
The art of hen keeping
Worrying could ward off depression

Gold Market Paper Gold Ponzi
Central Banks Stashing Away Gold at Brisk Pace


Elmo said...

Pet shop owner fined £1,000 and told to wear an electronic tag... for selling a GOLDFISH to a boy aged 14

This kind of thing doesn't surprise me. Going after "real" criminals is pointless. They hardly ever comply, and they're always broke!

Elmo said...

From: Raleigh police licence plate readers...

It’s just privacy. Even though I am not doing anything wrong, and I don’t have anything to hide, I still don’t want people to know where I am at any given time,”

You see, this is the kinda shit that gets me going! SO FUCKING WHAT if the police have your car on record at 3:47PM sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot? Were you robbing the place? I don't see the problem!

"Oh, but it's a matter of principle!"

OH MY FUCKING GOD! The shit people cry about!

"Don't put cookies on my computer!" ... "Don't show my house on Google!" ... Don't take pictures of me sitting at a traffic light talking on my cellphone with my finger up my nose!"


Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

The map never has been, is not today, and never will be the territory.

gamedog said...

Elmo: on the ANPR thing, it's the thin end of the wedge. Gov/law enforcement has no right to know who you are, or what you are doing, unless you are causing an offence/breach of the peace.

Lets say for e.g. you go to some civil liberties/political rally, where all the number plates are checked, thereafter you become flagged as a subversive for "harassment" or some such.

We have ANPR over here, I was recently stopped because the numberplate on my trailer didn't match the car plate (which was higher than the trailer and therefore visible anyway). I was made to follow the police 1/3 mile to a car park behind a sports stadium, where there was a full swing multi agency revenue gathering scheme going on. I had drug sniffer dogs round the car first, then a full search making me empty all my tools out the back, then a ministry of transport bloke went over the car for defects (even checked the exhaust fumes were within limits) all my lights were checked even tho it was the middle of the day. Then I'm interviewed by some bloke from Trading standards to see if I'm some sort of black market rip off gardener (because the trailer was full of horse muck) my passenger was interviewed separately, and because he didn't come up on their database for home address (he lives on a boat) they fingerprint him on the spot! There must have been 30 of them swarming all over the car. They had a car transporter half full of cars they had already confiscated. Doing nothing wrong, completely innocent, I was held up for 45 mins. As I drove away, I said to my passenger (we we're both feeling oppressed) welcome to fortress Britain, complete with Gestapo!

They also have ANPR speed cameras that measure your average speed on the motorway/freeway between cameras miles apart.

On the plus side, it's probably why they caught that attempted hit n run/assasin chap who hit that silver trader in London - bad choice of weapon in the UK btw, one thing the UK police are good at is catching "joyriders" they usually get a helo up toot sweet.

John said...

Hey! whats with the Faux noise link?

businessman said...

gamedog...I'm with you on the comments about what the Raleigh police are doing. This could become like airport screening where good people have found themselves on the "no fly" list when they have no business being on there...and it becomes a big hassle in their lives.

I have to believe a lot of mistakes will be made with these systems, and similar to what you've experienced, many of us will be pulled over and investigated because our license plate numbers were erroneously red-flagged within their system.

I think law enforcement would serve the public much better if they were arresting the people responsible for the financial and economic debacles we've been experiencing, but those people are completely above the law.

businessman said...
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ecosutra said...

Jenna, the Gold article says for every 10 ounces of gold there are 100 ounces that are on paper but do not exist in real gold. Why is that not the biggest story of the day in the media?

I start to think of the Psychology of a woman in the deep south crying, "rape a black man raped me", but all the while it was the evil white guy who raped her. What would make a woman accuse a people of rape when its not?

Everyone, even you Jenna have shown me how you deflect. Dont mean to be singling you out. But when you add your anti Israeli articles into the "List", well there ya go. How does shining any light on the middle east conflict bring any solution to the world? You are playing into the hands of the deflection circus.I feel the same about health care.

I also see how my regenerative Permaculture soap box has been processed by my friends and agreed on, but they still fall back into the deflection holes over time.
This is due to the lack of ability to see the ropes of natural systems and how to apply them to people. Jenna and Mike, please get a Permaculture design course, you have to find the time.

Elmo said...

Yeah, well... some folks imagine more than they know!

agape wins said...

I talk constantly about staying where you are, like MCR returning to home ground regardless of the dangers! Is LA any worse than NY?
No one from Wyoming, England, Japan, or Boston can tell you how to prepare!
I also preach, YES PREACH, about not going off half cocked, wiping out those you might need to make it through the Evil which lies ahead, it will take a strong will & no one knows what resources to allow Mankind to do what lower forms of life could not overcome.
Race, Color, accent, Gender, Lifestyle, Religion, politics, how you part your hair, or even age(except for the extremes), should NOT be a factor in who is in the "lifeboat"- which will not sink any way, think how to SAVE lives, not how to TAKE as many as possible

"What’s important to remember in the discussion about genetics and
intelligence is that our genes carry us a certain distance but our
environment–the people we come into contact with and the resources that are available to us–is also critically important in determining our future. A person with Albert Einstein’s genes born and raised by Bushmen is going to be very different than his twin born and raised in 21st century Manhattan...."there will still be unique differences brought about by differences in the citizens and the locale. It’s actually a relief to think that no matter how many McDonald’s and Starbucks pepper the globe, each place and its people retain their own identity. People are different from one
another, but not always in a bad way."

No man is an Island; Adam, alone, or even with 10 Virgins, will not make a new World with what we have left!!
Love even those you hate; your future may depend on your Kinship!

This will be my last post for a while, I have to put together something about meaning and Amae. There is much confusion here about the meaning of the posters, up to, & including the links they send.
My posts have little substance except for clarification of what you are intending but stating obliquely(Dancing around).
Elmo has been doing a good job of "Shaking the tree", thanks Elmo.

By the BUY, What is the cost of tracking EVERYONE, about everything, asking 40 questions to find out how many people live where-or more than one place? It's reflected in the cost of your slice of toast!

Jenna Orkin said...


before u resubmit that comment, pls let me know u have an ok from the person u're talking about.

RanD said...


As always, your previous page 4:04 AM post is brilliant, as brilliantly written and as true as the "apparent" rising of the Sun in the morning. When, we ask, will you invest your obvious ability to display brilliance to an objective that has relevance, such as getting past this so-called "road map" that you and virtually all of the rest of the FTW entourage apparently has blindly bought into thinking is going somewhere beyond what amounts to nothing more than just another small-minded feeding off the ever-collapsing status quo?

You and the rest of the FTW entourage should think twice before believing there's no higher level of consciousness concerning the woof & warp of reality than is being unwittingly tiddly-winked here at FTW and behind the bastions of scientific methodology -- all of it in view of the fact that FTW is in specific ways truly at the head of the pack.

The future of the human condition is waiting to happen in a place that receives near border-line zero attention here at FTW. That this is so is not a bad thing, nor if it never changes will it be a bad thing. What counts is that when human consciousness rises to the place of knowing beyond any doubt that this is the way it is, then it is time to say so and move forward. Or experience a truly miserable death.

GOD's Prozac? Whatever does the job and nobody dies. There is no "best" or "worst" person; and everything you are reading here is just another routine product of GOD.

businessman said...

ecosutra...I know you asked Jenna about this...but in my opinion the reason why the media isn't reporting on that gold story, is similar to why they weren't reporting on all the money that was being made on initiating, repackaging, and selling all of the dubious home mortgages to people as investments. The media knew about all this, but there was simply so much money being made by insiders that they weren't going to get in the way of it. In addition, reporting on a story like that gold story would add even more concern to people's already existing fears about the economy...and would lead to a run of investors trying and get all of their gold right now...which would lead to massive calamity in that arena much sooner rather than later.

But once everything hits the fan, similar to what happened with all the mortgages collapsing, the media will begin reporting on the aftermath and all of the investors who will have been left with nothing, telling us how no one could have ever foreseen all of this happening.

And at the same time, similar to what happened with the mortgage collapse, the insiders will be long gone with all of their money, with no one around to ever hold them accountable.