Monday, April 12, 2010

Ahmedinejad Wants Millions to Quit Teheran Over Quake Fears

From Jenna Orkin

Ahmadinejad: Summit "humiliating"
Ahmedinejad Wants Millions to Quit Teheran Over Quake Fears
Obama: Al-Qaeda trying to secure nuclear weapons
All bets are off if US under biological attack, warns Hillary Clinton - from Rice Farmer
Conspiracy theories swirl over Polish air disaster
Kaczynski Death to Aid Pro-Euro Tusk's Grip on Poland
Probers: No issues with Polish jet
Polish pilot was not pressured to land -prosecutor
Twin may step into dead President’s shoes
Bomb explodes outside MI5 headquarters in Northern Ireland
Moscow judge who sentenced neo-fascists shot dead

PIMCO's Bill Gross Frantically Dumping Treasuries, Thinks US Interest Rates Will Soar
Chinese Bill Auction Fails - from Vantage Point
Did the Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out Europe?
Euphoria over Greek rescue fades as first cracks appear
Greek Aid Package Will Do Little to Boost Economic Growth, Economists Say
PIGS exposure explains shotgun Greek wedding
Soros: 50-50 The Eurozone Breaks Up
And Now It's Officially Spain's Turn To Take The Stage
Soros Doubled Gold Holdings, Citi, Monsanto (February)
Richest Virginians get biggest Obama tax cuts
96,000 Multifamily Housing Buildings in Chicago Area are Underwater ; 42 Percent of Small Rental Buildings at Risk of Default
With 1 in 5 Americans Out of Work, Obama Issues a Million Green Cards
California's $500 Billion Pension Time Bomb
Ron Paul: Obama Is Not a Socialist
Is State Secretary Hillary Clinton Moving to US Supreme Court?
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew innocents imprisoned at Gitmo

US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015 - from Rice Farmer
One of the World's Biggest Oil Producers [Mexico] Is Going Bust - from Rice Farmer
High Inventories Keep Oil Prices from Advancing on Week
GM viruses offer hope of unlimited energy
Philippines' [electrical] power at crisis point
7,500 due for alternate climate conference in Bolivia

Pornographic Magazine for the Blind Launched


eyeballs said...

The guys who died in that mysterious Smolensk crash were troublesome to both international investors and the Russian hierarchy. Applying MCR's old favorite investigative tool, cui bono, we can guess at what might have caused the crash, other than the pilot's inability to communicate in the language used at the airport, at which he was scheduled to land. (Had he lacked proficiency in Swahili, it would have been less mysterious. Poland was part of the Soviet Bloc until fairly recently. When the president of a country travels, it's usually not in a "flying coffin" flown by guys with inadequate linguistic skills.)

From the Bloomberg article:

“Investors viewed President Kaczynski and Skrzypek as hostile figures,” said Preston Keat, the London-based research director of Eurasia Group, a political risk consulting company. “What kept coming up in client meetings is that they were the two blocking forces to market reform.”


“The momentum that’s been generated over the past few days is just astounding,” said Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, who heads Othago, a Warsaw-based consultancy that helps firms do business in former Soviet Union countries. “It means the possibility of doing serious business with Russia and breaking the mold of 20 years of strained relations.”

Well. Happy days are here again.

Weaseldog said...

As to Hillary and the nuclear option, proof, suspicion and wild accusations are all equivalent in politics, are they not?

Zhyppers said...

Everything boils down to sex, power, and economics.

As much as I try, I have little faith in humans, or better put, the ability of people making mistakes.Having said that, I wonder what the long term effects it would have on the environment if a large population of the concentrated M13 viruses got out. I say long term as I know this virus to be mainly a bacteria seeker and doubt any immediate short term effects. I really have no idea about how much these bacteria can adapt and evolve.

A peon said...

BPA hormone disruptor now contaminates Earth's oceans, scientists warn

Elmo said...

God Money, I'll do anything for you.
God Money, just tell me what you want me to.
God Money, nail me up against the wall.
God Money don't want everything, he wants it all.
Bow down before the one you serve.
You're going to get what you deserve.

ChuckP said...

TWO THINGS: First of all why is no one talking about investing in a oil company that has great assets??? If there truly is a Peak Oil shortage coming , why don't we atleast profit off of it??? Any names that you like???? I like CXO. SECOND: I find the story by Merrill Lynch and the true unemployment rate of 17.3% very interesting. It makes you "stop and think" how are all these people going to "support" themselves????

Jenna Orkin said...


there are numerous websites that discuss profiting from collapse. that's not what this forum is focussed on, for all sorts of reasons.

businessman said...

I remember reading a story years ago about politicians landing at an airport in Central or South America. The plane crashed and all were killed, and it appeared that the signal from the tower was altered to have it appear that it was coming from a slightly different direction. I have no idea if anything inappropriate was done for the plane landing in Russia, but certainly a technology like this one would be very easy to implement in dense fog, and have the plane zero in on an incorrect guidance signal.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Slow day at the editor's desk?

Jenna Orkin said...


not at all. u mean bcs i responded to chuckp? wanted to nip that discussion in bud

Weaseldog said...

It didn't take long for the article about using viruses to create hydrogen to jump the shark.

"If the process can be scaled up and made more efficient, it promises to produce unlimited quantities of hydrogen fuel"

eyeballs said...

The content of this article , which expresses optimism that China will join in Iran sanctions, is nothing special, but LOOK AT THE PHOTO.

In Chinese culture, strongly influenced to this day by the Confucian tradition, no two people are equal. The lower ranking person bows to the higher. In Western culture, the handshake is a substitute for bowing, which is considered undignified in the democratic age. Yet here we have President Obama of the United States of America bowing quite distinctly before a deliberately erect and proud Hu Jintao. We have of course seen his abject bow before the Emperor of Japan, presumably related to the rolling over of American bond debt. I wonder what trade was made, in the run-up to this photo (credit: EPA -?!) which will have enormous propaganda value in China.

Given the realities -- we owe all this money, have no industrial base, are struggling to manage two hopeless wars at once and pension off an entire bloated generation just as oil breaks 80 dollars a barrel, and many other things -- perhaps being polite is the best strategy, just as it might have been for an impoverished nobleman after the French Revolution. But Obama is downright obsequious.

Like Saudi oil, American financial advice (once a hot item) is no longer "light, sweet", and must be discounted considerably. The American military can no longer dominate the western Pacific because of a new Chinese missile that can (says US Naval Intelligence) eliminate any aircraft carrier closer to their coast than 3000 miles, and our boys are currently losing two major wars to amateurs in rags. "Made in the USA" currently indicates that a product is overpriced and scheduled to self-destruct shortly after it is unwrapped.

Could the president's deep bows mean that America's pride is all we have left to trade?

Peddler on the Hoof said...

argentina style, but without armed guards.