Tuesday, April 27, 2010

S 510 Could Preclude Food Rights

COLLAPSENET - Volunteer Coordinator

We have an immediate opening for Volunteer Coordinator on the CollapseNet Communication Technologies Team. This is a volunteer position; however, strong performers are anticipated to move into paid positions. It’s required that you’ve read both Confronting Collapse AND Rubicon. Th...is position will take feedback from Lifeboat builders, help create and prioritize work items, assign tasks to volunteers, track progress, and report trends/needs to management. Familiarity with web 2.0 systems like Facebook required. You will help coordinate video, web, radio and other volunteer engineers. Strong attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and strong people skills required. Position will reqire a few hours a week to start but is anticipated to become full-time quickly. If you want to change the world and help deliver the best communication systems we can give the Lifeboat builders, send your resume to RobotTrainMaker@collapsenet.com
From Jenna Orkin

To Paul and anyone else in his position:

No one wants to deprive people of life-saving information because they can't pay for it. Don't disappear because you think you've been priced out of the community. Things are not going to work that way. Sorry to be vague. Details to follow as we figure them out.

S 510 Could Preclude Food Rights
Bernanke: Path To Fiscal Salvation Requires Slash And Burn On Entitlements And Higher Taxes
Holy Cow, Greece Is Crashing Today
Portugal Suffering Greek Debt Contagion Puts Pressure on EU's Bond Markets
Its Not Just Sovereign CDS That Are Flashing A MASSIVE Warning Sign In Europe
Chaos in Ukraine parliament
Lawmakers Want National Guard to Stop Violence in Chicago
Wanted: 3,000 National Guard Troops to Combat Violence 'Epidemic' at Mexican Border - from Rice Farmer
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Council Told to Consider Bankruptcy Protection
SocGen’s Albert Edwards sees market sell-off in 6-9 months
Remember that Ash Cloud? It Didn't Exist, Says New Evidence
Museum makes history by planting gardens in the parking lot
Tsunami of Red Ink - Global Look at National Debt and Who Owns US Debt

Saudi's Energy Demand To Surge By 250% By 2028 - Aramco CEO
Remember the days - oh, a year or two ago - when they reassured us?
Global oil demand to increase by five million bpd: Kuwait
API reports 24% drop in US wells completed in 1Q - Silobreaker
Russia offers Kiev nuclear power deal
Putin urges merger of two nations’ industries.
Mike Milken's Excellent Presentation On Our Pathetic History Of Foreign Oil Dependence
The junk-bond ex-con seeks redemption.
Shell drafted letter Tony Blair sent to Gaddafi
Cash from EU green plan 'to fund dirty coal plants'

S&P Cuts Greece Rating to Junk
Confidence in Greek debt sinks again
Meet the Real Villain of the Financial Crisis
Bethany Mclean, who uncovered the Enron swindle, recommends putting Congress in the hot seat.
Obama's Phony Banking Reform
Squatters: 4.4 Million and Counting (US) - from Rice Farmer
"Crowd-Sourcing" IBM to Cut 3/4 of its Permanent Staff by 2017?
Uh-Oh: Americans Beginning To Love Stocks Again (And Are Still Bizarrely Infatuated With Real Estate)
Home Prices Fall in Major Cities

Al-Qaeda blamed for attack on British ambassador
Yemen is in danger of becoming the new Afghanistan
Obama Revives Rumsfeld's Risky Missile Scheme
How To: Risk World War III, and Blow Billions Doing
China’s Navy Gets Its Act Together, and Gets Aggressive - from Rice Farmer
The Future of American Combat Aviation: FUBAR?
Top Officer Fears Cyberwar, Hearts Karzai, Tweets With Help
Minister Urges Germans to Opt Out of Google Street View
NSA holds cyber boot camp - from Rice Farmer

Tester to Introduce "Common Sense" Amendments to Food Safety Bill
Merkel Abandons Aim of Binding Climate Agreement
Inspector Says He Faked Data in New York Building Tests
It probably points to something beyond laziness that he never did a single test.


Paul said...


Thanks for the message.

“Don't disappear because you think you've been priced out of the community.”

You don’t get rid of me that easy!!



Weaseldog said...

"Critics like Cirincione (and me) are worried such conventional ICBMs would look to Russia and China like nuclear launches — risking an atomic response every time one of the weapons was sent into the sky. Defenders of the prompt global strike effort note that the missiles would be based far from America’s nuclear arsenal, and would follow different flight paths. So the risk of one of these missiles touching off an atomic showdown are very small."

As if the location of the USA's nukes are listed on a Facebook page... Would these missiles launch from submarines?

Weaseldog said...

Jenna, you've mentioned before that there may be an alternate way to get into CollapsNet for those of us seeing our incomes decline during this downturn.

I look forward to hearing more details in the future.

That volunteer position is tempting, but I'm in too many projects as it is, and I need to spend more time in the garden.

mrs p said...

According to BP, a 1000 barrels, a day, (or 42 thousand gallons?)are leaking from the exploded oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. What a mess. Just a sample of what U.S. can expect if we continue to desparato drool over every drop of oil off our shores. Another symptom of the ugly future we face. Poor sea life. Sad, mrs p

Elmo said...

"Ben Bernanke likes to couch his language so that it doesn't look like he's saying anything dramatic.../....the reality is that [everybody] will have to choose among ... entitlement programs ... restraining federal spending ... higher taxes, or some combination thereof."

You just know they're going to shoot the messenger on this one! Oh well... Sucks to be chairman of the FED!

ChuckP said...

Sincerely, when I see a story like Saudi's oil demand to increase by 250% by 2028 I think to myself does the writer have nothing better to write about??? Thats 18 years from now, probably 1/3 of us that read that won't even be alive in 2028. Sorry that Iam so sarcastic today.

mrs p said...

S 510 cannot be serious. What planet are these people from? We can't have a vege garden? A sign of Collapse; they're legislating for it in advance. The big agriculture and social wrangler pencil pushers, bean counters must have a serious future cast of what's coming or they're just control freaks. Sounds like monsanto mentality.

Chuck P: You're not sarcastic just realistic. Will the lights be on in 18 years? Mike's Collapse Film can't go mainstream soon enough!

eyeballs said...

Jenna, about those faked hazard reports:

“It’s the tip of the iceberg,” said one official briefed on the matter and on the issues facing city and federal regulators, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the inquiry is continuing. “We just don’t know how big the iceberg is.”

That could be true of a LOT of things, lately.

Shows what you've been up against. I do hope this gives ammo to those seeking compensation. The guy is facing up to five years in prison, but victims may deal with a lifetime of health problems.

Maybe he'll crack in court and start naming names!

Kieran UK said...

Come on Chuck, it's not about whether any of us will be here by then, it's about our kids and grandkids. My daughter is 7, it's very relevent to her albeit not for a few years yet. Plus, she will be able to look back on such articles and place the blame fairly and squarely on those of her generation who's parents ignored all the warnings, especially in corporate and Government. And perhaps look to those journalists that knew the of the danger today for an insight into their future.

I reckon there were many that used that ethic in the 50's and 60's which is why we're facing such a crisis today.

v said...

This is quite the headline:
Somali Pirates Say They Are Subsidiary of Goldman Sachs



matslats said...

I make open source mutual credit clearing software for social networks, and am hosting community web sites (mostly LETS) on Community Forge.
Is that of interest to collapsenet?

RanD said...

Much if not most of what is fair game for human beings to variously aim & shoot at these days is the disparities of monetary distribution throughout "the system". Nothing new there, poor & rich have been juxtaposed against each other since the advent of what we celebrate as "civilized" human conduct. You know: convenience, metal and plastic gadgets, factory foods, synthetic shorts, an
ever-exploding human population, the extinctification of species, zip here, zip there, methodically diminishing resources from light sweet crude to potable water to fishes in the oceans, tons and tons and tons of money, globalization etc etc etc. With all of that, the trumping question says: if we don't like how things are shaking out these days -- with rich vs poor ever so ultimately evolving from stupid into smarter and ever smarter (for those with an interest in doing so, at least) -- then what's the fuss about seeing an intrinsically self-terminating system finally heading into the shit pot where it's supposed to?

Catch on if you can, folks; everything's right on time.

eyeballs said...

Great one, V !

I needed that.

Elmo said...

"then what's the fuss about seeing an intrinsically self-terminating system finally heading into the shit pot where it's supposed to?"

1. Some aren't smart enough to see it.
2. Some aren't informed enough to see it.
3. Some just plain don't want to see it (see #s 1 & 2).
4. Some see it, but don't think it's all that big a deal.
5 Some see it and think it's a big deal, but believe they're going to overcome it.
6. Some see it, but think Jesus is going to show up just in time to fix everything (see #1).
7. Some see it, but believe that genetic engineering will bring forth the √úbermensch, who will save humanity from his own mental shortcomings (sounds a lot like #6).
8. Some see it, know how big it is, realize what caused it, and believe that we're all fucked.

I presume that you, me, and agape_wins are somewhere around category #9... those voted: "most unlikely to be considered sane"! :-)

RanD said...

Hey now, these quarters don't dodge bullets from meatheads who blatantly display knowing no distinction between ego and intellect when saying people like us that don't think like they do are "most unlikely to be considered sane"! Hey, we just go with that kind of juvenile fare, catch it with our teeth and spit it right back between the eyes whence it came. Of course that usually just pisses them off even more... but... every once in a great while we see a twinge of potential switch-flipping that goes from stupid to "Wow! Is it really just that simple?!" We always say: "Yeah, it really is; amazing isn't it."

This world's got a lot of stupid people in it, and stupid people include the one's like ourselves who have too long been allowing stupid people run the show for "US" (Even with our absolutely fail-safe democratic-republican land-of-the-free-&-brave-&-proud profit-oriented capitalistic system, even?!!! Jeeze! With all that, how in the world was this mess even possible?!?!). Yeah, sure: "how."

If anybody out here wants to see anything getting better than what we're heading straight into up-to-our-earballs going-for-TOTALLY- BROKE -- then we ALL might oughta consider getting smarter, don't you think?

We're drawn to include number 10 to the list of 9, which goes: But then there's of course also that handful who are up for catching on to EXACTLY what's taking place. Some already have, the rest who will will.

As Paul recently put it: "C’est la vie."

Elmo said...

I agree with you RanD. But what worries me is not that we're all going to die. What worries me is that some of us might actually live to do it all over again.

Open eyes? That's only true for as long as a person lives. The soul has no eyes.

Knowledge survives us. Wisdom dies with us. That's why the only workable authority has to be GOD. He sees everything... He never dies... And it doesn't matter whether or not he ever was, just as long as the people believe that he is. This is what kept the tribes out of trouble for so many thousands of years, until we came along and fucked it all up.

Knowledge of science; knowledge of agriculture; knowledge of wealth; expansion; vanity... Knowledge is POWER! That's what we paint all over our institutions of higher learning. And that's where we failed.

I look out my window, and I try to look past all of the asphalt, and power lines, and parking lots; and try to see green pastures, grazing animals, and sparkling streams. I try to get others to see the same; but do you know what they tell me? They say: "That's nice; but we live in a different time. We have to live in the here-and-now." They can't see past their love of money. Or maybe more to the point: the toys that money buys them.

Most people don't see that parking lot full of cars as being the ugliest fucking thing on earth, or that factory in the background as a mechanism of destruction. They see them as "symbols of human achievement"... "proof of our great abilities as a species". If nothing else, they see them as "necessary to our survival".

You (we) will never get through to them as long as they see the world in that light. And we'll never change all of their minds. We'd be lucky if we can even change one. So far, I haven't been able to.

Ruppert believes in the 100th monkey. Well, in 10,000 years there hasn't been a 100th human; so, obviously, monkeys are smarter! Or, maybe it's just that we are so evolved that there has to be 100,000,000 humans to achieve the same effect. Either way, I see little cause for optimism.

eyeballs said...

Elmo, you need a different window, man.

Of course you're a doomer.

Elmo said...

"Elmo, you need a different window, man."

It was difficult enough getting this one! :-(

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