Friday, April 16, 2010

S. Korea: External Explosion Sank Ship

From Jenna Orkin

S. Korea: External explosion sank ship
Israel Fears US Wants to Impose Peace - from Vantage Point
Dr. Strangelove, Made in Israel - from Vantage Point
Thai police fear protesters are too strong
Black box from crashed Polish jet contains “dramatic” recordings
Kyrgyzstan President resigns, former Defense Minister arrested
Senators Move Carefully on Pentagon Cyber Command

U.S. Debt Headed To Possible 'Crisis' - from Rice Farmer
SEC Sues Goldman, Alleging Subprime Fraud
Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke
Can China Cool Its Economy?
China's Q1 coal output increases 28%
Why Is Baltic Dry Index Falling if World Is Recovering?

The Euro Has Now Given Up ALL Its Gains Since The "Bailout"

Greece May Spur German Rethink, Morgan Stanley Says - from Rice Farmer
"Germany might consider exiting Europe’s current monetary union to create a smaller bloc as the Greek crisis threatens to turn the euro area into a region of 'fiscal profligacy."
Debt Worries Shift To Portugal; Greece Borrowing Rates Back Near Highs
Weekly Claims Exceed Every Economist Forecast Second Consecutive Week; Easter Comes Twice A Year
Foreclosure Activity Hits Record 932,234 properties in First Quarter; Defaults Rise In Loan Modification Program; Statistical Nonsense on "Help"

Read our lips: no new taxes (and to hell with the results)
David Usborne: Money's so tight in Colorado Springs the street lights are dark. Yet residents are ecstatic.
Consumer mood unexpectedly worse in early April
Is America's Middle Class Going the Way of China?

How U.S. weapons technology is finding its way to Iran - from Rice Farmer
CIA chief approved destruction of waterboarding tapes

Troops Shift Political Parties
US terrorists as bad as al-Qaeda, says FBI head
Scientists Work to Keep Hackers Out of Implanted Medical Devices
NSA Official Faces Prison for Leaking to Newspaper

Networked Networks Are Prone to Epic Failure

Police told to turn in Tasers
Blackwater 'violated weapons law'
Can you disappear in surveillance Britain?

Pandemic Still Threat to Young, Expert Says
"Phase changes have implications for switching from production of seasonal flu vaccine to pandemic vaccine. Moving to phase 6 also triggered advance purchase agreements that some Western countries had with drug companies.
'Swine flu has turned out to be less severe than feared, and critics have said the WHO created needless panic and caused Western governments to stockpile vaccines that were unused.
'David Salisbury, head of the WHO's vaccine advisory body, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), said it had become clear only last October that a single dose of vaccine would be sufficient to provide immunity for adults, and not two as generally expected."
Tainted Meat
Beekeeping diary: the wrong kind of breeding
"Missing" heat could haunt us
A second garbage patch: Plastic seen in Atlantic
Natural Gas May Be Worse for the Planet than Coal - from Rice Farmer
Danish Hotel Pays Its Guests to Generate Electricity on Exercise Bikes - from Rice Farmer

John Cleese's £3,300 taxi fare
Monty Python's (non)flying circus: Volcanic ash cloud forces comedian to travel 1,000 miles by cab


"e Brutto" said...

An interesting thread with lurid passages and links to the effects of past eruptions.

businessman said...

Regarding the article "Natural Gas May Be Worse for the Planet than Coal", here's a quote from the article:

"In fact, using natural gas rather than diesel in vehicles could actually increase climate change, says Robert Howarth, professor of ecology and environmental biology at Cornell University. 'You're aggravating global warming more if you switch,' he says."

In California, transportation companies have been forced to get rid of their diesel trucks and replace them with LNG (liquid natural gas) trucks in the interest of protecting the environment. This has cost businesses millions and millions of dollars.

So science is now telling us that burning natural gas increases global warming more than burning diesel does? Where has this "science" been all this time, and how are we supposed to know whose science on this subject is really the true and accurate one?

businessman said...

"The Source of the Global Drug Problem is not Kabul, but Washington."

Opium and the CIA

Ali said...

As a citizen of Sweden, I wish EU would split into North-EU and South-EU since most of the corruption and financial problems are concentrated in the southern countries of Europe.

Elmo said...

@ Danish hotel pays its guests to generate electricity...

$36 meal voucher for 10 Watt/hrs? I'm moving to Copenhagen!