Sunday, April 11, 2010

Polish Black Boxes Found; China Records Rare $7.2Billion Trade Deficit; Terrorist Attack on US Predicted

From Jenna Orkin

Black Boxes of Lech Kaczynski's Plane Found
Polish plane crash: investigators rule out technical fault
'VIP syndrome' and pilot error blamed for crash
Poland ETF (PLND) in Focus After President's Death
Oil, Not China, Is Real Destroyer of America's Trade Balance
Israel Could Opt for Nuke Strikes on Iran - UPI

China records rare $7.2bn trade deficit
China signals softer stand on Taiwan trade
A Greek Crisis Is Coming to America
Gallup: Underemployment inf US Rises to 20.3% in March
Bank Lending and the Banking System Remain Weak

Intelligence/Terror/Big Brother
Terrorist Attack on US Predicted
US Navy to Depoly APKWS
U.S. funds buy into UK defense firm Qinetic
Judge tells residents to "Arm themselves"
Police Stand Down to Gun-Toters on Madison's Main Street
EMP: The Next Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Nuclear Industry Pins Hopes on Mini-Reactors
"We Were Told Just to Shoot People and Officers Would Take Care of US" - Iraq vet
Organs Removed for Transplant Without Consent
Democrats Back FCC in Anticipated Efforts to Regulate Broadband
Nominee for Archbishop of LA Accused of Raping Boy at Gunpoint
In Texas, which seems to explain the gun aspect...
Police investigate homosexual link in Terreblanche killing
New Research Sheds Light on Soviet Plans for World War III
Cable ties Kissinger to Chile controversy
Man used landmines to protect garden
Somehow, this seemed to fit better in the "Terror" section rather than in "Environment."

Magnitude 7.1 quake hits Solomon Islands: USGS
6.2 magnitude quake hits Spain


Diamond said...

will collapsenet be up this month?

Elmo said...


"Collapse model"

I'm sorry you see it that way. I'm sorry you all see it that way. Just another day at the office.

eyeballs said...

RE: China signals softer stance on Taiwan Trade

'Huang Kun-hui, chairman of the Taiwan Solidarity Union party that is pushing for a referendum on the trade deal, said even an appeal to the World Trade Organisation would do little to stop China from forcing Taiwan to open its markets.

'“By that time, cheap and good quality Taiwanese products you can buy at the evening markets would all be replaced by tainted goods from China,” he said.'

No kidding. From melamine in milk products, to GM soybeans to 25X the legal limit of pesticide residue (in Japan recently), Chinese food products have a bad rep, and justly so. Taiwan's current KMT government is anxious to go down in history as the folks who unified Taiwan with the PRC. Yet half the country is adamant that this not happen. The ECFA being discussed, to open trade barriers, is extremely unpopular.

Ironically, the Taiwan Solidarity Union was founded by former KMT president Lee Teng-hui, under whose leadership Taiwan's "economic miracle" emerged. His term ended in 2000, and opposition to the independence minded DPP administration put the KMT into the hands of a radical pro-China faction. The results are as surprisingly horrifying as those of the Bush administration.

Should full union occur, Taiwan universities would be filled with eager mainlanders, excluding many intelligent Taiwanese from decent higher education in their own country. Major businesses would be immediately bought out by Chinese companies, giving the PRC a stranglehold on the local economy. And the government would be dominated by Beijing, as has been true in HK, meaning a suppression of human rights.

Although the article notes strong opposition here (Sanshing, the green-onion growing district in the previous paragraph, is five miles from my house) the headline is misleading. This is not a kind gesture of understanding. This is like offering a ride home to a drunken lady at a New Year's party, with bad intent. Taiwan's current leadership is giddy with the prospect of being Chinese and rich, but China's intentions are far from honorable.

gamedog said...

I'm not keen on the BBC's new meme...

Could terrorists get hold of a nuclear bomb?

... there is "a greater possibility of a nuclear meltdown in Pakistan than anywhere else in the world".

"a commission set up by the US Congress warned that without decisive action it was "more likely than not" that a terrorist attack involving WMD would occur by the end of 2013."

F.Kamilov said...

Which Stan will collapse next?

I'll tell you which.

The next "Stan" ripe for collapse in the coming weeks and months, my dear folks, is P-A-K-I-Stan.

The whole country has been ablaze with riots for quite a few weeks, over issues such food price inflation, and severe electric power cuts lasting on average 15-20 hours a day. The elite ruling classes meanwhile continue to indulge in their usual pastimes of buying exorbitantly costly accessories for their BMW and Mercedes limos. And one of the reasons for the power cuts is that there are not enough power generation units up, and the main reason for that being touted around is that there are no investors on the ground willing to pay the amount of kickbacks demanded by the government administrators to get their projects approved...

Severe rioting has also erupted over the recent renaming of a certain province, as one ethnic group protests this. It shows signs of becoming critical and trans-morphing into something else.

DynCorp is "standing by" in the best American tradition to help their Pakistani proxy elite toadies maintain their corrupt stranglehold over a crumbling and decrepit nation and battle the developing revolution - a hopeless task. I don't think they've evaluated their recent Kyrgyzstan failure very well, have they? And Kyrgyzstan was just a small piece of cake compared to PAKIStan.

Elmo said...


You, of all people, should know that the world as we know it was not made by fate; but by the ambitions of those who would not take no for an answer. That was, but does not necessarily have to be, "the Borg".

Many people (most) are content to be a passenger; prisoner; customer; sheep; whatever you want to call them. I don't count myself among the many. And I won't take a "chill pill".

Elmo said...

EMP Risk:

"...this nation has always seemed to have an exaggerated awareness of potential threats."

Gee... I wonder why? :-)

Elmo said...

Iraq vet:

"She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."

This is paranoia, folks... Better get used to it!

eyeballs said...


Good to hear from you, but the news is not good. Do you really think the country will split apart, or fall into anarchy? Or has the US been sowing dissention in order to move in and take over? What do you think will happen?

Please keep us informed!

agape wins said...

F.Kamilov, 4,12,10; 10:20am

So good to see your name, I check your site every week looking for
a slap up aside the head, hope you have been well!
Welcome back, I always enjoy your input!!


jimbetz said...

The following is a quote from Daily News Update for 4/12/10 concerning the Polish plane crash that took out the Polish leadership:

"Hello George

As I'm writing this from the country overwhelmed with grief after the greatest of its tragedies since some September of 1939,I guess there are few details which western MSM won't probably touch and which I find more than important.

First one is just a clarify-I found few sources claiming that Lech Kaczynski is the first ruler of Poland in the XXth century who died during his term in the time of peace.Not really:
I really don't appreciate lack of knowlegde of people calling themselves professional journalists.

Coming back to the current event and its interesting place in time and space which you noted on Saturday,I guess I can recommend this links:


"Top Polish leaders opposing euro and swine flu vaccines wiped out in plane crash"

"President and two presidential candidates killed, reports WSJ"

"Polish central bank faces questions after governor killed in plane crash"

Imagine the situation:

Your country three days ago had four candidates for presidential elections set for the early fall, with three of them having real chances for win. Two of them dies at the same time and the third one,
accidentally being a Marshal of the Sejm (Lower house of polish parliament), due to the constitution accedes official duties of the President, which include deciding when the accelerated elections are going to be set-being the most probable winner at the same time.

Your country's ALL top military commanders, including chief of general staff, chief of land forces, chief of navy, chief of the air forces and chief of the special forces are dead.

Who is the leader of polish army due to the constitution?

Your country's chef of National Bank and Federal Reserve is dead.
Who decides of whom shall come after him?


Since this Saturday, for the first time from mid thirties and Pilsudzki (the only guy that even Hitler was afraid of) ,
one of the biggest countries in Europe is being formally ruled by one man-at least until elections. And now comes the best.

Komorowski is a close associate, friend and a political student of mr
whose name can be easily found on the list of Bilderberg meetings...oh, and a member of as well.

Poland has become a NWO state in every meaning of this word-get a pun?

If your coffee hasn't sunk in yet, consider something like 'oppose the flu shot' and then 'flew' into the ground. Flu/flew - the PTB has a way with words and deeds, do they not? The "official story" may be true, but circumstantially, things don't seem entirely as they are made out to be.

agape wins said...

There are three points of view here

1. There will be a bump in the road,
Those in the "Lifeboat" will have a
big bash afterward!

2. There will be a massive
"Shakeup", with some reforming of political lines.
Many deaths, those left alive will be better off, having cast off the

3. There will be something "Huge",
the end of everything; or at least
everything as we know it.
The handful left will have to "Start" over, being cast out of the Garden, with little recall of
what "Heaven" was like; OR failing at recovery earth will be another MARS!

Glad to see RanD's input.

If you click on the blue name,
you will be directed to the
posters profile, many have informative blogs, some seem to
be dead ends, but good reads any


F.Kamilov said...

My dear friends, thank you for the warm welcome! I am resting a bit because of some ailments I have (I have hypertension), but things here are on the move.

The US is actually horrified by what is going on in Pakistan, as it is a severe headache for them (one that might even lead to a potential brain hemorrhage). But as I've always tried to stress here, the present events are all outcomes of deliberate elitist misrule, combined with the explosive geopolitics of the region. And the US as usual puts its money on the corrupt rulers here. But these people have done themselves in with their unremitting greed. That is why I call it "Biblical".

Last week, the US consulate in the key Afghan border city and provincial capital of Peshawar was attacked by a Taliban suicide commando. Although the details are under wraps, they breached the wall of the compound and have inflicted considerable damage, with many of the Pakistani guards killed. They blew up three bombs, used 3-inch mortars on the walls and fired assault rifles, and wore Pakistani Army uniforms to boot. Their arrival was quite unexpected, and they got through all the security cordons and barriers. Since I live in the area, and have the acquaintance of sources high up in the directorate of Pakistani intelligence, I also managed to see the damaged buildings quite close up. The US consul in Peshawar, Candace Putnam was out "holidaying" in Italy at the time, but they got a bad fright all the same, as it points to future possibilities. This attack was the first of its kind.

The province of which Peshawar is the capital has been renamed in accordance with the wishes of its 73% majority Pashtun population. However, there are strong ethnic minorities within this province who reject the new name, and they are now clamouring for their own new provinces. There have been violent riots, and this situation can have any from among a host of possible outcomes as far as the national security of the tottering Pakistani state is concerned.

businessman said...

I came across this chapter from a book titled, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler", written by British author Antony C. Sutton. The chapter has some very interesting information in it, including the following from an internal memo from German mega-corporation IG Farben, describing the technology received from the United States that was helpful to the Germans in waging World War II:

"As a consequence of our contracts with the Americans, we received from them, above and beyond the agreement, many very valuable contributions for the synthesis and improvement of motor fuels and lubricating oils, which just now during the war are most useful to us; and we also received other advantages from them. Primarily, the following may be mentioned:

(1) Above all, improvement of fuels through the addition of tetraethyl-lead and the manufacture of this product. It need not be especially mentioned that without tetraethl-lead the present methods of warfare would be impossible. The fact that since the beginning of the war we could produce tetraethyl-lead is entirely due to the circumstances that, shortly before, the Americans had presented us with the production plans, complete with their know-how."

Click here for the chapter that describes the above.

And click here
for the table of contents and the very beginning of the book.

redrosebeader said...

cj: I am just a few years from retirement (59), and I plan to quit work in less than a year. I'll get however much my retirement pays me until the collapse. Even if I just have a few months of not working before then, that will be my retirement. You sound like you're better prepared than most of us.
Elmo: I still see forests, clear rivers, smell the cottonwood trees every spring. I thought I was cynical....All my adult life I've known it is my (our) fault, and I have (mostly) lived responsibly...