Thursday, April 01, 2010

Troop Move to Mexican Border Under Consideration; Seed Shortage May Come in 2010

From Jenna Orkin

Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration
2013: US Debt To Exceed 17.8 Trillion
'Very Good Reason' to Believe Home Prices Will Collapse
Goldman Says Commodities May Witness 'Violent Price Spikes'
A seed shortage may come in 2010

U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner sees unemployment remaining high
Goldman: Emerging Markets Will Devour More Imports Than The West By The End Of This Decade
Now We Know We're In The Throes Of The Mother Of All Jobless Recovery
Special Report: Foreclosing on God
New York Fed Reveals what Bailout Billions Bought
Russia Warns US-Brazil Trade War Will Doom Global Economy
Fraud on the Street
Robert Reich
Fed Reveals Bear Stearns Assets Swallowed to Get JPMorgan to Rescue Firm
States have $5.17 Trillion in Pension Obligations, Gap is $3.23 Trillion; State Debt as Share of GDP
Utah Governor signs eminent domain to seize federal lands
The gas tax is coming...
Pentagon Wants Troop Poop Porta-Reactors
Time To Take Back The Country; Congressional Candidates Deserving Your Support: Ron Paul, John Dennis, BJ Lawson, Rand Paul

Iraq To Hit Only Half 12 Million B/D Oil Output Target -CERA
Fracking not a cleaner alternative: Cornell prof

Israeli fighter planes scrambled after foreign warplanes approach Israel
Is it possible that Israel will join the European Union?
U.S. Navy captures pirates in clash off Seychelles
Middle East in huge naval expansion - from Rice Farmer
Greece Heads Back To Square One As EU's Bazooka Was Nothing More Than A Water Pistol
Britain 'could lose cherished AAA credit within 12 months'
Irish Banks Need $43 Billion in New Capital as "Worst Fears Have Been Surpassed”

One Of The Men Arrested In Michigan Raids Was Working For the FBI
CIA warns India of al-Qaida threats
Court Says Bush Illegally Wiretapped Two Americans
North Korea Open Radio Prompts Wonder About Life of Riches Across Borders

Rhode Island Flooding Worst in 100 Years
Scientists recommend 'vaccinating' bacteria against viruses
Protecting industrially-important bacteria from virus and plasmid infections could bring huge economic rewards, a team of scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands is reporting at the Society for General Microbiology's 2010 spring meeting.
Scientists baffled as bees again flee US

From Secrecy News:
"Federal Efforts to Address the Threat of Bioterrorism: Selected Issues for Congress," March 18, 2010.
"Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress," March 30, 2010.
"Deforestation and Climate Change," March 24, 2010.

Unpaid Spanish air hostesses strip in protest
Good fundraiser; lousy feminism. Makes you think: What would they do if they did get paid?
German Unemployed Sent to Fake Supermarket to Hone Skills


Anonymous said...

I can only hope that the end of "mega churches" is near.

Weaseldog said...

For how many quarters in a row can the economy decline, and still be called a recovery?

The only increasing activity is the Fed printing money to loan to the banks, so that the banks can loan it to the taxpayer.

That circle jerk is becoming the entire economy. And it doesn't really even need human beings involved. Computers can do autonomously. With a just a few operators involved, the government could generate GDP figures in the quadrillion bajillion dollars, while 99.9999% of the population remains unemployed.

On moving troops to the border, Mexico has tried using their military to combat their drug gang problem, and that really hasn't worked out for them. If we move the National Guard there, then we can expect the border to turn into a low grade war zone. The alternative is to let the border towns fall under cartel control.

As our economic problems deepen, our drug war will continue to heat up. We need to accept that a lot more innocent people are going to die to fight the war, or put an end the war. But then, that will cut the profits of interested parties on both sides of the war. Some people enjoy making a living from the suffering of others, and they will resist efforts to end the war.

Goldman Says Commodities May Witness ‘Violent Price Spikes’

Ya think? No wonder they deserve the big Welfare Whore Bailouts. They are clearly genius rocket scientists. Or not...

gamedog said...

This could be the next "black swan". Huge repercussions when this goes mainstream IMO.

It's Ponzimonium in the Gold Market

gamedog said...


Unbelievable interview!

"In this interview with GATA we continue the saga after just having interviewed Andrew Maguire, the whistleblower out of London. This gives a short and long-term view down the rabbit hole through the eyes of 3 of the GATA board members. GATA was so heavily involved not only in breaking the news at the CFTC meeting about the the metals manipulation but also at the same time quite possibly uncovering the largest fraud in history. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was organized in January 1999 to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial securities. The committee arose from essays by Bill Murphy, a financial commentator, and by Chris Powell, a newspaper editor in Connecticut, published at Murphy's Internet site, In this GATA Roundtable we will have Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and Adrian Douglas."

Weaseldog said...

From yesterday...
Warm Prairie Wind said... "Crashing Towards a New World Social Order 2012"

Yes it was all predictable.

In fact, the road map was obvious to anyone watching the IMF in the 1970s on. The IMF which is really just a coalition of the same bankers that engineered our current crisis, did similar things in Africa. They infiltrated governments and bankrupted nations to complete their takeovers. Then they moved to South America and practiced a similar form of predatory banking.

Now it's our turn to be fed upon.

businessman said...

For anyone who may be having a tough time copying and pasting gamedog's link to the "Unbelievable Interview!", here's a clickable link to it:

Click Here for the Interview

RanD said...

U.S. Social Forum to Be Held in Detroit Under Banner of “Another World is Possible, Another US is Necessary”

Over 10,000 grassroots activists are expected in Detroit where the second ever U.S. Social Forum will be held by the Allied Media Conference - June 18 to 20, 2010.


eyeballs said...

Weaseldog said:

"Now it's our turn to be fed upon."

That's about it. The crash of industrial civilization will bring third world problems to the first world. It will also make being on the bottom rung of world privilege even harder, perhaps fatal for many. But that's not what bothers most American peakers.

They're horrified that "our way of life" is not sustainable. As though this suburban, two car, nuclear family thing, with the frozen pizzas and the jet vacations is what really matters. When many people say "sustainability" that's what they mean. Okay, if I change my lightbulbs and drive a Prius, I can keep the rest of it, right?

Welcome to the third world, baby. You didn't worry when it was Africans and Peruvians and Indonesians living in fear and want. But now it comes home. Too bad you made your bed in the camp of the oppressor, because it allowed them to get away with it for the whole time you've been alive.

"Now it's our turn to be fed upon."

And the Peruvians should care about us?