Saturday, April 17, 2010

India Monitoring Security After US Terror ALert; DC Consider Decline of World Oil in 2011

From Jenna Orkin

India monitoring security after U.S. terror alert
Numerous Derivative Swap Deals Blow Sky High In Europe
Regulators seize eight banks
Possible Run on the Gold Bank, Fed Insolvent, Currency Endgames in US Debt Crisis
Chinese Earthquake May Have Been Manmade, Say Scientists
Washington Consider a Decline of World Oil Production As Of 2011 (Le Monde in English) Demand for oil to outstrip supply within two years
US Military Warns of Oil Shortage as Early as 2015
Now that we're face to face with Peak Oil, the timeline is taking on obsessive importance.

Eyjafjallajökull Ash Cloud Could Cripple UK Food Imports Within Days
This might be just the beginning
The volcanic eruption in Iceland that paralyzed air travel may happen again -- and more frequently -- scientists say.
South Australia Rocked by Earthquake
New Guinea Earthquake
Detecting Earthquakes Before They Strike
Scientist issues warning over next Winter Olympics, flees Russia
Fresh goods for supermarkets rot in Kenya
Human Genes to Be Injected Into Goats, Sheep, Cows
Gore Takes Money for Water Campaign fromDow
Small Towns Take On the Energy Giants (Germany)

White Supremacist Rally Turns Violent
A group rallying against illegal immigration squares off withcounter-demonstrators in LA.
Haiti gang violence over quake aid
Former government supporters arm threaten to take up arms amid claims of the poor being ignored.
School District Snaps Secret Webcam Photos of Student - from Jon Noel
Clinton Finds Common Ground with OKC Bombing, Anti-Government Fervor
Bush's Illegal Wiretapping Tab: $612,000

HOLD EVERYTHING: The SEC's Fraud Case Against Goldman Seems VERY
The Tale of the Two Paulsons
China's New Rules to Curb Property `Madness' Will Take Effect Immediately
BRICs take baby steps toward greater global clout


gamedog said...

RE: Washington considers a decline of world oil production as of 2011

Couple of things raised eyebrows in this, first was that this email interview was based on the "EIA 2009 Energy Conference" info, from April 09, i.e. it's been out for almost a year before we see it, and even then it's in a French newspaper, no mention in the MSM.

The graph on page 8 of the pdf linked in the article, it labels as “unidentified” the additional supply projects needed to fill in a gap they expect in 2011. (based on a 2% p.a. supply decline rather than 6% decline which is more realistic IMO)

Considering a 5 year lead time on new projects, there's no leap of imagination required to realise there's no new supply coming on line to fill said gap, otherwise it would not be "unidentified".

So, Washington now acknowledges the predicament, does this mean we are officially screwed, and by lack of mitigating action (besides all the warring n stuff), the collapse is officially sanctioned?

It's sad really, a lot could have been done to prepare for transition, but instead they'd rather condemn society and line their pockets.

Part of me was hoping there would be some politician somewhere getting an attack of conscience by now, part of me that still has a modicum of faith in the good side of human nature, it'll be real sad to lose that tiny bit of faith completely, I don't think it will be long now.

Elmo said...

School District Snaps Secret Webcam Photos of Student

Excuse me, but isn't it always prudent to ask why someone is offering you something for nothing? Have we forgotten the lessons of Troy?

I ain't saying it's right, just that one should always expect foul-play; especially when technology is involved.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Re "White Supremacist Rally Turns Violent." These Nutzi buffoons get played like old fiddles. They are no match for the safely-entrenched liberals of academe.

"We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed--not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed." - Harvard Professor, Dr. Noel Ignatiev

And now fast-forward to the baseball bat scene in Inglorious Basterds.

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