Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Kyrgyz Rulers Aim to Shut US Base; Sovereign Debt Crisis at Boiling Point, Warns BIS

From Jenna Orkin

New Kyrgyz rulers hail Russia, aim to shut U.S. base
Kyrgyzstan at the hub of superpowers’ plans - from Rice Farmer
Russia Sends Paratroopers to Air Base in Kyrgyzstan - from Rice Farmer
Sovereign Debt Crisis At Boiling Point Warns BIS
Goldman on Greece: Could Turn Into Endgame
Netanyahu cancels trip to Obama's nuclear summit
Ousted Kyrgyz President Is on Run, Organizing Resistance, New Leader Says
Mounties Guarding Canadian Parliament to be Issued Submachine-guns
U.S. developing new non-nuclear missiles
Answer to critics of the nuclear missile treaty.
Underwater Robot to Stake Canada's Arctic Claim
America Is About To Drop Off This List Of Safest Credit Ratings
"How America Will Drop in the Blink of an Eye"
Petrol prices hit record high
Oliver Stone: Collapse of Our Society

Obama Supreme Court Nominee Causing Firestorm on Capitol Hill
Consumer Credit Drops $11.5 Billion, 5.6% annualized, 12th drop in 13 Months; Increase In January was a Mirage related to Student Loans
1.2 million households lost to recession
Death of Public Education - from Rice Farmer
Greenspan: I Was Right 70 Percent of the Time
In fact, right up until that moment we went over the cliff.
China Offers High-Speed Rail to California
Fed Reviews Find Errors in Oversight of Citigroup
Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty
Lyondell Leaves Kalamazoo Poisoned as Bankruptcies Thwart Toxic Cleanups

Greece Plunges Deeper into Crisis, Banks, Euro Hit
Oh Oh, Greece Going Supercritical
British Interest Payments Will Spiral Out of Control And Hit 27% Of GDP, Higher Than Greece, Says BIS
Petrol prices hit record high
Putin Gesture Heralds New Era in Russian-Polish Relations
As Funding Pressure Grows, Local Government Officials In China Are Killing Themselves - from Rice Farmer
China's Stimulus Project Spending Over Twice The GDP Of India

Inside Wikileaks Leak Factory
Who would want to kill scientist Joseph Morrissey, who enjoyed an international reputation for his pioneering research into the use of radio frequency waves in cancer treatment?
Law That Unifies Everything
"...results show that inflation is predictable only one month in advance."


PeakedOut said...


I did look into your link, but hadn't had time to comment. Also, sometimes this blog is anything but about collapse. Sometimes the focus is on the forest, often, we get bogged down looking at the trees. It is also hard to keep up with Jenna these days. By the time I get around to making a post, a whole new round has started. This post will be in a seperate thread than yours, and it makes it hard to keep up.

The text surrounding the links in the article you pointed out is highly inflamatory and some of the excerpts seem to be taken out of context. And with everything else Jenna is posting, I have been skimming some of these articles in the interest of time. Same goes for this one. Here is why....
I absolutely expect governments around the world to look for more and more ways to control their populations. It's basic survival instinct in action. The closer to loosing control, the more extreme their efforts will get. It begs a question recently touched on here at this blog.

At what point will you stand and resist, or turn and run, or submit? Sooner or later, it is a question we will all face.

So if you say microchipping is on the way, I think to myself, what will the masses do? What will I do? But I am not surprised. I know its coming, in one form or another.

PeakedOut said...

In regard to the militia raided in Michigan. I found it interesting how the media really nailed the word Christian to the word Militia for this instance. It seems to me to be a real message. The U.S. doesn't tolerate dissention regardless of your religion. I have to wonder how other faith based groups are feeling about this? Do they dismiss the Hutaree as extremists or do they worry about their own freedoms?

My take is that the Hutaree were a very small group and an easy target to make a point with. They probably really were trying to stir the shit too. Michigan has had it rough for a long time. It's a good place for extremism to grow. As militias have grown in number and popularity, it has become necessary to set an example and this was an easy one to do. Waco was largely a message for all militias during the 90's and it cooled off that movement very well. I expect we will see more of this soon.

Take note, the closer to the middle of a flushing toilet, the faster the shit spins. It definitely feels like things are speeding up.

businessman said...

That article on "1.2 million households lost to recession" is a perfect example of what we can continually expect from the media during the collapse. People are losing their homes, going broke, and having to live with other people in those people's homes, and the media will continue to paint this as just a temporary condition while we're waiting for the real recovery to happen.

This really has me wondering how long the media may be completely able to pull this off before the public really gets what's going on. We may see far greater collapse while the media will still be able to convince the public that recovery is still on its way to us.

"If there's no food in your supermarkets just hold on. Terrorists have hacked into the delivery and distribution systems for these company's products, but everything should gradually be improving again within the next several weeks."

Then they'll feed us data showing how everything is improving in the supermarkets when nothing has changed.

Elmo said...


"We may see far greater collapse while the media will still be able to convince the public that recovery is still on its way to us."

I think that's most of the reason we're not in the middle of a bloody revolution right now! I also predict that the very last commodity the supermarkets will run out of will be beer. As long as they can keep Joe Sixpack happy, there will be peace in the Motherland.

redrosebeader said...

bike power: didn't the community garden in LA use bike power to pump their water? I seem to remember that in a post here soon after Mike returned to LA.
I had a good feeling while listening to the radio on my drive to work (I know, I'm a bad girl), when MCR's name and movie Collapse were spoken about in great detail on our local public radio KSER Everett, WA, on the peak oil checkup program.

Soggy Bottom said...

Perhaps we should be putting in some practise now for the time that those empty supermarket shelves become a reality.
I have drawn up a two week scarcity menu using what we produce and what I have stored. Once a month, for a week, that's what we eat. I love eating good food, well prepared and tasty. It is a challenge to do that with limited ingredients but with thought and application it can be done.
I haven't as yet put myself to the test of trying to feed us on the rations of the UK in 1941 (WW2).
They were:
For one week per person
8ozs Sugar
4ozs Bacon
2ozs Butter
4ozs Fats (for cooking)
2ozs Tea
One Egg
Bread and potatoes were not rationed during the war but bread was rationed for two years after war ended.
Most people today would eat the above rations in 1-2 Days.
As far as I'm aware no one starved during the war in the UK.
Wasting food (or indeed anything) was anathema to people, which is probably why anyone my age still saves string and paper bags!!
Living on a planet with finite resources, we seriously need to start reducing our food intake and our waste output.
Practising now might give you skills which will help ease the pain of collapse.

trevbus said...

Polish president's plane crashes in Russia

Following the Putin-Tusk meeting, just as Russia-Polish relations are improving......

Are these misfortunes - the Moscow bombing and now this - just horrible coincidences?