Sunday, July 30, 2006

U.S./Kazakhstan; FEMA Trailers; Dalai Lama/CIA?; Nuke/Enviros; GAO: Privacy

U.S. Reducing Military Presence in Kazakhstan

Are FEMA Trailers Toxic Tin Cans?

China Accuses Dalai Lama of Link to CIA

Pro-Nuclear "Enviros"

GAO: Federal Privacy Laws Do Not Require Information Resellers to Guard Sensitive Private Data


Mr. Id said...

Hey, I see that this blog's proliferation is on the wane, so I think some words of encouragement might be in order. Keep up the good work. You certainly manage to dig up some really obscure, and useful, items. Thanks.

FTW admin said...

many thanks. more's on the way.

esteb said...

I do not know if its the proper place to place this comment, but i have been informed by an american friend that in 1997, the us government has rented for 600 millions key west naval base to a naval chinese cie. Can you confirm?

Also, Kissinger (kiss-anger), has a consultant firm where China appears to be one of its key client. Can you confirm?

Now, do you think it would be possible that somewhere, somehow, there are some private interests that are dealing with China in the eventuallity of an invasion. It happened in the past with Prescott Bush financing more than 30% of the steel production in Germany during the second world war.

Green2Go said...

Loved the video interview on Global Public Media.
Exploring the Terrain of Peak Oil: Michael Ruppert, publisher of From the, has made connections between money, Peak Oil, and geopolitics for years. He discusses his move to Ashland and offers specific to-do's around money and investment "in light of the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy": invest locally.

tallowood said...

I have recently discovered your site and have just bought the "Rubicon" book. I too would like to offer my support to your impressive efforts
I am 45 years old and grew up in England.
I remember my confusion as a boy trying to figure out how Hitler ( Condemned universally after the war) had been so popular and able to lead millions to the abyss.
All I could decide, in my childlike way, was that my own conscience had to be sacrasanct and I should never give my consience up to the power of authority. Your work has opened my eyes more as to why that principle is so important to me.
You inspire! Thankyou

BushwickChucky said...

I would love to get FTW's take on today's Washington Post and Vanity Fair 9/11 articles.
So, NORAD was lying? Well, time to throw out the 9/11 Commission Report.
Uh, this guy needs to understand that there were several war games going on that day.

FTW admin said...

in her blog nancy jo sales, the author of the vanity fair article, refers to mike as the 9/11 researcher who impressed her most at the san francisco conference

Anonymous said...

BushwickChucky said...
I would love to get FTW's take on today's Washington Post and Vanity Fair 9/11 articles.
So, NORAD was lying? Well, time to throw out the 9/11 Commission Report.
Uh, this guy needs to understand that there were several war games going on that day.

I got as far as this before I called bullshit:

"In order to find a hijacked airliner—or any airplane—military controllers need either the plane's beacon code (broadcast from an electronic transponder on board) or the plane's exact coordinates. When the hijackers on American 11 turned the beacon off, intentionally losing themselves in the dense sea of airplanes already flying over the U.S. that morning (a tactic that would be repeated, with some variations, on all the hijacked flights), the NEADS controllers were at a loss."

According to this lame excuse, the military could never conduct defensive operations against enemy aircraft - who also wouldn't have beacons turned on (also known as IFF). This discredits the entire VF article. It's a complete crock of shit.

Rice Farmer said...

Many people might be interested in this peak oil presentation to the Australian government.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Passed through Bakersfield to take mom to her sister's home on the way to a wedding in LA last week.....110 degrees at 6:30 PM. The water in the swimming pool at the hotel was still lukewarm at 6 am

mrs p said...

RE Nuke/Enviros. From this article I hear "wolves in sheeps clothing" once again. It's such an old PR trick and there's always someone willing to put on a monkey suit if the price is right. This makes me ill. Must we lower our standards in order to keep our standard of living? Are we all prostitutes? Everyone has their price I guess. I saw Christine Todd Whitman on an HBO-Bill Mayer show, (Real Time). One would think she did heaps for cleaning up New Jersey and she creates the appearance of a person who cares. Gee how deceiving that was. The new "BP" commercials are so slick to the unknowing--(The music creshendos--and BP saves the world!)

Thank you FTW for helping us connect the dots and for exposing the wolves behind the curtain.

FTW admin said...

on christy todd whitman plz see

Gail said...

With regard to shorebreak's comments, this is something I had not thought about, but now that I are absolutely right. Can you imagine the enemy's jets swarming into our air space with their transponders on? On radar, if they are off flight path, who knows what they are? I would assume there are other methods to identify enemy aircraft and if we had jets in the area they would have had visual contact with planes which were entirely off course. Frankly it is horrific. I read the transcript of NEADS "realtime" responses to the emergency and I couldn't help but think...this is planted...just another way to debunk all those conspiracy theorists. I refuse to go see Oliver Stone's movie on the World Trade Centers. I knew people who were killed both in the Towers and the Pentagon. I think the timing says a lot, even if Stone is known for being controversial.

FTW admin said...

maebrussel has left a new comment on your post "U.S./Kazakhstan; FEMA Trailers; Dalai Lama/CIA?; Nuke/Enviros; GAO: Privacy":

Saw a bumper sticker on a van of freaks in the coop parking lot-"The Problems We Face Will Not Be Solved By The Minds That Created Them."