Monday, July 03, 2006

U.S./ Iran/China/Blogs; Iran/India; Gazprom/Armenia/Iran; China/Foreign Investment

U.S. Military Doubts Success of Bombing Iran

U.S. Warns of Terrorist Attack in China

U.S. Air Force to Study Blogs

Forget Cheap Gas, Iran Tells India

Gazprom intending to buy Iran-Armenia pipeline

China Tightens Control on Foreign Investment; Could Affect Carlyle Group Deal

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Howlin_Dog said...

The Air Force Study on Blogs is an obvious but sickening developement. The net has finally provided me a source of information that is much less filtered than the stuff the news media provides. The hyperlinks provides a way of judging the source of the information. It looks like that is going to be soon change.

It does not take a major leap of the imagination to see what the Air Force study is really asking: "Which sources of misinformation will be spread the fastest and with the greatest reaction?" Like I said earlier, it had to happen sooner or later here in the land of hype and marketing.