Tuesday, July 18, 2006

China: Draft; Oil Businessman Imprisoned for Protest; Shipping Routes, Tankers, Dutch; Archive Studies E.China Seas

Businessman Imprisoned for Protesting Oil-Field Takeover
Avoiding the Draft

Maritime Ventures
Explores New Shipping Routes
Orders Eight Oil Tankers
Take-over of Dutch Company

Archive Studies of East China Seas


falseflagfrank said...

Mike has probably already seen this, but Diebold may be messing with McKinney.

URGENT: Diebold Electronic Machines Malfunction, Vote for Other Candidate

Contact: Jocco Baccus

(Decatur) After one hour of voting, the McKinney campaign has received numerous calls that the voting machines are malfunctioning. Voters casting votes for McKinney are reportedly having their votes switched by the machines for Hank Johnson. This is not a new problem with Diebold machines. Lawyers for the campaign have been alerted and said that if this situation is not corrected, Cynthia McKinney for Congress will be forced to take additional measures.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I still don't know where to get the list of countries you mentioned at some time that give immunity from draft.....I have only beenwith you two years adn somehow Imissed it...

FTW admin said...

see draft extradition chart at 5.3.04 at the link below:

A peon said...

Ok,I didn't know which blog to post this in,so I thought I'd start from the top.Well,it took a little while,but someone got around to attempting to debunk "America:From Freedom to Fascism".And it hasn't even come out yet,so basically what they are doing is debunking a preview of the movie.Its reminds me of(what I believe to be at any rate)Ann Coultre's bashing of the "Jersey Sisters" before Paul Thompson's 9/11 movie that they're in comes out.Yes,I gues I am still holding onto the hope that they took the instruction offered them by Mike at the 9/11 panel,which you can see on "Denial Stops Here:9/11,Peak Oil,and Beyond".

You know,is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that the three 9/11 victims' family members present receiving Mike's criticism looked visibly upset by it.It seems like Mike notices,because he says:"...just one more thing I'd like to mention before I shut up here..."(or something like that) which it seems like they are wishing he would do.Not being in their shoes,I just don't understand why they wouldn't be more accepting of methods to more effectively attain their goal of getting their questions answered.

Anyways,here is a link to that "debunking" of the "America:From Freedom to Fascism" preview,which I feel is just an attempt to get as many people as possible not to bother going to see the movie to get answers to the questions the preview raises.Oh yeah!the link:


I E-mailed the two Werhenberg(SP?)theaters in my area asking them to show "...Freedom to Fascism" at their locations,but I don't know if that will be enough though.I may have to ask to speak with a rep of the theater in person and maybe hand them the link to the film's website written on a piece of paper myself.I could try the theater down the road too,but they only seem to show happy blissfully unaware family flicks.I hope it shows somewhere around my area.Even if I have to take the metrolink to St.Louis and walk several blocks through the city I want to see that movie.Ok,I think this comment is long enough now,goodnight.

Anonymous said...

To A Peon,

Very funny that you post that "debunking" effort by Warrior Visions here! :)

His "debunk" is the result of my posting a link to an Aaron Russo trailer on another site that is dedicated to honest, Constitutional government. He immediately began attacking Russo's position and he very quickly developed the web page that you've linked to.

The poster has a VERY strong tendency to outwardly present himself as a left leaning libertarian (which I am not). Then, he attacks any issue that confronts government corruption, on either side of the aisle.

In my opinion, he's just another big government follower. At the same time, take a close look at that web page. He makes some strong arguments that are probably weak compared to the rebuttal that the federal goivernment may come up with.

It almost makes me wonder if the Russo peice is gonna be used as the "set-up" to smack the tax issue into the dirt - similar to the way Michael Moore allowed himself to be used to manipulate the entire country. I think there's definitely reason to be concerned that the film may not address the primary tax concerns, but many of the resulting concerns which have actually been codified or ruled on by the courts. That would leave the film open to enough rebuttal to throw the whole issue into the "tin foil hat" realm, leaving those of us who know better faced with one more issue which the government has successfully sidelined.

A peon said...

Well,I didn't really know where else to post a link to that article.I went to www.freedomtofascism.com and didn't see a way to directly contact Arron Russo,so...

Also,seeing as Mike is refered to in WV's "debunking" I thought he and his staff would appreciate it being brought to their attention.In fact the statement of Mike's that WV attempts to debunk isn't the statement Mike actually made.What WV is claiming Mike said is this: “we don’t who all those private banks are”(by the way that is copied and pasted directly from WV's site,just so you know who left out the "know"). WV then goes on to provide a map indicating where all the Federal Reserve Banks are:Statement "Debunked".But,what Mike really said was: "I've never seen a full list of ownership for the Fed.I don't think anyone has." I for one believe Mike when he says hes never seen a full list of ownership for the Fed.Whether or not anyone has(besides the owners of course)may or may not be true.I have seen a list posted in a MySpace chat group,but I have no way of verifying its authenticity,so I pretty much ignored it.Maybe I should try to dig that up again and post it here?

Anyways,I noticed other misleading statements in WV's debunking,so I am going to assume the rest of his argument is just as weak until I have a chance to see Arron Russo's film in its entirety.It probably would have been a wise move on WV's part to do likewise.I see he is awaiting a copy of the full length version of the movie to reveiw and comment on at his site prior to its July 28th release.I have a feeling he is going to be disappointed.

You know,now that I think about it I have only written one blog for my blogsite.Perhaps I'll have to refute his entire debunking there.I'll see what I can pull out of my arse.