Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Osama; Iran Gasoline; F16s to Pakistan; EU/Congo/Russia; N. Korea Missile

Did U.S. Cut Deal to Let Bin Laden Stay Free?

Osama Not in Kazakhstan
“I hear this for the first time. Still, I am absolutely sure of what I am saying,” [member of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security Tokhtarkhan Nurakhmetov] said.

Iran May Run Out of Gasoline Next Month

U.S. to Sell F16s to Pakistan
Also see "India: 'Navy Adopts Russian Anti-Ship Missiles'" posted July 2

North Korea Test Launches Six Missiles

EU Troops in Congo 'Committed to Neutrality'
Also see "China's Interest in Raw Resources of Congo" posted July 4

EU Pitches Russia Free Trade for Fuel


A peon said...

Saw this posted in the MySpace 9/11 truth group.Interesting bit of history:

FTW admin said...

from Carolyn Baker:


FTW admin said...
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FTW admin said...

one reader sent in the speculation that lay was going to testify on cheney's energy task force. see comments on july 4's news posting.

flacko's braveheart said...

Anyone know anything about this:
"Consider that presently there is a bill before Congress to abolish the draft. (HR 2455). There is also another bill (HR 4752) which makes it mandatory for all people between the ages of 18 and 42 to serve in the military." (blog posting at CapitalHillBlue, by someone named 'Rob'.)

FTW admin said...

from carolyn baker:

rumsfeld faces abu ghraib subpoena.

Green2Go said...

To Larabraveheart...
Looks like the bill HR 4752 is singularly sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel [D-NY] who also sponsored the bill HR 2723: Universal National Service Act of 2005. Cosponsored by Rep. Fortney Stark [D-CA]. If you go to you can search for these HRs. Interesting to note that Goldman Sachs (employees -- yeah right, I know how that works) contributed to Rangels campaign.