Thursday, July 20, 2006

Senate Democrats; EurAsEc Currency; India Blogs; IRAN: Military Drills; U.S. Marines Probe Ethnic Tensions; Refinery Shortage

LATE ADDITION: Senate Democrats Call for Energy Reform

Common Currency Possible in EurAsEc Countries
India Unblocking Blogs Shut Down in Wake of Mumbai

Short of Refineries
U.S. Marines Probe Tensions of Iran's Minorities
34 Nations To Participate in Military Drills Around Iran (Fox News, May)

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BuckDevlin said...

From US Marines Probe Tensions among Iran's Minorities:

"Iran has repeatedly accused both the US and UK of inciting explosions and sabotage in oil-rich frontier regions where Arab and Kurdish minorities predominate. The US and UK accuse Iran of meddling in Iraq and supplying weapons to insurgents.

US intelligence experts suggested the marines' effort could indicate early stages of contingency plans for a ground assault on Iran. Or it could be an attempt to evaluate the implications of the unrest in Iranian border regions for marines stationed in Iraq, as well as Iranian infiltration..."



Terror Ops Underway in Iran