Thursday, July 06, 2006

Iran Bourse; S. American Gas Pipeline; S. Korea

More articles will be posted as they become available

Iran Oil Bourse to Open in September

South American Gas Pipeline

South Korean Ship Leaves Disputed Waters Because of Bad Weather

U.S. Deployment of New Type Reconnaissance Plane in S. Korea Under Fire


Shamba said...

I'm sorry to hear about the destruction and vandalizing of your property.

I enjoy the all the information you have available.

Green2Go said...

Some news regarding oil...

Oil hits fresh record high -- CNN Money
Crude prices hit $75.55 in New York on strong demand.
July 7 2006: 10:33 AM EDT

Triple-digit oil is inevitable By Kevin Kerr, MarketWatch
Last Update: 11:45 AM ET Jul 7, 2006

Get set for $80 oil and say goodbye to $60 ... forever By Myra P. Saefong, MarketWatch
Last Update: 12:01 PM ET Jul 7, 2006

Rice Farmer said...

Russia, China to Build 2 Gas Pipelines from Siberia — Chinese Official

Raviolissimo said...

"Iran Oil Bourse to Open in September"

it seems like the date keeps getting put back.

why ?
* complex technology project taking longer than originally planned ?
* a concession to bush-cheney ?
* related to the real-politik of not wanting to get the "Osiraq" treatment from Israel (that was the name of the reactor the Israel b*mbed in Iraq in about 1981).