Monday, July 10, 2006

Military News: U.S., Japan, India; Problems with [Peaceful Use of] Nuclear Energy

U.S. Military Outside Iraq
Marines in East Africa (also see Military in East Africa on Good Will Trip, posted July 8)
Building Relationships, Capacity in West Africa
Missile Destroyer in Japan
Congress to Question Sale of F16s to Pakistan

Japan Considers Pre-emptive Strike Against North Korea
Japan to Allow Military in Space for First Time (archive)

India Test-Fires First Long-Range Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile

And on the Peace Front
Fly in the Ointment of the Nuclear Solution Even If It Doesn't Leak Or Blow Up


Howlin_Dog said...

Even with the propaganda speaker blasting away in the house, I am still having trouble understanding.

We are selling Fighters to Pakistan. Yet, Mr. Kahn exported Nuclear Bomb technology to all sorts of members of the "Axis of Evil".

Now India is testing a missle, but it doesn't make the news on my propganda speaker, the television.

Maybe we don't care about India because they provide us with lots of doctors. But, Cuba offered to provide us with doctors and we don't like them?

I guess it is because Pakistan provides us with convience store workers and India with motel workers. But then we are using Mexican workers for those purposes and besides we got lots of women we need to get off of welfare.

Geeze it all just doesn't make sense. Looks like I only have two choices. Either I need a lobotomy or just accept the awful truth ... I am a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Gail said...

to howlin_dog: No it makes no sense whatsoever on the surface. I finally turned off the propaganda speaker because the lies were so outlandish that I was angry all the time. I am sure CNN won't miss me as a viewer. If we like em its Ok if they have nuclear devices, but if we don't like em there is a great grumbling and threats. This is why they need the new world order. Then they won't have to worry about rogue states and crazy dictators. But about that lobotomy, I will pass on that, but rather sell off what I don't need, and head for the safest place I can find.

Howlin_Dog said...

to gail:
My previous post was all tongue in cheek with bunches of sarcasim mixed in... I too will pass on the labotomy. Mostly I intend on hanging around and being the sand in the bearings of the "wheels of progress".

I guess I see it all kind of like being caught on a railroad trestle and discovering a train is coming. Most run away from the train and get ran over even if they should run toward the train because they are closer to that end of the trestle.

Me... I am standing in the middle of the track flipping off the engineer and having fun. Hopefully I will find a place to jump before the last minute. If not, it has been fun.

Gail said...

Aw...I knew you were kidding. There has to be some humor in this or we would all be on Zoloft. I too intend to be sand in their wheels, and the nag of town government. Here in Florida we import all our food (except I assume citrus) and growing is difficult with all the diseaaes in the soil and many exotic pests. If you are looking for places to go, I recommend Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places. It should be available on the net. The author is clear that he doesn't think my state is safe. After all Jeb is our governor.

Dennis from Oregon said...

Hey Howlin Dog

Maybe lookin at it dis way will ease your troubled mind..

Pretty much all of Americas prodution capacity has been moved out of the country. We dont build much anymore ourselves, with just a few exceptions.

America does build big cars, big airplanes, houses, and war machines... how stable are these business' lookin??

How profitable is a F-16?? Im sure I couldnt afford just the profit margin ...

So what if India and Pakistan mix it up over Kashmir, the big boys that make the parts for F-16s will make lots of money; maybe India will get blown up so good the price of gas will go down (wholesale that is) enabling our oil companies to be even more profitable.

Turn the propaganda speaker up a little higher, maybe you will hear that making war machines is good for the stock market and economy.

Of course, its you, me, and the folks in these countries that will suffer, but hey, the big boys will make lots of money; YIPEE!! Its the American way dammit...

Clueless in Oregon

Dennis from Oregon said...

Hey Gail;

If you think CNN is bad, try FAUX news

Rice Farmer said...

Speaking of the propaganda speaker, you would not (or maybe you would) believe your eyes and ears if you checked out the Japanese media, whose job it clearly is to regurgitate US government propaganda. Since the launch of NK missiles, the airwaves have been rife with hysterical ravings on "news" programs and from pundits about how Japan must defend itself from this imminent threat, and how the Japan-US alliance must be strengthened. On the other hand, no matter what terrible things the US does, the media play it down or simply don't mention it. Curiously, the doctrine of "American exceptionalism" seems to be as strong in Japan as in the US.

BTW, a major Japanese refiner just announced another hike in the prices of its oil products. Other refiners will soon follow suit. Gasoline already costs the equvalent of about $5 a gallon.

Dennis from Oregon said...

Well, Japan has no domestic oil.. Most of it comes from Prudhoe Bay via Valdez and Murmask Russia. Its gonna get rough there first in my opinion, as soon as America and Russia decide they can no longer afford to supply them.

America will probably be forced top shut them off first as most of "our" oil isnt domestic. Watch Japan change its tune then...

Rice Farmer said...

Virtually all of Japan's crude comes from the Middle East, as you can see here.

(If you don't read Japanese, you'll have to take my word for it.)

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Gail I looked that book up in the library-no listing-any more info on it or where to get it? I requested it and another one someoen recommended on nuclear survivial..thanks so much