Saturday, July 08, 2006

China+ India//N.Korea/Lessons; Iran Rigs; Aussie PO Video; U.S./E. Africa

For those of you who are seriously worried about warlords:
Free Chinese Lessons Online, courtesy the Chinese Government

Iran Facing Shortage of Oil Drilling Rigs

Australian Video-Clip on Peak Oil Featuring Jeremy Leggett who puts peak at some point before 2010. The clip points out the ubiquitousness of oil in plastic products at the mall but neglects to mention its role in food production via pesticides and fertilizer.

India, China May Jointly Bid on New Oil Ventures

China Oil Deal with North Korea

U.S. Military in East Africa on Good Will Trip (Archive)


Matt Savinar said...

I actually took a year of Chinese in college. Don't remember a thing though.



Sabretache said...

I am trying to send info by email and getting a delivery failure notice "552 Quota violation for".

Thought you should know. The subject of the email (Ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan)is referenced at my blogg. The email has also gone to the ERT list so MR will no doubt pick it up there

greg7 said...

Hi Jeanna
Is there any way to recover my original password
I posted as Greg back in May and cam't seem to login without creat ing a new profile.

FTW admin said...

shye shye to all three of you. ('thank you' in chinese.)

greg7, i'm posting your question in the hope that another reader who's on blogspot may know the answer as i don't see it. sorry.

Matt Savinar said...

Anybody else thinking of learning how to homebrew rice beer? I figure it'll endear me to our Chinese overlords when the day comes.

FTW admin said...

we must not suck up! we must defend the freedom of this great land! say 'no' to rice beer!

A peon said...

Rice beer?Isn't that Saki?

Howlin_Dog said...

Seems to me that learning how to make any kind of beer would be a good idea. No not to suck up to the Chinese. But times are gonna get rough and all those SUV's are gonna consume all the corn squeezings.

I will rip off an old underground comic (The Fablous Furry Freak Brothers) and say it another way. Booze will get you through times of no gasoline better than gasoline will get you through times of no booze.

Rice Farmer said...

The alcoholic beverage (not actually wine) made from rice is "sake," although this term is a more general term for booze in modern Japan. The traditional rice-based beverage is more precisely known as "nihonshu."

Leigh McKeirnan said...

They say the heat is killing the wine industry in California-Oregon is the place-nevermind the saki