Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Asian Space Programs

China Launches "Non-toxic, Pollution-Free" Rocket
Engine Three Times More Powerful than its Long March Engines
(How far is a Long March for a rocket?)

Kazakhstan's First Satellite to Link Remote Regions of Central Asia

Japanese Satellite to Serve Air Traffic and Meteorological Communities
(Also see: "Japan to Allow Military in Space" posted July 10)

Test Launch of New Missile Fails
Bid to Become Launch Hub


FTW admin said...

Shorebreak has left a new comment on your post "Asian Space Programs":

I don't know where to post this, so I'm posting it here.

I've found a link to a Dateline report that raises the issue "is the CIA responsible for distributing drugs?"

The piece starts out with the famous footage of Mike standing up in Los Angeles and claiming that he has evidence linking the CIA to drug smuggling. I was shocked at first that a show like Dateline would air that piece. Then, the piece abribtly shifts, and claims that it was reporter Gary Webb who made the accusations, and it flips to an interview with Webb, who is sporting a moustache like Mike's and sandy brown hair, grown out longer.

What the hell is going on here?

Here's a link to the footage. You only need to watch the first little bit to see the deception where they attribute Mike's comments to Webb, and then they follow up by white washing the whole event.


FTW Admin adds:

thanks, Shorebreak. this link has a piece called 'crack the cia" with the footage of mike that you mention. but webb's not on it.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

On a previous blog someone recommeneded Kearney's Nuclear survival skills book or something like that-where can one get it-it's not in the library

Dennis from Oregon said...

I did... and still do. Its a must have. The author devised pretty much our whole civil defense program for the US government. The book is full of practical stuff, like emergency expediant shelters and easily home made out of common materials geiger counters. Radiation decay rates.. anything you ever wanted to know..

Nuclear War Survival Skills

Cresson H. Kearney
with forward by Dr Edward Teller

Original Edition published Sept, 1979 by
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a facility of the US Dept of Energy
(Im not sure this is still in print)

Get the updated and expanded 1987 edition published by the
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Cave Junction, Oregon

Last I heard it was still available on Amazon. Let me know if you still have troubles, the publisher is a local call for me.

Take care, Dennis

Dennis from Oregon said...

oops, ISBN 0-942487-01-X

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

Further to CIA and drugs, we watched Prof Alfred McCoy a couple of weeks ago in Australia.



He said that Guantanamo was a node in the CIA network, so I Googled him, only to find that he is pretty well on the same wavelength as Mike.

Suddenly it made sense. Given that rendition flights would have to be the greatest and silliest waste of resources in the "intelligence" universe, what else could they be but a covert conveyance for drugs? So many governments have coyly admitted to the passage of these flights, unexamined and unquestioned. They cite "security" reasons for their lack of duty.

Although I have watched your videos times without number Mike, I think it was my puritanical attitude towards heavy drugs that discouraged me from understanding what a wonderful currency they are.

What magic coinage, so valuable and compact. Unlike gold, drugs are consumed and re-grown - and are redeemable currency in any country. Yes, it all makes sense.

How I wish I had kicked up a hue and cry when reportage of rendition flights briefly surfaced in the mainstream news. Ah well, next time - or just make it happen somehow.

I did write to Lateline, asking them for a return bout with Prof McCoy.

Cheers all.... Chris

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Thank you for the info on the nuke survival book. In the meantime can you possibly tell me on the west coast of Oregon and Washington-anyplace safe from fallout etc? How far south fo Seattle-anywhere around Portland? and how far south of Portland down the coast? Thank you

Dennis from Oregon said...

Well, thats a difficult question. How many bombs?? How big?? How many targets?? Is it gonna happen at all?? Personally, I feel its very likely to happen to some extent; and in my lifetime; probably in the next few years.

If you want to learn, Kearneys book is a must have...

Understand the nature of the winds on our west coast. Between the shore and the crest of the coast range the prevailing ground winds go north to south from spring to fall, when they reverse and go south to north. Fronts passing thru can make them go anyways for a short time.

Higher up, the prevailing winds always go west to east.

You are Longview arent you?? Remember Mt St Helens?? That was a bunch of bombs, I forget how many. Remember how much ash fell in Longveiw?? I was in Rainier OR at the time... Now imagine it was radiactive... Would you had a better chance to survive right where you were, close to the blast; or in a place like Yakima?? Remember how the ash flew?? Radioactive dust will do about the same thing, but size of bombs and altitude burst at make a great deal of difference.

If you want to knock an area flat and make it burn you burst at altitude, with little fallout. If you need to kill an undergound target, like a missile base you ground burst, with a lot of resultant fallout. How will the target be hit?? What will be targeted?? No easy answers, but there are alot of areas that will not be downwind even in a full out cold war scenario attack, mostly in Oregon, but some in Wa too. Kearneys book has charts, good charts...

Note that in the cold war all out scenario few east of the Rockies will survive the fallout unless very well protected for at least 3 weeks, and the ground will be unuseable for 3 to 6 years after that.. even those that are unscathed by the blasts.

And dont forget the obvious. Blast shelters are really expensive, fallout shelters are much easier, but if you are in the blast no amount of knowledge is gonna help... but if youre out in the sticks, just your knowledge could make the difference between easy survival and death.. knowledge is power, if you believe this is a possible future (I personally do) then learn all you can..

Clueless in Oregon

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Dennis thank you so much for all your trouble. I am afriad I do believe this isgoing to happen. If it wasn't definite before- after the past two weeks, I'd say we are going to have hell to pay. I did order the book at the library with the code you gave me. If I can't get it, I now know it is on Amazon. Yes I remember which way the ash went, on May 25th when it went our direction in the second blast my neighbor was taking me to the hospital to deliver my second child while my hsuband was doing circles going 25 miles an hour up Interstate 5 taking his Scottish friends to the Seattle airport. The doctor wondered why I was using my whole 3 days for medical pay to stay in the hospital and keep my new baby out of the ash.This is why I am doing what I ma doing-for my children's future-every step is liberating if not a bit scary for chickens like me.Thank you for answering.