Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Venezuela; China; Saudi Arabia/Qatar Pipeline; GAO on Geothermal Solution

CITGO Stops Sales to 100s of U.S. Stations
Sends More Oil to Asia

Saudi Arabia May Block Qatar Pipeline

GAO Report on Geothermal Developments and Problems: Highlights

Finds Small Amount of Gas in East China Sea
Mulls Euthanasia Trials for Those With Painful, Incurable Diseases
IEA Tells China to Conserve


FTW admin said...

the following comment has been edited to remove identifying details. the comment itself is posted because the reader is asking for advice. if someone wants to carry on a private correspondence with the author of the email, plz send your email address. the author of the email should also send hers. thanks.

from L:
I have been amazed or shocked at how naive and ignorant I was. I have made major decisions to change my life even though the remainder of my family and friends think I am a bit crazy. Today I am about to make another major decision. I have no support. My situation the past 12 years:
[Name of Company] [ousted] xxxxx people out of their homes in a massive landslide by bankrolling these xxx companies.... along the edge of cities and ...pipelines, eagles' nests etc etc. xxx homes slid and xxx of the rest of us were devalued. MY home is on a flat lot on the top but they think it may go over the cliff someday. It creaks and the bedrooms on the south are sinking slightly although it looks normal. Most officials now say it has stabilized. xxxx came in 6-7 years ago and said we had one chance to take their low interest loan and buy another house. So I did-well I rented it for awhile to pay for it-new experience-first guy didn't pay and stole everything out of it, second was a single mom whose kid destroyed all carpets, lino, fireplace glass, sinks, snakes's sawdust down plumbing, carved name in beautiful wood etc. I completely overhauled it. Then the last several years I rented it at low rent to friend and it looks like Better Homes and GArdens house. They always pay on time and he is on disability and a senior-retired-although not really disabled-just bad back from work. His company was bought out by xxxx. My husband's xxxx company, xxxx, was bought out,split up, and sold off in xxx for the electricity. My husband is on Social security and older and retired. I can finally afford everything barely and have almost paid off my debts (except for the mortgage on that other house) including three roofs with all the problems of landslide area etc. But after reading all this stuff about the economy being so precarious (only started reading FTW two years ago) and having one big bill left and hardly any money left except maybe 10,000 in gold, I am putting the rental house on the market which is making me and the renters sick. My husband is in denial and won't sell this slide area house we live in. Neighbors all think it is fine here. Our area in xxx is one of the last cheap areas left so prices, unlike the rest of the US, are the highest they have been and people are moving here as it is one of the last cheap places... So I think I need to do this right?Sell it, pay off the last bill and mortgage and put a tiny bit more in gold. And then I need to sell my house quickly and find a small town to live in (we are xxxx here on the xxxx xxxmiles north of xxx) where I can grow stuff.My kids are in their twenties and work in xxx and live nearby there, not at home. We have clay soil here. This is my home of 31 years that I fought the xxx for you see so it is not easy to do this. Am I doing the right thing???? I can always let the renters live in my current house with us if need be (4 bedroom 2 bath-we added on) but they have family in town with land and place to grow stuff. I gave them cheap rent for three years xxx$ a month cheaper than normal rent. It doesn't cover my payments. I know I shouldn't ask you guys when you are so busy...please please tell me I am doing the right thing today???(Listing the rental house) Thanks

Gunnar Henrioulle said...

There is need to replace/rebuild/ extend/expand the railway network, passenger & freight, in the USA. The present efforts addressing the Oil Interregnum are in two distinct categories- The Camelot Fix, village economy mentality. Low hanging fruit for thugs- 'nuff said!

Other category seems stuck on futile and ever more frantic efforts to shore up the motorized economy. Dead end, not sustainable. Various shades in between most assuredly, but who talks about the railway tool besides Jim Kunstler, and that in brief spurts? Lesson here is to look at precedent, back to July 10, 1838- US Congress mandates ALL Railroads to be "Post Roads", Franklin's gem of an idea. Post Roads visualized as roads (then Act specifying RR's)linking together fledgling USA towns & villages. Guarantors of SOCIETAL & COMMERCIAL COHESION.

Better than gold, folks, secure connections & associated warehousing, food/victuals distribution infrastructure. Railway can operate on any known energy source, directly on electricity from renewables, for instance. No batteries or fuel cells necessary on electrified segments.

In the spirit of the Blog- user friendly directions follow: Know the territory! Learn how the technology works, learn the rules (see "GCOR" on the web). Find out where the tracks run now, where they used to run, and where they don't but should/could.

Help your local planners, educators, chambers of commerce- research old Thomas Bros. City & County Maps. Find the branchline remnants, determine where local victuals warehousing for rail connection can locate. Closed military base or factory nearby: can rail still connect?

Some will throw up their hands and to those I say, find a local historian, or model railroad club, some source who will have knowledge about your local railway legacy. First step is simply finding & mapping railway possibilities and past footprint. This is very important, because these maps can be duplicated and disseminated to County & State transport planners, civic groups, National Guard & FEMA officials. This is crucial; the responsibles need this info AT HAND whjen the crisis comes.

Some wiser heads in various locales will see to it that de minimus rehab is underway asap, but the remainig places will have to suffer until they reconnect to the railway matrix. Hopefully, the resources and labor talent can spread thin enough to cover!

See (peakoil.net) Newsletter 42,article 374 for boilerplate.

Gunnar Henrioulle, Tahoe Valley Lines

FTW admin said...

the person who wrote the first comment and asked for advice has now sent her email address. if anyone has answers for her, plz let us know and i'll forward it. thanks.

q said...

I am glad there is someone with the knowhow and vision to want to rconstruct the nations railroads. It is obvious to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of physics or engineering that railroads are the most efficient means of hauling cargo over land.
So why is it that the federal government is seeding the potentially environmentally disasterous idea of the trans-Texas Superhighway which is eventually intended to run from the gulf ports of Mexico all the way to Canada ? There is a desire to secure a 10 mile wide swath of land across Texas. There will be seperate lanes for trucks and cars and parallel railroads in addition to other stuff I am not yet sure about. I personally know a rancher in Texas that has been called to a meeting about this and it has got him worried. An estimated 1,000,000 people could be ejected from their property and over 500,000 acres of productive farmland will be removed.
My study of this situation indicates that the reason for the emphasis on highway transport has to do with the fact that certain people in the Bush administration are high officials in the American trucking association.
The entire operation is being run by a SPANISH company, supposedly because they were the only ones to promise the state of Texas that they would assume no risk in the project.
This NAFTA Superhighway will eventually form the primary artery of the planned North American Union in which Canada and Mexico will be merged with the U.S. in a single entity.
As far as I am concerned, this entire project has been concieved by neocon crooks and liars for the benefit of them and their bretheren.
I sort of like Canada and am not too opposed to Mexico, but I am an American and I intend to stay that way. This project needs to be killed, pronto. If people start losing their land in Texas and eventually Oklahoma, Kansas and other states, things are going to get very ugly.
What are Mike Ruppert's ideas on this ?