Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The FTW Burglary

Jenna Orkin

If you've just read Mike's account of the burglary at FTW you're probably a little shell-shocked. We knew that all seven computers had been smashed with sledgehammers. Yet hearing the ruthless details told methodically and dispassionately by the person most passionately involved; seeing the pictures and hearing Mike say matter-of-factly, "The only way to describe the damage is that it has been utterly devastating from business, emotional and professional perspectives," - well, this gives a person pause.

Rather than dwell on such a horror, the normal human response is to want to do something.

But here we're stymied. Apart from scribbling a check, one is at a loss to know what to do to help.

This blog is also at a loss but on two fronts:

1) Mike and FTW
2) All of you.

It's probably most beneficial right now for the blog to act as a forum for us to express our reactions to the events described in Mike's article and to exchange ideas. It's unlikely that ideas suggested here will find direct enactment at FTW. But it's quite possible that they can evolve or be adapted to useful notions.

It could also be helpful to all of us to hear from each other at this dark hour.

Thank you all for your extraordinary contributions so far to the various threads, that circulation system through which the lifeblood of your ideas flows.


BloodJunkie said...

I was really sorry to hear about the burglary. I wish I could do something to help.

I'm trying to get the word out. I've posted a link to the story on the popular news site,

By all means, digg it to spread the word.

FTW admin said...

PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance has left a new comment on your post "The FTW Burglary":

I would like to hear Mike's view on who gave Ken Lay a heart attack.

By the way, everyone, I saw Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" last night. It contains a LOT of coverage of the 7/7 bombings in London, and many historical false flag efforts are revealed. The reporting on the USS Liberty attack is very interesting. I will be looking for ways to confirm all that is said in the movie, but at first look the reporting and presentation is quite powerful.

Has anyone seen it? If so, what do you think?

FTW admin said...

there may be a post at a later date on 9/11 movies but this particular thread deals with the burglary and related ideas. readers should please bear that in mind when they send in their comments. thanks

Dennis from Oregon said...

Ken Lay is on a beach in the Bahamas. Enabling the looting of $60 billion has its perks...

Actually it just a thought; the beach that is, the 60 billion was real...

Clueless in Oregon

A peon said...

Hey,guys.Glad no one got hurt physically.Geeze what a mess.I try to picture in my mind somone actually carrying out that destruction,and when I do,it unnerves me how ignorant some people can be,and how dangerous when groups of them come together.I hope whoever did it is caught,and is forced to reimburse you for the damages.

For future reference what forms of payment will be accepted as far as donations:Check,Money Order,Cash(I don't have a credit card)?I'll do my best to sneak a bit of fundage past the Mrs. she tends to keep them on lockdown.

One thing that stuck in my mind about the article is that access was gained into the FTW building with two passkeys.Just wondering how accessable those passkeys are,and how someone who would do something like that would obtain them.

FTW admin said...

from 'dennis from oregon' a great friend of ftw and guide to oregon.

two excerpts from his email:

.....with the exception of some militia types (its real hard to put names to some of these cliques) some patriot types, and some of the radical greens...they are all pretty mellow folk; knowing, like myself, that the pen can be (and usually is) mightier than the sword....

.....Dont let them win. Dont let it get you down.. they took their best shot and it was weak. The only question is do you want to take them on and expose them, or just let it go?? Thats the only important question... you have my support either way, and I have some pretty gemmy goods.......

Good luck, Dennis

video-dp said...

A burglary does evoke feelings of vulnerability and anger (been there; done that) - but you re-group and move on. There is no magic security solution for anyone who expects to confront the issues that Mike (and presumably the rest of us) are concerned about. You must be prepared to deal with some level of harrassment; so find ways to minimize and cope with it.
Assuming one is not willing to give up their convictions, it quickly becomes apparent that rudimentary perimeter security is a necessity. I'm sure this will be implemented in the FTW offices. (Better late than never.) Average suburban homes (as shown) are easy to vandalize; a gated community might help - especially one with some security staff.
These problems are one more reason why I look forward to establishing or joining a rural community of like-minded souls. (It can still be located in close proximity to a town or city.) The countryside is not a place vandals are likely to go (at least not yet) ;-) and they become (much) more conspicuous when they do turn up.
I'm reminded of my visit to The Farm (in Tennessee) decades ago, where there was a "Gate Man" who tended visitors at the gate house (sometimes for hours), until he was comfortable about their purposes and mental condition.
This level of security isn't always necessary or possible, but it's one way to reduce problems.
Another way to reduce the susceptibility of an organization is to distribute its resources and responsibilities. This may not be easy or optimal with a group as small as FTW, but the concept should be kept in mind. If everyone has a good Internet connection (for teleconferencing), the bookkeeping, order-handling, and Web support/journalism activities could all be done at different (non-descript) locations.
Just some thoughts...
Regards to all,

Mike said...

I know it might be too little, too late at this point, but Mr. Ruppert should seriously consider completely anonymizing himself and living off-the-grid, so to speak.
Not as in actually building a bunker out of school buses or anything, just creating proxies between his personal life and our total information awareness world, using trusts, LLC's, and REALLY good friends. Your liberty, unfortunately, is dependent on your absolute PRIVACY; no one can do you harm if they can't find you, and as unrealistic as it sounds, it is possible to disappear in plain sight. I have information I am willing to share, without charge of course, let me know; barring that, hire a security specialist or privacy consultant. Keep fighting the good fight. It is all worth it.

Green2Go said...

Mike and the FTW Gang,
Please know that our thoughts are with you. You have a following of people that are very grateful for your work and just can't wait to see the "MCR" commentary on each article. Please hang in there, keep finding and writing the truth, keep your sites on your goals, and know that we appreciate and support you all.

Matt Savinar said...

Video Op,

I believe Mike needs 3 layers of security as follows:

Layer 1: "Hugo" and "Evo"

These are guard dogs that would live at the FTW offices at all times.

Layer 2: A "Drunkle" and a couple "Thugins."

A drunkle is your "drunk uncle" while a "thugin" is your "thug cousin." Yeah, everybody's got at least one of each.

You hire a couple of them to sleep at the place at night for $15 or so and a couple six packs. Install cable with sports, boxing in a room for them and then buy a beat up old cadillac or impala and park it up on some blocks in the garage of the place. This way they'll have things to occupy themselves with and won't and you won't have to worry about them stealing any money from the cash box while guarding the place.

Layer 3:

A cadre of totally bad ass yet stylishly dressed female bodyguards like M. Gaddaffi's:

Obviously, Layer 3 would have to be with you at all times for security purposes.



Bill on the Hill said...

Mr. Ruppert,

Time for remote access with encrypted VPN tunnel. And offsite storage. My office computer is just a game machine with great internet access and BLINDING speed.

It certainly allows for loss of data to be held to a minimum. There are lots of 17 year olds that understand the fine points of locking down data and remote storage.

Just need a good remote server with lots of slave drives for storage. And top of the line VPN routing. With a good encryption layer on the drives. Maybe two layers.

Then they can crash all the monitors they want.

By the way. Are shovels considered dangerous weapons? I carry a real sharp one in my truck. Never know when I will need to dig a hole.

Nothing good comes easy. You must have some real good coming your way. Hold on long enough to see it.

Crossing the Rubicon was my real indoctrination into seeing what is racing down the highway headlong towards us. I figured if I could get through all the facts in that book I could get through Gulag Archipelago finally.

But why read it. We may soon see our own version of the Russian destruction of millions of citizens up close and personal.

A few computers will seem real trivial then. For now I am angered. And measuring plywood for all the windows.

Wind is beginning to blow a bit too hard.


Don said...

Mike and the crew at FTW must not give up. I am not surprised by the attacks on the office as much as I am that it has shut down FTW so effectively. Implement some security measures. I would recommend bringing in a security specialist such as myself and appraise the building. You'd be amazed at how inexpensively you can secure a property from the average no brain scum. High tech is nice but most people can't afford that and these sytems are vulnerable when you consider the people Mike has taken on. Low tech is best here and I can help.


Gail said...

I feel certain that FTW readers value Mike's work enough that we all could donate for a security system. I know I would. From the enotional side of things, the violence of this attack and attempt to shut down FTW has to be a real blow. When you are attacked for doing the right thing it is a triple whammy. FTW's stated purpose is to save lives, to inform so we will be as ready as we can be for the storm that is so close now. Fighting the system gets tiring, and demoralizing, and you have to look out for your own physical and mental health in the process. Time to regroup. We haven't lost the battle we just need another plan which keeps the people at FTW safe and secure.

Raviolissimo said...

From the Wilderness Buys USA Today !

- - -

we can dream, can't we ?

would love to see FTW evolve into a REAL newspaper sold worldwide. not saying it's not a real paper, i'm saying, for example, the NY Times Ain't.

JJR said...

Stagger your staff into rotating 24 hour shifts so the building is never empty, and hire security. If Oregon allows CCW (concealed carry), most if not all of the FTW should take advantage of that. This doesn't look like the work of meth-heads--the destruction would have been more random had that been the case. FTW has been targeted before--you have to take more active measures to defend yourselves. Best of luck getting back up and running...your newsletter is one of the most important alternative news information sources in the country, and NOBODY covers Peak Oil and how it's tied to everything else like you guys do. Keep up the good fight.

FTW admin said...

Popeee has left a new comment on your post "The FTW Burglary":

Dear Mike and FTW crew,
Love and prayers for you in your time of trial. What you all do is necessary, and much appreceated, more than you can ever know.
Don, Therapeutic Messenger

Giordano said...

Best wishes to MR & FTW.
I believe Mike needs some computer security advice. I deeply appreciated "Rubicon" but I was not convinced of the computer database/snooping software described therin :
1) the software is described as continuous since the 80s
2) able to read all databases.
Well re 1): software has gone through many generations since the 80s and as one who has been in the industry since 1969 I reckon you'd need new stuff every 5 or 10 years.
re 2) Universal database access is likely impossible, which is not to say that a huge effort couldnt make a huge program which could read a long list of databases, with moderate reliability.

Anyway, for FTWs defence, consider encryption, and consider protecting the passphrase (beware keyloggers, and find out if LCD screens can be read from around the block as easily as CRTs) - actually for the stuff that FTW _wants_ people to see, replication is more important then encryption.

walter said...

I was wondering why the burglary article was free and why everything else requires a subscription

FTW admin said...

hi walter -
the following link will explain why some services are no longer free. thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog.