Friday, July 14, 2006

Sustainability Website of the Day; EU/W. Africa; China Military Ties

Sustainability Website of the Day
Polyface Farms
Article on the Farm's Principles (Thanks to Ken Stailey for this link)

EU Launches Patrols Off West African Coast

China Pledges Closer Military Ties to........Switzerland(?)


Leigh McKeirnan said...

One of the gold websites (maybe a comment on Le Metropole CAfe) said 75% of America's foreign reserves are in gold-if this is so, than maybe we aren't so unstable as I think we are-although I know about the articles where the gold is supposedly being stolen too...???What do you think?

Leigh McKeirnan said...

One time I saw a list of dates and places where events were happening on something you featured. I wonder if anyone keeps a calendar of associated helpful events and speakers in each state. I need to be more organized-read different things here and there..

FTW admin said...

see le metropole cafe on how the gold is used by the 'plunge protection team' to manipulate the markets. the point is: to whom do the powers that be owe their first allegiance? not to the u.s. taxpayer but to their own kind.

FTW admin said...

here's the link you may be referring to:

Gail said...

I know this is off the subject, but haven't heard much from the FTW website during a week of very hot stories and mind blowing developments. I was wondering if everyone is Ok and whether we will have an update on the investigation and on the direction FTW will take from here.

FTW admin said...

thanks for your concern and it's not really off topic.

yes to both your questions, as far as i know. everyone's ok and we'll get an update.

remember mike said that there's a backlog of stories they're working on which are still relevant. i believe he said in one mailing that the expectation was for the ftw website to have caught up by the end of the month.

Rice Farmer said...

"Supermarkets And Service Stations Now Competing For Grain"

At least some people are beginning to realize that our stomachs and cars are competing for the same grain. It's true that the higher crude prices go, the more incentive there is to use biofuels. At the same time, however, biofuels will likewise become more expensive because they are produced with fossil fuels!

When push comes to shove, and people are faced with the choice between food and biofuels, which will they choose? It's a no-brainer.

Gail said...

I wonder if things will have to be very dire indeed when that choice between food and fuel is made. Some are already driving less as food prices go up. In the interim, as we slide down the backside of Oil's bell curve, there will be those who will feel compelled to guzzle gas or ethanol, while others are trying to eat. If something else causes a major emergency,then I think people will get it and cooperate. Learning to grow food is a must at this point in time. We at least have a little time to become more proficient at it.

Howlin_Dog said...

rice_farmer & gail:
I wish I could be as optomistic as you two are. I guess I don't see the choice betewen fuel and food being that obvious.
I see the boiled frog type of future (i.e. things are gradually going to get hotter and hotter until people finally figure it out but it is too late.)
After Katrina the "conservatives" I work with had the attitude that those "lazy ass welfare folks" got and are getting way too much help. The point being that as long as America is a society of "Us" and "Them" and the "Us" group has enough money to buy both food and fuel the choice is simply "I got mine... you can get yours".
Sorry, I am turning this into a rant, but the other sad part is both the "liberals" and "conservatives" slice and dice society by age, income, sex, sexual prefernce, religion...etc, etc, etc. that none of us are in the same boat anymore.
Hell... now that I depressed me and probably the rest of you all... give me a beer.

Gail said...

To howlin_dog: Your point is well taken. It would be so much nicer if we could do this in a reasonably organized and civilized manner. But you are right that there is so much polarity out there in the minds of others. The "me,first" mentality. The slow boiling of the frog seems to be the way of it. When people panic it may deteriorate into some really horrible scenarios. Perhaps Katrina was it's own lesson. Government disinterest, public detachment, militarized response, racial bias, and no long term memory. I just have to hope that there will be pockets of organized, cooperative people who agree that only together will they have a chance to survive. I lived through the 2004 Florida hurricane season, and in my neighborhood, there was quite a bit of cooperation and support. My plan is to find or try to create this type of community before everything hits the fan. What gets me through the night is the intense desire to live in a different way than things have become. I am tired of living in a rigged system. And I can manage without all the advertising, glitz, and stress that results from The American Dream. That one of my favorite movies is Kevin Costner's "The Postman" should tell you something...but who knows what? Your sense of humor is actually refreshing.

Gail said...

I should also say that there were many acts of heroism, commitment, compassion and all kinds of aid given during and after Katrina. Were it not for those kinds of people, we would be sunk.

Howlin_Dog said...


Your right there are many many good folks out there. That is what I get for choosing a career in technology having co-workers that still believe in it and big companies pulling us out of the fire.

BTW I am a reformed automation engineer... tired of helping the production means to be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

I liked "The Postman" too... one of my other favorites was "Rollerball"... the old 1970's version... Kinda seems like what society has become.

Anyhow... this blog is great.. already feeling the positive vibes!

Dennis from Oregon said...

My all time favorite is Road Warrior. If you ever see it again note that the tanker truck in the finale has "7 Sisters Oil' painted on the door; this refers to the 7 oil companies that control all the oil.. Yeah, I was aware of peak oil even back then...

Anyway, seein Im a contrary sorta dude, consider that it might not be the frog in a pot scenario or "the long emergency."

It pretty much depends on Iran... say Iran says no more tankers thru the strait of Hormuz and will shoot if one tries. The insurance companies will same day refuse to insure the tankers. America, being typically arrogant or Europe, desperate for the oil runs the blockade at the demand of their government and the tanker gets sank, in the middle of the narrow channel, blocking it. There goes 35% of our oil... 75% of Europes. It gets bad here...

Now lets say we bomb the heck outta Iran (Mike would disagree with this, but I think he is wrong) and China and Russia and North Korea and Syria and Venezuela give us an ultimatim that we ignore, the whole thing explodes, and we lose maybe 10 or 50 of our cities, and trash half of the planet in retaliation.

It gets way worse quickly, 90 plus percent death rate East of the Rockies, maybe 65 percent out West, and the survivors have no electricity (EMP), fuel, natgas or much of anything else. Back to the land.. what little isnt contaminated with radioactivity that is, and learn to farm old school amidst starving survivors or die...

Im not so sure I suscribe to the slow theory, American history being my guide says we will fight when our economy tanks.. But we cant shoot our way outta this, but I think we will try, and probably way sooner than ya think. But what do I know really?? Im no prophet, dont know for sure...

Lets hope Im wrong; your scenarios, as ugly as they are, are better than mine...

Clueless in Oregon
(Home of the Postman)

Anonymous said...

The article regarding China/Switzerland military cooperation may be alarming but it comes as no surprise.

About 15 years ago, Gorbachev commented that the emerging European Union is the emergence of the new Euro-Soviet. The increasingly socialist leanings of Europe magnify this on a regular basis.

Parralel to that continued emergence, we have communist China who continues to develop it's capitalist economic system while it evolves a society constructed under the tight controls of UN Agenda 21, more commonly known as sustainable development. This UN program - which China has been heralded for as the most advanced in it's implementation - is a comprehensive set of plans and regulations to govern every aspect of human existence. This ranges from human populations to education, scientific development to industry, human settlements to agriculture, and much, much more.

On the surface, a sustainable development program is a great thing, but it becomes ominous when considered under the total control system established by nations like China. This ties into the European Union when you look at the EU Constitution, which declares sustainable development as one of their primary tenets. Anyone who's read that constitution is also aware that all of the member states have clearly surrendered sovereign control to the EU government. Considering that most citizens of European nations were not provided that information at the EU's inception or at the 2003 signing of the current charter, right away there's an ominous shadow over the entire effort. Add China into the mix and that shadow gets even darker.

In my opinion, these recent developments aren't an indication of potential military developments involving China and Switzerland, but of a shared commitment to similar political ideologies and objectives. If I were a resident in the EU I would be looking at the EU Constitution, looking at how the UN heralds China's sustainable development program (UN Agenda 21), and I would be very concerned about my family's future.

With that in mind, the US, Canada, and Mexico are currently on the path to building a North American Union. When the SPP objectives are met, all three nations will have harmonized economic, security, commerce, and border policies, paving their way for what they are calling a North American Community. This could be a good thing if it was orchestrated by good people committed to liberty. Unfortunately, it's being orchestrated by those who are organizing a global system for global corporate profit.

China is the perfection of communism being used for capitalist gain. Sustainable development under UN ideology is their tool, and the EU is well on their way to reaching that goal. North America is next, and even the Middle East is being broken down as I write in order to install MEFTA (Middle East Free Trade Agreement) in all nations - especially those most resistant to foreign economic intervention - Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

To summarize - the China Switzerland article sends a clear message - be very concerned if you value liberty and honest governance. The EU is on the path to a China-like government, and the United States is being forced down the path of a union similar to the EU.

The empire is on the march, and nobody can protect themselves without first recognizing the goals and their means of implementation.

Rice Farmer said...

I agree with howlin dog that "boiled frog syndrome" is going to finish a lot of people off. And surely the haves will stick to their sense of entitlement and keep stealing from the have-nots. The end game is going to be very ugly.

I live in a mountainous, isolated region, but I have no illusions that starving city people won't come this far on plunder missions.

Howlin_Dog said...

thanks all:

You all have given me a bunch of stuff to think about. And in general this has been a heck of a weekend to do a lot of thinking with Israel tickin off more of the Arab world, and Bush supporting them and shoving it to Russia. Seems like Bush just wants to dig the hole deeper and deeper.

Talking in a chat room. US is putting Air Force Bases in Australia. I wonder what that is in the plan of things with the East/West flow of oil from the Mid-East? Looks to me like Japan and South Korea are on the wrong side of the dividing line if US wins the tug of war.

Anyhow... on the bright side found a really really good song and it even has an artist backed free download... (Ain't no Sony DRM stuff here!!!)

Kind of music that keeps my feet moving and lets the old fat boy keepon keeping on.

Howlin_Dog said...

Did some work... sweated some in the summer heat... best way to think.

Boiled Frog... Pick us off one group at a time. That is the way it will happen.

For one of the big International flare ups to happen with nukes and all would mean the elites would crap in their own nest. They won't do that. I think all the saber rattling, name calling, etc is the same thing you see on the professional wresting matches. They are all on the same side but getting us into the story so they can sell us tickets to the big show.
If Mike's book is right, there are a lot more people playing both sides against the middle than just Democrats Vs. Republicans. All of the International Intel Agencies seem to actually be borderless.

Also, an example of the slow burn or boiled frog is the Miami Seven. How many people know or even care about seven people in miami being arrested cause they though about rebelling. That was just a few weeks ago.

Just in case you also have forgot and need a good laugh here is a Jon Stewart piece about it.

FTW admin said...

in case the software didn't publish the full jon stewart link, here it is again:

FTW admin said...

it doesn't seem to be coming through.
after .info/ comes

Gail said...

While I have been watching the news the past few days, I keep asking myself "who benefits?" from the disruption in the middle east? Is this a proxy war? Was this something set off by the crisis in the Federal Reserve and other global banks? The stock market is rattling, the PPT has surely been working hard. Oil is at an all time high in the middle of a high demand period in the U.S., while the dollar it teetering. Is this another way to underscore the "war on terror"? Pres looks like a fool and a cowboy at the G8.

Let's see, the oil companies benefit. Bush gets the focus off his ratings and the civil war in Iraq. The Powers that be can plunge us into a dangerous war (using poison gas and depleted uranium, which are very seious killing agents). The wealth tranfer continues unnoticed. The Plame affair pretty much bites the dust in the news.

I'll probably think of more later. Last but not least was the timing of the FTW burglary. Silenced for a reason? My nerves are on orange alert.