Friday, August 04, 2006

Hearing: Oceans; Carlyle Group/ME; FBI: Terrorist Training Camp, Pakistan; FA Reporter Dead/ Kazakhstan; GAO: Decreased Oil Revenues/Amount Sold

Hearing on State of the Oceans Carlyle Group in Middle East FBI Uses Satellite Imagery to Show Terrorist Training Camp in Pakistan Reporter for Foreign Affairs Dead in Kazakhstan GAO: Energy Revenues Have Not Increased in Proportion to Price Rise Because of Decreased Production Sold


Rice Farmer said...

Apropos the article "Grain Crisis Looms in Japan" posted on FTW, I should note that the situation is actually worse. I grow rice (who would have guessed?), and I can tell you that the harvest is going to be down this year due to poor meteorological conditions. How far down depends on whether the current spell of good weather holds. Where I live, rice ears usually emerge in late July, but this year they are just emerging now, about two weeks late. In general, other crops are suffering, too, and prices of vegetables are up across the board.

Japan imports about two-thirds of its food, so the threatening world food situation is a serious matter. Yet few politicians seem interested. Talking with acquaintances in the media shows that journalists are aware of the problem, but they say few editors are interested in running stories on peak oil, food shortages, or other such "gloomy" issues. Especially now that the economy finally seems to be turning the corner (this is about 80% hype if you ask me), people only want to hear good news.

Rice Farmer said...

I was pleased -- as I'm sure many others were -- to seen the latest article on FTW commenting on the Vanity Fair article.

These days everyone seems to be concentrating on the collapse of the WTC towers and the evidence of demolition. Well, I'm sure they were demolished, but just watch -- the government will mobilize more "experts" to say that they examined some of the rubble and found no trace of explosives, etc. etc. Now's the time to be asking about all those exercises, but hardly anyone is doing it. For that reason I've been telling lots of people about Michael Kane's article and urging them to start asking about the exercises.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I wrote my senators to take action on Bush impeachment using Crossing the Rubicon sources. Also I asked them to go after teh off shore money to balance the budget. Maybe Cathrine Austin Fitts should run for President.

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

'Morning all... from Australia.

I expected some comment on Lebanon by now. Let me help. Just Google "Iraq Haifa pipeline" (no quotes) to get 192,000 clues.

This one is my favourite, written in the year of my birth - 1947:

(Jenna, can you fix the link somehow so word-wrap doesn't snap it?)

It seems obvious to me that the light, sweet oil of Iraq must be piped in large quantities directly to the shores of the Meditteranean, so that it can be swiftly and safely shipped to America and the UK.

This seems to have been the plan all along. Although the neo-cons blabbed hubristically when Saddam's statue bit the dust, they have been awfully coy about it ever since.

Cheers.... Chris Shaw

FTW admin said...

hi chris

michael kane wrote about lebanon vis a vis the iraq/haifa pipeline connection.

the link seems to have come through ok.

Rice Farmer said...

BP to Shut Down U.S.'s Largest Oil Field; Prices Jump

FTW admin said...

Rice Farmer has left a new comment on your post "Hearing: Oceans; Carlyle Group/ME; FBI: Terrorist Training Camp, Pakistan; FA Reporter Dead/ Kazakhstan; GAO: Decreased Oil Revenues/Amount Sold":

Power shortage could curtail NSA activities,0,5137448.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

Bosco457 said...

Is this not a sound energy policy?

Coal, Nuclear, & Wind = Major home, commercial, and industrial ELECTRICAL energy supplier.

Hydrogen = Everyday vehicle usage, to include semi-truck, public works (police, fire, ect) vehicles. BTW, hydrogen made from coal emissions, kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Oil = Plastics, airliners, and anything that can't easily adapt other energy solutions.

Ethanol and biodiesel = I don't know about this technology. It is still dependent on a natural resource (corn). What happens when massive drought strikes & we rely on ethanol to run everything?

Why does this not make sense to anyone else?

FTW admin said...

the reason this and other combinations are not greeted with more enthusiasm is that none of these solutions approaches oil in eroei (energy returned on energy invested.)

there are no simple answers to the current energy dilemma. conservation is key and the country is not built in a way that allows us to transition to the alternative lifestyles we need to adopt.

Rice Farmer said...

"What's the Real Federal Deficit?"

Bob said...

Ethanol and biodiesel = I don't know about this technology. It is still dependent on a natural resource (corn). What happens when massive drought strikes & we rely on ethanol to run everything?

Why does this not make sense to anyone else?

Because Ethanol is a joke and even if we used all available landmass to grow corn and used it solely for Ethanol we would only replace 18% of our current petroleum usage. (PNAS)

mrs p said...

Somehow we must become the Flintstones again. So many humans, particularly in the U.S. would not comply unless they had a frontal labotomy.

Yet, we can't all go screaming out of here to an island off New Zealand somewhere, (although it's an everlasting plan B). My luck I'd be swallowed up by an earthquake or a hot mud bath. No, the best thing any of us can do is cut back & curtail any support of all that is connected to this ugly mess...which is just about everything we do, eat, use.

Easy to say;hard to impliment. We have been given a great mindset by Mr. Ruppert. I wear his T-shirt as often as possible. We're trying to live it, speak it, breathe it everywhere we go. We have gone to great lengths to live within walking distance to where we work. Not everyone can do this but it doesn't hurt if you can do it...find a niche and minimize. It's a great feeling to rid one self of "stuff". We all have so much "stuff". We may be surrounded by a sea of moronic shoppers who will never get it but living by example does create food for thought. It's a gradual thing and everyone has to work at it at their own individual pace. Although it could all be a mute point to even try, I'd rather live out my days in this effort than become part of the slime. So for now I'm becoming a flintstone and thinking of how to put solar panels on our old 4 cyl. volvo.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Senator Biden just sent an email around stating that we should withdraw from Iraq but do it so that we give the interim government a chance. To me it seems like they might have a better chance if we get out now. Reading your website I would think we should get out now although obviously people want the oil protected. I read Tom Clancy and General Zinni's book: Battle Ready. Even though Tom Clancy is a die hard republican, in this book Zinni tells how they talk to all nations involved and plan for the peace ahead and told the administration that Iraq was not feasible. He says it is naive to think we can just walk away from world situations and mind our own business kind of thing. (stated differently) Personally I wish that is what we could do. Obviously it would be good to get prepared for oil collapse although it seems maybe too late. I would like to know what Stan Goff thinks about Biden's position as he seems to be raising a momentum towards the next eleection-if we get that far.

Rice Farmer said...

The price of regular gasoline has hit a new high in Japan, at 143.7 yen/liter (national average), which beats even the 142 yen/liter record set 15 years ago when Iraq invaded Kuwait. News reports say that there is currently no end in sight for petroleum product price rises.

Green2Go said...

Just wondering if any of the FTW staff or readers have comments about the BP Prudhoe Bay Oil situation.
Interesting theories in the Blog-World...

and in the news..."BP yet to decide on west Prudhoe oil after govt OK" at

Is this just more BP shenanigans? Or is it a slick move to cover for bigger problems...

"BP PRUDHOE BAY ROYALTY TRUST (BPT) Form: 10-K Filing Date: 3/16/2006:
Production from the Prudhoe Bay field has declined over the past five years. The average well production rate was about 546 barrels of oil per day in 2001, 375 barrels per day in 2002, 350 barrels per day in 2003, 317 barrels per day in 2004 and 293 barrels per day in 2005."

Hello...? Is there anybody in there?


FTW admin said...

sent in by an extremely well-informed reader:

I don't have anything to add to the cryptogon post - other than to
point out the reason Bush wants to drill in ANWR is that Prudhoe Bay
is past peak. But neither the Republicans nor the Sierra Club will
mention that.

Green2Go said...

Right. Thanks for the response. As a newbie to PO (little over a year) and as a former member of the many naive closed ears and eyes citizens of the US, it is so disheartening to realize all the information that is being kept from us, all the plotting and planning from the elites, and the ineptness of main stream media to put 2 and 2 together.

Green2Go said...

Related to BP and other major issues...the August 15th FTW article, OPERATION “SLOW BURN?”
written by Michael Kane and research by Jenna Orkin