Thursday, August 17, 2006

Message from Mike Ruppert

To all of our wonderful blogging companeros:

I just wanted to say that your strength love and support have been felt and greatly appreciated by me over these last two months. I have never really gotten to touch, taste and feel all of the love and support that´s out there. As trying as the present times are for me, I do feel -- for the first time in a long time -- that there are new possibilities to be more effective in front of me that weren´t there before.

A different world is possible. A better world is possible.

If for no other reason than all the crap that´s been thrown at FTW in the last two years we can see this as proof that we are making a difference and we are reaching people´s minds and hearts.

I can´t tell you all how great Carolyn Baker, Mike Kane and Stan Goff have been performing. In a way, my leaving a vacuum has created a void that they´re filling magnificently. The wonderful Jenna Orkin remains a blessing far greater than a mere mortal like me has a right to expect.

I´m not dead yet and I´m not out of the game. I´m evolving. And you can expect me to pop up like one of those gophers in a penny arcade machine, all over the place, just never again in the US. The world is now my country.

My love and gratitude to all of you.

Mike Ruppert


Anne said...


I am heartsick yet not suprised. I have feared something like this for days now. Please know that you have changed many lives and minds and what you have done is spreading.

Stay safe and may God be with you.


kathud54 said...


I wish you only wonderful days, wherever you are. You and your book has changed my life forever. My whole world was turned upside down only about six months ago as I slowly came out of the fog and discovered what my government has been doing to all of us. I didn't sleep for weeks. It was like I woke up on another planet, my "normal" world completely gone. I have read and researched until my eyeballs felt bloody. I have felt hopeless that no one is going to listen. Everyone is like zombies walking around, just like I was. Thank you for everything you have given me. We are about the same age and I identify with what you have been through. While on vacation a few weeks ago in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, a Mayan astrologer told me that the stars are in the exact same position every 52 years. I will turn 52 on September 11, and I believe it will be a very significant birthday for me. Good luck and God bless.


Rice Farmer said...


Sorry to see that you have, shall we say, skipped the country, but now you are on the outside looking in, as I am, and I guarantee you will get a whole new perspective. The lies seem so transparent from an external vantage point, which contrasts startlingly with the fog of propaganda that envelops my mind whenever visiting the US. It's one hell of a smoke-and-mirrors job, but FTW has been doing a wonderful job of cutting through the crap.

I hope you will regularly stay in touch through the FTW site or through this blog and give us your news and views.

Ron said...

Less than 3 weeks from the 5th anniversary of 9/11/2001 and we learn of Mike Ruppert's exile.

I trust he will continue to contribute to the fight against the real terror eminating from the Neo-Cons from his base in Caracas or where ever he winds up.

Howlin_Dog said...


All I can say is Wow! I am sorry it had to happen the way it happen, but I am very happy for you to be moving on and having the intestinal fortitude to do what needed to be done. Thanks for all you have done and I am sure will continue to do.

Give em Hell... but find some peace.

Gail said...

Dear Mike:

You changed my life also. I have never trusted the system since the days of the Warren Commission. I was young then and the cover-up made a big impression on me.

Reading Crossing the Rubicon brought together so many pieces of the puzzle. It is truly a map of the real world, and we need to know just what kind of world we truly live in. Then we can step forward...maybe not in this country, but move forward to something different and better for all of us.

I believe there is an order to the universe, which I perceive to be a a benevolent force. I am glad you are safe, and I know you will keep on working for what you believe in. I wish for you, happiness.

You are successful in what you have been trying to do. Those of us who read FTW's work are growing and we are no small group now. We will keep directing others to your map of the real world. You have saved lives, much more than you know.

Godspeed, and Blessings


FreeAcre said...

Holy Shit, Mike! I've been reading your site every day for almost two years now, and felt like a friend, even though we have never met. I certainly understand the step you have taken and wish you all the very best. But, I have to admit, that I am bummed. It was a comfort to me that you moved to Ashland, only across the Cascades from our home. Now you are in Caracas! Man, that is going to take some getting used to. It will be real interesting to see how your perspective changes from there. One can only hope that it doesn't take too long to get set up and filing messages again. I sure hope that you are joined by many friends and I pray for your safety and peace of mind. My peace of mind, however, is shaken. Maybe we should all be getting passports...Take care, Mike. Kudos to the FTW staff. Please keep up the good work.

allbetsroff said...


Your adept senses and inherent ability to think well, and achieve objectivity under fire, have served us so well, and as the gift of a robinhood, your beacon, that of a scout, far, far out in front of our own sleepy-eyed steps forward, from deep in the wilderness, has bestowed that scent of truth - so long invisible yet now so vivid.

I thank you.


Mary Brown said...

Hi Mike-

My husband and I have been following you and FTW for many years. You are the reason we started questioning 9/11 and researching Peak Oil. In our 2 hour commute home from work we would always read a printout from FTW and discuss the various issues presented.

I think it's safe to say we love you. You did the TOTALLY right thing both from a moral and safety perspective. I wish we had the courage to follow your example.

Mike (my husband)and I were looking forward to moving up to Corvallis, OR partly because we there'd be some good folks in Ashland :-)

Please take care. We will continue to support FTW verbally and financially.

We wish you the best!


Dan Dashnaw said...

Keep safe. best wishes. You will always be in our thoughts.

casecore said...

My only regret is... that I wasn't in your large suitcase. I have been looking for a country or another world for several years now. I was suprised when you moved to Ashland...thought the move from LA would have been offshore. Very interesting choice as I look forward to your interviews with Hugo. PS....your new look suits you. All the best

metamars said...


My best wishes to you in the next stage of your life. Know that your courage and ethics has inspired many. And do tell Hugo Chavez, from me, that if he doesn't give you a good job, then he's a dummy - the Spanish word is "estupido" :-) (BTW, I'm quite fond of Chavez, if for no other reason than that he fearlessly speaks his mind. That's EXTREMELY rare for a politician of any stripe.)

I have not quite so negative a take on the US as you, but neither am I sanguine at the prospects for avoiding increasing fascism. One of the striking things about US government black ops - including and especially those that victimize Americans - is that almost never is there accountability. I find it fascinating that a member of the US Congress is (seemingly) more likely to get jail time or a ruined career than that we will even know the NAMES of the perpetrators of the US's dark deeds.

It is for this reason that I have urged 911 activists not to set their hearts on "bringing justice" to the 911 perpetrators, presumably after another investigation by agencies of the US Government. Any such re-investigation is likely to be yet another white-wash. As you yourself have said: "Where are you going to bring this (evidence; court action) to?"

I think it's more important that there be wide-spread recognition of just how corrupt the US Government is. Yes, many people have an inkling, but are in denial or are cowardly. However, there are just too many decent people who feel that, while things are bad, they can be made better, for me to give up totally on change from within. And no, they do not know even 1% of these dark deeds that you are aware of.

Should there come about a sufficiently great epiphany of how much evil their government has perpetuated, and how their tax dollars were used for those ends and thus, they have a certain measure of responsibility, we can THEN decide whether the populace in a sense deserves tyranny, via their acquiescence, or not.

I believe I sent a link to you long ago, but my thoughts along these lines were expressed in a post I made called "On Martin Luther and 911". ( See )

Even though your new country is the world, know that you are a bona fide AMERICAN hero, and I just wish to God that the country had deserved you, by responding more affirmatively to your message.

Your (old) country may have failed you, but you did not fail it.

Be well and God bless,

Rice Farmer said...

I just recalled that a few months ago Wayne Madsen reported that Chavez is interested in holding an international 9/11 inquiry. If this actually happens (or has it already? -- I haven't heard news of this since), then the perfect person to head up the inquiry is close at hand.

Recently there is increased attention on 9/11. Bill Christison is the latest Significant Person to wake up. The problem is, they are not asking questions about the war games. To that end, I have been urging these people to shift their focus.

The interest is there, and we must strike while the iron is hot.

I have no illusions that Bush et al. will ever be tried in a court of law, but it is still possible that the Court of Public Opinion (i.e., an enraged populace) could drive them from power.

Certainly the world is going down the tubes, and there are big survival challenges bearing down on us. Nevertheless, exposing 9/11 could be a major catalyst for change, and I hope Mike will help keep up the pressure.

Abel Ashes said...

You have always lead by example and, although you don't mention it in your farewell article, the fact is that it may be a matter of self preservation that other Americans follow your lead.

This move to connect "9/11 Truth" with al-Qaeda is an ominous sign of things to come.Within the next few years there is sure to be a huge increase in sweeping false arrests and the U.S. population is so overwhelmingly infantile that I'm almost as afraid of how my neighbors will react as the oil crisis worsens as I am of the government repression that is sure to only increase.

I wish you the best.

Elaine Supkis said...

Mike, remember when we talked back in 1999? About the CIA?

I don't know if you remember me anymore. But I was also heavily involved the the Hatfield affair, being the one who strenously warned him to NOT go on his book tour alone but skip it in July, 2001, right after he wrote his article about bin Laden using hijacked airplanes to attack American cities...and then the FBI visited him and he 'committed suicide'.

Maybe that will ring a bell.

Anyway, yes, they are trying desperately to get us shoved into WWIII now, it is quite naked.

When you had your problems before, I said nothing because you seemed to have gotten a handle on it, as you well know, I live on a mountain with my horses and chickens and solar energy stuff, etc. You wanted that, too.

If you need to talk to me, my email is still I hope you still want to talk. You are now swimming in international waters.

Elaine, the CIA kid who is the black sheep (gads, for real)

Mike Tattoo said...


You ever think about asking Hugo for a job ?

The idea of you being a foreign diplomat that the United States would have to deal with just struck me as brilliant on several different levels.

Take care -

Mike Tattoo

irur2rs said...

I just read "By the Light of a Burning Bridge." I am sad to learn of this happening. You will be missed, greatly missed, just as you are greatly admired. I have a Passport and have often thought this same thing. It may be the best decision. Why stay and be just another Ugly American - and now more so than ever! The heart of the USA is weak, and she is near cardiac arrest. Shock may be her only hope for stimulus and revitalization. Americans have fed her too rich and too greedy a diet, and have not exercised healthy activity to keep her strong. We are headed for a painful disabling demise. It could come suddenly, or it may weaken us until we can no longer fend for ourselves. Artificially replacing the damage is temporary. So then is transplantation our only hope for survival? Let a new healthy lifestyle lead us to turning the tables on corruption and discrimination. We must no longer accept fitness for a few. Wake up - localize - buy down and starve the system of your further support. We are consumers of democracy, and we have been spending without vision. To keep hope alive we must first demand of ourselves to make a change of "heart."

COMSEUR said...

Being a somewhat infrequent visitor to From The Wilderness, I've just got the news today (still catching up).

So sorry to hear about your leaving CONUS, but probably the best choice. From the Outside looking In, you will have a better and wider perception, still! : )

I'd like to thank you for writing Crossing the Rubicon, one of the most fascinating and eye-opening books I've read so far.

I don't know the whole story yet, but hope that FTW will continue the good work and that we all hear from you soon.

Here's wishing you all the best in your new home!

Best regards & stay safe
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you...

Paracelsus said...

Dear Mike,

Wow! I wasn't expecting this at all, but now you've done it I guess after what happened to you it makes sense. I can't begin to thank you for everything you've done for me over the years, you have been the ONE voice I know I can always trust. I've read FTW everyday if possible since 2001 and have become an enlightened human through your struggles and hardships with your country, you have never ceased to inspire me and educate me and show me that integrity and honesty are not just words, they are embodied in your life and mind and I have loved you for many years. I cried like a kid when I just read that you have moved to Venezuela, but a man's gotta do and all that, and I think you've chosen wisely, I've thought about moving there myself! Good luck and God bless in your new life with Hugo, have you thought about applying for the post of Foreign Secretary?
Maybe one day I will be able to shake your hand and thank you personally from the bottom of my heart.

Love and hope from the UK


FTW admin said...

pierre has left a new comment on your post "Message from Mike Ruppert":

[ftw admin translates: thank you mike, you make me think more and more about 'the idiot' by dostoevsky. [pierre is not calling mike an idiot. if memory serves, which it doesn't very well, the book is about an innocent.] a role i know well. it's been mine for a long time. you have my admiration and my gratitude.

Merci Mike ,
vous me faites de plus en plus penser à l'Idiot de Dostoïevsky .
Un rôle que je connais bien : c'est le mien depuis toujours .
Recevez mon admiration et ma gratitude,
Pierre Monplaisir

Anonymous said...

This move caught me off gaurd, Mike. I'm another one of those guys whom you've never met, yet you've impacted me and my life considerably. Thank you.

You've made a very difficult decision. Please remember as the coming days turn into weeks that you have more support than you'll ever realize.

I look forward to see your work at FTW continue. I'm trying to navigate a large family and young kids through this mess and your sage efforts have been monumental in helping me to cut that path.

God Bless you and keep safe!

Bankley said...

Vaya con Dios, Michael. May you sleep better and not have to look over your shoulder as often. You picked a good place to start your exile, but I'm sure that you gave this decision much thought. May El Presidente Chavez welcome you warmly and avail himself of your talents and knowledge. The struggle for truth and justice continues, no matter what our geographic location. It's all the same boat. May you have many great adventures and make lots of new friends. Life=Hope. Thanks, much love ..... Ron

Edward said...

Wonderful Jenna deleted my last comment, oh well. I'd like to say this - I think the MSM is chewing around the edges of 9-11 Truth lately, probably to scare the Administration into pulling back a little. Not that I think they'll ever fully go into it. The NYT had an article about a professor that covers 9-11 alternate explanations in his class. They didn't go into detail though. Lou Dobbs covered all the post 9-11 lies told by the government. Didn't go into the particulars of what happened on 9-11 itself. But there's a lot in what they don't say. It proves to me that they do, in fact, KNOW.

Green2Go said...

What an emotional day yesterday was for me as I read your message. First I was shocked and then filled with understanding yet sorrow. Crossing the Rubicon was the book that removed the veil of ignorance from my mind. I give you the credit for changing my life -- in many ways and definitely for the better. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as they have been since I found you through your book and your website. You are a hero to many people and I hope you continue to bring us the truth. Wishing you all the best. Please be safe.

Donna (aka Green2Go)

Raviolissimo said...

a move like this is like bare-rooting a plant.

not many plants can survive a bare-rooting. Washingtonia Robustus, the common palm tree you see in Southern California, is routinely bare-rooted during transport.

i hope Mike's physical health is akin to the W. Robustus.

but - in anticipation of speed bumps -

when i moved to Canada i had 10 cavities within 2 months. i ate a healthy diet, and continued to exercise, BUT - i could see the cavities in the bathroom mirror.

i'm not sure if the male dental hygienist was on commission. the first session was like the dentist torture session in Marathon Man. i ended up paying $2000 for the filling of 13 cavities.

the best answer i got was - stress can turn your saliva more acidic.

i suggest pre-emptive action in anticipation of the next moment when Mike blinds pResident Bu$h with his smile -
* take calcium supplements. no, this is not a CIA initiative to infiltrate all the calcium bottles at all the health food stores in Venezuela with poison calcium.
* take cod-liver oil. it's cheaper than all those "Triple Omega" supplements.
* take multi-vitamins.
* force yourself to eat 10-15 different fruits & vegetables EVERY DAY. something to do with creating a healthy compost pile in your stomach.

i hope the transition is as low-stress as possible, and i know from experience that that means Sending Mike Money ... because being in a foreign land with no money, knowing few people, can be very scary.

i trust that the same intuition that allowed Mike to read the Forest Service lady the morning after the FTW burglary will assist Mike in spotting - and "working" - the American Operatives that step forward to be his New Best Friend.

Raviolissimo said...

Why, not Canada ?

it has a stable currency
it has water, oil reserves
poor people have decent medical care
taxes don't pay for big wars in foreign lands

yet, Mike chose Venezuela.

is it possible that Mike could discuss why he chose, not Canada ? is it too much like an American province ?

Green2Go said...

I can't speak for Mike, but today's news story, "Venezuelan Democracy Looks Alive Despite Doubts" has a paragraph that sure makes Venezuela appealing...

The country's 1999 constitution has at times made Chavez vulnerable, although it also broadened his powers. The constitution allows citizens to petition for a referendum to keep or fire the sitting president.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I was a bit hollow when I first read about your move. Still you will probably be safer than the rest of us...My experiene in a foreign country for two years + is to try to blend as much as possible, to listen and not be American. I know people thought I was French or Irish, not American. It is best if you be careful still.
Hopefully times may change so you might not think of this as a final farewell.
I was thinking of all you have accomplished in your life and how little most of us impact life in comparison. Integrity is the word.
Find the beautiful in every culture but expect differences to jolt you at first.
I think the only hope here is knowledge and communication. If everyone of us gives every one of our friends a relatives the gift of Crossing the Rubicon and other books, perhaps we can spread the word a bit more(whether they like it of not) Just think of that many more people we would reach-especially the younger generation.
I am afraid to say this in case I get hauled off, but I wonder if the generals will do more than speak out eventually....? Yesterday 21 generals and NSA said our admin was undermining us security.....some hope....

Sandy Price said...

Move over Michael. You may have to start a community in Venesuela made up of a lot of us here.

I remember you from the Perot campaign and the job the LAPD tried to do to your name. If you were good enough for Perot you had to be good enough for the rest of us.

I'm hoping for a change of House in November but that may be too much to hope for before the neoconservatives get a chance to destroy what is left of America.

Best of every to you and keep the light on my friend you may have a community looking for you soon.

Lawrence said...


Bravo on your heroic efforts and congratulations on your change of life. You have my full confidence that you will prosper. I, personally, would be happy to contribute directly to your welfare if I could. You have been a great and positive influence for me and are one of the main causes of my moving to the mountains in Vermont -- to be amoungst a sustainable cimmunity. Be well and be in touch.


Spindles said...

I wish you the best of luck my friend. I have followed your work and reserch since 9-11 and have been inspired and transformed by it. Rubicon was Sectacular!! I live in Portland OR, and will miss your frequent visits and lectures here. But I fully appreciate your reasons for getting out. It sickens me to here about the vandalism and tricky traps set toward you, and FTW. But you are a survivor, no doubt. I think the up-coming world wide crash is inevitable regardless of politics. Since the dawn of agriculture it has been approching. But we as a species are still young and naive. Ten thousand years of civilization is nothing. I think the next phase of our evolution will be a positive one born out of the ashes of the crash. It might be afew centuries to realize though, but I am a optimist. I am also rambling... Good luck commrad and best wishes!
Steve Bayless

mrs p said...

Dear Mike,

Good Luck to you, may the Universe guide and protect you. I couldn't help but cry when I read your latest messages. I've often thought you might have to come to this "evolvement". I had this odd feeling Oregon was temporary not even knowing all that FTW had been through, somehow I just knew it was temporary. I guess it's all temporary. Anyway now I'm just bawling! I feel like we've lost a friend and my heart aches. For some time I've wanted to leave here myself. I have a close relative who lives down under. I know someday, not too far off, I will end up there too. Where ever you go, please, please, please take good care of yourself and use great discrimination in who you let close. We love you for all you've done to change the world and wake people up. The Truth will never fade and there's always the beach. Love & hugs, mrs p (janns sister)

Maturin42 said...

Best wishes, Mike. Your writings and fierce commitment to the truth have served as inspiration to me. Your words about the passivity of Americans sting, but I can fully appreciate what you say. There are stirrings of awakening, too late I fear.


Raviolissimo said...

there are times in history when ...

moral behavior is, by definition, not aligned with the Directives of State.

Then, those with a Spark of Humanity, are faced with the dilemma of naked embarassment, merely for speaking out (you DO get used to it. once i was at the Stanford driving range sharing a bucket of balls
with my brother. when it was my turn, i connected solidly, and was so surprised i yelled "Club in the Air ! Club in the Air !" Needless to say, action stopped, all eyes focussed on me, who happened to be
wearing a bathing suit and sandals, whilst everyone glaring and staring at me was wearing their finest de rigeur golfing Togs. America needs a pResident who can spell Gynecomastia.)

but Action involves more than embarassment. Action, in some cases, has been defined as illegal and seditious by the Bush-Cheney administration. Though, admittedly, Bush 41, Reagan, and Clinton made their own unique contributions.

Ellsberg, was in a position to make his own unique contribution, as a Pentagon insider. there will be other insiders, who act according to their moral compass.

what can you do ?
* do not pay taxes to the Bush Cheney government. one legal way
to do this is to reduce your income or to stop making an income ...
which for most people means living on reduced expenses.
* do not loan money to the Bush Cheney government. when you buy
T-Bills, you are loaning money to the Bush Cheney government.
* do not buy the products of companies that pay taxes to the Bush
Cheney government. Dell supports Bush - don't buy Dell. Personkind
lived for a long time without iPods.
* something Unique to you. Ellsberg and Cindy Sheehan are examples
of ordinary people who happened to be in the tragic place, the tragic
right place.
* sponsor a resolution TBD (no number assigned yet) in your city or
state, instructing your elected representatives to create a Legal
Mechanism whereby you can give them the taxes that would have
gone to the Federal government, so that they can administer the
affairs of, for example, the Social Security Administration.
* sponsor a resolution to bring the National Guard in your state
home, to stand at the border, to guard against terrorists. You know,
in case Cheney decides to come to California for a fund-raiser. I am
dubious that any local government would have the guts to do this, it
would mean my ladder-climbing Stanford professors being Honest
enough to recognize Stanford-entrenched Condoleeza Rice for what
she is - a promoter & a defender of this

referring to the rape by US troops of a 14 year old Iraqi girl.
* be honest enough to admit that antiwar protests haven't worked.
* be honest enough to admit that the US government is spreading
hundreds of tons of toxic nuclear waste all over the midEast. it's
almost as if they wanted to kill and weaken all the people who could
exert any democratic control over midEast oil resources. i am referring
to the use of depleted uranium munitions, many of them manufactured
by a company named ATK.

Raviolissimo said...

attempted Haiku

Americans are taking
Bu$hism in the Ass
And Barely Whining Loudly.

Matt Savinar said...


Out of curiosity, how are you able to afford Stanford if you are following your own advice to keep your income below taxable limits? (Which I belive is $8,000/year)

If it's your parents paying for it I can understand why you might think such advice is actually remotely realistic.

Soggy Bottom said...


I cannot thank you enough for the integrity and courage that you have shown over the years. To stand up and be counted, whatever the cost, is something that we all need to do if our world (and not the greedy world of the elites) is to survive.
I wish you all the very best in your new venture. Coping in a totally different and new environment will certainly shake things up for you personally but I am sure you will revel in the new challenge.
Should you, in the future, decide to further your experiences, please try Australia. It may not be the perfect society (is there one, anywhere?) and the present Liberal Government of
John Howard seems intent on embarassing and humiliating most Australians by brown nosing the Bush administration, nevertheless this is a great place to be, and many who know of you would be delighted to have you in the country.
Once again my very best wishes to you.

Georgina R

plaiche said...


We have never met, but like so many posting here and thousands more who are not my life and perspective too have been radically altered by your life's work. I had begun to see that Carolyn and others were leading the charge since the burglary and knew that something was going on. Thank you for keeping us informed as I am sure you realize you mean a great deal to lots of folks. I met some of the FTW crew at Local Solutions here in NYC, and only now do I find myself regretting not taking a minute to interrupt you and say a quick hello.

With that said, you rock for heading to Venezuela. I have daydreamed of relocating there the last year or so as I continue to watch Chavez and the insane world swirling around him. As many have already mentioned you and Chavez would make a great pair. Would that fate would grant you some power and resources is this zany world.

Meanwhile, here's a Spanish lesson for you (it is an easy language to learn):

Bueno suerte en su nuevo medio ambiente. Como Ud yo he pensado en mi mismo como un citizen del mundo hasta mi tiempo trabajando aqui en los estados con mucho hispanohablantes. Ellos me ensenaron espanol. Un gran regalo! Tal vez yo puedo visitar y ayudar con sus lecciones.

Also, a link to a The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; a documentary on Chavez for those interested in learning a bit more about him and his efforts at resistance to the empire:



Piano B said...

I'm an italian journalist and your follower since 2001. I've also bought the Rubicon via Amazon Germany.
When I've heard you're in Venezuela I almost fell from my chair. I was asking myself "what is Mike waiting to flee from his country?" from months. I began to worry for you years ago.
I feel relieved now hearing you're safe and in very good hands. Your country choice was very wise... even if they'll throw trash on you saying you were a spy and so on. Stay there, I'd love to come to see you but Caracas is very far from EU!!! :)
Keep us informed, go on with your work because the world needs Mikey Ruppert, whatever the country he writes from.

Give a kiss to that great Chavez (and yes, subcomandante Marcos is great too, but Mexico is too close..;))

Barbara from Italy

Chandra said...

Dear Mike,
I feel like I am missing a family member left our home. It is sad to know about your exile but deep inside my heart I was wishing that you take steps to protect your valuable life. I came to this country with high hope and dreams but unfortunately saw them shattered right before my eyes everyday. You have brought a light in our lives and knowledge to the ignorance of many but the tyrants are trampling with each God-Given rights. I do not think that this is the land of the free and the home of brave anymore.
God Bless you and I sincerely pray foryour welfare.

Chandra Anand

PPUK said...

Thank you Mike for all you have done to enlighten us best of luck with this next chapter of your life. I doubt you ever intend to visit the UK again but if you're ever stuck overnight at London Heathrow and need lodgings I'd like to think I could help out even though we've never met.

All the best wishes and regards


Theo said...


Best luck in getting used to living in a new place, a new culture. You mentioned in your article that you were trying to get proficient in your spanish. I don't know your level, but I've been having some success learning spanish by using the Pimsleur audio series. There are 3 levels that take you to an intermediate proficiency. You can order it online as a CD or chip which you can transfer to an MP3 player-- it's a great way to take walks and learn the language without books, lists of verb tenses, vocabulary lists, etc. I think myself nowadays that perhaps I might really need these spanish skills sometime soon.

Stay in there. Immigration can be a difficult experience, as the immigrants I've known personally here in the US have shown me. However, I think others might begin to join you as things continue to deteriorate here.

FTW admin said...

Comandante Gringo has left a new comment on your post "Message from Mike Ruppert":

The person who recommended Australia to Mike Ruppert doesn't have a handle on what a police state actually is.

Fact is, Mike Ruppert would be totally at the mercy of the U.S. régime if he went to Oz. In Venezuela at least, U.S. agents are being countered by venezuelan and cuban agents, who have the full resources of the state and most of the people behind them. And so U.S. spoox don't have "home court advantage" there, like they do in ALL the anglo countries: Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.; and the same goes for (in advance of the coming Revolution) the NATO imperial countries in Europa.

Mike went to the right country. Only Cuba would be more secure. But that's still a poor country (speaking narrowly).

So: may Marx be with you in Venezuela, Mike.

FTW admin said...

the following comment is being published with the confidence that readers of "crossing the rubicon" are aware that the integrity and thoroughness of mike ruppert's research and references are more than a match for those of wikipedia.

Smiley073 has left a new comment on your post "Message from Mike Ruppert":

I, like so many of Mike's readers am extremely happy for him. But...

Please, oh please, check your facts before using something that could be regarded as propaganda. I am of course referring to the Mussolini quote.

If you have a look at the wiki reference to "corporatism", it clearly states that the Mussolini quote is most probably an "Internet hoax" (there is even a link to FTW on wiki). I am aware that this could be wrong, but from what I know, it does seem that this statement should not be attributed to someone like Mussolini without bullet-proof evidence.

I've read other things from Mike and his reporters, that I believed to be lacking the rigor of research. Even so, occasionally I refer back to Mike's site to get an alternative view of the world and to see if there is any new media worth purchasing.

I think everyone needs to check their world view every now and then. Don't rely on one source of information. I would still recommend FTW to anyone who is sick of the main stream media, and I would hate to see it go the way of the Dodo.

911 should have been a wake-up call for most people. If we can't learn from history then is there any point in us being here? I remember listening to Australian radio (ABC) a couple of days after 911, when the reporter made the point that there were elements within the US who were claiming that Arabs were responsible for the Oklahoma city bombing. Only a thorough investigation by the FBI was able to track down the real perpetrators. I didn't really think about it again until one and a half years later (thanks to the mind numbing propaganda). The investigation into anthrax debacle (again reported on ABC), and Mike's Oh Lucy time-line woke me from my slumber.

I'm sure Mike's heart is in the right place, but all reporters must be so careful when using "information" like this to make their case. So if you can afford to, don't get that newspaper subscription, purchase a subscription to FTW or buy some of the media.


Aether P. said...

To Michael Ruppert, Citizen of Earth


There's a saying among my people: a kick in the ass is a step ahead; and as far as my own experiences taught me, this happened to be true far more often than I would have expected. I'm still young, but it's me and my kind who this New World Order is after, that’s why I consider myself entitled to an opinion upon how things evolve around.

Mike, I am not at all a rich person, but your struggle certainly is commendable and deserves all the support I could give. I’m telling this in hope that other silent from-the-shadow watchers like me will come out into the light and start supporting FTW. That’s what I shall do. And while the Internet is still "free" and big as we know it, let’s see what we can do to help you on your journey too... You are not alone.

Live long and prosper!


Post Scriptum
1. I think the burglarizing of your office was just a strong message for you, which you got right; and so they won a battle, but not the war.
2. I was born in an Eastern Europe country, where I spent my first 14 years in one of the most stupid communist regimes ever, until "democracy" came crushing upon me and my people. I roamed and lived across Central and Western Europe for about 4 years, till 2000, when I considered this would be enough roaming and I returned to the homeland... After another 3 years, I realized that changes in the hearts of people are really hard to make, and that their mentality obeys to the law of inertia, so away I went. I’ve been living 5,000 miles far from that country for almost 3 years now, in what is to me the most alien culture I could have ever picked. Still alive and well... and so will be you! The bottom line is that I guess I can tell I know how you feel, even though the reasons of our self-exiles are slightly different.
3. Please excuse any language errors that might have slipped in the text above and that are almost inherent to happen to the non-native English speaker who I am. Thank you.

El Tremendo said...
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Judas Disney said...

Good luck and Godspeed. I hope to be joining you soon as a fellow expatriate American in South America.

4aina said...

My wife and I felt sick to our stomach when we heard the news that you had left for good. We met you one year ago at Solfest and I thanked you for your courage and patriotism and we have been loyal subscribers to FTW. We knew there had to be more to the story than meth tweakers breaking in to your office. Unfortunately we fear for your safety more now than ever. We wish you the best and pray for your safety. You told us the ship was sinking, what horrible feeling now that the Captain has abandoned ship and left us aboard. We're building our lifeboat, just hope there's enough time before the neo cons take us all down with them. Hopefully FTW will be able to continue on. God bless you Mike.

Decendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and pioneers of this once great country.

dragonbreath said...

psst, Mike, let me tell you the expats best-kept secret: Saigon, Vietnam. Dont laugh! Its fabulous: tropical weather, great food, friendly people, ridiculously cheap... You can teach English a few hours a day and live like a king. The economy is healthy, theres a fast-growing middle class, AND the people are well-prepared for Peak Oil, having been through severe isolation and depravation in recent decades.
P.S. I am yet another whose life was changed by your little website. Thank you so much.

Stephan Brenninkmeijer said...


I've been investigating world events concerning the road to, and the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks and watched one of your lectures somewhere on the Net. Finally a source who won't speculate (too much) and throws in hard earned research results.

Only one little comment on the JFK assasination footage used at the lecture I saw... that fatal shot came from behind, which you can check on my analysis:

Besides that... I'll be watching your progress, because it affects us all.