Thursday, August 24, 2006

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China's CNOOC Drills Disputed Field
While the world is focussed on the several wars unfolding in the Middle East, rumblings in the Far East between China and Japan have been largely overlooked, understandably so. The irrelevant-sounding disputes about war shrines and text books were indeed just that. The real point of contention was the Chunxiao oil and gas field ('Shirakaba' to the Japanese) in the East China Sea. The field lies a few kilometers west of the Japanese-designated median line so that, Japan says, Chinese drilling there could siphon off gas that properly belongs to Japan. China does not recognize the line, claiming instead that its territory extends to the edge of the continental shelf (an area which, by the way, includes Taiwan.)

A year's worth of talks has effectively just ended with China's taking action. Will this lead to another round of talks or are we instead witnessing a spiral towards conflict?

China to Impose Harsher Penalties for Energy Waste

FBI Identifies Pakistan Terror Camp via Satellite

East Africa: Bin Laden's New Front (Also see: Islamist Rise in E. Africa posted July 4, 2006)

Food Prices Would Soar in Biofuels Switch
The major media are starting to do the math

FTW Featured in The Nation

Mike Ruppert's Soy Gringo etc. (posted at request of Gail so as to start a thread)


Dave Vogel said...

I read the original post by Mary MacElveen and it is quite obvious she is not a FTW subscriber nor has she read Crossing the Rubicon. Ruppert's comments about Michael Moore and Arianna Huffington are well noted. Also of importance (on the FTW website) is the WWII vet's comment that the use of the word "American" referring only to U.S. citizens is indeed offensive to many of the rest of the 2 continent's inhabitants. Unfortunately, we "gringos" don't really have a term like "Estado Unidense" in our lexicon, and "American" is so entrenched in our everyday speech that we can hardly avoid it. I also find it interesting that The Nation would feature FTW's articles when FTW has been so critical of it. Perhaps some at The Nation are beginning to wake up.

kathud54 said...

After reading Mary's post and then Mike's response, I was of the same opinion as Mike. She is the kind of person (or is exhibiting the kind of behavior) that will be left behind. She has no right or room to judge anyone else. Who knows what they have endured? I have discussed with family and friends why so many people are "not interested" in the events that are taking place these days. I came to the conclusion that they are just trying to put food on the table, get their kids to school, and make a living. That is what I have been doing - up until six months ago or so. When I "woke up" from the stupor I was in. I have read, researched, talked to friends, relatives, etc. Most of the time, no one is interested, sadly. I have closed my bank accounts with the big bank, have no credit cards because I'm in debt up to my eyeballs (bad marriage left me in a bad state) and am filing bankruptcy soon (pro se). I have begun to look into buying some gold and silver coins and am trying to get out of debt. I am having my water well in my backyard hooked up to get off the city water. And this is the ultimate sacrifice - quitting Diet Coke! No more of my hard earned money to Coca-Cola Corp. This may all sound trivial to others, but right now it's the best I can do. I am looking into possibly screening a new 9/11 movie here in my hometown - Midland, Texas - GW's hometown. Wish me luck there. This town is 99% Republican. I have plans to get out of this town ASAP - as soon as my daughter graduates high school and gets settled. Anyway, enough of the rambling. Every evening I am in here on the computer reading FTW and other sites trying to learn everything and get ideas about what to do next. I thank God for people like Michael Ruppert who is trying to show us the way. His book opened my eyes to the truth, and to hope - because the truth will set you free - so I've been told.

casecore said...

copvcia...where's Waldo?

I was struck by your comment about "keeping a low profile" in your recent Soy Gringo piece...while disclosing your clandestine location with photos and actually telling the "world" your locale in your Burning Bridge expose...go ahead, call me stupid ...but you may want to stay well ahead of the blackops and stowe away on a Hugo oil tanker bound for China...send me a post card when you make landfall...warm regards.

Lara Braveheart said...

I doubt Jenna would allow my letter of response to Ms. McAlveen to be posted here... understandably. I do not speak for FTW, and posting it here may imply that FTW supports certain aspects of my position.
Some I imagine they do, others not. So I posted it on my blog, if anyone is interested in my suggestion as to how Americans should demonstrate that they are AWAKE, and appreciate their FTW Hubbel telescope!

Gail said...

I too, read the original post, and was offended. I sent her an email which let her know that she missed the point altogether. If she is too busy working on her life to pay attention, then she will go down with the sinking ship.
I have known something was amiss in the U.S. since I was 17, sitting in my English class hearing that JFK had just died. Then there was the Warren Commission, which was as bad as the Kean Commission. In the intervening 43 years, I have watched it all go down hill. The Vietnam War stands out as the one moment in history when people really got out there and let the government know this was absolutely NOT SOMETHING THEY WANTED OR WOULD TOLERATE. I was there for some of these rallys, and I felt good about that. In the Nixon era, there was the press and Woodward and Bernstein. What happened since then? The Corporations took us over, and it became clearer that the Media was using its power to influence. Fraud, deceit, theft, lying and the worst of human behavior all became the order of the day. It was tolerated, and the law did nothing about it. Even our prisons are moneymakers. Is anything NOT about money? Not in this country. I am quite sure we are seen as complacent spoiled brats by a large part of the world. I am not proud to be an American, not anymore. Mike has shown us that the American Dream was just that...a dream, that won't come true, not for us, or our children. We have to create a new and better dream, one in which money is not the end-all, be-all. We need one where human relationships and harmony with nature are the driving forces. No matter what, we either go there, or perish. Money does not make people happy or well adjusted. It just gives them toys to distract themselves from the real tasks of becoming a whole human, with integrity and compassion, and trust and faith. We have a long way to go...if you are reading this, than you have taken the steps necessary for the journey. Thank you Mike for shining the light on the truth we live in, so we can better see our path. Now he needs our help and we all should give it even if you can only afford a little. We can all sqeeze something from our budgets to help continue this work.

Rice Farmer said...

I was discussing the pipeline problem (latest postings on FTW) with some other people, some of whom thought that problems like this, plus profit-mongering by the oil companies, are the real causes of oil shortages and high prices. Well, not everyone is convinced about peak oil!

While I prefer to believe in peak oil -- and get ready to deal with it -- I also see the rusty pipeline problem differently. It's been observed on FTW and elsewhere that the petroleum civilization has grown to incredible size and complexity on cheap, plentiful energy, but now it's no longer possible to maintain it. So, we have roads, bridges, the electrical grid, and other elements of the infrastructure falling into disrepair. Rusting pipelines is just one other thing to add to the list. In other words, instead of an excuse not to believe in peak oil, it's actually another sign that the party is over. Our gluttonous petroleum civilization grew to elephantine proportions, and now the rolls of fat are beginning to rot.

Rice Farmer said...

Take a look at this article by Morgan Reynolds,

in which he takes issue with the research of Steven Jones, who is lately one of the top heros of the 9/11 truth movement. What's important here is not the issue of who's right. Rather, it shows what happens when people start haggling over the physical evidence. And these people are supposedly on the same side!

Michael Caddell said...

I will refrain from opera reviews. Ruppert was wise to go and study, write from where he is at now. We will continue to financially support FTW - if only because they have proved to represent a more realistic program for local resistance to Big Oil's peak oil crisis.

We should not rely on any politicians nor waste time arguing over 911 origins. Many of our neighbors are just now discovering what "denial" is concerning their petro-consumption and the scale of the problem. We live in a rural area of NE Kansas and are teaching our neighbors what they already know, but still motor back and forth from their jobs. They are starting to reassess their tenuous positions with each penny rise in gas costs.

I have few disagreements with FTW, but I must pose this question to all concerned.

Pertaining to FTW's position that an attack on Iran is unlikely.

In light of the horrible destruction of Lebanon by Israel with US manufactured bombs, wouldn't it be better to reconsider your position?

Question to Stan Goff:

While a military land invasion of Iran proper could be unlikely, after the examples of Iraq and Lebanon - Cheney and Rumsfeld obviously prefer a USAF strategy, wouldn't it be similar for Iran?

And, last isn't this the initiation of a horrible example of "demand destruction" on a geopolitical scale?

Raviolissimo said...

how about an FTW "Soy Americano" T-shirt ?

does custom T-shirts. but i'm in no hurry. i would rather get a T-shirt that says "soy americano" from FTW. so you guys get the $$. so Mike R. gets the $$.

is it appropriate to use "return receipt requested" for donations ? i experienced some trepidation in sending a meagre $20 cashier's check, both in using my real name, and in wondering if the U.S. post office is now empowered to seize donations en route to FTW.

FTW admin said...

by 'appropriate' if you mean does it violate someone's sense of etiquette to send a check return receipt requested, i would bet money that it doesn't. thank you!

Lisa Mann said...

I nod, grudgingly, when Mike says "what have American activists really done in the last 30 years?" The history of American activism, up until this generation, was filled with history changing actions of the jarring and subtle variety, from striking miners willing to face down Pinkerton goons with machine guns to young black men facing water cannons... the difference between now and then, sad to say, is that we now believe we have more to lose. Bolivians and Venezuelans who live in the barrios are willing to stand up and fight when necessary, and quietly build their own social institutions as well. Will the American poor have to sink into an inner third-world shanty-town before they stop supporting this system? I tto have grown complacent, fat and lazy.

I have a friend who attended the World Social Forum last year- he said "I completely understand Ruppert's reasoning."

Thanks for the wake up call, Mikey.

Rice Farmer said...

I assume we are all familiar with the 9/11 debunking campaign of Popular Mechanics magazine. The 9/11 truth movement would have done well to simply ignore PM's article on the subject. Instead, people took the bait and have since been bogged down in a fruitless debate about the physical evidence. Now PM appears to be engaged in some kind of national debunking campaign. PM's "fact checker" recently appeared on a Phoenix radio program. You can listen to that segment here:

Why is this worth listening to? Because the program's host cleverly sidestepped the physical-evidence argument and asked a few common-sense questions, to which the "fact checker" had no answers. Clearly he was expecting the host to challenge him on the physical evidence, but got wrong-footed.

Let this be an important lesson for the 9/11 truth movement!

Leslie_Ashland said...


so sorry to hear of your departure. I enjoyed meeting you at the pool and chatting. You split town when I was in Detroit, discussing your book with my dad, and getting him up to speed on peak oil and the cia dealing drugs. He was impressed.

I have admired your work for about a year now, and have seen all your videos at the RVML and I'm making my way across the rube. Thank you for your courage and determination.

What I have read thus far about the events leading up to your departure seems to border on outrageous. Infiltrators, sex, sledgehammers, and sabateurs everywhere. I can only say, as unpleasant as it is, it confirms you are on the right track. If you were merely a blow-hard, they would dis you and leave you alone.

Hope you find a good life down south, and we hope it's not forever. I was going to propose producing a weekly podcast of your reports for subscribers. Maybe someone down there is interested in the gig, that is if you are.



Fast Eddie said...

Gringo - an interesting word. Meaning a Greek. I was in Venezuela in 1983 or so the only time I ever heard that word, when somone exclaimed it from a window as I passed by. It did not make me feel welcome. Neither did the gunfire, military and tense atmosphere. Nonetheless a pretty capital, what I saw of it. What is the connotation of that word to a Venezuelan? If mike wants to go to a much friendlier place for gringos, he should go farther south to Brasil where he will be treated really nicely. Just my opinion.

FTW admin said...

readers should note that the person referring to mike as a 'gringo' is mike himself. it would seem from his two articles so far on the subject, he's extremely happy with his treatment at the hands of the venezuelans.

Howlin_Dog said...

Loretta Lynn sings a song with the words something like “Your not woman enough to take my man.” This seems like the activist community. “I have a better alternative idea than you do!”

Continuing on with this lousy analogy there are two things to learn. First, if the man is playing both women maybe he ain't worth having anyhow. Seems to me that is what Mike is saying about many of the people in the US and Mary is still wanting to lay a little loving on em.

The second thing to learn is if you are the man playing both women, you can loose two ways. If one woman wins and the other gives up, you loose because now your will have to pay retribution for the grief you have caused. Even worse, if they ever start talking, you will really have hell to pay and retribution is not possible at all. The point of this is: Keep em fighting if your playing one against the other. I think the elites seem to be doing a good job at that.

If you found a good one stick with it. Mike and FTW has provided me with very valuable insight about how the world works so there is no reason to not trust his motives at this time. If Mike said things were getting too rough, I believe him. I sometimes don't like the situation and the grief I bring on myself with my mouth. I have only thrown water balloons. Mike has thrown big rocks at them.

Kind of related to this subject is the Morgan Reynolds article puting the bad mouth on Stephen E. Jones. Stephen Jones is what led me to FTW because he convinced me 911 was an inside job. After determining it was an inside job the question of who and why was answered by Mike in “Truth and Lies” and even more so in “Crossing the Rubicon”. Anyhow... Mr. Reynolds states that aluminum glows red at high temperatures. I worked in an aluminum plant it does not. Even aluminum hot enough to melt looks silvery like mercury. This and a couple of other statments tells me Mr. Reynolds does not know what he is talking about and for sure could not put up the $1000 guarantee of accuracy like Mike did.

gohugo said...

What a great move MR has done, moving to the heart of the revolution against this tyranny that has plagued our world for too long.I watched 'the revolution will not be televised' on google video yesterday and was blown away.Ive read a lot on the cia sponsored coup on Chavez and how he is emerging a force to be reckoned with but seeing the images of what happened in the country made it very real, the feeling came through that something incredible is happening in South America. I think he's gone to the right place and I hope to be there one day soon.

gohugo said...

Venezuela is the country that gave Henri Charriere aka Pappillon a place to take refuge and gave him citizenship whilst the French government wanted to lock him up and throw away the key. He lived the rest of his days there with his wife, wrote a smash hit book, which in my opinion (and many others) is one of the greatest true stories of escape and adventure ever written(if you haven't read it check it out)(the movie doesn't do it justice at all). Pappillon talked a lot about the people's hearts, they were open and happy and welcoming, a more pleasent society than his place of birth

El Tremendo said...

Admin: remove my email prior to posting this.


In response to your comments, re:

I am not safe and happy in Caracas. ... I am very low on funds and am hardly having a vacation... I need a safe place to live that doesn´t cost me $70 a day.

I live on Margarita Island, Venezuela, and first of all, you're in the wrong place. Caracas is a whole lot more expensive than Margarita, and a whole lot more dangerous... in fact, it's one of the most dangerous cities on earth.

It's not difficult to find safe housing on Margarita for ~$300 a month, and the communications infrastructure is such that you could run your business from here if you wanted to.

Because of the number of tourists on the island, people of your skin hue blend in well, and because of the tourists there are places where English is spoken. There are also inexpensive language schools to help you adapt to the new environment.

Bottom line- get out of Caracas. If you want to move to Margarita, contact me and I can help.

FTW admin said...

DGSE has left a new comment on your post "CNOOC, China/EnergyWaste; FBI/Pakistan/Terror, E.Africa/BinLaden; FTW/Nation, Soy Gringo;":

I see that my comments on FTW and MCR haven't gone up. Isn't one of the reasons that Mike left the US due to his being unable to speak freely....