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Absurd That It Should Be Necessary To Articulate This

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Absurd That It Should Be Necessary To Articulate This

Jenna Orkin

The response to Mike Ruppert's article By the Light of a Burning Bridge: A Permanent Goodbye to the United States has been wrenching and uplifting. (See comments below his blog posted August 17, 2006.) Readers offer thanks, sage counsel on how to get along in a foreign country and on what to eat. They write in tears and with love. (Those readers should take heart from Mike's article: He is writing as strongly as ever and from a sunnier perspective.)

And then, as night follows day, there are the naysayers.

We cannot expend time or energy putting out the various little fires that have ignited around cyberspace about the bombshell of Mike's relocation to Venezuela. Most will eventually burn out by themselves. But lest silence at this end be misunderstood, a few observations are in order.

Some of the naysayers point out that there are many good people to be found in America.

Indeed there are and from his safer vantage point, Mike will be able to help those people learn. One of the pieces of advice given to mothers on airplanes is: In the event of an emergency, put the oxygen mask over your own mouth before you put one over your baby's. Mike's move is not a desertion but a step in an evolution for those of us who see in what direction the world is heading.

Other critics, laughably, assert that they are more courageous than Mike because they are staying put.

To those people I would ask: Have you faced down the CIA? Were your computers smashed with sledgehammers? Is moving to a foreign country where you know nobody and must make your way with little money in a foreign language an act of cowardice? Were the Jews who left Germany after Kristalnacht cowards? Or is death an intrinsic aspect of your definition of "courageous?"

Doubtless those writers will have comebacks to those questions. A response of silence here should be construed not as acquiescence but as dismissal.


mrs p said...

Doing nothing is easy. Making changes, big decisions, taking risks into unchartered waters; that takes kahunas!

You can't change the wind but you can adjust your sails. We're all on different paths, so to compare, I think, is remedial. Anyone quick to pass judgement on how others "do their life" needs to introspect their own. None of us really have a clue what the guy standing in line next to us at the vegetable stand has been going through. There aren't too many of us who could fly under the scrutiny and exposure Mike has had. It's really a very small world we're in. And for those of us who care, we're all collectively a spark of light in (at the moment) a very dark & misguided planet.

mrs p said...

"My Country" is in my heart and soul and exists now, sadly, only on paper. But no amount of mucking up & destruction will ever destroy the constitutional beliefs so many have died for. We all have to do something to deny what's happening here. We all need to say no in whatever fashion we can muster. And for many that means spending our clams elsewhere. It all ripples out into the soup.

Howlin_Dog said...

Yeah it is absurd that it is necessary, but seems like absurd is the name of the game anymore. Stick a fork in us... we are done.

I have been told that a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It looks like by that definition Mike is definitely sane and I really have to wonder about the rest of us. To the naysayers: How many times should
Mike be set up to fail?

I am seriously wondering what happened to common sense anymore. A
person I work with made the statement: "Why don't those Arabs stand up and fight in the open?" I guess if they had money to be inside tanks and airplanes like we do they would. Duh!

One would think that with more people educated anymore there would be less chance for government to BS us but it seems as if the opposite it true. It looks as if the the British airport liquid terrorism
story was all horseshit, but we don't hear anything about that from the media or even any scientist raising the flags.Flying Toilet Terror

wedge71 said...

Michael Rupert has couragiously done what we all wish to do. He has left the USA. Good Luck to you Michael. You are a voice in the wasteland. Offer us hope that following you as expatriates is not a totally crazed idea. Now you are not only telling us about the politics of the world,but giving us advice on how to escape ourselves. I am ready to go Mike. Take me with you.....

Gail said...

I have no doubt that Mike has done the right thing, and it is not as though he is quitting and giving up. As long as we have the internet, he's right here with us. After that, there are telephones and faxes. There are not many people I would trust with my life and my children's, but I do trust Mike and FTW to light the way. But, I would have to say my heart goes out to him for what he has been through trying to live truthfully and honorably. Some days I have real problems watching the world go on as though nothing much was happening, knowing what I know. I do know many people who are worried, but they don't have a clue how serious it really is, and have less clues what to do about it. I am wondering what will happen before the elections. The NC's seem pretty desperate and if scare tactics aren't working, what then? It's good that those don't work well anymore, but what avenues are left to us to reveal the truth and get someone with a brain running things. I worry that it doesn't preclude another real WACK and then the crackdown on us.

Michael said...

I read Mikes' exit article with "shock and awe". I don't know if I would have the courage to do it...but then again, I've never faced down the CIA or had MY computer smashed. Ever since 9/11 I have been trying to face up to the possibility of my own death by someone else's hand---someone with an American flag sewn on their shoulder---or their faded, dirty baseball cap. Perhaps each of us will find a time and place for our own personal "burning of the bridge". I have ecouraged my daughter to emigrate (I won't say where, but hope it's out of the way enough), and she has, hopefully to a better, if more limited materially, future.

A long time ago, Scott and Helen Nearing (Google it) pondered moving away fromn the states, after they had been marginalized to the point where they could not perform their chosen professions as teachers. Scott Nearing was the first person jailed under the 1919 Espionage Act. They stayed, and created a legacy of sustainability for us to learn from. They were "on station" here. So are we, as best we can be.

kathud54 said...

No one knows what a person has endured until he walks a mile in their shoes. I was saddened at first by Mike's decision, but now am empowered by it. More power to you, Mike! I recently applied for my passport with the intention of taking another vacation to Isla Mujeres, Mexico (a favorite spot). But who knows how handy it may come in? My son said to me recently, "mom, maybe we ought to all just move to Canada." I said "no, dammit, this is MY country and I will go down kicking and screaming." But my views are changing. I am evolving too I think. All in a period of about 6-9 months. What a rollercoaster ride! Hang in there, everyone. Peace and love to all.


Lara Braveheart said...

The World Wins, America Loses a Peak Oil Giant!

PeakOil_RSA Editors Comment: Hopefully Mr Hugo Chavez and Venezuela are clever enough to appreciate their most valuable commodity just arrived in their new land, and it surely isn't all that oil. If not... I sure as hell will fight my government to welcome this pain in the ass to enrich my nation! :-)

Pandabonium said...

I left the USA for good two years ago and have no regrets. In fact life is better in more ways I could have ever anticipated and I too feel a new hope.

Although I am not a public figure like Mike is, I've had my share of negative feedback, mostly by people who are in denial about the situation we all face.

I know how difficult such a decision is to make, but know that Mike will land on his feet and find renewed inner strength and inspiration.

Welcome to the real world Mike. I know you will flourish and continue your success in sharing vital information with your laser like insight.

Rice Farmer said...

I made a suggestion to the FTW staff by email, but would also like to make it here. In response to a question about FTW's DVDs, I was told they have region codes. Since DVDs with North American region codes cannot be viewed on DVD players here, I can't watch FTW DVDs (bummer!). So my suggestion is that henceforth -- unless there is some law preventing this -- FTW have its DVDs made with the region code zero (which, if I am not mistaken, allows them to be played anywhere in the world).

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

It little profits that an idle king,
By this still hearth, among these barren crags,
Match'd with an aged wife, I mete and dole
Unequal laws unto a savage race,
That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me.

I am part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'
Gleams that untravell'd world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in the old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal-temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Rice Farmer said...

Japan prepares first Islamic bonds

In other news from the Japan sector, there are increasing concerns that the recent business upturn is being nipped in the bud by high energy prices.

Green2Go said...

eh... who needs 'em

To all FTW writers, researchers, contributors, admin and technicians --- keep up the good work and don't let the bastards get you down. Spend your energy on achieving your goals -- not theirs.

Don said...

I was not surprised by Mike's departure. In fact I am glad he did this. He certainly can do more good by staying alive. I am hopefull now that Mike will be in a better position to bring us reports that will be even more revealing.

To the critics I say you are typical of the ignorant who speak from the safety and comfort of your homes and would never risk yourselves for any reason.

I am ashamed of what this country now stands for, when good men are murdered or must flee for thier lives for no other reason than exercising their first amendment rights. The Republic is dead and tyrants now rule.

To FTW staff. You are the ones that will be Mike's life line. Our prayers are with you. Hopefully you can prevent any more bad apples from getting access to the inside. God's speed and full steam ahead.

getoned said...

I was a man of mixed emotions when I heard that Mike left U.S.A. for good. My emotions were mixed because I had left U.S.A. in the year 2002, to help my wife with aging parents in Japan. I decided, after learning of Mike, that I would return to America only AFTER the Bush Regime is out of power. Only, now to realize that there is more to the game than just a presidential administration.

I did not learn of Mike Ruppert until I had been here in Japan for 2 years. Then I read "Crossing The Rubicon" (which I also bought for my mother in Atlanta, Ga.). I am now a paid subscriber to FTW and have seen just about every video Mike has done.

I was sad when I read that FTW`s office had been burgularized. And I feared for Mike`s life. Now, I am happy that Mike is more than likely feeling more secure, though I am sad that WE (all expatriates who would rather live in a foreign country than suffer in our own) have to resort to this.

I love you Mike, and wish you the best. Knowing that you will more than likely surface again on the shores of America (as I hope to some day) AFTER she has been taken BACK by her PEOPLE.

FTW admin said...

thank you! yes, exactly: full steam ahead (without wasting water, however.)

and thanks to all readers and those sending in comments. you're the best source of insight, good will, information and renewable energy around.

Anonymous said...

My commitment is to stay in this country. I have children, family, and friends who need knowledge and support in order to get through difficult times. I will always believe that we have the greatest Constitution on earth and that it's liberties are worth staying to defend.

That being said, I find no fault in Mike's decision to leave. He's been threatened, other prominant researchers are dead, and there is no such thing as martyrdom within a sytem of lies and media deception. He made the right choice. Period.

As much as I stand behind my own views and reasons for staying put, if my family was threatened (and removing me threatens my family) I would act in the best interests of self preservation. Unlike Mike, I'm not close to that point.

Regarding the "absurdity", I think it's obvious that many still look at this as a game, or maybe as the minor leagues. Our nations political future is deadly serious and those pulling the strings will accept no legitimate large-scale opposition. For their own sakes, I hope the naysayers smarten up before their audiences grow to large for the corporate cabal's comfort. When that happens, if they don't have the humility to eat their words they'll be eating dirt.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I am frustrated as my family does not see the possible danger we are in and with two children in their late twenties, I think it would be safer to I was thinking upper Vancouver island...but it would still be under the North Amercian military command I suppose? I can't get my children to consider it now but I think I should be prepared? ..have a refuge in case of bombs etc..I am a little afraid that since Bush's popularity goes up with every terrorist attack, that we may be having one before the next election and if they are orchestrating might be in a state like Oregon or Washington rather than the ones we normally think about...Someone previously asked about Canada and so far I have not gotten any good news about it from FTW?

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Pandabonium-just curious-where are you?

Pandabonium said...

Rice Farmer - I live in Japan at present. Before leaving the US I purchased an all region DVD player. We have my collection of region 1 DVDs and my wife's are region 2, so it makes things a lot easier for us.
You might look into that next time you are in the market for a player.

I value your comments here by the way.

Rice Farmer said...

Pandabonium -- Thanks for the tip on DVD players. I'll look into getting an all-region model.

At the same time, I hope FTW will consider my suggestion, as it would make their DVDs viewable to everyone, no matter where.

FTW admin said...

yes rice farmer, your suggestion was duly passed on to relevant staff. thank you.

likewise, btw, to others who've made suggestions.

Gail said...

To Leigh:

I understand the fix you are in. My son is 24 and if they institute a draft they will try to take him. He is a "non-believer", or maybe I should say a young adult who doesn't want his dreams to go down the tubes. I work on him a little at a time, and some of his friends are aware. My daughter, 18, is a believer and will go wherever I think is safe. Personally what I am doing is getting passports, saving money in a safe place, investing in gold and silver, just in case leaving is necessary if/when things get too bad. Plan "A" comes from my looking around at places as described in "Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places", by Joel Skousen, available online. I think as things begin to get worse, the kids won't be so in denial. Sometimes I will just walk in the house and comment about the rising prices at the grocery store or at the gas station, or an offhand comment on the political situation. But if I make a decision to go, and my son doesn't want to do it, I will have to tell him he is welcome anytime he begins to see what is happening. It would be very difficult. Personally, I think he (and maybe yours) will think twice about being so removed from his family. I try not to make it an issue of respecting me. I have also let him know that there may come a time, if things collapse, when he will be stuck where he is. Does he want to be stuck in Florida...NO. Good luck!

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I saw something good on under spirituality:
The Goodlife Center in Harborside Maine-specializes in sustainability, orcharding, herbal medicine workshops of all sorts, carbon workshops, politics etc etc
Also just sent another great email around today on modeling as opposed to being just a thorn and activist

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Gail thanks so much-I too have a son and daughter-she's 26 and he's 28. My son told me he is limiting me to one political email a week. They live less than an hour away. My daughter is a first grade teacher of 35 kids and tells me she doesn't want to live her life in fear and if the economy goes bust the economy goes bust-she lives very simply and no debt and doesn't believe in gifting etc-has adopted a lot of simple life stuff already-does community service etc. My son is a comptroller for his company,works hard, enjoys life...he does like Canada because of the skiing and my husband is from Scotland so he has a British passport-never became American inspite of fact he has lived here 32 years. My daughter got joint citizenship but my son hasn't bothered. He would but too busy. I think British passport is good for Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc as some of his relatives -nieces and nephews-moved there too-still close to China in a land grab-and still susceptible to war under North American command???...I put in for a couple books but haven't gotten them from the library yet-is northern Vancouver island on that list? I'll get it. I am kind of thinking of moving someplace safe they could come as a refuge is so hard...Carolyn Baker's article today is a good one on her .org site about modeling instead of just sending advice all the time..I'm one of those momm's always doing the "advice" ugh I am working on the finances as we were logged oout of the value of our home in a federal disaster area dn my husband's plant shut down in 2001 when the electricity was sold off-we have some ideas of what the corporate machine is about...the hard way...

Pandabonium said...

Leigh McKeirnan - I'm in Japan for now, but will be moving to Fiji next year sometime. You can read/see about it on my blogs (go through my profile). Have many expat friends in many countries. Faced similar issues to your own. Happy to discuss my choices if you like, just drop me an email.

Freespeecher said...

Mike Ruppert is not the first patriot that had to flee his own country and possibly save his life. This particular occurrence only feels strange when that country is the U.S.A.!

We seem to be on a parallel time line with the late 1930's Nazi Germany when obvious storm clouds were amassing on the horizon and allowed those with prescient eyes to make sound decisions.

There were a few posters inquiring about Canada, so I'll include a little information here.

Along our 5,000 mile mutual border, most Canadians reside within one hundred miles of the U.S. border from the Altlantic to the Pacific in a country consisting of only 32,500,000 people and having “free” national health care.

The province of Alberta is the place to be, considering its’ booming economy (oil & gas) and a severe labor shortage in all sectors. ( ) In fact, I hear (unsubstantiated) that MacDonald hamburgers are paying $12 per hour to early teens.

I live in Ontario ( the most populated province but I’d also consider British Columbia ( for those liking a milder winter climate.

The relatively new town of Elliot Lake (50 yrs) located in north-central Ontario & promotes itself as a retirement community since the closing of all the uranium mines. Housing is still rather inexpensive there.

Another former resource town in British Columbia called Tumbler Ridge could be another consideration...

No passports are required for American visitors and you can 'legally' stay for 6 months.

If you're interested in landed immigrant status but I would consider a long-term 'visit' beforehand.

Dan Dashnaw said...

Mike, your response to the activist critique was dead on. She doesn't realize that the elites control most of what passes for debate in the USA. On the other hand, I think you have been far too kind to the pseudo-activist vanguards of the Left. I hope that FTW will offer some pointed essays on how the likes of Michael Moore, and Al Franken's bullshit liberal radio hacks are trying to sell humor, sarcasm and shrill harangues as valuable political analysis. It's like asking the high school class clown to captain the chess club against a team of grand masters. Half the problem with the Left is that they think there is a game they can win. They don't even know what the rules are.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Pandabonium-thank you -will be in touch in few days-taking care of my girlfriend who ahs cancer and also the apples on my tree won't wait any longer.
Free speecher-wow that is great advice I have been waiting and looking ages for..thank you so much

Comandante Gringo said...

Forget about Canada as a refuge from the New World Order. Canada is a vassal state of the U.S. empire, and the state apparatus in Canuckistan is an integral part of the U.S. police state -- and ever eager to please their Masters. And it doesn't matter one whit which political party happens to be occupying the prime minister's office on Parliament Hill.

If north americans want safety from the GESTAPO, they'll have to flee outside the continent. And as Ruppert notes, that doesn't necessarily mean you're safe wherever you end up. Just safer.

Edward said...

Jenna, let's run away! We can visit with Mike awhile in Venezuela and then go to Paraguay and sit in cafes and ruminate if the geezers there are old Nazis who escaped Weisenthal's grasp. Then, off to Argentina where we can read "Nostromo" to each other and drink delectable coffees and prowl the misty campo.

directinfo said...

Naysayers, detractors...

Some are responding to the fear of the unknown, thinking that hitting the messenger will delete the message.

Some are insiders, doing their job, discrediting opponents for "their side", which is the dark side and many of them are unaware of the roots of evil that feed them.

Age of confusion.

Silence is really the best response to these people but I can't give that advice because I don't listen to that advice myself.

Speaking the truth at every opportunity is a growing experience.

In defense of answering the critics: When we learn from our mistakes in defending the truth we strive closer to that truth. How much better off we are than learning how to strive for the lie.

To be silent or to respond?

Perhaps it is one of those case-by-case issues.

If you have the energy, if the forum is right, if some good can come out of it. Why not?

But silence is also a deft weapon of truth. When the deliberate liar is left with nothing except his own words ringing empty in his head, silence is the best alternative to giving a platform to lying detractors.

I leave the best advice to our Matthew 7:6 - "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

WomanFromMarsNotVenus said...

Hey Gail, google "Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places", by Joel Skousen" or just Joel Skousen, both of which I've done.

Meanwhile, to Michael: I bought "Crossing the Rubicon" for a friend at Christmas, and hope you do't continue getting screwed out of your hard-earned royalties.

I will continue to follow your progress in Venezuela, but personally am relocating to a less volatile Caribbean locale. I don't believe the US government will allow Venezuela's Chavez to remain alive much longer, and forsee bloody hell to pay for that...

quarquin said...

hi Mike you can come here to Spain i have place for you You are welcome

quarquin said...

hi mike i follow your job and if you need a new place to live you are welcome here Spain dont dude to get in contact with me; keep on going

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rupert hit the nail right on the head.
When I moved to Holland ten years ago it was the attraction to the Dutch way of life that motivated me. Today I am ashamed to call myself American and duel citizenship is no longer a happy privilege. I’m going Dutch.

Here is my anthem (from the musical Chess). I hope it adds some pride to what you’ve done, Mike. Best of luck.

No man, no madness, though their sad powers may prevail,
can posses/conquer my country’s heart. They rise to fail.
She is eternal long before nation’s lines were drawn.
When no flag flew, where no army stood, my land was born.

And you wonder how I love her through war, death and despair.
She is the constant (for) we who don’t care.
And you wonder will I leave her. But How?
I cross over borders but I’m still there now.

How can I leave her? Where would I start?
Let men’s petty nations tear themselves apart.
My land’s only borders lie around my heart.

Marianna said...

I agree with the persons who have said "what took Mike so long..." I can't imagine how any of you guys at FTW could think you are safe -- especially with a ".gov" agency next door (!!!!???) In reading that, in the “Bridge” article, it occurred to me you might be wise to follow the example of that Israeali company at the WTC, who cut and ran out on their lease a week before the “big day”.. and skeedaddle out of that building? – right, I know, I know, you probably won’t be much safer anywhere else, but possibly …um… less immediately vulnerable?

I keep thinking about the "Dune" mantra. Mike, I, too, give you credit for having stayed in the US, and done the work you have done here, on "American soil," for as long as you have. I am incredibly, incredibly grateful to you, for validating my own cognitive dissonance about the “official story” of 9/11 and the following world events. And for pinpointing, and articulating, the actual issues we are facing in the US right now. You are an astonishing, brilliant human being, (and a mensch, besides).

To those persons who think you are “cutting out,” and that you lack courage (--sheesh!), I would just respond to them that you are simple working your program, with the Serenity Prayer as your guide, just as you, very clearly, always have been—it’s just that it’s boiled, finally, down, to the Wisdom part.

Take good care, Mike.

dns said...

Strange days indeed...

You know, it's funny. I also lived in the Rogue valley of Oregon and lived in Ashland as well. Mike, you and I met once briefly in Ashland. I sold my house, sold my business, and with quite a few tears, regrets, and conflicting feelings left the US in 2005, probably forever.

Until I read your essay I had never been able to articulate exactly the way I felt. You did it beautifully. It is such a complex feeling of emotions to renounce your homeland, even to yourself, that my words are inadequate.

I don't think one person in a thousand can understand what voluntary exile actually means.

I also left the "Freest country on Earth", for a Socialist one. In a country just recovering from our last overseas aggressive folly. With exactly the same feeling you had Mike, although none of the melodrama luckily. We have a lot in common. I remember telling my friends then and them thinking I was nuts, quite a few still do. A few still keep in touch, most don't. The ridicule of my family. (Mildred, does it mean he became a COMMIE!!!)

I left for Asia. I'm still here. It hasn't been a picnic. Learning language totally unlike your own, cultures completely different, food, suffering through racism on a scale not felt in the US in a century. I ask myself "why?" all the time. The answer comes every time I read the news.

The difference is, I can go back if I want. Mike can not. Even though I can, I can't either. There is simply nothing left for me in the US anymore. I feel so sorry for my great nation, but I too feel such a depth of shame of our recent actions, I can not in any conscious, be a part of it anymore. I can not give my tax dollars to a regime involved in genocide. (Sugar coat it any way you want...WE are the Nazis this time.) I can not be a part of a country bent on collapsing itself, and the world around it, in the name of profit.

One thing that has truly staggered me, is the number of people overseas just like myself. You don't see them in the US, but believe me, there are 100,000's of us. All could not stomach it anymore, all refused to be a part of it, all of them left with a silent good-bye. Their voices, like mine, unheard. You said it for all of us, Mike. Thank you.

Mrs P said " You can't change the wind but you can adjust your sails."

So, so true. Here's to you Mike. Around the world, many Americans take heart that someone finally told their story, their anguish, their middle-of-the-night uncertainty and their personal courage.

Strange days indeed...

apachedoll said...

i support mike ruperts views on 9/11 and i beleive that it was done for 3 reasons to give control to the b Administration trying tobecome the global superpower to coverup the goings on of insider trader building 7 being demolished and to gain world control of oil. My question is how do we know that mike is truly alive and not rubbed out by the government and that he is not living in some foreign country?

apachedoll said...

i agree with mikes views on the real reasons 9/11 ocurred 3 reasons being trying to promote the bush administration and america as the sole world superpower to hide the goings on of insider trading thats hy bld 7 was also imploded along with the twin towers, and if america has global control over the oil who can stop that? they needed to give the american people areason to back the war , what better way than to stage a attack at the very heart of america I do have one question though how do we know for sure mike is really alive and living some other country?and that he has not fallen into an early demise?

FTW admin said...

he's alive and well and living in venezuela. we know this because he's still writing for ftw

apachedoll said...

i hope that mike is alive and well but if i was him i wouldnt let anyone know where i was located ,especially after everything he has gone thru /thats what does not make sense to me about him telling people where he is .Big brother has a long arm , i wish there was more i could do as an average american to get the word out. i promote the 9'/ site to anyone who will listen to me, im just an average citizen and i believe in democracy, truth justice and honesty. something i feel we are not being given (truth) about what really happened regarding 9/11. I know one person can make a difference, and i will continue to voice my opinion ,hopefully more americans will do the same that such outcry will be heard that it can no longer be ignored or belittled .

apachedoll said...

i found a very interesting site called featuring alex jones, from what i saw and understand he warned people back in july of 2001 on his show about the coming attacks on the world trade centers and urged people to call the white house and tell them that america would not stand for a false flag tactic and to call off the upcoming act of terrorism that was to come on 9/11 unbelievable!! it makes me so sad the way this country is headed. WE THE PEOPLE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE , OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD, AND WE WILL NOT STAND BY AND HAVE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS STEPPED ON.WE STILL HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THIS COUNTRY AND UNTIL WE DONT MY VOICE WILL BE HEARD AND HOPEFULLY MANY MORE VOICES WILL SPEAK OUT.