Friday, March 05, 2010

Top 10 Debt Time Bombs; Record Drops in Home Value, Peak Foreclosures

From Jenna Orkin

Top 10 debt time bombs
The World's Riskiest Government Bonds
Doug Casey: European Union is going to implode soon
JP Morgan: Terrible news is coming this month
French debt coming under scrutiny
Safety Is Issue as Budget Cuts Free Prisoners
Record Drops In Home Value, Peak Foreclosures
Closing of Rest Stops Stirs Anger in Arizona
NY's Cuomo Is 'Father of Subprime Crisis:' Bove
His aggressive attacks on Wall Street could make him dangerous to the banking sector if he becomes the next governor of New York, well-known banking analyst Dick Bove told CNBC.
Hundreds of NHS wards to be shut in secret plans
Heroic Greek Parliament Just Passed Austerity Measure While Riots Erupt In Athens
Proof That The Greek Rioters Don't Even Know What They're Fighting For
Look What Happened In The UK Housing Market After Government Support Measures Disappeared
White Collar Workers Swarm Amusement Park Looking For Minimum Wage Jobs
Universal Studios Hollywood gets 1100 job applications in one day.
The Latest Derivatives

Australia Oil Output Lowest in 40 Years, Report Says
Saudi Aramco Loses Count, Drills Too Many Wells In Ghawar

White House Land Grab (Washington Times)
Plan to restore bison to US plains
Could germs be making you fat?
Well if so, I sure hope they find a vaccine for it.

Karl Rove: I wasn’t George Bush’s brain
Competition for New White Trash: Male mice sing ultrasonic love songs


Dimitris said...

Just reading this article headline, makes me sick:

Heroic Greek Parliament Just Passed Austerity Measure While Riots Erupt In Athens

Indeed, the "heroes" that used to vote salary increases for themselves in recent past, now perform another daring act. The police outside the parliament performed yet another act of "heroism" the same day (abstract from BBC article):

" ... TV pictures subsequently showed officers spraying gas into the face of veteran left-winger Manolis Glezos, who is in his mid-80s.

Mr Glezos is one of the country's most beloved figures because of his exploits during the World War Two, when he climbed the Acropolis walls to tear down the swastika during the Nazi occupation ..."

I wouldn't be offended more as a Greek if the police have been trhowing grenades at the Parthenon. Maybe MCR is right after all and revolution is brewing in Greece.


eyeballs said...

Business community speaks out once again:

(DEMINT: White House Land Grab)

"A secret administration memo has surfaced revealing plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job- creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development."

Oddly, all those industries are land and capital intensive, but hire only a few workers. In decades gone by, there were huge teams in the woods, pulling down the big ones by hand. Now one operator can harvest acres and acres of little trees with a gargantuan machine.

Senator Jim DeMint, of South Carolina, is not worried about Montana lumberjacks losing work. The key is in the loss to extraction industries. But the real message, totally in line with that of the German barons of industry (who want Greece to sell off its islands because anyone going bankrupt has to do ANYTHING they can to get money and give it to their creditors) comes in the conclusion of DeMint's op-ed.

"If anything, the government should be selling land off, not locking more up.

"The Democratic Congress refused to stop it, but one sure way Americans could help block it is if they decide some Democrats should lose their jobs on November." (sic)

There you have it. Congress should be privatizing Federal lands, and this is going to be a Republican platform plank, if DeMint gets his way. My tongue-in-cheek comment that we'd have to sell off national parks to pay our creditors turns out to be asubstantial possibility.

Trying to make Obama look good?

gamedog said...

Elmo: "Once the Internet goes down, you'll be bouncing off the walls! You won't survive - trust me"

Elmo, if you think you are in the company of lard arsed armchair survivalists, you are grossly mistaken.

The internets, this site included, are research tools. Would you hand scythe 5 acres while your tractor sat idle because someone is going to take the fuel away one day?

Use your tools to the fullest whilst you have them, keep hard copies of important information, build a library whilst you can, and learn from this community while you can.

When they shut down the internets, I won't be bouncing off the walls, I'll have a wry smile, it will be a sure sign we're in the final death throws of this paradigm.

I imagine building a lifeboat would be much easier once people can see the water rising. My boat is floating now, it'll be easier to make it big enough for my whole community once feet start getting wet, I can show them how - I can only do that because MCR showed me why I needed to learn how to years ago.

That is what collapsenet is about, sharing information, learning, watching, teaching, helping each other, and as many people as possible prepare for collapse, always making the best use of resources, making the best use of the tools we have available now.

You have a better plan? We're all ears mate ;)

businessman said...

Regarding the JP Morgan story...LOL...Does anyone else ever remember a sinking national economy being blamed on bad weather?

ecosutra said...

Solar + Water + C02 = Diesel?

Joule Biotechnologies claims that it can produce hydrocarbons without using biomass!

This is a battle. If you are waiting to preserve the modern world with new green technologies and amazing innovations, well that is going to take seizing the banks and creating a Manhattan project for civilization. That has been the idea, and the financial institutions got wind of the energy convention trail innovations. Wall Street panicked and killed the economy because of these innovations in energy independence.

The financial lack of foresight is an act of terror by Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs, and we keep sending them trillions of dollars.
What did we do so bad as a nation to deserve just laying down our rights? Oh ya, we installed brutal regimes around the world to manipulate and terrorize civilization for resources for more than 50 years. Id go back longer, but I do not need too.

I am sickened by civilizations modernity not able to see the fashionable existence that could have been the green energy eco villages. Corporation Soles eliminating the federal tax. Like a church, if you are completely sustainable, you can file as a CS. Did you know that? Where is the expedition?

Josca said...

Seriously, an article written by Jim DeMint? I suppose he doesn't believe Obama is a US citizen either. Normally, enjoy the links here, that one however is surely hyperbole. I mean you do have to take into account the source, right?

v said...

Ron Paul Exposes CIA & Federal Reserve’s drug running business

This was reported 3 days ago:
Webster Tarpley: Bankers in slump plot against euro to save dollar
This was reported 1 year ago:Wall Street’s and the City’s Attempt to Destabilize the EU Banking System and the Euro

Pentagon Shooter Was Right-Wing, Anti-Government Terrorist



kiera said...

Thanks for the article: Could germs be making you fat?

I have no doubt that an imbalance in gut bacteria can cause a change in appetite. But the answer isn't antibiotics; they will just cause further imbalance. When we alter our gut flora, we alter our immune system.

The answer is to restore the balance by eating the way our great grandparents did, every day. Lactofermented foods, good old sauerkraut, pickles, home made yoghurt etc. Please see the work of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. Her GAPS diet should be compulsory reading for prospective parents. This is much more than overeating, it's the reason behind the increase in autism, schizophrenia, allergies, asthma and much more.

agape wins said...

Things are looking up, TRUST ME, I'm your Government/Father; would I lie to you?

And then on to the issue of Gold, the "Fleeing" to, & collapsenet.
MCR talks long & loud about GOLD, but we never hear HOW, why, & wherefore.
We are not buying cabbage at the supermarket, ,Gold is critical, collapsenet has to take responsibility for educating people. DON'T trust what "your broker tells you, HE/they
make Money on both ends. Get the facts, you are buying a Car, be prepared, know in advance
what the Broker is telling you, question, Question, "Read the fine print"! Don't be forced by
Emotion or/and circumstance into buying something you will regret.
When was the last time you Elected someone who was the person you voted for?

When My employer "Divested" their retirement plan into our hands, 4 of 6 of us paid big penalty's,
because they were unprepared for a large sum of money, & they were like the man who lost his car keys & was looking for them under a street light, "because the light was better there"! Two of us made out quite well, because we educated ourselves, I went totally "Self Directed",
while my friend chose a broker. After 2 years of comparing notes he quit his broker, & cut his
commissions in half, he was more aggressive and did better than I did.
After we bought our store I gave My books to a friend, who was a licensed Broker, after a year he
thanked me for the books, & told me how well he was doing (TOO well)!
I told him not to tell me what he was doing, but I thought he was doing something illegal, which he denied!
A year later he was arrested, and got 10 years (got off light), seems he was using other investors money, trading without their permission, he was selling short, & trading in Commodities futures, for which he was not
trained or licensed, & other crimes which I have forgotten. I know 1 person he scammed out of $10,000 US, another lost 42,000 of her husband's money, from a bank CD, naturally she lost her marriage also.
I had no idea who his investors were or he was investing/using their money, & forging statements.

There are people who can Talk the Balls off a Brass Monkey, take care!
MCR was not looking under a street light!

Elmo said...

I think the "White House Land Grab" article (Washington Times) really underlines how "civilized" people think. The whole idea that there is something inherently wrong with the government protecting the environment, and not allowing land to be "opened up to commerce" is probably the most destructive mindset imaginable. It highlights the fact that you'd willingly grind the entire planet into dust, just to make a buck... and WILL, unless someone stops you!

Paul Mineau said...

in regards to "Bank of America warrants sale raises $1.54 billion"

can someone explain what a warrant is?

Tantive said...

The internet would become essential for communication, it is something that needs protecting from the crash.

Elmo said...

@kiera: "Her GAPS diet should be compulsory reading for prospective parents. This is much more than overeating, it's the reason behind the increase in autism, schizophrenia, allergies, asthma and much more."

You're right; but there's another aspect to the problem, which I think has a greater influence.

As I see it; most of the health problems in western civilization arise from our cherished 'lifestyle'. Literally everything we do --from designing our architecture; our transportation; even our food-- we do for the sake of luxury and convenience. We openly state these intentions in our advertising. We paint convenience (laziness) as "desirable", and toil (labor) as "oppressive". "Everyone should be released from the drudgery of everyday living, and have more free time to enjoy life!" yadda... yadda... yadda...

As a result, we now live in a world where half the people are so fat they waddle like ducks (if they can waddle at all)! And they wonder why heart disease is the #1 killer!

businessman said...

As much as I hate to think about it, I believe the Internet will be shut down at some point. It simply allows too much great communication to help people organize and potentially take some of the power back for themselves.

Once things begin getting a lot worse, and people begin getting a lot angrier, I would expect a list of names to begin circulating on the Internet. These would be the names of individuals who the people feel are the root cause of all the horror and devastation they're feeling. And in their mounting anger, large groups of people will then join together on a crusade to find these people and bring them to "justice".

And I don't think the people who will be on that list will want the Internet around to help others both organize and hunt them down.

If the Internet and all of the telephones are shut down, people will be forced to get their information locally from their local citizens and from their elected officials, and from the mainstream media also.

This, in my opinion, would be a situation that the people who really run things would love to bring about when everything finally hits the fan. And they could sell it all to the majority of people by telling us that "terrorists are planning major attacks and are coordinating all their efforts through both the Internet and through our telecommunications systems, and that these systems must all be shut down now in the interest of national security."

Mr. Kowalski said...

I follow the Greece situation, and while a few weeks ago I was quite pessimistic, I'm a tad more positive than before (this year at least). They had a successful $5bln bond auction and their parlaiment passed some more budget cuts. But with Greece there always exists the possibility of social unrest and the always tempting act of simply flipping your creditors the bird. 93% of the calm and nordic people of Iceland voted last week to do just that. Whats at stake is not just Greek Gov't debt, but also Greek banks debt.. and worse, the credit default swaps on both of these. As distasteful as it would be, the easiest way out for the rest of the EU would be to simply forgive Greek debt for each good act of budget cuts.

Elmo said...

@businessman: "...I believe the Internet will be shut down at some point. It simply allows too much great communication to help people organize..."

Ya! Never mind how much fuel it takes to run the Internet; or how the public will be the first to be denied access, once that fuel runs low!

Paul Mineau said...

On the topic of the Internet surviving. I was just recently convinced we'll have Internet through the worst, even nuclear events, because the Internet was designed to survive nuclear events. However, I don't think the infrastructure will be in tact everywhere.

My career is basically dependent on the internet and its the most painful thing to let go. I no longer think we can count on it.

I have yet to see a single technology company recognize that global economic collapse is upon us, that oil production may have peaked, and what the company can do to keep its services operating.

Every company should be drafting plans. Heck the Hirsch report says Oil production peaks in 2020 and it takes 30 years to build an infrastructure, everyone believes the government, so why isn't any technology company talking about how we keep the network up?

Perhaps we can send data streams over Short wave radio, get enough repeaters in place, so we can send messages even when the Internet goes down.