Monday, March 22, 2010

Peak Risks in UK: Soaring Oil Prices or Al Qaeda; Wave of Airline Strikes Sweeps Europe

From Jenna Orkin

U.S. Government Exposes Its Own Oil Supply And Demand Data To Be Completely Flawed Energy minister will hold summit to calm rising fears over peak oil
Amrita Sen, an oil analyst at Barclays Capital, believes the price of crude could pass $100 this year and reach nearly $140 by 2015. Francisco Blanch, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, has speculated it could hit $150 within four years.

Leggett says all these scenarios could be much too optimistic. He is convinced that Britain must prepare as quickly as possible for a situation when oil becomes so expensive that international trade is hampered and globalisation breaks down.
Nuclear terror risk to Britain from Al-Qaeda

Politics and Peak Energy
F.D.A. Asks Pediatricians to Stop Using a Diarrhea Vaccine for Now
Although there is no evidence of harm, government officials want to know why pieces of a pig virus are in the vaccine.
Next Big Issue? Social Security Pops Up Again
Was that "pop" as in a bubble popping?

Obama Paying More Than Buffett as Treasuries Show U.S. Losing AAA Stature
Once Again, Moody's Is Behind The Curve, As The Debt Market Has Already "Downgraded" The US From AAA
Inflation Issuance Hits Record $200 Billion; Predictably Wrong Hyperinflation Calls; Ducks in a Row
Junk Bond Sales Increase to Highest Before 2007's Seizure: Credit Markets
The Next Crisis is ... a Labor Shortage?
Underemployment At Record 20% According To Gallup - from Rice Farmer
Bank Of America: Why This Bond Market Measure Could Be The Canary In The Coalmine
Obama's health care bill may be 'Pyrrhic victory'
Political courage or electoral suicide?
Obama to `Spread the Wealth Around' as Health-Care Bill Imposes New Taxes Stealth Taxes Rise
Insiders Remain Sellers of the Rally - from Rice Farmer
Stimulus Plan for Rail Line Shows System of Weak Links
Secret Service Investigating a Conservative's Obama Assassination Tweets

Stunner: China Set To Announce Record Trade DEFICIT In March - from Rice Farmer
Wave of Airline Strikes Sweeps Europe
500 soldiers face sack amid funding crisis
Projects and personnel to be hit as MoD attempts to plug funding shortfall, which may be anything up to £80bn, MPs warn
Job fears as light tanks contract goes to US
German coalition agrees on levy for bank bailouts
Why April Will Be A Huge Test For The PIIGS
Russian diplomat sees U.S. arms pact in days
Labor shortage exceeds 2 mln in Pearl River delta
Ghana invite Malaysia in oil exploration

Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells - from Rice Farmer
From Secrecy News:
Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment
An extensive compilation of official documents, policy advocacy statements, and assorted commentary on the U.S. decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003 is presented in "The Iraq Papers," a new book from Oxford University Press.

The longstanding conflict over press publication of national security information is revisited in the forthcoming book "Necessary Secrets" by Gabriel Schoenfeld (Norton Books, May 2010).

Beijing is in environmental meltdown
Air Pollution Hits Record High in Hong Kong
Toxic Waters
A series about the worsening pollution in America's waters and regulators' response
Making Water Out of Thin Air

Money 'only makes you happy if you have more than neighbours'


Elmo said...

Politics and Peak Energy

You guys ought to have a permanent link to that article. It really says it all.

Elmo said...

Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells

"Once my concentrated nano-cyborgs have been released into the city's water supply, the minds of the people of Metropolis will be mine to control!"

~ cue diabolical laughter ~

Elmo said...

Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment

Well... At least it explains why whenever The-Powers-That-Be want to silence someone, they always manage to find child pornography on their computers.

Daniel said...

RE: Making Water out of Thin Air
Article Date: Friday, 2 March 2007

c'mon guys, AWG tech is old hat.