Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Latvia Government Collapses; Quarter of Adults Out of Work in UK; China in "Greatest Bubble in History"

From Jenna Orkin

Latvia government collapses
Great Britain Stars in Its Own Greek Tragedy
Quarter of adults out of work - UK
Iraq elections: 'disastrous' dead heat predicted
China in “Greatest Bubble in History”
Jim Rogers Sizes Up Two Global Bubbles
China hints at curbing exports of Lithium and other rare earth compounds

Senators back bill to pressure China on currency
China stands firm on yuan as US ups pressure
HealthCare Premiums Will Decrease 3000%; Obama Needs Remedial Math Lessons; Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty vs. Organizing For America ObamaCare
Canadian Credit Bubble In Pictures
Roubini Worried by 'Runaway Fiscal Deficits'
Jim Rogers: The euro is dead in 20 years
That was the good news, right?
China Planning to Connect High Speed Rail Lines To Europe
More And More State Governments Are Joining The War Against The Banks
Shades of the Civil War.
Strategic Defaults Are Soaring In California, And Now They Might Really Explode
Christie to cut N.J. school aid by $800M; 800 Layoffs in San Bernardino; R.I. Court Upholds Salary Cuts; Lancaster PA Pension Tsunami

Will oil hit $200 a barrel after all?
Coal Beats Solar as Analysts Favor Peabody Amid Shrinking Green Subsidies
India's Richest Man Dying For A Piece Of The U.S. Shale Gas Revolution
THEORY ALSO SAYS ENERGY CONSERVATION DOESN'T HELP (from Elizabeth Miller)'Historic Flooding' Possible in US, NOAA Says
Worst cyclone in decades hits Fiji
Methane May Be Building Under Antarctic Ice
Climate Quick Fix Could Create Toxic Algae Blooms


Elmo said...

Methane May Be Building Under Antarctic Ice
Climate Quick Fix Could Create Toxic Algae Blooms

I'm sorry, but the same people told us: "In the year 2000 we'll have flying cars!"

I don't give much credence to "what-if science". Come to think of it, that's about 90% of all the news articles I've ever read!

Elmo said...

From Strategic Defaults Are Soaring in California..."

"At 66, the retired psychologist doubted she'd see her investment rebound in her lifetime. Plus, she said she was duped into an expensive loan."

LOL!! Psychologist "duped"! These are the same geniuses who were prescribing Ritalin for my ass when I was 10 years old!

Is anyone starting to see why I keep saying we're all doomed?!?! LOL! No, 'cuz you're all "duped"! LMAO!!!!!

ChuckP said...

According to the National Statistics Office the Unemployment rate in England is 7.8%. Where are you getting the number 25%????

Weaseldog said...

I think you got two article mixed up Elmo...

Heck, we were supposed to get flying cars in the 1970s, and clean fusion power!

The iron seeding technology has been researched for decades, for the purpose of increasing commercial fishing catches. I don't recall in those sort of articles that the neuro-toxin problem was brought up.

But then when you're writing about technological magic, you want to minimize the downside.

I wondered how they reconciled plankton blooms to feed fish nurseries with the fact that they produce toxins and deplete oxygen in the water. I guess those researchers that have been working the problem for decades are still trying to crack that nut.

Weaseldog said...

Is Global Warming Unstoppable?

Welcome to the 19th century Garrett.

See Frederick Soddy...

gamedog said...

It's been interesting to watch the various groups playing with the "revolution meme" develop over the last year or so. I wonder what sort of charismatic figurehead will emerge to bring it all together, and where it will all go before their funeral.

here's another example...

We, The People, Call For Total National Strike April 15-18

businessman said...

Since we've been getting a lot of articles posted recently on global warming, again, I think it's really a scam by the people who really run the world. To me it seems like the new Federal Reserve System, in that it involves a complete financial fleecing of all Americans, and people from countries worldwide, under totally false pretenses.

As people in here have pointed out, including gamedog doing an excellent job at this...the data has been so messed up, dubious, manipulated, and tampered with, that it just can't be relied upon to support the conclusions that many global warming advocates want it to.

And when you look at the fact that:

1) Global temperatures many years ago were much higher than they are right now

2) 30,000 scientists have signed a petition stating that global warming is a fraud and the mainstream media won't even let them talk about this on the air

3) The world economy is crashing and the powers that be won't be able to take as much money from us annually by traditional means anymore

4) The Wall Street exchange market for carbon trading is expected to be trillions of dollars annually within the coming years

This all perfectly feeds into the notion that the people who really run things are on to a new way to covertly drain more money out of our pockets and into their own, and make us feel that it's all in the best interest of saving ourselves and the entire world.

There's simply too much going on here...dubious scientific data, methods, theories, and conclusions, along with a mainstream media that won't even allow the other side of the story to be told, to make me think that the true underlying purpose behind global warming is really an altruistic one.

eyeballs said...


How would I really know whether the globe is warming, in general, or not? Climate disruption seems to be real, though, for whatever cause. Stable climates all over the world are going into eratic behavior. We had summer in winter this year, and then a cold snap in spring, followed finally by normal March weather. But anything could still happen. {Remember the golf-ball hailstones last summer?) Also, our town here got A SOLID METER OF RAINFALL IN ONE DAY.

The fact that governments and financial demons are out to make a buck on something does not mean that the entire notion is made up. Frequently, the stuff they profit from is unnecessary or illusory, granted. But the one does not necessarily imply the other. I think the greedy financialists jumped on this because they knew it would create business, if spun the right way. But there maybe really was something to jump on.

Jes m'own 'pinion, man. Aint no doggon scientist. Course, with tens of thousands of highly trained scientists on one side, and tens of thousands on the other, whatcha gon' do, anyway?

businessman said...

eyeballs...I understand. My point is that there isn't enough true scientific evidence to justify the program they're proposing for the entire world...which involves a lot of economic hardship on people while at the same time enriching the elite.

If this massive wealth transfer wasn't part of the entire package around global warming, I seriously doubt that we would be hearing much about global warming in the media. Like most other environmental causes, it would get some attention, but not a lot of it.

Anything that's pro-environment that could slow down the growth of business normally doesn't get much media attention. But in this situation it all comes down to the money going into the "right" pockets. And these pockets in this situation definitely control the media.

Weaseldog said...

Businessman, I agree with your conclusion on business using this as an excuse to line their pockets.

On the other hand, I think the climate science *industry* has likewise been hijacked by big money interests.

Suppose for a moment that climate change is going to lead us to a disaster, what good would it do these folks if we knew the truth?

The way that people stay in power is by keeping us divided. So long as we're arguing with each other, they can rule and steal from us without bother or consequences.

I see the debate and mistrust as a positive thing for them. So long as we remain ignorant, we can't mount any objective movement to control their actions.

OregonSurvivor said...

Enjoying the ongoing discussion. The climate change arguments reinforce my position that it is difficult know anything with certainty. Might I suggest State Of Fear by Michael Chrichton for entertainment with a view to the climate change situation.

Thanks for all the links and posts!

Elmo said...


"There's simply too much going on here...dubious scientific data, methods, theories, and conclusions, along with a mainstream media that won't even allow the other side of the story to be told, to make me think that the true underlying purpose behind global warming is really an altruistic one."

Well, be that as it may, it's hard to ignore the fact that I live in Ohio, where it's been near 70 degrees outside for the past week, and my apple trees are starting to bloom. It's been that way for the last few years now. I've yet to get a good apple harvest because of it. For that reason, I'm given to believe in the whole global warming "scam". I'm still open to any new data on whether or not it has anything to do with human activity,

sensato said...

"the data has been so messed up, dubious, manipulated, and tampered with"

As I understand, continual reassessment of previous work is SOP for scientific research. I also understand that scientists are human and inevitably make errors, just as you and I would. Most everyone might agree on that. What many would argue, sir, is your gross misrepresentation of the scale of error recently identified, in relation to the current understanding of climate.

gamedog said...

What people forget about Global warming, is that it's not, hasn't been since the el nino of 98.

Yeah, the climate is changing..


Tantive said...
Gaming can make a better world

Title that makes you go 'what the deuce!?', but is a good watch nonetheless.

Dean said...

Here's an interesting article. I'm not sure if it's been on the site before but if so it's worth reading again:

eyeballs said...

Gamedog and Businessman,

Much respect for both of you. I am humble enough to see that there is no way I can judge climate data and come to a certain conclusion. Because the vast majority of CLIMATOLOGISTS (as opposed to just "scientists") have been talking about this subject since before carbon credits were invented, I tend to think that the reality of global warming is there, in some form. My assumption is that financialists hijacked this, the way they hijacked rock'n'roll, drugs, God, and many other real things. However, I don't want to argue about it becuase I DO see your point about the funny statistics and the personal motives of say, Al Gore and a lot of scientists and financial people.

However, on "global weirding", the relatively sudden unhinging of our hitherto relatively stable climate, I must object that things are, in fact, much more unstable today. True, there was a mini-ice age in the sixteenth century or something, and odd weather events have happened around the world forever. But Weather as I was growing up (and I talk to really old people about this, and they agree) was relatively predictable. It was cold in winter and hot in summer. It rained (usually) at a particular time, and not at other times. Snowfall in the Willamette Valley used to be much heavier and the temperature colder in winter. A meter of rain in one day, even in Taiwan, is unheard of. And, although I don't really know that much about it, ocean events such as el Nino did not, as I understand it, occur with the same frequency in the past. Apparently the coral really are dying in a lot of places. The Arctic really is melting.

So, although I know I cannot "do the math" (or the science) and I know that those who can are divided on the issue, I have my empirical evidence to go on (cautiously). And that tells me that SOMETHING really is happening, that wasn't happening before. A study of temperatures and precipitation in your own area, whether made from published statistics or from the testimony of your neighbors, might easily reveal a newness about climate change, and some accelleration. IMHO.

Jenna Orkin said...

I'm sorry to see this blog so far off track at such a critical moment. Snap out of it!


Simon said...

With respect MCR, carbon economy may not be so far off map. It may well be part of the end game.
That aside, interesting that your president Obama has seen fit to postpone his trip down south to see us Aussies for a little while.
Maybe he anticipates being a tad distracted for a month or two? An attack on Iran perhaps?

businessman said...

If we're not open to discussion in here on global warming when articles on global warming are being posted on the main page, that, in my opinion, is out of line.

Elmo said...


"I'm sorry to see this blog so far off track at such a critical moment. Snap out of it!"

Hey... We're not the ones picking the articles!