Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mumbai Attacker's Ties to US to Remain Classified; Arab League Prepares Alternative to Peace Process

From Jenna Orkin

CBO Report: U.S. National debt will rise to 90% of GDP
Greenspan Calls Treasury Yields ‘Canary in the Mine’
Bond Market Verdict: Treasuries Riskier Than Toilet Paper! - from Rice Farmer
Arab League Prepares Alternative to Peace Process
Gulf sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan missing after plane crash
More heroin and marijuana flowing into the U.S.
Unemployment Rises In 27 States, Drops In 7 States
212,000 to lose jobless benefits April 5 - from Rice Farmer
4-Day School Weeks Coming To Illinois
Defence industry warning
Britain's £35bn defence industry at risk of shrinking by up to 70pc.
Third of flights cut as union warns of more strikes
Fifteen New Taxes in Healthcare Bill
Lawsuit Re Boondoggle for Special Interests in Healthcare Bill
Former militiaman unapologetic for calls to vandalize offices over health care - from Rice Farmer
"He said he believes throwing bricks through windows sends a warning to Democratic lawmakers that the health-care reform legislation they passed Sunday has caused so much unrest that it could result in a civil war."'
'Texas schoolbook massacre' rewrites American history
Here's Why Everyone's Freaking Out About The End Of Fed Mortgage Buying
Stimulus Funds Went to Nonexistant Zip Codes (January)
Bankers named suspected conspirators in muni case

Venezuela's Chavez Decrees Creation of Russia-Pdvsa Venture
Domestic Gas to Lose Subsidies Business The Moscow Times
What You Need To Know About The State Of The South Korean Economy

Mumbai Attacker's Ties to US Intelligence to Remain Classified
State Dept. Says Drone Attacks Are Legit Self-Defense
Thai protesters surround PM's office
New RFID Tag Could Mean the End of Bar Codes
UK Police Ask Internet Cafes to Snoop on Customers
Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL
Psychiatric Drugs in Military
May explain some of the suicides.

Earth Entering New Age of Geological Time
"...we are in the train of producing a catastrophic mass extinction to rival the five previous great losses of species and organisms in Earth’s geological past.”
France to Scrap Carbon Tax; Wants an EU-Wide Levy
Australia Prepares Swine Flu Shots from Stockpile


businessman said...

I'm so intrigued that the passage of the healthcare bill here in the U.S. is getting people to react with violence. Apparently bailing out the bankers with trillions of dollars was far more acceptable.

Raymond said...

can someone explain what is the perceived trojan horse in the health care bill? is there is some form of patriot act legislation weaved into it? its getting lots of positive airplay in the australian msm but this blog headlines point to a different view on things.

Jenna Orkin said...

johnntboydakota wrote to raymond (in part)

It is such a large bill it will take time to read and react to all that is in it. We are now seeing large companies complete actualarials on the impact to their bottem line. Here is a great story on that too,

robmac58 said...

"Blogger businessman said...

I'm so intrigued that the passage of the healthcare bill here in the U.S. is getting people to react with violence. Apparently bailing out the bankers with trillions of dollars was far more acceptable."

May I suggest reading the book "Deer Hunting with Jesus" by Joe Bageant.
Joe is an excellent writer and this book is hugely instructive in understanding how class biases affect our collective behavior.

Elmo said...


"Apparently bailing out the bankers with trillions of dollars was far more acceptable."

It would seem we are well-conditioned.

Paul said...

I managed to record the audio from last Fridays Q&A session. Fingers crossed, you should be able to listen to it here!


Three unfortunate things:

1. a technical hitch meant the questions were very very quiet

2. for some reason the questioners seemed to think it was okay to ask very long questions, which means there are long gaps between Mike's words

3. I haven’t had time to listen to this myself - so publishing this unheard!


v said...

Kuwaiti Scientists Say Peak Oil Will Arrive in 2014



Elmo said...


I was just reading Joe Bageant's blog... I got a kick out of him saying: "Only intellectuals worry about such things as American masculinity, as if all of our peckers were linked together in some sort of unified field."

stu said...

"I'm so intrigued that the passage of the healthcare bill here in the U.S. is getting people to react with violence. Apparently bailing out the bankers with trillions of dollars was far more acceptable"


Now if only the rest of the sheeple would get the message. That was perfect. Short, sweet, and to the point. I love it!

ChuckP said...

Jenna; Just curious as to why you didn't post me comment from yesterday??? ChuckP

gamedog said...

(translated from a French Newspaper)

Washington considers a decline of world oil production as of 2011

"The U.S. Department of Energy admits that “a chance exists that we may experience a decline” of world liquid fuels production between 2011 and 2015...

The DoE dismisses the “peak oil” theory, which assumes that world crude oil production should irreversibly decrease in a nearby future, in want of suffisant fresh oil reserves yet to be exploited. The Obama administration of Energy supports the alternative hypothesis of an “undulating plateau”. Lauren Mayne, responsible for liquid fuel prospects at the DoE, explains : “Once maximum world oil production is reached, that level will be approximately maintained for several years thereafter, creating an undulating plateau. After this plateau period, production will experience a decline.”

They neglect to mention we're at the end of the undulating plateau.

Any sign of this in the US MSM?

Ms. V. said...

Is anyone following the blog from the east coast of the US? Jersey? If so, are there any groups coming together to discuss permaculture, survival, solutions?

I teach inner city college kids. Most 1st generation college students and want to learn about how we can navigate the impending chaos... my kids deserve a chance. They intrinsically and instinctually understand the impending chaos. I am beginning to be at a loss as to how to help them...

What should we be doing? What if we can't leave the city? What do we focus on first? cash? seeds? protection? any advice would be so appreciated.

Also, what I do with a small 401k from a former employer? Cash it out (with penalty)? get gold? I'm so lost...

businessman said...

Raymond...My perception of what's going on around the healthcare bill here in the U.S. has to do more with political positioning. The next political elections are coming up here in November, and the Republicans are doing everything they can to make the Democrats look bad, so that hopefully the Republicans will once again be able to take back control of Congress.

I can't stand both of the major political parties that we have here in the U.S. I'm an independent, and I feel that both political parties will do whatever they can to sell us Americans completely down the river as long as they can get control and get re-elected themselves.

So because it's the Democrats who have been supporting this healthcare bill and not the Republicans, the Republicans are outraged and some of their constituents have even taken to violence in the streets.

The healthcare bill is more than 2,500 pages long, and seems to do more to protect the interests and profits of the health insurance industry than it does to help many Americans.

An extremely high percentage of Americans are still going to have to buy health insurance from private insurance companies, who have been denying claims in many instances when people finally file on their policies with the insurance companies to pay for major surgeries.

Plus...the insurance companies have gotten their way so that this bill won't take effect until 2014, which means that there will be four years of lobbying behind the scenes to strip the bill of many of the provisions that will actually help Americans before the bill even goes into effect.

I suspect that the positive airplay that the bill is receiving in the Australian mainstream media has to do with the fact that the same pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that will benefit from the bill here in the U.S., have subsidiaries in Australia, advertise there, and therefore have influence with the media operating there.

Elmo said...

Paul said: "I managed to record the audio from last Fridays Q&A session."

Hey, Paul, Thanks for doing that.




I'm outta here, boys & girls... Have a nice crash!

Soggy Bottom said...

A good number of years ago I read,in a Colin Wilson book, that during the Korean War the Koreans discovered a strange fact. If they removed the 'troublemakers' i.e. those that attempted to escape etc., the rest of the inmates remained quiescent.
The strange fact turned out to be that the percentage of troublemakers was always one in twenty, no matter from which camp they were removed.
Wilson extrapolated that as a possible worldwide trait whereby one in twenty humans are the movers and shakers and everyone else follows meekly along (sheeple).
I thought it might be of interest.
It would explain why it is nigh impossible to get a response from most of those around us, when we attempt to discuss collapse with them.

By the by Jenna
Did you have a reason for not publishing my apology to Elmo yesterday?

Jenna Orkin said...


no. with yr prompting, i just went into comments and retrieved it. it's up

pagun said...

NEW AGE- rhymes with sewage- ha ha. But seriously, this story gives me a chance to give you my great revelation. I studied ancient history for 20 years, and people should know that we are entering not the age of Aquarius, but the age of Aquarius Leo (psychedelic reggae, Garcia Marley). This scientific concept of the age changing every 2000 or so years was well known to the Egyptians. On Earth as it is in the Heavens so they said. Why did they have those big carvings of the Rams headed god- because it was the age of Aries. Why was there all that bull god imagery 2000 before- it wasn't just the mushrooms that grew in the cow manure, it was the age of Taurus, the bull. The rams headed god was known as AMEN- as in Amenhotep, or TutAnkhAmen, and he was called THE HIDDEN ONE. Ask a Christian today why they say AMEN, and I guarantee you they will tell you some bullshit, and they have no idea of the roots of their religion. Anyway, there are 2 equinoxes per year, the AGE is based on PRECESSION of the equinoxes. In ancient Egypt, they knew there were 2 signs that represented the spirituality on Earth. I would say that you would have to be a wild coincidence theorist to say that there was any explanation for the images of jesus the fish and mary the virgin dominating the iconography of western civilization for the past 2000 years besides the fact that we just left the age of Pisces Virgo. Of course you couldn't care less and you don't get it, but it explains EVERYTHING. There is a lot more to it, but I'll spare you. good luck

Elmo said...


"Of course you couldn't care less and you don't get it, but it explains EVERYTHING"

It doesn't explain how it's relevant.