Sunday, March 28, 2010

FBI Agents Conduct Raids in Three States; Rich Sell Munis for First Time

From Jenna Orkin

Athens bomb blast kills one and injures two
Jets scrambled after passenger plane alerts

When banks become owners, opportunity knocks
Rich Stunned By Recession Sell Munis for First Time
Why Small Businesses Fear Obama's Health Care Despite Today's Exemptions
Will Federal Stimulus Money for States Expire Before Recovery Arrives?
Alan Greenspan Discusses The Fed's Inability To See Bubbles, Is Confident There Is A "Bubble Waiting To Burst In China"
Does This Bank Watchdog Have a Bite?
Death of a Loophole, and Swiss Banks Will Mourn

DOE Saying Possible Peak "Liquid Fuels" by 2011 (from Jon Noel)
Utah gov. OKs eminent domain on federal land
"Herbert signed a pair of bills into law that supporters hope will trigger a flood of similar legislation throughout the West, where lawmakers contend that federal ownership restricts economic development in an energy-rich part of the country. "
Marines Take Unusual Steps to Reduce Battlefield Fuel Demand - from Rice Farmer
"A typical Marine Corps combat brigade needs more than a half-million gallons per day."
FBI agents conduct raids in Mich., Ohio, Ind.
‘Patriot’ hate groups grew by 244% in 2009 - from Rice Farmer
US Marine: I will Fight American Civilians - from Rice Farmer

Russia drops two time zones to boost economy
India begins effort to implement national ID system
Ageing spies unable to use the internet
WHO 'overstated' swine flu danger

The Nuclear Waste Problem: Where To Put It?
UN: Dirty Water Deadlier Than Wars
US proposes to veto mountaintop removal coal mine


trevbus said...

found these on Democratic Underground

Russia: U.S. Aiding Afghan Drug Trade

and then....

At least 37 people are reported to have been killed in two explosions on the Metro system in central Moscow

The FSB HQ is above the targeted station. Potentially a very serious development.

Meanwhile the gold market could go critical at any time due to the revelations at the recent CFTC hearing.

The star whistle-blower for GATA, Andrew Maguire, was nearly killed in a hit-and-run accident in London. Desperate times.

Gold jumped $8 as world markets opened at 8am this morning Sydney time, very unusual. GATA has made an impact and the shockwaves are still moving beneath the surface.

eyeballs said...

Teabaggers offer an easily despised, easily defeated enemy. By labeling them Patriots, the implication is that they are defending The Constitution against abuse. However, the (supposed) marine, who said he would shoot to kill if deployed against domestic rebels, made this decision on the basis of his oath to defend The Constitution. "Patriots" may have various interpretations of The Constitution, and various goals in reforming what they see as abuse. Some cults may seem to agree with you about political reform, while others seem obnoxious.

The U. S. Government can be expected to defend an erpretation of The Constitution broadly empowering central government to enforce its policies. As the "marine" points out, the government will be deploying seasoned veterans, young and fit and willing to follow orders. That suggests that, militarily at least, the government team is looking pretty tough.

If a brand of "Patriots" who are noxious to the left (which is traditionally the anti-authoritarian side) can provide credible threat to The Constitution (i.e. stability as defined by the administration), then a new raft of authoritarian controls can be introduced, perhaps with near universal aclaim. Everyone in the world hated the Taliban, so they were easy revenge targets after 9/11. The civil liberties deprivations jammed through, as America pointed at this despised enemy, actually targetted green acivists, protesters against the planned Iraq war and America's drug-running competitors. The Taliban was a pushover, but the empowering legislation obtained by an authoritarian government has never been repealed.

I fear we're in for more of this. It does not pay to pose as a threat to the stability of the U.S. Government. And it's important to note that Teabaggers are a paper tiger, empowering a real one.

eyeballs said...

RE: Utah

"Initially, the state would target three areas for the use of eminent domain, including the Kaiparowits plateau in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which is home to large coal reserves."

Next, protected forests, key watersheds and "useless" prairie land. Like the Indians, we'll be left with whatever's no use to them. This one is above-board, visible. But, like Indonesia, we may soon have guerilla logging and mining, dark deals for protection.

As the pie gets smaller, the hogs get greedier.

agape wins said...

Someone wanted links which were more informative about what to do, try this one;

This is a prod for F Kamilov; Jenna, if you know his address you can send him my Edress, please!

Managers were trained in the company business school; marketers, in its film school; designers, in its art institute. Workers had free healthcare and schooling and some of the top wages in the country. Bata,
who was mayor, controlled everything.

"He wanted to prepare completely educated, highly skilled, active people who could live anywhere,"

"Slusovice was like a little capitalist town in a communist country," recalls Jan Zamazal, who teaches shoe design at Tomas Bata University.
"This economic miracle was backed up by reformers in the government, but it was following the model of Bata."
*The worst damage the Communists did to people was to take away any
responsibility so they would just be standing waiting for someone to
tell them what to do," Ms. Buch says. "That's the difference between Zlin and many other places. People know they can do it."

Evolution, *are you sure you know, or possibly not?

"The fact that you can find a million-year-old lineage in Siberia that dates to individuals alive about 50,000 years ago is really quite remarkable,"

"But it also could indicate that the individual involved was somehow
interacting with modern humans in the region.

"It's quite puzzling," Krause says."

Elmo, "I'm not saying I agree with either theory; just that I understand the argument. Actually, I'm holding out for a third option. :-)

5:43 AM"


"So he struck a deal with his creator. "I told God that if I survived, I would return the love to my enemies," he says – his enemies at the time being North Korean and Chinese soldiers".

"Ask Kim about where he finds his inspiration, and he'll always say
"love." The cheerful professor sees love as a force that stretches across borders, with education as a toolbox to apply it. That point of view arose from his near-death experience 60 years ago, when he realized his life could be put to use helping his enemies."

"When I went to China and North Korea, I told them I was not a
capitalist or a communist," he says. "I was simply a 'love-ist.' "