Monday, March 01, 2010

Latin America Launches New Bloc Excluding US, Canada; 3000 Community Banks at Risk

From Jenna Orkin

Latin America Launches New Bloc Excluding US, Canada
Chile Deploys Security Forces to Prevent Looting in Earthquake's Aftermath
Ex-U.S. ally Chalabi, now Iran's friend, likely to win Iraq vote (from Rice Farmer)
Three indicators spell trouble for the recovery
Short Selling Restrictions "A Great Indicator of Imminent Market Crashes"
Double-Dip Recession Fears Creep Back Into the Market
Morgan Stanley Issues Warning: Look What Happened To The Market During The Last Two Tightening Cycles
Elizabeth Warren on the Coming Commercial Real Estate Crisis; 3000 Community Banks at Risk Kohn to Leave Fed After 40 Years When Term as Vice Chairman Ends in June
Greece Loses Kokusai's Investment as Bondholders Demand 7% From Next Sale
Details Emerge On Key Parts of Financial Reform Bill
Landlords Squeezed by Lack of Good Tenants; Cap-and-Trade Dead; Violent Student Protest at Berkeley; Jobless Benefits Phase Out Sunday
Foreclosure crisis hits affluent towns (from Rice Farmer)
Brevard County Florida: 23,000 expected to lose jobs after space shuttle retirement
Voters Madder Than Ever; 63% Say Better If Congress Not Reelected; Can Republicans Retake The House?
Decision Could Allow Anonymous Political Contributions by Businesses
How The White House Just Used The "Gate Crashers" Incident To Open The Door To More Corporate Influence
Goldman Sachs' secret bets
A five-month McClatchy investigation
AIG near $35 billion Asia deal
Buffett’s Bargain Shopping Spree
RFK's grandson decides against run for US House

Chevron Gunning To Bring The Shale Gas Revolution To Europe In A Bid To Kill Reliance On Russia
The problems we all face over oil stored at sea
Regulators look at whether increased storage has led to high prices.

Justice Department Reveals More Missing E-Mail
Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers (from Rice Farmer) Iran Nabs Top NATO Terrorist With Pakistan Help
Al Qaeda CIA Bomber Calls for Jihad in Jordan
Jails Hope Eye Scanners Can Provide Foolproof Identification System for Inmates
Ancient Secret Service Computers Overtaxed
CIA'S Near Miss of Top Afghan Taliban Leader Sign of Improved Intelligence

Tsunami waves hit Russia, no damage reported
Fierce storms across Europe kill dozens
Rain, strong winds batter France, Germany and Spain.
Blaming the weather for high unemployment
Copper prices are likely to rise (Chile)
Biofuels threaten habitats and are more polluting than diesel, report says
Bees take flight to the city after fall in rural hive numbers
UK bugs' weight doubles in 10 years
British soil has been transformed in the past decade, with fewer species but far greater numbers

Leno's Triumphant Return to Late Night May No Longer Matter


Andrew C said...

This is a very interesting article to me based on the recent oil deals and arms purchases from Venezuela and Brazil with China and Russia I believe. (Information is based on prior blog posts I have read here.)

It looks to me that these countries feel that standing together will be easier than standing alone.

I personally do not believe we can survive through any type of civil collapse on our own (one family) no matter how much survival gear and guns we collect. I do believe groups of individuals working towards the good of the group can adjust and survive. This is a complete mind set change from the selfish, greedy existing one, but is doable just the same.

Like Jack said on Lost, "We live together or die alone."

Rice Farmer said...

Oil stored at sea: I've had it up to here with people declaring that we've got an "oil glut" and that crude prices are high because of all the oil hidden in tankers. Even if high estimates are correct, the stored crude and distillates wouldn't even last the world two weeks in case of a supply disruption. Some people call this a "glut"; I call it a mighty thin cushion. Do the math!

toner deeski said...

RE: Mish blowing Berkeley "riots" out of proportion

Black blocers burning trash cans and police overreacting are actually par for the course in the East Bay.
Here's a legit rundown of the evening's events:

Students are trying to save some energy for this Thursday....

Jenna Orkin said...

PeakedOut has left a new comment on your post "Latin America Launches New Bloc Excluding US, Cana...":

RE: Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers

Why, just last week, CNN aired a mock Cyber-Terror/attack disaster scenario and then coincidently, we see new legislation to fix the problem the very next week. Amazing! Certainly no signs of collusion there. Just give the federal government more power and sleep well.

As a network security specialist I tuned into the CNN show hoping for some inteligent discussion on practical things that should be done. Instead, the panel was loaded with Bush-Neo-con cronies and it didn't even take 15 minutes before a discussion on bombing Russia and the feds seizing control of State National guards got rolling. It made me sick to my stomach. Even after it was made clear to the panel that one hacker in Sudan had created the virus, they still wanted to kill the guy! And since servers in Russia were hacked and spreading the virus, we expected Russia to do something or else!! I had to turn it off before I got too angry. For the 40 or so minutes I did watch, they never discussed a single technical solution. Some of the events were very unrealistic and others were old news.

If there ever is a cyber attack, it is NOT that hard to stop. And it doesn't require blowing people up. Pardon my rant, I guess this should not have surprised me. By now we've all seen how effectively fear tactics work on the masses. It just frustrates me that our epitaph will read.... "they should have known better."

Andrew said...

Hey for what its worth the first link is to a china based news web-page and my computer is telling the page has three viruses on it. I'm not sure if they are really there or not as I have been out of the computer scene for a couples years (as far as up to date virus knowledge. But I seem to recall some stories recently about hackers in china.

Gustav said...

Turkey’s awakening: Its gradual exit from the Western camp

Interesting turn of events regarding a country that borders on Syria, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaidjan, and has a sea border with Russia.

Or perhaps a rational move toward greater internal and monetary stability?

Greetings to all

SpÄrare i Sverige, Trackers in Sweden said...

Great, a cellphone which recognizes faces and gets the name instantly.

eyeballs said...

Hey you Swedish tracker guys!

That's wicked. I'm gonna go make me a facebook that says I'm Albert Einstein and my address is the North Pole. I'll give em YOUR phone number. HA!

john mccarthy said...

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