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MICHAEL C. RUPPERT in a Web Streaming Q&A Session after a screening of COLLAPSE at Goldsmith’s College, University of London – Watch it Live, Friday March 26th (12:30 PM, PDT, 3:30 PM EDT, 7:30 GMT)

Watch it live here! -- (The film will not be live-streamed. The Q&As following are expected to last for 45 minutes to one hour.)

Goldsmiths College, University of London is proud to have the first-ever UK screening of the critically-acclaimed Bluemark Films' documentary "Collapse" followed by a live Q&A with the film’s only subject Mike Ruppert. -- While the collapse of human industrial civilization and the subject of Peak Oil were either unthinkable or unknown to most a year ago, they seem front and center these days. Ruppert has an estimated 80% accuracy rate in economic, political and energy predictions over a decade of investigative journalism. He accurately and precisely predicted the crash of 2008 for years. Now he predicts that as much as two thirds of the human race may perish in the next five to ten as food disappears and lights go out around the world.

More than half of the predictions Ruppert made in the film – which finished shooting in June 2009 – have already come true. That will make you seriously ponder the other dire predictions he made in the film. Ruppert has authored two books, one of which (“Crossing the Rubicon”) is in the Harvard Business School library. His critically acclaimed new book “Confronting Collapse” was the foundation for the film. (Available through in the US and UK)

**** -- “Above all else see COLLAPSE. Above all else” – Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times

CRITICS PICK! Shockingly persuasive… unexpectedly moving – Jeanette Catsoulis, The New York Times

From popcorn chompers such as 2012 to more cerebral fare like The Road, movie audiences are being offered multiple visions of the apocalypse these days. Collapse is hands-down the most chilling. – Jennie Punter, The Globe and Mail

“The Peak Oil/Sustainability movement easily numbers in the millions, if not tens of millions worldwide. The global response to the film has been overwhelming and it is apparent that all those who have been voices in the wilderness, predicting these events with accuracy and anguish for decades were right. – The U.K. is being ravaged worse than the U.S. thus far. But sadly, the real suffering has only just begun for us all. Lord Hunt knows it. He’s just called an emergency summit on Peak Oil because it cannot be hidden anymore. He knows there can be no recovery.” – Michael C. Ruppert.

This event is made possible by support from the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths and organized by PhD candidate in visual sociology, David Rose, Bluemark Films and Michael C. Ruppert. (Screening location)

For Additional Information:
Facebook: Collapse
From Jenna Orkin

Here comes a wave of developed country downgrades
Portugal Downgraded to AA- by Fitch on Concern Over Mounting Debt Burden
Greece Will Default `at Some Point,' Hurt Euro, UBS Economist Donovan Says
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Mercs vs. Pirates: Deadly Shootout on the High Seas
UK government spending rise above 50% of GDP - from Rice Farmer
Seventh Person Arrested in Britain's Biggest Insider Dealing Investigation
Banks Could Get off Lightly with Crisis Levy - Germany
Venezuela Asks Electricity Heads to Resign
China says no to Pakistan link
'Even War Is Good for Economic Growth'
Netanyahu flies home amid media blackout
Relations between Israel and US hit new low as PM completes visit to Washington without even an official photograph.

Sales of New U.S. Homes Drop to Lowest on Record on Job Concerns, Weather
Bernanke Wants to End Bank Reserve Requirements Completely: Does it Matter? What Chaos will Result?
US Economist Says China Could Act on Yuan if US Quiet
FBI probes threats over Democrats' healthcare vote
Most Americans Say They Missed 73% Rise in S&P 500
Bove Says Shares of U.S. Banks May Quadruple by 2012 on Lower Loan Losses
Democrats Owe Thanks to Reagan for Health-Care `Reconciliation' Procedure
State attorneys general sue over health bill
America's New Nuclear Option: Small modular reactors

New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released - from Rice Farmer
Millions now licensed to carry concealed guns
Lawmakers Propose National ID Card
Hacking the Planet
Terrorists 'could use exploding breast implants to blow up jet' - from Rice Farmer
China Newspaper Says Google Helping US Intelligence

Bees in trouble after bad winter
Rising seas claim island at centre of 30-year dispute

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v said...

Great idea, streaming the Q&A. Is it possible for someone to record this stream and upload it to YouTube?

Gordon Brown ordered to release information about his sale of half of UK gold supply, must happen before election

Many American Soldiers Turn to Prescription Drugs to Treat Psychological Distress



Pandabonium said...

I'm strumming my fingers to the bone waiting to see/buy Collapse. Unfortunately, it WON'T be available on iTunes March 30 in Japan. Sigh. 'Hope I won't have to wait too long.

I found this interesting - and very much in sync with "the road map":

U.S. Military Contractors Move into Africa

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...


AMERIKA Interview: Sebastian Ernst Ronin

gamedog said...

Bees- CCD is related to nicotine based pesticide, not a bad winter.

Bangladesh is being swamped because they cut down the mangroves to aid the (now declining) shrimp industry.

We could solve these problems, if only almost every activist in the environmental movement wasn't tied up pushing the globalist AGW agenda.

AGW is clearly a disaster, not because temps may rise, but because it has diverted almost every activist away from environmental activism -

AGW propaganda is therefore aiding coLLapse. Aiding control of coLLapse, and supplying the elites profit channel via global tax slavery.

The fact that Co2 emissions will crash anyway really makes me wonder why anyone peak aware flies the globalist AGW banner at all.

The biggest non problem mankind ever faced, it's worse than we thought.

Elmo said...

U.S. unemployment figures... Which is it? 9.3%? 20% 113.5%? Can't get a straight answer outta nobody!

sambahdi said...

Just reserved my seat at the screening.

Looking forward to it Mike.

Jeff said...

Looks like we will take everything down with us.Money trumps everything.

great brain said...

alright, ive lurked too long. how in the hell do i find out where/when collapse is playing? i click on the icon on the blog and i get script...nondescript script. which probably wont matter because i dont live close to major cities and i dont have tv/cable.

so, harking back to mcr's post about a million pirates downloading the movie from various pirate hangouts, i'll pay someone fifty dollars for a copy if they give half to mcr, ive been reading ftwII for a long time, if i dont recognize yer handle its no-go. i. need. to. see. this. friggin. movie. jeezum crow, aint this the best time to be alive? so far?

businessman said...

In follow-up to gamedog's comments, I found this article to be a good description of how the Political Left has been so consumed with global warming, that they've abandoned a number of very important causes that they used to constantly rally behind.

Click Here for the Article

Ruhh said...

also to follow up on gamedog's comment...

I've been incredibly frustrated for years about all the AGW/ACC debate. I'm also entirely sick of people out there pointing their fingers with wild claims about environmentalists' evil socialist agendas.

Speaking for myself as a self proclaimed environmentalist pretty much since birth, my only agenda is to preserve the health of our ecosystem and promote biodiversity. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more beautiful than what nature has to offer. Wether AGW/ACC is real or not we continue to deplete and/or poison our air, water and soil at an alarming rate.

I've been saying for years that the environmental movement should simply focus on trying to get industry and consumers to consume less, more efficiently and to reduce waste (including any kind of emissions). If we would be able to tackle the greater part of these problems I believe that AGW/ACC (real or not) would most likely resolve itself.

agape wins said...

I have been working on this for over a week, it's possibility more
confusing than not!

RanD wake up, at least reply to my Email!!

Elmo, The purpose of this blog (as I see it.); is Support,
Camaraderie, Viewing through the eyes of "The Other", Agape, Amae;
The Knowledge that we/you are not the only ONE, even though we each
of us faces a different challenge!
Everyone's input is welcomed and valuable(within reason!),although
not everyone will find it all interesting or of use to them.
I enjoy those I disagree with, knowing it helps someone!

Why is My distraction/Crap, or that of RanD, that some reject, posted, while others are rejected?
Maybe tone, or phrasing?

Again we come up against the wall of meaning, your enforcer is not
my "Enforcer".
When things start coming apart, there are those who set themselves
up as authority's where there is none, call Al-Quid a (no such),
Thugs, goons, or just Outlaws.
The KKK I remember had to settle for picking on the refugees from
Europe, not enough pigment to persecute, they had to use accent.
There will be more than cross burning, & pillow cases will be kept handy.
Be careful, the man who gave me candy went to jail for "Harassment"
which was the most they could get him for, he had a lot of "Friends"!
Where do you expect those now locked up to be sleeping? They are street smart and will make do.
Watch those who are busy, willing to lend a hand, seem to know a lot
about what is going on.

Things will be Hairy for a long time, it takes a pet dog less than 7 days to revert to a savage; how long for "Me", or "YOU"?

Each and every one of us will have to decide what a "Non productive
eater" is!
My Grandmother, from Holland, told of seeing dead baby girls floating
down the river, Where do you draw the line on "Handicapped"; who will
you be willing to support? How will you value the "Work" they do
against the Energy it takes to "Nurture" them?


Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells

"Experiments found that living human cells can ingest or receive
injections of silicon chips and continue functioning as usual for the
most part."

The key here is "for the most part", more greek but not an answer!

Here is info, if you insist.

"In 2008, at least 225,000 Amaricans lost their lives due to FDA- approved medicines,"....."During the same time there were ZERO
DEATHS attributed to dietary Supplements"

Read the entire article here.

links added?!

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

@ Ruhh, indeed, well said re getting back to basics. Part of that, IMO, would require Greens to denounce their Global Charter. Until they do, they are willing NWO patsies.

Weaseldog said...

Elmo said... Right... a niche so astronomically unlikely to be filled by random mutation, that it lends credence to intelligent design.

No random mutation is needed. A green mantis can catch insects coming to a flower. A green mantis with some yellow on it's legs can catch an insect on a flower.

A mantis with even more yellow and some orange can catch insects on a flower.

At some point though, the colors of the mantis will work less for camouflage and better fro attraction. Then evolution moves faster because that trait makes the mantis more fit in that niche.

This similar to the eyeball fallacy, where it's assumed that only a whole eyeball is functional, and that it couldn't have evolved, but been designed. in animals we have examples of all of the intermediate stages of eyeball evolution and they are all functional. From a single photosensitive cell. Cells clustered in a pocket to catch motion. Pin hole camera eyes like the nautilus. Then a membrane over the pinhole to protect the cells. Membrane widens and becomes a lens...

It's an unfortunate circumstance that evolution isn't taught well in our schools. The random mutation theory is only a small piece of the evolution story. Most evolution in animals takes place by simply rearranging the order and frequencies of genes that already exist. Like rearranging words on a page to express different meanings.

See Homeobox Genes for more on this.

Sex was a giant evolutionary step and allows very rapid changes in form to occur, by constantly mixing genes and gene patterns in a population.

This is why children never look exactly like either parent.

OregonSurvivor said...

Wow. Just got back from Southern California, home of MCR. We were visiting Long Beach. Other than what appears to be a decline in the port activity, ie. less container ships, life goes on as usual. Sure, the gas prices are creeping up. But the Grand Prix will go on this weekend and they have plenty of gas.

My point being that it is a very schizoid experience knowing what we here know, yet seeing no sign of awareness in the "Real World". My family think I'm nuts. It is all life as usual as far as the masses are concerned. Collapse of the kind MCR envisions is completely unthinkable. Yet the links here point to a world that is indeed at a tipping point.

Then again, I wonder, is this just more disaster capitalism in action? Is this the moment for the US to be shocked and awed into submission, while the transfer of wealth to the top 1% proceeds?

Which would be worse, if Peak Oil causes Collapse, or if it is just another tool in the globalists kit to instill fear in us all? Either way, we end up screwed I guess.

My 94 year old mother's admonition that these fears have been out there for her entire lifetime, yet have never actually come to pass, gives me pause. Then again, maybe the time has come.

Welcome to the Hotel California. And as far as Southern California goes, you can have it. Nothing but big egos driving big SUVs like big a-holes. (No offense intended, unless you are one! I'm the prick in the BMW.)

Is it really possible that so many people can be so unaware of such a massive impending disaster? Reduction of two thirds of the human race in the next 5 to 10 years? No food, no lights?

Somebody ought to put up some billboards or something.

Collapse is imminent (You're a fool to believe such nonsense.) Peak Oil will lead to power outages and food shortages (Maybe somewhere but not here; Not in your lifetime).

Does it sound like my head is spinning?

I dunno Mike. The place you call home is the last place on earth I would want to be if what you are predicting comes to pass.


RanD said...

agape wins:

Hey ol' buddy, I damn sure guarantee you you'll get a reply from RanD as soon as practicable after receiving an Email from you. Try:

(Thankyou very much, Jenna. Sincerely, Ruthie & David)

Simon said...


I tire quickly of politicians who waffle and say nothing. I generally ignore them. You tire me. What is your point, in no more than two sentences?


Elmo said...


"my only agenda is to preserve the health of our ecosystem and promote biodiversity"

Not meaning to sound sarcastic... But the best way to do that is to leave it alone. If you can get others to do the same --particularly, large multi-national corporations-- that'd be a great help!

Elmo said...

Oregon Survivor said: "Does it sound like my head is spinning?"

Yeah... But that's what they want, isn't it? :-)

I expect "collapse" to be much different than most people expect. Here in America, we are set up by our own government, media, and markets to be paranoid-schizophrenics. That's why our crime rate is so high. It'll go a lot higher when folks think they won't even be able to afford beer!

I know that if you're a true American you're not going to want to hear anything resembling Biblical prophecy. But the future I envision is straight out of the Revelation. Peak-oil, or no peak oil... I see a world where nobody is to be trusted; brother killing brother; children killing parents; people eating dead corpses to stay alive. And not simply because we run out of oil, or because we polluted the environment, or because our economy collapses, or because we enter into a state of marshal law, or any single issue. But by all of it.

We build cities! The most destructive creation that man has ever devised, and we call them good things! Our refuge from the big-bad environment! Symbols of our power and affluence... Great devouring metropolis', with no respect for the earth on which they stand! More people work in the World Trade Center complex than ought to live on the entire eastern seaboard! And global population is increasing exponentially, thanks to our consumer mindset.

We've forgotten how to live any other way! We say: "It's impossible to go back now!" Well, guess what, dumb-ass... YOU WILL GO BACK... or YOU WILL DIE! There are no if-ands-or-buts about it!

Someone said that the future is impossible to predict. Well, no, not really. There's really only one human equation to solve:

Population - Resources = ______?

Simple "back-of-the-envelope math", as some like to say.

It may happen 5 years from now, or it may go on for another 500 or 1000 years. I, personally, can't see how it could go on much longer. But, the simple fact remains that if we continue with this "consumer" mentality, we will use everything up, and we will STARVE TO DEATH, and there will be NOTHING TO SAVE US! And it's hard to have sympathy for all the doomed individuals, when you can see that they've set themselves up for it!

agape_wins says this is a "support group". You mean like: "before the funeral"?

Anonymous said...


I think it's important to remember (when viewing the masses and their lack of concern) that these are the same masses who allowed the patriot act to happen, who allowed Bush to illegally be elected and watched our government invade another country based on a lie. We all are responsible for these atrocities, and the consequences will be severe.
A couple of things, have you read Ruppert's books? Especially Crossing the Rubicon? I think it might help clarify exactly what we're up against. Also have you done any research on mind control especially concerning main stream media?
It isn't surprising that most people walk around with their seemingly in the clouds. The truth to remember is that peak oil isn't a theory, it's a fact. Period. The more research a person does, the easier it is to see. You have to ask yourself the question, why is the government ignoring something so vitally important to mankind? If a person does the research, learns the truth, realizes the gravity of the situation, it's astonishing that we don't have billboards spewing out information. If our government (aka three headed monster) and main stream media will so blatantly hide such a dramatic event, there is nothing the monster won't do.

You're the first person who even resembles a Christian (that I know of) who will face this issue. On my facebook I post stories, information about peak oil, have challenged everyone I know to watch collapse and the answer I get is, oh, just pray. Go to church every Sunday, God won't allow anything to happen to us. I even got a person telling me the rapture will save us Christians. Oh and I've been told my faith isn't strong enough and that I have too much fear! (me=throwing up in the garbage can)
I mean seriously? Have these people studied history at all? Read their Bibles at all? I mean we're not "special"! The rain falls on the just and unjust alike. (Not saying that I'm just and everyone else isn't, just using that as a metaphor)Anyway, going off on a rant here, but sometimes as a person who believes in the God of the Bible, it is really frustrating and I honestly can't blame people of different beliefs to look at Christians and think "wow! you guys are stupid!"

OregonSurvivor said...

@ For the boys

Yes, I am a long time follower of FTW and have read Mike's books. That is why I watch in disbelief while the lies are incubated, hatched, and consumed by the masses.

My point is that if this crisis hits with any sudden shock, there will be a hell of a lot of people out there wondering what hit them. Meanwhile, they seem much more at peace with the illusory world in which they live and drive, and I am the pessimistic doomer conspiracy nut. I'm OK with that, and I hope a lot of what I believe to be true turns out to be wrong...but the indicators are pointing in the wrong direction.

For the music lovers, here is a lyric from Deadly Earnest and the Honky Tonk Heroes that runs through my head whenever I visit LA:

You keep swervin' in my lane
And it's causin' lots of danger
I'm cussin' out your name
And shootin' you the finger
I keep flippin on my bright lights
'Cause you're just too dim to know
When you're swervin' on life's highway
You're runnin' someone off the road!

Mostly, I just love the rhyme of danger and fanger...

Pickin' on