Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S. Korea on High Alert; Drugs, Terrorism and Shadow Banking

From Jenna Orkin

S. Korea on High Alert After Deadly Shipwreck
'Upheaval imminent in North Korea' - from Rice Farmer
Credit crisis cost the nation £7trn, says Bank of England
Drugs, terrorism and shadow banking
Obama Administration Cops to Looming Oil Shortage
The True Causes Underlying The Moscow Metro Bombings - from Rice Farmer

Could This Be Start of 'The Great Bear Market in Bonds'?
State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage
Many states are facing Greek-style budget woes
Irish banks face shortfall of €32bn
Government liable for up to three-quarters of black hole.

Is a Serious Israel/EU Crisis in the Works?
Feds: Militia wanted war against U.S.
China invited to join IEA as oil demand shifts
IEA chief admits watchdog risks losing relevance.
US Gears Up for Offensive in Kandahar
The US and allies have boosted their troop numbers to 126,000, with the number set to peak at 150,000 by August as the fight expands from Helmand into Kandahar Province, the heartland of the insurgency.
Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. In CIA 'Intelligence Coup' - from Rice Farmer
Fingerprint system 'stigmatises pupils'
Abu Dhabi Wealth Fund Head Al Nahyan's Body Is Located, Emirates Reports
Court OKs Repeated Tasering of Pregnant Woman
Hoo ha!
McDonalds to Double Restaurants in China

Oil conglomerate 'secretly funds climate change deniers'
Special Report: Genes and the future of medicine
It sounds Orwellian, but volunteers are lining up to donate their DNA to a vast experiment that will track them to the grave.
Sex infection gonorrhea risks becoming "superbug"
Sex virus blamed for rise in head and neck cancers

4-Mini-Big Bangs created in cosmos origins project
Four baby universes, just in time.

Tough Times in Buckingham Palace
DCMS officials... accept that the Queen has been "hard hit" by the cost of energy.


"e Brutto" said...

An interview with the (still breathing) silver whistle blower fascinating stuff.

"paper hundreds : silver / gold 1", says man from Goldman Sacks - whoops apocalypse, LOL.

businessman said...

This article shows the growing effects of Peak Oil on our communities. It shows how the rising cost of transportation is affecting people, and how the properties closest to the inner cities are experiencing lower foreclosure rates:

"In recent years we have seen foreclosures increasing faster in outer suburbs than in central cities. When gas prices peaked in 2008, families in many regions saw their transportation costs soar by $3000 per year or more. When communities have few transportation options and require driving long distances for basic necessities, already stressed household budgets are very vulnerable to spikes in gas prices and rising transportation costs," said Scott Bernstein, president and founder of CNT.

Click Here for the Article

Michael Sloan said...

Obama's Energy speech talks about using biomass fuel for Air Force... I know there is a chorus of flippant rejections to the feasibility of alternatives, but I really would like to hear a coherent argument against this one in particular.


Jenna Orkin said...

For MICHAEL SLOAN -- I made a movie about it. I wrote a short, simple, easy-to-understand book about it which has a whole chapter on how to evaulate alternative energies. The book contains eight simple tests that any alternative energy must pass. It requires nothing more than high school arithmetic to understand. If you won't read the book or watch the movie we can't help you. I cannot rewrite answers over and over again on a blackboard for people who won't do any work themselves. So you can claim that no one will answer you and feel comforted. We could care less. The people who are going to survive collapse will do so only by doing a little work for themselves. Buy the book "Confronting Collapse" and read it. It's short. It's clear. Then you might start asking the right questions... the ones that will help you and your family survive.


Paul said...


I've searched iTunes (UK) for coLLapse with no success. Did I misremember the release date?


John said...

Mike, I just saw collapse. and I wasnt shocked like people i heard that saw it in the movie theatre.(I saw it in Itunes). well because I have read your books and dvds and it doesnt shock me. because its so familiar! I liked the part about building scaffolding for the bush administration.

MuZaKisGooD said...

Naval battle between UAE and Saudi Arabia raises fears for Gulf security:


Oil reserves 'exaggerated by one third':


How do you make a hyperlink?

businessman said...

e Brutto...Thanks for all of that information on the precious metals markets. As it's difficult sometimes to copy and paste long links in here and get them to work, I recommend the following two resources in case you're interested in posting clickable hyperlinks in here:

Resource 1

Resource 2

I couldn't copy and paste your kingworldnews.com link and get it to work, so you may want to repost that one as a clickable hyperlink for us.