Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IEA Economist Predicts 'Era Of Cheap Energy Is Over'

From Jenna Orkin

IEA Economist Predicts 'Era Of Cheap Energy Is Over'
RENEWED ENERGY: Budget Pressure Eats At State Programs
Facing new sanctions, Iran admits oil shortages
JPMorgan to Focus on New Energy

America, the Fragile Empire: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Could America Fall That Fast? (from Elizabeth Miller)
Recessions may become more frequent
Economy 'Far too Close' to Double Dip: Roubini
Roubini's Sidekick Motianey: We Are Headed To A World Of Inflation
Celebrities -- and Pentagon -- Call for Consumer Protection Agency
Jobless Rate Rose in 30 States In January, Five Hit Records
State Jobs Face Major Cuts
People might pay for defaulted loans with their Social Security from Rice Farmer
S&P rally slowed by the fastest cash depletion since 1991
Mutual Fund Cash Depletion Highest Since 1991
43% have less than 10k for retirement
Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss
Map Showing Unemployment Effects - from Vantage Point
Defense Sector Stocks Continue to Surge Military Recruitment, Unemployment, And War
US tanker contracts could spark trade war
Australia’s defence farce, money wasted by the billions
German Exports Fall, China Exports Explode
NY state debt in red zone, should cut $20 billion: study
NY's Cuomo Is 'Father of Subprime Crisis:' Bove
California is doomed

Feds Move to Break Voting-Machine Monopoly
Suicide Raises Legal Issues in Indian Artifacts Cases
"As an undercover federal source in a years-long investigation into the shadowy world of the excavation and trading of ancient American Indian art and artifacts in the Southwest, Mr. Gardiner, 52, was at the center of a sprawling criminal case unfolding in federal court here and in Colorado."

Two defendants also killed themselves last year.
Missing Energy Exec Found Dead in New Orleans - from Agape wins
Officials: Bali bombing mastermind may be dead
US Weapons Research is Raising a Stink
Medical records go online without consent - UK
Ex-MI5 head: US hid torture tactics from UK
A biometric ID card for all American workers? from Rice Farmer

Cloud Nine/Environment
Greek Debt Problems Unlikely to Spread: IMF Head
City of London Developers to Start Skyscrapers as Rents End Two-Year Drop
Mega Kites Could Pull Giant, Floating Power Plants
Bottled Wind Could Be as Constant as Coal
Altered tobacco plants suck up pond scum


businessman said...

As we've mentioned in here, we're going to need things like music and art to keep us all sane with everything that will be coming our way. With this in mind, what this artist does in this video clip in transitioning from one scene on to additional scenes with under four minutes...I found to be quite amazing.

Click Here to See the Video Clip

Weaseldog said...

Sebastian Ernst Ronin, If you wish to entertain fantasies of democracy, especially in a Post-Peak Oil world, be my guest. If you wish to be a player, then that will likely require some spiritual toughening up.

Sebastion, I think I've made it clear that I don't believe this is possible. That is getting the people to start acting rationally and responsibly and agreeing on some common goals. I think you misunderstood my argument.

I see this as one of those situations where there is no perfect solution that can be implemented. There is only mediation.

And in that view, I think it's helpful to understand what the best solution would be, in order to understand why it can't be implemented.

How else can you argue that there is no solution unless you can demonstrate that the solutions that would work, can't be implemented?

Otherwise, you make a blanket statement of, "Democracy won't work in a post peak world", and folks start chiming in, "Well what about this?!"

I do hope that though that we can find some middle ground on the way down. I'd rather not see America devolve into a landscape riddled with fascism and death camps. And that is a possibility with historical precedents.

eyeballs said...

People might pay for defaulted loans with their Social Security

Or their labor, or their kidneys.

Or their children.

These financial people have hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt out there in derivatives and bad loans, and they are hungry to suck up whatever they can get. Since they control the governments of the world, they have an pretty tough enforcer to come to your door. Imagine the old people, already tripped by the credit shell game, now fleeced in their one-room apartments, wondering what to eat.

This relates again to the German industrialists who expect Greece to sell off a few islands to cover the debts. Creditors have this moral force to apply: “You must pay. You said you would.” Never mind that the ARM was hard to understand, the media were giving you reason to expect continued employment, the fine print on the credit card took 20% interest when you missed a payment. YOU are the miscreant. The super-rich:

“These, these are honorable men.”

My assumption is that, if you’re vulnerable and/or willing to pay – taxes, fines, credit card debt – they will take your money. And when you don’t have money, they will find ways to turn your vulnerability (or gullible willingness) into profit for themselves. Kung fu is not just about kicking people in the face. It’s gonna take some radical self-defense to keep healthy, dry and fed in the coming times, and unfortunately we will have to observe many who are victimized by a situation they cannot escape. Some we can help. Many, perhaps we cannot. It’s heavy blues.

Weaseldog said...

It's been an interesting ride, watching the EIA and the IEA change their views over the years.

Only a decade ago, they were telling us, that world oil supplies wouldn't peak until 2060 or maybe 2040 as the very worst case.

After all, they saw demand rising for decades, and if we want it, it will be provided at any quantity that the price supports. That's the way economic theory operates.

But obviously, the physical world doesn't always cooperate with economic theory.

Paul said...


thank you for posting that video - wonderful!


Paul Mineau said...

did Dr Fatih Birol just say we peaked? It seemed as if he was saying we're not going past 85, does someone have more info on his statements?

businessman said...

I thought it was interesting that this New York City police officer went public and admitted that their police officers are under constant pressure to arrest citizens in order to meet their quotas:

Click Here for the Video Clip

Rich C said...

My cable company (RCN) has not offered Collapse on-demand. I have waited patiently for the dolts to provide access to the film. I finally went out and viewed a bootlegged copy with the intent to donate here at FTW to pay my fare. There isn't a link!

MCR & JO - you need a paypal donate link set up so that I can repent with a donation.

Tom Cleland said...

Military tribunal could save KSM

sosheyack said...

Below the surface of the reality is the truth that they don't want us to know. It all comes back to the struggle of those in power trying to maintain power, and those without, trying to keep their head above water. And the truth they don't want us to know? The truth is that we are far beyond bankrupt. We've been robbed in broad daylight by powerful people, who crave more power and more riches! People in power are addicted to it and that is why they expose their hand, because they are blinded by their own addiction. There has been a gradual realignment in favor of the elite. We didn't see it at first, because it was so well disguised, but as time has gone by, it has become more apparent. You can see it in the eyes of Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson, as you watch them testifying before Congress. Eyes shifting and voices quivering. They are scared that the game may be discovered. The fact that some people are now seeing it for what it is, was inevitable, but the real story is how few people still refuse to acknowledge what is going on. Today, the US government exists to serve the corporate interests of the elite. The most glaring examples of the way the elite control things is contained within the lessons of the "Versus Matrix". Its' purpose is to compartmentalize Americans in opposition to each other. This control mechanism is meant to alienate people and has led to a disenfranchised American public, who do not believe that their voice makes a difference any longer. The Versus Matrix's primary goal is to divide the population into controllable quadrants that are pitted against one another and by doing so, keeping the masses from seeing the sleight of hand playing in the background as big money is changing hands. However, just like every other addict, they become enamored with themselves and believe themselves to be untouchable and then they get arrogant in their handiwork. Slowly, people begin to finally see the truth. We are approaching the point of critical mass, but our leaders continue to play the game of politics. The lies coming out of Washington are building with each day and people are sensing that this time, things are different. Our nation is dying in our arms and no one in government seems willing to make the difficult decisions necessary to save its' soul. We sense that no one is telling us the truth. The Republicans and the Democrats drone on, but the game is getting old. There is a helpless sense of loss that all the lifeboats have been cut loose. Some of us have reached the deck to find a storm engulfing our ship. We hear the moans and cracking sounds of a ship being torn apart, while below deck the masses are living within insulated cocoons listening to the gentle hum of the MSM, oblivious to the coming destruction. It would almost be better not to know, but it's too late. We know. There is no turning back. We take our stations and try to fight, but we are amateurs. No one prepared us for this. What we know is that we are fighting now for our very survival. We are fighting with the pen, which is now in the form of the computer, mounted in our living rooms and connecting us to others who also know the truth. We are reaching out to our friends and families, to warn them of the collision that is now inevitable. The powerful elite controls the media airwaves and they are trying to drown us out and separate us, into groups they call extremists, all the while they are perpetrating the lies needed to maintain the facade. They want us to believe that it is useless to fight their machine, but it is our only hope. Enough of us will need to swarm the deck, to demonstrate the rising tide of discontent. We will need to stand up, without fear and speak in a loud clear voice. We will need to rise from the comfort of our living rooms and march forward to demand that our government return to its roots of liberty and freedom, rejecting outright the malaise of entitlement. This ideal is not only possible, it is in fact our destiny.

All hands on deck.

eyeballs said...

Shosheyak -

"We will need to rise from the comfort of our living rooms and march forward to demand that our government return to its roots of liberty and freedom, rejecting outright the malaise of entitlement. This ideal is not only possible, it is in fact our destiny."

If so, your destiny is probably to be marked for persecution, if not gunned down outright. This "take back America" notion is way too backward-looking. America has melted under our feet as we enjoyed "the comfort of our living rooms" (and, some of us, other things). It's gone already. Get used to it.

The American government we have today has no roots in Jeffersonian democracy, its deep and gnarled roots rise up from the railroad barons and the military industrial complex. You can't shame them into being nice. And it's too late to replace them with sweet, egalitarian do-gooders.

Funny how people looking forward decide what their destiny is, but looking back, it was a whole other thing.

Soggy Bottom said...

Hi Mike,

Well I have finally seen the movie.
Found it on Australian e-bay. Assured it was not a download from the Internet. Cost me $7.50AUD which was very very cheap. Full price I feel would have been nearer $27.50AUD. Not about to wait for you to set up a paypal account for those that want to pay. Will just send the $20 via paypal to finaidmcr.
Movie finally convinced my partner that we need to steam ahead and finalise our arrangements.
Your mention of the word 'honourable' gave me a lump in the throat.
That was what I meant in my previous blog when I said we did not want to just simply survive.
And should behaving honourably mean our death, so be it. Having said that let me say that we intend hanging in there for as long as we can.

RanD said...

sosheyack articulates the issue to near perfection. "Near perfection" means the controllers of the game were going to get us where we're at long before C. Columbus got the game-makers' boats in the water. Where we're at was meant to be. Without getting here we'd never have had the bloody proof of the pudding thrown into our faces to see how love of riches takes us to where we really don't want to be. We're all inherently stupid until we're slapped in the face with the truth of how things work. This is the way it always has been and always will be until we catch on. Bottom line: catch on or stay stupid.

businessman said...

When you look at the history of the world, the people who have had the strongest military have pretty much had their way with everyone else. As things begin falling apart in the near future, this will probably take the form of the people who have the most power and force locally moving to seize control.

As much as I'd like to see people rise up spiritually and all come together as one, I just don't see it happening as we'll be going through the massive chaos and shortages during this upcoming transition. When people are desperate, they'll do whatever they have to to get what they need for both themselves and their family. So we'll be experiencing masses of people in desperation, and on their worst behavior.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

@ Weaseldog, re "That is getting the people to start acting rationally and responsibly and agreeing on some common goals."

At no time have I ever said, not even insinuated, that such is a calling for "the people." I have gone out of my way to identify the mob; it reacts and follows. That is its nature.

The condition determines options for solutions. The condition has not yet ripened, but is well on the way. It is somewhat visible on the horizon, visible enough to entertain several plans of action, not necessarily solutions. When the condition pops one or a handful of the options will become clear.

Re "I'd rather not see America devolve into a landscape riddled with fascism and death camps."

Me neither. But what you, I or anyone else would like to see is beside the point. The FEMA camps (and ten zones) are in place. Do I like it? No. It does not alter the situation. Responsibility falls to those who must find a way out, not to those who would merely like to find a way out.

@ eyeballs, "heavy blues" indeed. For the life of me I cannot fathom how many who are supposedly in the loop are still thinking that this century of painful transition will be a tree-hug waltz through the park.

Agreed, re the notion of "take back America." That is Teabagger nonsense and reactionary twaddle. It is a type of liberalism that underlies even supposed "conservative" values and perceptions of the world.

I have been finding myself listening to "Gimme Shelter" quite often lately...a 30-year echo.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Oops...40-year echo...echo.