Tuesday, March 02, 2010

High Risk of Ultimate Dollar Crisis Unfolding in Year Ahead

From Jenna Orkin

Hyperinflation Update 2010
Economy and Financial System Face Eventual Great Collapse
Government and Fed Actions Have Narrowed Timing for Hyperinflationary Great Depression to Next Five Years
High Risk of Ultimate Dollar Crisis Unfolding in Year Ahead
'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom
America's hidden debt bombs
Cash for Caulkers
Or how about this idea: Marijuana to save the economy?
Stock Market Would Be Lost This Year Without Mergers
15 years ago, the combined assets of the 6 biggest banks totaled 17% of GDP... by 2006, 55% ... now, 63%
Retail Sales Rise: Where? Let's Take a Look; Expect Nothing Less Than Panic
Many Believe Recession Won't End Until 2011 or Later
A survey of U.S. business leaders
No snail mail on Saturdays?

The other strategic petroleum reserves
Saudi oil drilling to be stable in 2010
RBS accused over funding for tar sands 'blood oil'
Western Oil Companies Feel the Heat in Kazakhstan
Early Fraud Allegations Emerge In Tajik Vote
France, Russia in major arms deal - NATO not pleased
Iraq to Rehire Saddam-Era Army Officers
Spanish Judge Accuses Venezuelan Gvt. of Assisting Basque Terrorists
China Looks North
China is starting to prepare for the commercial and strategic opportunities arising from the melting of polar ice cover in the Arctic.

Big Brother
State may criminalize miscarriages
Police train for end-of-world scenario (from Rice Farmer)

Liberal Media Department
Newsweek: 6 reasons Cheney should advise Obama

Acts of God
Chile quake may have tipped Earth's axis
Drought Threatens Syria's Economy as 300,000 Families Flee Parched Farms
Town hit by raining fish
Is that from the Bible or Dr. Seuss?
Bugs in British soil on the rise
Scientists estimate there are 12.8 quadrillion living organisms in top 8cm of dirt, weighing 10m tonnes
Napoleon-era sea walls blamed for French storm deaths
Weed killer may turn boy frogs into girls


Weaseldog said...

Marc Faber forgets to add the advice, that if you're going to by a farm or ranch, you'd better be on site working it.

I doubt any of those Wall Street types are going be skilled at the craft, so they'll be at the mercy of locals to do all of their work for them.

Their relationship with said locals, will mean life or death in the sort of crisis he's discussing.

If one of these Wall Street Tycoons makes the mistake of taking a nap in front of a harvester, the land goes up for auction.

agape wins said...

You are so right, Weaseldog & also Andrew C. I post as agape wins, & keep bitching about Amae.
Japanese Need/Love, Dependency, Mother/Infant bond; which is actually common to all life forms, but denied by our highly evolved "Captain of my Ship, Master of my Fate" mindset. Left to our own devices where would any one of us be? The future only holds more Dependency; form some local relationships with "Others", with varied Interests/knowledge,&
Abilities you lack, no matter how silly or strange they seem now.
Think about interaction, not exchange of Filthy Lucre.
Changing the way Money works starts in how we Value those around us, & the value they place upon us!

I think the beginning/end started here:


No one knew what would happen,it was just another "Tool", just another/better, Fire Bomb!
Try and imagine No Bomb, Men still struggling hand to hand in the mud
& gore.
How can you Forgive/Forget someone who removed your Future/Past
(no more Ashes, on your mantel to honor/respect, to be obligated to.),
how could you as a survivor, run to the assistance of him you swore to fight to the death? Him whose loss on 9,11 could never equal your split second loss; you turned around and nothing would ever be the same? What if it happened a second time, you would knew what to expect, and were shocked to be left standing, again?

We here at FTW have the same advantage that some Europeans had before Hitler, we have a crude map, a oneup on those around us. Way more than anyone had, or even guessed, before Hiroshima!


ChuckP said...

Does anybody know where to get the "best deal" on gold and silver????? American Eagles, etc. Hope someone can help me. ChuckP

agape wins said...

Several posters including MCR are still caught up in the old system of Money, Value, & how things have always worked; or struggled from one disaster to the next, with most of the "Wealth" gravitating to the most selfish(Greedy)! Collapsenet is a good idea, except it will have to be a work in process. There should be provisions for Community, Sponsorship, or at least a open page, or "Caring/Sharing" Day

Which is why MCR has stressed "Changing the way MONEY/VALUE/enslavement work!".
Gamedog was/is right about the system; I made a fortune in the market in the 1980's, but would not try to today because the rules have been changed, to the advantage of those in power.

RanD's from the west slope, I spent a lot of time from Durango to Fruita from 1965 until I retired in 91. Have the Globe Willows made a comeback, they were dieing off in the late 80's?

"Our website is given freely and provides an option to purchase a book if folks would like to;"---Where & how?
I hope you stay around, or we can make contact otherwise; you have been/are a positive voice here.

I have been too busy, since the middle of Jan. to respond to the rapidly changing input here.

Books I have read of late include, " Have A Little Faith", "The Others", & "The Foreign Correspondence", & am now doing a DVD course, "The Neurological Origins of Individuality" Which surely dates me as a "Digital Immigrant", not a "Native"

Which brings us to RanD's question:
"Also, it is not clear to us how accusing "the Prophets of old in the Bible" of, as you say, "speaking a Forghin (Delibritly mispelled, thank you!)" explains why they were, as you also say, "ignored"."

It’s very serious, because the single biggest problem facing
education today is that our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language.
This is obvious to the Digital Natives – school often feels pretty much as if we’ve
brought in a population of heavily accented, unintelligible foreigners to lecture them. They often can’t understand what the Immigrants are saying. End quote, from;


Most of what Us oldtimers write goes right past most youngsters, who find research slow & boring! More on this later, here is another link about "Natives". What are the 8 differences?


I miss F Kavilov's slant on things, I'll have a few links which should interest him enough to generate a response.

About the young ones next time.

Eama. Call it my Dependency.

d said...


robmac58 said...

To ChuckP,
My suggestion is to buy metal from a dealer in your city. Someone you can see and talk to. Make your best deal. Buy bullion only. Do not buy numismatics, certificates or metal "stored" in a remote location. You can sometimes get a small discount on coins that have cosmetic blemishes or scratches. Remember, a few tens of dollars +/- is not going to make much difference considering where the prices are likely headed.
Good Luck!

dalex said...

ChuckP: Consider CMI Gold and Silver (Mike or Bill Haynes) in Phoenix, at (800) 528-1380. Reputable people and good prices; we've dealt with them for years.

Also (unrelated), a tip of the hat to recent posters who have offered to pull more than their share when collapsenet comes online -- that's how the new paradigm will look. I think Nietzsche missed the boat by failing to recognize that true power is demonstrated by pulling others up to your own level -- not by grinding them under your heel.

Peddler on the Hoof said...


Weaseldog said...

In addition to silver, investing in trellises and growing pole beans would be a good investment too...

Weaseldog said...

If the gov does regulate derivatives in a meaningful way, then there's a new scam in the wings, waiting to be exploited.

I explain why in the following post.

Michael, I haven't said Hello since rediscovering your blog. I was impressed with your work many years ago and even more so at how well tempered you've been in picking and choosing your battles.

I remember when you were visiting the Yahoo Group, Energy Resources, and how quickly you picked up on what was being discussed there.

It's good to find that you are still active on the net at least.

Weaseldog said...

Saudi oil drilling to be stable in 2010

The Saudis have a poor history of telling the truth about production.

For instance in 2000, they kept saying they were going to boost production. Instead, they were facing a crisis of rapidly declining production and spent the next few years investing in infrastructure to deplete their fields at faster rates.

Before Ghawar's decline was obvious to the world, they began making lots of announcements that their oil production was set to grow for decades.

Ghawar is currently in decline. The production growth never materialized.

This announcement may well be another marketing ploy.

The Royals need to project the illusion that they are in control. Once it's thought that they are not in control, they will begin to lose it.

Look for announcements later in the year, proclaiming that they are cutting back production. Or shorter, "We meant to do that."

eyeballs said...

Actually, I'm a girl frog in a male frog's body. Wanna dance?

That article highlights a crowd-pleaser: sex/gender effects of industrial chemicals. If you thought it was just a frog thing, read this .

And from Timeline of Endocrine Disruption and Man-Made Chemicals:

1993 - Referring to the perceived decrease in human sperm counts, scientist Lou Guillette tells the US Congress, "Every man sitting in this room today is half the man his grandfather was, and the question is, are our children going to be half the men we are?"

There's less audience appeal in blurred vision, headaches, lowered intelligence, and cancer. But in fact, gender bending is only one of many effects that industrial chemicals have on living organisms. We have already altered our environment in so many unknown ways, that the very survival of our species (and of many others) is questionable -- even if humans were to stop making industrial chemical today, which they will not.

Forbes, the very mouthpiece of American capitalism, tells us that there are now 86,000 man-made chemicals in the world today, to which our bodies have evolved no coping mechanism. That is, our human bodies have evolved to accept iron, and even copper in small amounts, but do not know what to do with plutonium or atrazine (Ortho's Atrazine Plus®) or glyphosate (Roundup). Almost none of these chemicals were in the world a hundred years ago, and most of them have entered our environment in the last two decades.

Only a very small proportion of these chemicals have even been tested for their effects on the human body. They are merely tested for effectiveness in whitening your skin, taking stains out of your dress, killing weeds, or cracking oil shale. And the worst of it is, many of them are kept secret from the public.

That's right, thousands of potentially dangerous chemicals are considered "trade secrets" and cannot be identified by name. Several of the secret chemicals are used in children's products. "EPA also reported that 141 of the chemicals on the secret list were being produced in amounts of more than 1 million pounds a year, as of 2005, the latest period for which figures are available," according to this article .

The good news is, the EPA has promised to look into it.

Paul Mineau said...

ChuckP, I'm in the same boat. I've been checking on prices at http://www.goldprice.org and I'm getting nervous, I thought the prices would come down to around $1000/ounce, but it looks like its going up. I'm thinking about buying through Blanchard. I'm thinking I better S* or get off the pot.

Does anyone have solid info if the prices are going to drop?

Weaseldog said...

Paul Mineau said... "Does anyone have solid info if the prices are going to drop?"

I doubt many people could answer yes to that.

I'm not an investor at the moment and have no skin in the game. And I'm not giving you advice.

It's my opinion that it loosely tracks with crude oil. The price is going up because China and other nations are buying it as a hedge.

It's my guess, that the price could drop along with the price of crude in May. But that's just a guess.

My thinking is that the world economy can't sustain these high prices much longer. At the end of this business quarter, the numbers are going to be so bad that over the next couple of months we'll have a wave of sell offs. People who are losing their shirts in various markets will be selling contracts on gold and oil to make up losses.

This is a guess. I'm not making money either way on this. As I'm just some random guy on the internet, my best advice to you is to ignore me.

FineLinen said...

Where's Wednesday's post??

Anonymous said...

Good Points Weaseldog. You were on ER yahoo groups? Me too. I remember Michael back then too. Glad to see he's back.

On buying Gold and Silver. I do it via the Internet. My state charges almost 10% sales tax. I'm NOT paying that for money. CMI Gold & Silver Inc are good people. Michael Haynes is a good guy. Check them out.

For those waiting for the price to drop. It MIGHT, but I'm not betting on it. I'm all in in the metals dept. and when they drop, I don't sweat a drop. If it goes below $1K I'll be all over more.
Fundamentals say they WILL go up, BUT with market manipulations via the bullion banks via the FED, they do beat downs here and there. How long can they keep it up? I don't know. ETF's and paper gold help hide the shenanigans they do. If everyone took physical possession then they would have less gold to manipulate.

Subscribe to this http://www.caseyresearch.com/displayGsd.php Good stuff. I don't pretend to have the depth of this guy and some of the others he talks with.

sunrnr said...

Gold - First of all I don't believe there's much physical gold to be had.

Secondly, check out George's take on gold prices at

agape wins said...

robmac58, & ChuckP, & everyone else, You are all looking at the wrong end of the Horse, when I was investing I quickly learned to value what I received as "Return on Investment", the price I received upon sale, in
relationship to my gross cost.
Know who you will be selling to (TOO), they have to be local! what do they charge as commission. Remember all rules will change after any drastic change.
Never appear forced to sell, have a second buyer, remember "small Blemish's" become Defects upon sale; think Used Car! We are talking Metal here, not art objects.
Here is an example, several weeks ago a customer showed me a Gold Nugget he had found years before; he had showed it to a local Jeweler/Metal dealer, he had been offered $42.00 U S dollars, which was less than its value 20 yrs. ago. Commission was never
mentioned! I weighed the Nugget, figured it's value (at the daily quoted price). Then I discounted 50% for possible scale error, &/or commission, and came up with a value of $120 U S dollars; quite a markdown in my book!

delax, Pray tell me how you are going to collect, after the grid goes down, move to where your
"reputable" people, or stash is stored? Local Thoughts & actions-elsewhere may be weeks away
or no longer exist.

robmac58, Right on, look forward to the sale!

Weaseldog, "that the price could drop along with the price of crude in May."
Just at the start of the Driving Surge, makes sense,not!

New word; Amaeru!

agape wins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RanD said...

We were just fixing to pull out the bull horns and holler: "Agape wins! Agape wins! Where art thou?!" When lo & behold, back on the scene you are. Hi!

Eama/Amae? That's a refreshing touch. Does that mean you're now balancing inevitable and perfectly good & natural child-mind dependency with equally essential adult-mind independence, finally? If so, we're with you! Unweaned children (groveling sycophants) are as much pains in the ass to the human experience/condition as are autocratic mentalities that provide themselves as dictators/controllers/messiahs of their groveling sycophantic counterpart-codependents. Awakened to the theme of interdependency it appears (to us) is where all life forms -- from Paramecia to Cetaceans, with Homo sapiens sapiens/var. operating intelligently/non-destructively/empathically (i.e., fully-consiously) throughout the mix -- are able to share common ground.

"Filthy" Lucre? Money -- as a mere medium of exchange -- is NOT the problem. "The problem" is the concept of there being value in ever increasing numbers -- i.e., the "numericalized profit motive", itself. That's what's drowning us in the dire situation we're now in, and of which we need to get busy and find/work our way out of and beyond! Jesus understood "our problem", Timothy recognized "our problem", and so does RanD and so does pine, who recently stated: it's "how humans work it".

Ruthie & I left our much loved CO western slope setting (North Fork Valley, Hotchkiss-Paonia-Crawford) for the MO Ozarks in 2003. We shared many precious moments in the 'high country': mushrooms, trout, sleeping bags, back-packs, 10,000+ ft alt etc. The globe willows were still thriving in Delta County when we left. Click on blue RanD, then click on My Web Page (also in blue), below Contact at the top left of blogger profile page for our info.

The "Digital Immigrants/Digital Natives Issue" is indeed VERY -- in fact fundamentally -- serious. And here we are again: the "numericalized profit motive" has been instrumental in both creating AND bringing this "DI/DN Issue" into the light. So, the question now arises: is there anyone here -- besides perhaps Agape wins & RanD, that is -- who are up for understanding how & why the "numericalized profit motive" is what we need to focus on and exhaustively articulate if we're to understand what's going on in today's world and pass our findings on to our progeny? We're inclined to say that without an affirming answer to the above that there's little to no prospect of FTW escaping the rut it's headed into right now.


businessman said...

Jenna...Look what you've gotten yourself into now. If you don't post articles every single day some people can begin thinking that something must be wrong!

RanD said...

Also, btw, eyeballs' typically excellent post above re the Endrocrine Disruption and Man-Made Chemicals issue in general, are just more examples of the current human condition's paramount problems which are direct products of the "profit motive's" ever-insidious potentials; and particularly so when our own Nationalized Governing System is happy to legislate protection for those who enrich themselves by selling us poisons and practices which methodically and progressively kill our planet, and thus ourselves! Wake up, guys!

Also btw, Theo Colborn was our neighbor on Powell Mesa (just out of Hotchkiss) when we lived in CO. Her veterinarian daughter, Suzan, was our GP for the horses on the property we managed there.

Weaseldog said...

agape winds, "Weaseldog, "that the price could drop along with the price of crude in May."
Just at the start of the Driving Surge, makes sense,not!"

We've seen it happen before.

Keep in mind that the price of gasoline will lag crude and remain high longer.

Do you think all of the newly unemployed are going to be taking long driving vacations?

Anonymous said...

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