Friday, March 26, 2010

South Korean Navy Ship Sinks; Saudi and Emerati Ships Clash; UK Intercepts Russian Bombers

From Jenna Orkin

South Korean navy ship sinks; North link "unlikely"
This, a day after North Korea Threatens "Unprecedented Nuclear Strikes" On America
Saudi and Emerati Ships Clash Over Oil Borders in Gulf Sea Battle
UK intercepts Russian bombers
Five Steps of the Global Geopolitical Dislocation Phase - from Elizabeth Miller
China Has 'Test' Meeting Grains Goal, Premier Says
Saudis to Turn Increasingly to Oil to Meet Power Needs
Murdoch launches the debate: will we pay for news on the net?

EU Steers Greece to IMF, Pledges Loans as Last Resort
Jim Rogers: Greece Should Have Been Left To Die
Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again
Treasury Will Soon Have to Pay More to Finance Growing Debt
Treasury Yields Rise; What's Cooking?
Everyone's Freaking Out About Soaring Yields Now
Goldman Sachs Is Lured to Warsaw by $10 Billion of Government Asset Sales
Tea Party Advocates Who Scorn Socialism Want a Government Job
JPMorgan, Lehman, UBS Named as Conspirators in Muni Bid-Rigging
New York Helicopter Commute for $200 a Day Signals Revival on Wall Street

U.S. looks to export drone technology to allies
Mobs Are Born as Word Grows by Text Message
Professor: Eight million Africans died in wars financed by US, UK
Why It's Time to Break Up the NSA
The CIA and the Nazis - Declassified archives document ties between CIA and Nazis - Where Is Hitler?!

Startling New Research Says Peak Oil May Happen by 2014
Amid Nanotech's Dazzling Promise, Health Risks Grow
Regulated or Not, Nano Foods Coming to a Store Near You - from Elizabeth Miller
Why Nanotech Hasn't (Yet) Triggered the 'Yuck Factor'
Nano-Products Are Everywhere
As Temperature Rises, Earth Breathes Faster — and Maybe Harder
Obsession With Growth Stymies Regulators
Natural Gas Future Discussed at Bush [as in W] Institute - from Jon Noel
Pickens Makes Moves on Water - from Jon Noel

Female Chimpanzees Drive the Culture
"we’re just as closely related to the bonobo. We could look at them and ask, why don’t we have sex rather than kissing on the cheek?"

Comment: I tried that once but the bonobo snubbed me.
Men do not grow grumpy with age, research finds


businessman said...

I've been reading about Rupert Murdoch's plans to begin charging for online access to his newspapers for months now. Part of me says that the online news reader will just laugh at the idea and get their news elsewhere. And the other part of me says that the Internet has gotten so mainstream now that there may still be a lot of people who will feel compelled to pay rather than miss their favorite mainstream media news online.

Personally, I hope this move serves as one more big reason for people to just abandon paying attention to the mainstream media entirely.

Elmo said...

"Part of me says that the online news reader will just laugh at the idea and get their news elsewhere."

All of me laughs at the idea of getting my news from Rupert Murdoch!

Elmo said...


I probably shouldn't joke about Rupert Murdoch... After all, it was FOX news that got the rest of the media to elect George Bush!

ChuckP said...

Elmo; With your silly ass comment it is very obvious that you are a bleeding heart liberal Dem!!!!! Fox news got Bush elected. How absurd. Hey, lets just have the Government give everybody what ever they want!!!!! Damn the price lets just get it for free as we bankrupt the country. Remember the last days of Rome!!!! Hey lets go to the mailbox and see if the Government check is in the mail!!!! Maybe we could meet Elmo there!!!!!!!!

stu said...

I see the intro to the screening of Collapse is up at US Stream, but the Q & A part is not. Do you plan on loading the Q & A portion so those who couldn't see it live can still benefit? Thanks for all your work Mike... I can't wait to pay for your content at Collapsenet, but can't say the same for Murdoch's.

businessman said...

Here's a link to the video of MCR's comments to the London audience just before the screening of his movie "Collapse" there on Friday. His comments begin at about 3 minutes and 55 seconds into the video:

Click Here for the Video

The real meat and potatoes came in what Mike had to say to the audience in the question and answer session with them after the movie, so it would be great if we could get a link posted to that video segment also.

Elmo said...


"As you say, nothing personal. It's business. Some will get it; most will die."

On that point, we are in full agreement.

agape wins said...


"I tire quickly of politicians who waffle and say nothing. I generally
ignore them. You tire me. What is your point, in no more than two sentences?"

The post you find "tiring"; is a reply to this

Simon said...

Agape, my team are workers, all of them. They also happen to be very
capable ├źnforcers". Yin, yang. Soft, hard. Tears, laughter. Everything needs to be balanced.

11:10 PM

Here is my point:

Everything Is BALANCED, you will be betrayed by someone you trust the most and rescued by your worst Enemy!

Live in the moment, where you are, I am; Amanzuri.

I am NOT a Politician, the only "Waffling" I do is to force you to Think, get your brain away from that "Tweeter" into something complex,instead of that soundbite which teaches you nothing.

agape wins said...


"agape_wins says this is a "support group". You mean like: "before the funeral"?"

peakoildude said...

hey Tom, I'm probably 10 minutes north of you. I think that peak oil meetup group closed here. The more I think about it, I'm not sure I'm interested in a group about the subject because I'm not looking to meet people who want to know more, but people who already know this stuff..that may have been the problem before. Anyway, good to see somebody else that reads this blog from the area. If you want to shoot me an email:

12:00 AM

Agape wins says; Like after the fact/Funeral-like after 9/11, after the Earthquake, after Hiroshima! again Amanzuri!

Glad to have you here, you bring a lot of balance!
How long have you been reading here, do you know my history, think you do from what I have posted for over 2 years?
Glad you can build a fire under everyone! Keep it up!!

Soggy Bottom said...


Abject apologies for heaping on your head such a vitriolic attack.
In truth it was not meant for you personally.

I have lived a fair while on this planet and during that time have observed the relentless push by TPTB, using the USA and it’s wealth, to rope in the rest of the world, via so called globalisation, for their own ends. They have been very clever in their pursuit of power. It is my opinion they have dumbed down the majority using educational systems, nutritionally debased food and a media that brainwashes.
Bread and circuses worked for the Romans and is still a potent means of keeping a population diverted from noticing the shackles being forged for them.
TPTB pursue their ends around the globe, using a differing variety of strategies to suit the culture they find themselves dealing with. No country is safe from them.
I do understand that ordinary Americans, are themselves, as much the victims as the rest of us.
Do any of us stand a chance against whatever their policies might now be? With diminishing energy/oil and a population too large to be supported by a finite world you can be sure they have a plan.
MCR is right. We need to change the way that money works. Money is the base that their power springs from. Until we understand this concept nothing will change and TPTB will continue uncontested until the end of time.
The saddest thing is that they have used the old adage ‘Divide and Conquer’ to such a successful end in America. Who do you think has promoted the concept of gun ownership for everyone? When you mistrust your neighbour, and need a gun to protect yourself, there are few options for meaningful dialogue or for an exchange of views/ideas.
The creation of fear is their speciality. When we succumb to that fear, not only do we become paralysed, we do not seek solutions.
And there are solutions. Not, I hastily add, to return to their will for us i.e. consumerism. But solutions for a way of life that embraces all of life.
We can do it. There may be less of us, but for those remaining, let us decide the future.

businessman said...

There seems to be a lot of attitude, finger pointing, blame, and pontification going on in here recently.

Elmo said...


"Elmo; With your silly ass comment it is very obvious that you are a bleeding heart liberal Dem!!!!! "


Lots of exclamation marks... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elmo said...


"There seems to be a lot of attitude, finger pointing, blame, and pontification going on in here recently."

Sorry. :-(

Elmo said...


Not sure if you were talking to me or peakoildude... But if you were talking to me, then.. Thanks!

No, I don't know your history. I only started really paying attention to this blog back in January. And I don't mean to stir up shit; it seems I'm just naturally gifted.

pagun said...

the little story about the cia and the nazis needs to get about 5000 times bigger and become the worlds top story. Anybody remember Kurt Waldheim? That former SS man didn't just sneak past the background check to become head of the UN- he got the job of secretary general BECAUSE he was a nazi. Wasn't Prescott Bush Hitler's lawyer and banker starting in the 20's? Don't you think that might have something to do with George herbert walker bush's rise to power, and shrubs ascendency. And what about that late polish pope- wasnt his dad hitlers right hand man in poland? Scramble the letters in george bush and you get HUGE BS OGRE!

pine said...


"And what about that late polish pope- wasnt his dad hitlers right hand man in poland?"

No, he was not. Not even remotely close, whether in sympathies or support.

Elmo said...


"the little story about the cia and the nazis needs to get about 5000 times bigger and become the worlds top story"

Why? Most of us know that certain Nazi's were awarded amnesty if they had something to offer the current empire. Hell, we'd have never made it to the moon when we did, if not for Wernher von Braun and several dozen of his colleagues. It's just business as usual.