Friday, March 12, 2010

China's Oil Demand Rose 28% Year on Year in January

From Jenna Orkin

Greek riots turn really nasty
Half of Kansas City’s schools to close by fall
JO: So does that mean 50% less creationism-science?

Olentangy responds: The Kansas City that is closing half of its schools is tne one in Missouri, not Kansas. The idiots that mandated the creationism curriculum were in rural Kansas. Get your facts right before making a stupid joke.

JO: Right. I forgot we weren't in Kansas anymore. But the comment was so good, I've decided to promote it rather than erase the original whopper.

Why Lehman collapsed
$38m report finds Citigroup and JP Morgan may have played a part.
Here's How The US And China Are Fudging The Numbers Just Like Lehman
New wave of foreclosures threatens market
Government workers feel no economic pain
February Payrolls: It's the Economy, Not the Weather
Morgenson on Municipalities’ Swap Fiascoes
‘Swap Tango’ – A Derivative Regulation Dance
UK debt crisis fears
The Misleading Political Calm in Turkey

Grappling with resource nationalism
China eyes South African mines
China's oil demand increase 'astonishing', says IEA
Rose 28% YOY in January. Is that why China February M2 Money Supply Up 25.5% On Year Vs. 26% Increase?
Shell confirms it stopped selling gasoline to Iran
from Barry Silverthorn, Director of The End of Suburbia, who comments:

Is this because they are bowing to political pressure from the US? Or is it because they expect war in Iraq and don't want to lose assets? I doubt that it is because the corporation feels some kind of social responsibility to make the world a better place.

According to the Globe & Mail, "The company declined to comment on whether it would divest itself of its holdings in Iran."

Iran has little capacity to refine its own gasoline.
IEA Raises 2010 Oil Demand Estimate on Developing Economies
Germany Looks to Play Catch-Up in South America

Intelligence/Terror/Big Brother
Feds: TSA Worker Tried to Sabotage Terror Database
Al-Qaida suspect worked at nuclear plants
French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment
Telepathic computer can read your mind
US city schools locked down after Australia online threat
Ban salt to save lives, restaurants in New York told

Firms found to hoard carbon emission permits
Monsanto May Have Antitrust Edge as Protecting Patents Trumps Competition
NYC Settle Post-9/11 Illness, Injury Claims
JO comment:

The settlement is for $657 million for 10,000 plaintiffs. Up to a third of that will go towards legal fees. That leaves approximately $45,000 per sick, dying or dead person. $22 billion was originally promised by President Bush to Ground Zero. So the heroes of the site got 2/1000000 of that money or one five-hundred thousandth. As a group, they got less than 4%.

Look on the bright side: That's more than some people are going to get when the dollar gets whisked off into hyperinflation. Also it's more than we got in the residents' lawsuit, in which I represented the areas beyond Ground Zero that were potentially contaminated. That suit got a resoundingly pro-the-people decision in the Lower Court. At the appeals level, the judge acknowledged that the government had lied but said, in essence, that if we punished them for doing so, the next time there was a disaster, they might be afraid to open their mouths at all.

There's a clinic for residents, office workers and students affected by the disaster but I've never come across any treatment they offer besides steroids.

Vatican's Exorcist


eyeballs said...


What? That's it? Close the book on it? A greater mass poisoning would require nuke plants going off like Chernobyl. They should have made it a superfund site from day 1. Course, TPTB had big plans for hypnotizing the American people at that point, no need to dwell on the damage, there's TERRORISTS to go fight.

All should visit
excellent synopsis of the tragedy

Jenna Orkin of the WTC Env. Org.: air poisoning at ground zero

And it had been a long time since I'd seen the footage. Kind of grown a callous over the image. Click on a couple of the options in the sidebar to remember what it was and what it meant then.

Brian said...

We Can't Inflate Our Way Out of the Debt Crisis ... So What CAN We Do?

there is a lot of talk here about inflation--- but as usual noone is talking about what happens on the road from here to there.... this article explains why the incessant drone that 'we will have hyperinflation' is way off course....

also- theautomaticearth does a thorough of dispelling the inflation argument on a daily basis...

i highly recommend... your life literally may depend on it...

RanD said...

Fundamental knowledge concerning its relationship to the whole of existence is a prerequisite of humankind's evolution. Until that prerequisite is fulfilled, humankind cannot but remain in the world where it currently finds itself.

Have fun.

lyma2 said...

Hi Jenna,
The last sentence in your 9/11 settlement post caught my eye - about the only treatment in that clinic being steroids.
There are other treatments that can help these people. There is a healing center in Lyndhurst, NJ called Alternative Two. Among other things, they use treatments that remove toxins from the body.
I am not trying to drum up business for anybody. It's just really sad to see people getting sick and dying when help is available, and it is real help, not the stupid steroids. If you want to check them out it's or (201) 729-1217.
Best wishes to you. You and Mike are doing a great job

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

The cosmic doo-dah that overlaps the soul fabric of seven billion souls is the unrelenting group hug of communal liberation that inter-connects with the lint in my belly button, unleashing the vast insight of my vision unto all of you because I am a humble and generous lech/servant masquerading as a tiny voice of divine reason and inspirational integrity because I and my cats say so. Never let it be said that you haven't been forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Jenna-so creationism is a bad thing? For as intelligent as you seem to be, I am shocked you sallow Darwinism...isn't that the issue though?
Despite your biased against "creationism" Kansas City closing half it's schools is only a step to what is coming,(so why do you feel it necessary to take a jab at Christians and Ken Ham?) which I posted at least a day before it caught your eye...(seemingly)
Seriously, are there any Christians out there who want to learn about peak oil, the economy, and the lies of the government? Just because I believe in God (and creationism, which truthfully is just as believable as so-called "Darwinism" which is THEORY, except everyone takes it as fact....hmmmm interesting...) doesn't mean I am oblivious to what's happening!
So...just because I claim to be a "Christian" doesn't mean I am "main stream" so why does it appear that the peak oil movement is so anti-Christian?

eyeballs said...

Bill and Melinda Gates are clinking glasses with the honchos at Monsanto this week as they stash the 500,000th seed in their

doomsday seed vault

Strangely, the AP story does not mention whose project this is, but you can get the lowdown

They know. They knew a long time ago. How's YOUR seed vault coming?

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

eyeballs re "They know. They knew a long time ago."

Yeah. And? As did some of us. They also knew that ecological meltdown was imminent, ergo the hijacking of the Green movement culminating in co-opting serious ecology with the tax scam of global warming. They also knew that growth of global population was unsustainable and suicidal. They also knew that Occidental birth rates were tanking so switched allegiance to Islam while silently incorporating a mandate of White genocide. Of course they knew. It is their business to know. However and unfortunately (for them) the genie in the bottle is that a few more out here than 30 years ago now know also.

@ For the Boys, the mutually suicidal dance of the three ugly Abrahamic Sisters has been going on long enough. It is time to step outside of and away from that dance. Some of us choose not to have that particular gun held to our heads; we no longer pay the ransom. The dessert religions, all three of them, are redundant and useless as human institutions.

Olentangy said...

The Kansas City that is closing half of its schools is tne one in Missouri, not Kansas. The idiots that mandated the creationism curriculum were in rural Kansas. Get your facts right before making a stupid joke.

Bigelow said...

"also- theautomaticearth does a thorough of dispelling the inflation argument on a daily basis..."

I would second that.

In the usual inflation regime needs time to work. May not be enough time, what with the central bank buying much of the government debt already. Hyperinflation based on printed money in an economy as large as the U.S. would be difficult to pull off. Most of the money supply inflation in the past has been in the form of credit, not printed cash: bundled mortgages; the home equity ATM; borrowing on and against just about everything; almost a $Quadrillion of unregulated and unbacked derivatives world wide.

More likely the U.S. will default.

There are some very good primers written by Stoneleigh at

ChuckP said...

According to the local paper they are closing 27 out of 67 schools in Kansas City, Missouri.

v said...

Global Geopolitical Crisis to Hit Within Next Decade

The USA government recently release a human rights rapport on China recently:

In retur, China released this rapport:
Full Text of Human Rights Record of the United States in 2009



Elmo said...


"...why does it appear that the peak oil movement is so anti-Christian?"

There's quite a few explanations as to why one might feel a need to shoot down religion, given the opportunity. Here are just a few...

1) It's easy (and often financially practical) to make the leap of logic from: "Science has disproved the existence of God", to: "Everything written in the scriptures is bullshit".

2) To acknowledge God (Allah, Ganesha, Great Spirit, Whatever) is to acknowledge that you are neglecting your responsibility to the creation. In other words: You don't get to keep playing with your toys!

3) Religion sometimes produces fanatics, and that scares some people.

4) Because the scriptures warned us about our current situation, and they don't (never did) want to hear it (see reasons #1, #2 and #3).

RanD said...

We find JO's recently accelerated (to near daily) FTW postings worthy of comment:

It appears to us that doing this tends to frenzy the FTW mind somewhat; yet, at the same time it does not seem to negatively impact FTW's stated mission, but perhaps does somewhat frazzle FTW's focus. Even the latter is not necessarily bad however, nor is it yet clear whether it is better, either. It does seem likely to be good, tho, given the uncertainties unfolding in front of us. Hmmmm...

Flexibility, as we know, is generally if not exclusively good; but it IS ALWAYS good when studying and learning from any one of life's myriad ever-changing dynamics, like this one down here at FTW!

Guess we'll just have to keep watching and see what takes place. Hmph.

businessman said...

Regarding lawsuits and judgments of damages for the people...It's always intrigued me how courts can sometimes award great amounts of money to the plaintiffs, only to then have those amounts reduced by the judge.

While at the same time, I don't ever recall hearing about a judgement for damages against a major company or a government entity, where the amount of the damages awarded were then increased by the judge.

businessman said...

eyeballs...Thanks for the link to the video of Jenna making her statement. It's nice to be reminded of how much she's been fighting for the people, and it's also nice to finally see her!

RanD said...

re "Ban salt to save lives, restaurants in New York told".

Although the title is misleading, in that "The language of Bill A. 10129, introduced by Felix Ortiz, a representative from Brooklyn, in the New York State Assembly" specifically says: "No owner or operator of a restaurant in this state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of food for consumption by customers..." says nothing about salt shakers being banned from NY State eateries' tables.

We love our salt, but never never use it in the preparation of our dishes, other than in the salad dressing that I make. Nor do we use any commercially canned produce (typically generously laced with salt), other than a modicum of canned fish (Anchovies for pizza, an occasional 2 -3 ozs of canned Mackerel for chowder).

Sprinkling a bit on according to personal taste after it's on your plate is great, if you just gotta have a touch of salt -- but NEVER during prep! Jeeze!

We'd be surprised to see the bill fly.

RanD said...

"The cosmic doo-dah that overlaps the soul fabric... [etc etc etc]." Oh my how cute sweet silly & thoughtlessful.

At the same time:

We could not agree more with the words of Sebastian Ernst Ronin's 8:24 AM post which tell us that "...the mutually suicidal dance of the three ugly Abrahamic Sisters has been going on long enough." However, we do not agree that "The dessert [sic] religions, all three of them, are [yet totally] redundant and useless as human institutions." If they were and when they are they will then no longer exist, at all. In fact, bringing about such extinctions is exactly what The Little Book of Life is all about. But then very carefully reading and then clearly understanding the literature which is specific to such things is prerequisite to knowing about such things.

Elmo said...

"In fact, bringing about such extinctions is exactly what The Little Book of Life is all about." the Abrahamic symphony reaches it's crescendo.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

@ Elmo, re "Abrahamic symphony." That has a nice timbre/hook to it. With all that looms over the course of the coming century, why folks can't (or won't) wrap their souls and brains around the likelihood of the spark for the creation of a new "religion" is beyond me. Let the three, ugly Sisters spin and spin and spin...right out of the ball room into the dust bin of history. Two millennia of superstitious and mutually-hateful bile is enough!

RanD said...

@ Elmo and Sebastian Ernst Ronin. It is our fondest hope that we are finally being shown common ground.