Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This story speaks for itself.
We started hearing the "C" word today. Capitulation.
It hasn't happened yet.
...which is an indication of just how far apart our two candidates are. Then again, even MCR said he wouldn't bet against Buffett these days. (Granted, 'betting against' and appointing to the head of the Treasury aren't exactly the same thing.)


trobador said...

A small note to your readers. A friend of mine was searched by US troopers at a block road not far from the US-Canada boarder. Why?

The troopers said that they were searching for american or canadian smuggling cash to Canada, so that it can be better protected in Canadian banks.

Does it make sense?

trobador said...

A small note to your readers. A friend of mine was searched by US troopers at a block road not far from the US-Canada boarder. Why?

The troopers said that they were searching for american or canadian smuggling cash to Canada, so that they can be better protected in Canadian banks.

Does it make sense?

NBPatton said...

Anybody know where I can get the 3 videos that MCR mentioned in yesterdays post?

Michiel said...

I know at least two of them are available via

Not sure if they are supposed to be there; but they are.

European stockmarkets are dropping fast. Let get this over with...

Icelandish bank Icesave, I believe part of Landsbank, cannot pay back their account holders.

Dutch bank Rabobank is picking a fight with the dutch government not to pay 80% of the 100.000 Euro that has been guaranteed to dutch savers, even when they held an account abroad, like in the case with Icesave.

Ruiz said...


"uTorrent" and a torrent search engine should combine nicely.

Chris XVX said...

Hopefully Mike's right regarding enacting Marshall Law. But why then are there the 800 detention camps along with Haliburton's contract to build more of them? What about the troops that were sent home from Iraq to guard against civil unrest?

pine said...

Meanwhile - just another thought:

A peon said...

I thought about martial law too,and wondered to myself before finishing Mike's Oct.6th entry "why if,as Mike has written in "The F Word",and I believe "GREEKS BEARING GIFTS" federal agencies are recruiting local law enforcement for the purposes of intelligence gathering,then what is stopping the military from recruiting local law enforcement to use as a mechanism for enforcing martial law?".But then I continued reading and got to the part mentioning pension cuts for local law enforcement.

It must have happened here,because I encountered an apparently distraught officer last Sat.I had attened a wedding reception earlier that evening with my wife and child.We left early after my daughter fell asleep.When we arrived home I decided to ride my mountain bike downtown,to try and catch the last night of the annual Chile Cookoff taking place that weekend.I was late,and everyone was packing up,and the drunks were stubbling to the one or two bars that are on every block downtown.I was riding down the section of Main St. that was blocked to traffick(several blocks of Main St. are closed for the setting up of contestants booths),and first passed one large group of officers that didn't even look at me twice.I rode a couple of blocks,and encountered another group of officers just standing there chit-chatting,and one broke away from the group,blocking my path,and asked me what I was doing.I said just riding my bike.He said "You can't do that here,can't you read the sign?"(he gestured to his left,my right,and I didn't see any sign).I asked him what sign.He then ordered me to get off of my bike,which I did.He said "you can't ride your bike here,walk your shit down to the next block,".I was perfectly willing to comply,because out of nowhere he seemed agitated.I said to him "That is fine,but could you please show me the sign?"(I felt kind of foolish for missing it,if there was such a sign,I am usually more observant),to which he responded "I am the damn sign,do you want to go to jail!?He was totally in my face,and I observed he had removed an object from his belt and extended it.It appeared to be a slim metal rod.I informed him no I dn't wan to go to jail,so he told me to get the hell out of there,which I did.It really upset me,because my first thought was its a bit late in the game to be treating people in such a way.But after reading that local law enforcement pensions have been cut I wonder if that could have been a source for his frustration?And thinking about it now,I wonder if local law enforcement couldn't somehow be persueded to participate in enforcing martial law anyway,with activists and protestors playing the part of the scapegoat for their frustrations?

Anyways,on a more positive note,as I have been planing and psyching myself up for the past year or so to do,I rode up to the private school downtown that I attended from my Freshman highschool year to the middle of my Junior year when I was expelled,and just as I was pulling up to the front door the Headmaster of the school comes strolling out of a stairwell entrance right towards me reading a paper.We discussed a few things.I commented that the future is looking somewhat grim,he said nnnah we might pull through.I said I wasn't so sure.We discussed the fact that they now have a class teaching Mandarin Chinese.I asked if he had ever heard of Peak Oil.He said "What?".I repeated "Peak Oil",and explained it is the idea that in the past 100-200 years (hu)mankind has used up at least half of all of the recoverable oil left on the planet,and that some believe it is one of the main reasons we are seeing a lot of the problems we are seeing today.He allowed that it could be possible,but he didn't seem entirely certain.He didn't have much time to talk,and he was about to duck inside when I begged one more question,and I would let him go.I asked if he had ever considered adding agriculture to the school's curriculum(I made sure to throw in that I would consider sending my daughter there when the time came if I could afford the tuition by then).He said that yes,that they did have plans for putting a greenhouse in this empty lot next to the buildng were they able to raise the money to do it,and plating some things up on the roof.I did the old "elbow pull and kick" inside and said yes I have read about rooftop gardening,and mentioned community gardens.He then asked how he could get ahold of should they get the funding for it,took down my name and number,and said to keep coming up to visit.A couple of days later I caught a cold from my wife,and haven't been back up there in a little over a week,but I fully intend on going back up there in the very near future to hopefully discuss things with him at greater length.You see he knows some influential people in this town,and I hope he can help get some of the necessary preparations for Peak Oil,and avoiding ecological collapse on the agenda.When I attended that school,a local lawyer was teaching Spanish there,and she is married to a judge at the County Court House right down the road from that school.The courthouse is also caticorner from a big Bank of America building,with Regions bank(before that it was Union Planters Bank[my friends and I pronounced it Onion Planters],before that it was Magna Bank,and a year or so ago it was rumored by an employee that it was supposed to be bought up by Wachovia,maybe not)right across the street.

Anywho,I fully intend on mentioning your name Mike(should you happen to read this).If I hadn't by chance seen your Nov.2001 lecture "The Truth and Lies of 9/11" on DVD,I never would have known about,or never ould have from there learned of,,or which has an awesome chart of sollutions/options for living sustainably in a post carbon world that I copied and pasted to my MySpace profile,which links back to the Permatopia website.I have you and Cathrine Austin Fitts listed under the "Heroes" section,your names are hyperlinked back to your websites.I believe I also have Cynthia McKinney's name there too.I never would have heard of Dale Allen Pfieffer.Both he and his wife have MySpace profiles and are on my top friends list,and post some great blogs and bulletins there on MySpace.I love all you guys,and your work.Thank you for surviving,and fighting the good fight,and being the good example.I haven't ever actually got to hear either of the Pfeiffer's voices,but I love hearing you and Cathrine and Cynthia speak(Cynthia has a MySpace too,and leaves some great video blogs/bulletins;she recently mentioned your name in one,as I think a fellow commentor pointed out,speaking on 9/11 and COINTELPRO).Cathrine's "Navigate the Falling Dollar" is great,she mentions "Rubicon"(which I have open on my desk here right by me as I type on the "Penetration" chapter;having read it twice already I am reading it again backwards this time,starting at the begining of each chapter of course,the last chapter first then moving on to each preceeding chapter;I do this because I practically have the first few chapters memorized)in that lecture.And I have seen all of your lectures and interviews I could find,from your 1997 lecture on CIA narcotics trafficking at the Granada Forum,to "The Truth and Lies of 9/11",I own a copy of your DVD "Denial Stops Here:From 9/11,to Peak Oil,and Beyond",to a 2005 speech you gave at the Solefest International Alternative Energy Fair(with a seemingly nervous introduction from Matt Savinar),to an interview given at Peak Moment with a Ms. Donaldson(I must say she seemed to be somewhat starstruck by you Mike,wink wink nudge nudge ;),I also loved the interviews she did with Richard Heinberg,and Megan Quinn),to a "9/11 Window of Opportunity" interview you did just prior to "Rubicon's" release,and a 9/11 conference you spoke at with Peter Dale Scott at your side,to your most recent 2007 interview which I'm guessing was conducted in New York just before your move to LA.I'm not sure if it was my imagination or not,but it seemed I could still hear some lingering trauma from all that you have been through.I heard it in a few shuddery inhales you took in between reponses to the interviewees questions/comments.I recognize it I think from doing the same thing sometimes when reflecting on a couple of serious accidents I had(one an automobile,one a mountain bike)that I survived.

I still plan on purchasing a copy of "Fear and Present Danger"(the actual title of the DVD of your "The Paradigm is the Enemy" peech given in NY)through your friend Ken when funds are so tight.I hope to be starting a new job here soon.I hope to also be able to purchase some more gold soon as well.After reading Jamey's "Big Brother's Blunt Instrument" article I contacted him personally,having been a subscriber to FTW at the time and purchased a couple of the Swiss Francs from the time(mid 2006)gold was at around $600/oz.When I first read of your suggestion to invest in gold/silver(2005)it was around $400/oz.
I have a question about that actually,after a recent statement by either you or Jenna.Is it still advisable to purchase the Swiss Francs in that they are both numismatic and bullion,to hedge against a possible confiscation of gold?Or would you suggest strictly bullion?And,is Jamey still employed by Goldline?I ask because I would like to purchase through him again if the number provided by you at the top of his "Big Brother" article is still current.

I'll end this lengthy rant which I guess is a really long way of saying thank you by coming right out and saying thank you times infinity.You deserve an entire suit made of Medals of Honor.Yes I realize such a suit would be heavy,but would be nothing compared to the burden you have borne by choosing to do the right thing,and stand up for the little guy.I have heard you say in your lectures,and/or interviews that you didn't have a choice.I don't know for sure if that is true,because I don't know you personally,but what I believe is that we always have a choice(free will).You could have chosen to find your solution at the bottom of a bottle,in the barrel of a gun,or at the end of a rope.But you didn't.You survived,you fought back,and you have inspired others to do the same.You are as tough as nails,not just physically,but mentally,and spiritually,because you chose to be,instead of chosing to give up.Its not an easy thing to do.I am 31 now,and my mind has lingered around making such a choice as early as my 5th grade year in school,and I'm aware of the possability that choice may float across my mind as an inviting one again someday.I just hope I am as strong as you have been at those times,as close as you say you've been.Again,thank you.

NBPatton said...

Thanks for the tip!
I dont think MCR would mind, fighting the good fight afterall means spreading the word, does is it not?

I used all the major torrent searches already, seems only "denial stops here is out there". I found truth and lies but hasn't had seeds for weeks.

Would someone help spread the word and put them up on google video? Of course, only if MCR doesn't mind.

trobador said...

@ a Peon, MCR and others:

I was kind of perplexed with your question to MCR in relation to the buying of Switzerland currency instead of gold (because of possible confiscation). I am not sure that you will achieve your objective of "protection" through that mean, as all currencies will be affected. The end goal behind the current agenda, is to replace physical currencies with something else....yap....

Again, I believe that one of the best means of protection is to have a land that is clear of debt. The problem, is that, indeed a martial law could kick in in the next few months and, even a land cleared of debt, could be seized by your government. So what can be done then?

I live in Quebec, and the land are cheap compared to US pristine land. I think that it would be a good idea TO INVOLVE YOURSELF IN an UNDERGROUND NETWORK OF COMMUNITY PARTNERS BETWEEN QUEBEC-CANADA AND US, get info., and eventually buying land here or finding a spot where you could live and prepare yourself for real and effective support to your fellow citizens.

The prisons (concentration camps) you talked about are certainly real and the most threatening activists will be taken as political prisoner (and in a flash!). The situation will be rough, really rough.

In Canada, we catch the cold after you sneaze. So are we better off than US citizens? Hopefully, we will have a non conservative prime minister in the next 7 days, if not, well, we're in sh.... like you, as Harper (current prime minister) is keen on bush's ways (coercive means, prison, etc.). I am confident that we will be more fortunate and end up with a more progressive thinker (at least in the first 6 months after the martial law). If so, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOU TO PREPARE AND IDENTIFY A STRATEGIC LOCATION FOR A RETREAT IN CANADA WHERE YOU CAN HELP THE ONE THAT STAYED BEHIND. That's exactly what many did in Germany during the second world war, and as the Bush (neocon) is preparing for the establishment of the 4th Reich, it is time to think (and act) seriously about it.

Last point, the peak oil is one way to get to the PEAK DEBT, where the financial system will be completely "revamped" so that "Power" can concentrates itself evenmore. Biometric means of selling and buying will be put in place...from there, your guess is as good as mine. For info. on cash and debt please consult

Peace to all of you...
and to're my man, keep the fight...

Let's remember Confucious wise words..." The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved."

ps: sorry for my English, as you can see English is not my native tongue