Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michael C. Ruppert

Many of my predictions about the US gov't shutting down the economy were contained in my comments for Title 17 US Code reprints of major news stories. We don't have the ability to make those available to you but we have them. If you want to search for places where I discussed it, I suggest that you enter the term "demand destruction" in the Exact Phrase mode of the search engine. Also look for the words"looting" and "liquidation". Then go back and read GlobalCorp and --off the top of my head -- "As the World Burns" from 2004.

Demand destruction is what this is all about, not just for oil but for almost all commodities. If (as an example) the world consumed 85 mbpd this year, the economic crash may result in demand reduction to 79-80 mbpd next year. Coincidentally, that will probably match what global decline rates allow the world to produce. The severity of the crash still in progress leads me to suspect that decline rates are actually much steeper than acknowledged.

-- Oh, how I wish we had the NEPDG report.

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Rice Farmer said...

A global bird flu epidemic would also help demand destruction.

On another topic, I mentioned recently that Hugo Chavez is not investing enough money in his oil industry, and production will drop. Here's confirmation.

But with world demand declining, it may not matter...

Anonymous said...

A couple streetsigns along the road of collapse:

Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets

British Government set to become biggest shareholder in top banks as Japanese weigh bid for Morgan Stanley; London Stock Market Might Be Closed on Monday

NBPatton said...

Thank you VERY much for the pointers, I will be refreshing in that direction as soon as I send this! You are like Thomas Bros for truth!! Just with your keywords on that post all sorts of dots were remembered. It feels like a LONG time since I read GlobalCorp and I am going to begin my refresh there.

Oh and Rice Farmer, scary but great point... and thinking of the list that they have to accidentaly loose, bird flu would be fine by me.

gaelicgirl said...

Thank you, Mike. I'll look up those references I can find. What you've said here makes sense, about demand destruction for ALL commodities. And that the depletion curve may be a little steeper than is generally thought. Thanks for addressing our questions.

businessman said...

That article "Farmer in Chief" that MCR gave us the link to was absolutely brilliant. It offered us some good proposals on how to deal with what is quickly becoming a mounting global food crisis. The biggest drawback that I see with some of the proposals, though, involves all of the special interest groups who will fight them because they interfere with their profits under the old paradigm. And these companies and industries have a lot of influence.

FTW admin said...

hi businessman,

lest there be any confusion, i wrote the article entitled "revolution and victory gardens," not mike. this is the article containing the link to "farmer in chief."

even tho' mike signs his articles and i sign mine, people are still getting mixed up.

just clarifying....


NBPatton said...

Dow went up 936 today,

Oh goody more to loot!

Wonder how many poor bastards’ savings will vanish from this? What a wild ride, sure is an interesting and morbidly exciting time.
I must admit, the info orgy is somewhat fatiguing!

DLW said...

Dear Mike Ruppert,

Col. Wilkerson is on your side now :

I do not know if the following comment will be published or not ...

Happy that you are back and well.


The thesis which Col. Wilkerson refers to as to the cause of the invasion of Iraq : Peak Oil in Saudi Arabia and The Dick Cheney Energy Task Force is exactly the thesis of Michael C. Ruppert in "Crossing the Rubicon, the Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil".

Remember the Cheney Energy Task Force occurred in January 2001, well before 9/11, and according to Wilkerson now, that is where and when the energy policy of the Bush I administration was conceived ...

What do you think Dick Cheney conceived as a mean to justify for a military aggression of Iraq with its large suspected oil reserves ? What did they conceive as contingency plans to avert the probable objections of countries already having ties with Iraqi oil ? How did they plan to deceive US public into a war of aggression ?

Think ... Mike Ruppert was right all along ... 9/11 is the key to the Energy policy of Dick Cheney. 9/11 was the great enabler ...

ES355GIBSON said...

FYI - I bought 10 more the greatest book out there by Mike C - and passed them to my family.

I have now read 'THE BOOK' 3 times and refer to it all the time.

Can't wait for the next one Mike!