Sunday, October 05, 2008

Delta Force Officer Recalls Foiled Efforts to Find Bin Laden

Readers of Crossing the Rubicon will experience deja vu listening to this Sixty Minutes report on earnest efforts by the elite Delta Force to capture or kill Bin Laden after 9/11. A soulmate of Dave Frasca must have been behind the consistent denials of permission to act on intelligence and get the job done. Then, too, the order to rely on Afghan "allies" only sealed the failure of the mission:

"The Mujahideen would go up, get into a skirmish, firefight, lose a guy or two, maybe kill an al Qaeda guy or two, and then they leave," reports "Dalton Fury," author of a new book on the fiasco.

"It was almost like it was an agreement, an understanding between the two forces fighting each other. Almost put on a good show and then leave."

..."Osama Bin Laden is [to] many a Muslim’s hero," Fury says. "These guys in my opinion were more in awe of Osama Bin Laden than they were willing to kill him."

...And then something extraordinary happened: Fury's Afghan allies announced they had negotiated a cease fire with al Qaeda, something the Americans had no interest in. When Fury's team advanced anyway, his Afghan partners drew their weapons on Delta. It took 12 hours to end the bogus cease fire, precious time for al Qaeda to move.

A Look at Wall Street's Shadow Market

Steve Kroft's sputteringly outraged report on the financial meltdown officially inaugurated this week. The interview with, or should I say "performance by," Robert Pickle, CEO of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, is a lesson in the use of the raised eyebrow as a response to a pointed question. You know you're dealing with an arch-villain when he embarks on a lecture on "lessons learned" so such a disaster can never happen again.

Buffett Invests in Nuclear Weapons Security

Buffett's associate mentioned in this article, Pete Peterson, took out a full two-page ad in today's New York Times concerning the national debt.

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Rice Farmer said...

Looks like Citigroup has somebody pulling for it, after all. The tug-of-war over Wachovia is not over.

businessman said...

It just amazes me what's been pulled-off right in front of our own faces. Many of these leaders on Wall Street should be in prison for what they've done to the United States, to the dollar, our economy, and to the world financial markets. And we decide instead to bail them out with $700 Billion, and the pot even gets sweetened with an additional $140 Billion for pork projects just so Congress will pass the Bailout Bill.

When you can get away with all of this right in front of the entire nation, there's no end to what these people will pull off on us.

Rice Farmer said...

Businessman speaks the truth.

But of course it's said that if you kill one man, you'll go to prison, but if you slaughter millions you'll be a hero.

businessman said...

Rice Farmer's quote reminded me of author William Blum's definition of a terrorist in his book "Rogue State":

"A bomber without an air force"

NBPatton said...

The evil that is at work here is the private central bank, (Federal Reserve Bank) Fractional Reserve Lending, debt based economy, the 16th amendment, and the self righteous greed of very few. Why FTW readership is amazed at any of this is beyond me.

The more dire and hectic everything becomes, the more at peace, and the less amazed I am.

You want an answer to it all? EASY:
We need to follow in Andrew Jackson's footsteps and rout the bank! Restore the money issuance power to the Government, and pass unchangeable laws to make fractional reserve lending / charging interest illegal for ALL banks to practice! Discard the un-ratified 16th amendment and create a new amendment to OUTLAW a centralized private bank. (These are not radical ideas; the bank wants you to think that they are though)

Until we change the way money works, NOTHING will change (sound familiar?). I for one am ready and willing to effect change, as is my core group. Enough talk! We know what must be done and if needed we will stand at your sides TODAY on the field of battle! Whether it be a philosophical field or not! A courtroom, or a grassy plain, a parking lot, a mountain side or city center, or at the steps of the bank itself...

The Pandora's Box that is fossil fuels has been opened, when peak is realized by the world, the addicts aren't all going to mutually agree to play nice and stop using the stuff. There will be an all out contest for it. So much so that it will probably turn centralized banks from different nations on each other while the entire world’s population suffers the consequences. We MUST remove the bank from power to secure posterity's prosperity and to once again be the beacon of hope and true freedom in the world.

Where is our William Wallace? Our Andrew Jackson? When will America en masse wake up?? How loud does the alarm need to be to rouse us from our MTV, McDonalds, Suburbia induced slumber?