Thursday, October 16, 2008

Read the last sentence. Either Citigroup is scrambling to clear out of positions that might sink it, or we are witnessing one of the greatest financial crimes in history; or both. TPTB always try to destroy the evidence. Remember, there are three times more paper mortgages out there than actual properties. The government is paying for the fictitious ones too.

Could Citigroup be one of the mechanisms for the shutdown rather than a victim? Why then did Buffet prevent it from getting something it needed so badly? Time will tell.

-- MCR


Rice Farmer said...

China's Shrewd Long-Term Oil Plan: What America Can Learn

There is nothing surprising here. The Chinese have played their hand well, and I have always expected that they would undermine the neocon plan to dominate energy resources in the Middle East and Africa. What America has bankrupted itself trying to do militarily, the Chinese are doing economically, and making money.

Meanwhile, is Citigroup at the table or on the menu? I await the outcome with bated breath.

chr!s said...

Is there anything to be made out of this:

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ruppert,

several months ago I tried to contact you, after having dicovered and read “Crossing the Rubicon”, but obviously my messages somehow got lost. (See below.)
Since then I bought another five copies of the book, which I gave to people I considered being willing to reflect about the subjects, that are examined therein. I also made sure, that the library of my university acquired a copy.
May I now ask you again, why there is no German translation of the book?

Moreover, if you are interested, I would gladly comment from an European point of view or add some information to the blog from time to time.

Last message: April 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Levine,

after having read Michael Rupperts "Crossing the Rubicon", I immediately desired to see the book translated into German. So I drew up the letter mentioned below. Until yesterday, however, when I went on the website of FTW, I had been totally unaware of what happened to Mr. Ruppert and his team. - May I in spite of it ask you to convey the undermentioned suggestion to him?
I hope he is in good health after a long fight against all enemies - physical and domestic. Michael Ruppert and FTW deserve the highest admiration. Their legacy will outlive the corrosive, disgraceful, and destructive age, which we have to cope with.
I wish you all the best and would be glad to hear from you.

Dear Mr. Ruppert,

I am a M.A. (magister artium) of philosophy and history and currently a candidate for a doctor´s degree at the University of Freiburg, Germany. After having read "Crossing the Rubicon", I would like to express my highest esteem for your opus magnum. In my view you wrote one of the most clear-sighted, thorough and compehensive books on 9/11 and the American Empire. Because there are not that much publications that show the real picture of the world´s driving forces, it is just the more important to spread the words of those, who do know what is going on.
As I searched for a translation of the book, I found a French one, but none in German language. I hope not the reason for the latter being the unwillingness of German publishing houses to bring it out. In case that such negotiations did not take place yet, I would like to encourage you strongly to change this sitution. Germans in particular, and not only the average man, are not in the least aware of the real motives and aims of imperial America in general and of certain operations in particular, which my country is also deeply envolved in; the ISAF mission in Afghanistan is just one example. Valuable information hardly comes to light in the mainstream media and, if at all, in a hypocritically euphemistic, misleading "interpretation". Within decades of conditioning, Germany has become a credulous follower of the undisputed American suzerain, and in regard of geopolitics its people may be Europe´s most naive one. Therefore it would be even the more important to make a German version of "Crossing the Rubicon" accessible to about 100 million native speakers.

cornsilk said...


I expect so. Sino-Pac Holdings through FENB (Far East National Bank) has 15 branches in Los Angeles. Among others. the way, they're an equal opportunity employer!

But this is okay. We should all be learning Chinese.

kiki said...

there is so much going on everywhere i look, worldwide, i have to wonder if what we are looking at is massive 'distraction' techniques mentioned in a recent blog post here - manipulation of the average citizen through fear (which doesn't help when it comes to critical thinking; esp true for anyone unfamiliar with MCR and team members work) - looking at the whole picture, i wonder: all of this being a carefully engineered (and now the 'end play' being incrementally implemented) - could the plan be one with the express purpose of reducing global population? the ratio of sustainability vs world population has tipped - to accomplish the goal of less population and make it look like a 'natural' process, it would seem to me the countries with the most middle class earners would have to be made poor first ie. monetarily and with their attention limited to their most basic needs ie. food, shelter etc - next on the 'to do list' may be a global pandemic - nothing new in this comment; touchdown = fat cats at top, plenty of resources for same, with (for all intents and purposes), slave labor………and in the aftermath, how does harp capability play into whatever the master plan is, relative to those trying to figure out how to survive ? and then there is the matter of seeds; monsanto won a lawsuit for some of their genetically engineered seeds pollinating an adjacent field for an equivalent in $’s of that local farmers crop (Canada)………… it against the law yet to have possession of seeds that will germinate from year to year?

kiki said...

what you can do with one red paperclip:

i may need to take bartering lessons from this guy !

Anne said...

It is against the 'law' (the law of Monsanto) in Iraq to harvest and save seeds. I can't find the link but a search for "Mutant seeds for Mesopotamia" by Andrew Bosworth will bring up the article.

It is still possible in the US to buy heirloom seeds, and also to find them packaged in #10 cans that will keep them viable for many many years. If you've a plot of dirt, buy seeds, and save them if you can.

gbwilli said...

Dear Mr. Ruppert,
Given the role of the Iranian Revolution in your earlier life, I thought this article might be of interest to you.,0,7529887.story

Rice Farmer said...

Connections of Wall Street movers and shakers to Paulson (an interactive display)

Watch Warren Buffet -- he's pumping!

Arlen said...

MCR said:
"Remember, there are three times more paper mortgages out there than actual properties"

Can anyone tell me where this 3 to 1 (mortgages to properties) number comes from?

Thanks - Arlen

OregonSurvivor said...

Ditto Arlen: Source on 3 to 1 properties to mortgages please!